06.10.3013: All Grown Up
Summary: Reena checks on Orren, Sammel, and Barton, and winds up tending the wound of an old mentor. Poor Thalo.
Date: 06 June 2013
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Troop Bay - Shadow of Intent
Running nearly the length of the ramship, the troop bay is wide and open down the middle, with fold-away dividers and bunks along the walls. With these retracted into the walls, there is only an open fighting area from the wide boarding doors at the front of the ship to the turrets about halfway back to the aft of the ship, the doors to engineering at the very back, and the stairwell up to bridge alongside.
06 June 3013

Reena has been in and out of the triage area for much of the afternoon, checking on her patient and monitoring vitals in general. The Khourni is in a black bodice with red, gold, and silver embroidery, a white gauzy blouse, and black leather breeches, with a medic armband giving her passage on and off the Intent. Her hair is pulled up in a loose bun to keep it out of the way as she drifts amid the bunks.

Laying down on his bunk, it looks like Sammel's been getting some sleep. He's awake now, however, and watching people at the moment. As he spots the Khourni lady, he studies her a bit carefully from where he is.

Now that the majority of those with real injuries have been seen to, several Khourni Knights walk along side Sir Thalo, and almost seem to be escorting the man. For his part, The Wall looks less than amused, "I swear to the six, you lot will become my personal fucking practice dummies if I end up making some actually injured bastard wait." That actually causes a couple of them to slow, but it's too late, Thalo's already moving into the triage area, still wearing his armor, save his helmet which is slung to his utility belt. Blood stains the front from what appears to be some sort of wound to his abdomen.

Barton is still resting and as he spots Reena he offers a wave of his hand to her. Not seeming to have slept much but laying down and just taking it easy. A comic book lying next to him. The others around getting nods as well. As for Thalo's words, he smirks. "That so?" He asks curiously.

A ragged, wet cough sounds from the back of the room. Sir Orren Tylos is laid up roughly on a medical gurney. His armor has been removed and his chest is covered in a plethora of medical devices, healing the massive internal damages he sustained due to a hammer-blow to the chest. As if refusing to groan from the pain, he brushes a hand over his face and opens his eyes to the ceiling. "Nurse…might need some painkillers over here…"

Reena smiles her charming smile at Barton at his wave as she bends to increase the painkiller drip for Orren. She turns at the sound of a familiar voice, one she hasn't heard in many years. "Sir Thalo?" she queries, straightening from the bedside the gravely injured knight. She blinks at the approaching Wall. She's not the little girl he taught how to shoot a bow a decade ago, before she went off to learn at the Academ. She's all grown up.

Keeping silent as he watches Reena make her way around, Sammel is unable to hold back a bit of a yawn as he glances over at the others as well. A brief shrug as he spots Thalo, offering the man a nod now.

Well, Thalo might look about the same as he did when he first became a Knight and went to Khourans to work with their Knights, mostly on their ability to defent against huge freaking hammers. He glances at the young lady near Sir Orren, canting his head to the side. "The one and only…" he replies a bit gruffly looking around, "Who can look at this cut? Simple wrap should do." He sort of just says this out in the open to whomever. Meanwhile he takes a few steps towards Reena, considering her again, "You look familiar…like this whisp of a girl I taught a thing or two about a bow…" The nod from Sammel doesn't go unnoticed, he offers a quick nod back to the man.

"Thank you, Milady." Orren says to Reena, lulling his head to the side in a glass-eyed gaze to her that brings only part of her into his field of vision. Medical beds and massive chest wounds don't lend well to pushing up and moving around, at least now that he's been seen to. The healing will take time. However, from his vantage point he can see some of the others, which is a godsend. His eyes scan Sammel, Thalo, and Barton, and then finally the edge of Reena's hip. He smiles at Thalo's question to Reena. "Know each do you? That man there was a lion on the shield wall. Good morning, gentlemen."

Barton glances towards Orren and nods, "Holding up fine enough other than the pain?" He asks. Skipping titles for now. As for Reena and her smile, he does smile in return. "That tired?" Comes his question to the yawn by SAmmel, along with a grin. "Well, sir Thalo, I could. But I can't promise that it will be good in any way." He says and grins.

Reena lets out a laugh that's almost musical, and she rushes over to hug the giant man, carefully, so as not to injure him further. "None other!" she declares, before leaning back to look at his wound, and perhaps the rest of him. "More like he was a Wall in a sea of shields," she retorts to Orren. "I see the Hostiles found you as hard to dent as the rest of us. You look just as much of a giant to me now as you did when I was little, although I'm no longer staring at your belly. That wound of yours just needs a good cleaning and a few stitches, come, sit." She has been all smiles and kindness for the patients today, but this is the first genuine joy she's shown.

"Ah, you know how it is, sleep makes you sleepy," Sammel remarks to Barton's words, before he offers a nod in Orren's direction as well. Keeping silent for the moment as he listens to the others now, unable to hold back a bit of a smile.

The Wall smiles just a touch at the hug. Apparently the man isn't entirely made of stone. He returns it, though luckily for Reena not in the bear crushing fashion one might expect from a man of his size. "I did what I could out there. No more, nor less." he offers up and moves over to a seat. He takes a moment to remove his torso armor, which he does through a series of taps on a unit on his bracer. Several embedded bolts start to swivel out and he's able to remove the armor as three pieces which the other Knights with his take. He's wearing a padded shirt beneath, a nice coating of blood around the stomach. That is removed next. Beyond that he's just a big old block of muscles with intricate Khourni and Ibrahm tattoo work moving up his right arm, shoulder and chest. He takes that seat once all is said and done, "You know what you're doin…right little Reena?" Yup, Little Reena. Not m'lday, not Lady Khournas, Little Reena. That may get him in some trouble at some point.

"Lords of Peake've not given me leave to die yet, Sir Barton." Orren's hand bends at an angle to hover his fist above his chest in a blinde salute to the knights. "Though it's like having a brace of bricks on my chest. Breathing's a process. So if you'll excuse I won't stand." He turns his head to the side and coughs again, this time wincing as a small crack of pain gets through the pain medication that is still working its way through his system. He closes his eyes and smiles, joking with the other men. "You know I'd thought the back of Sir Thalo's helmet would be covered in scuffs from arrows that weren't able to clear the height."

Barton grins as he watches the others. Nodding to Sammel, "I think you are quite right on that. Though… It also makes one hungry." He says with a rub of his belly. Grinning at the greeting between the Wall and little Reena. Turning to nod to Orren as well, "Well, I will take that as a good thing." Chuckling a bit to the joke.

Sammel chuckles a little as he hears the words between Thalo and Reena now, before he hears Orren's words as well. "Ah, probably something similar to me, then. I'm under clear instruction from my older brother not to get killed. We seemed to do well with that yesterday, didn't we?" A brief pause, before he shakes his head a little at Barton. "Some people probably get very hungry yes."

"Why don't you gentlemen tell me all your stories of bravery from the battle?" Reena asks. It's a tactic she uses to keep their minds off their pains, as well as get information, her favorite currency. She calls out to a volunteer, "Please go fetch some hot stew for those who can eat, none for Sir Orren, as he is on liquids for the mome-…" As The Wall removes his shirt, she has to pause in her thoughts, her eyes narrowing in an almost predatory fashion. Definitely not a little girl anymore. "If it was anyone but you, Thalo, I'd have them flogged for calling me that," she finally responds. The medic gives him a quirky lopsided smile and a wrinkle of her pert nose as she dons sterile gloves and plucks up a package of antiseptic pads. She slides a cloth over one of Thalo's tattoos to clear the skin of any contaminates and remarks, "This one is new. Well new since I saw you last. I imagine you have much more art I have yet to see." Yet. Interesting word choice.

"If that were the case, Sir Barton's head would be a pin cushion by now." Thalo replies with a bit of a smirk, looking to Orren, "I just duck when they loose." A glance is cast over at the request for food, "Boys, grab the stash. Bit of whiskey always helped Knights in pain." His Knights then start to move off to where they came from it'd seem. "Fair enough, Lady Khournas then?" He relaxes and lets her start to work, leaning back a bit to allow for ease of access to the abdominal region were his wound is. It's pretty obvious he got stabbed, but not too deeply. "I added on some with the elevation to Knight Lieutenant." He doesn't mention more art, which is likely best before he blushes. Can Wall's blush?

"You've got to duck clouds, mate. Oh, and careful Milady, or Sir Thalo's going to keep getting hurt in the same place." Orren muses, placing his fingertips over his eyes to block out the light while giving the largest knight in the room the most heaping ration of the shit. It's all done in good humor. They're men of war, and this is the infimary. "Understood, Milady. Liquids it is. Just you other lads save some of the prime rib for me, will you? I'm going to be hungry when I don't have to drink through a straw."

"And aye, we did well, mate. Kill them before they kill us. Best defense. You looked good on the field, Sirs." Orren adds, as Sammel's words cycle back into his brain. It took him a moment.

"Oh, no need for any food for me at the moment," Sammel offers, with a quiet shrug, before he looks around for a few moments again now. Letting out a breath, he finds a spot on the wall to study rather carefully for the moment.

Barton grins and nods to Sammel. "Anyone know any interesting food places?" He asks before looking to Reena. "Well, some of them didn't want to lay still. But we did deal with what we were there to do." Keeping it short and simple. Grinning at Thalo's words. "Hey, I can blame my sis. She keeps telling me I stole her height."

Reena pulls a stool over to sit on as she cleans the wound site on Thalo's abdomen. She may be taking a bit longer than necessary. Have you SEEN the man's abs? "Reena is just fine, thank you. Lady Khournas is my mother, and will be Anabethe next." She pauses and flits blue eyes up at him and murmurs quietly, "Though what you call me in private is up to you. I promise I won't have you flogged for calling me Little Reena. Unless you like that sort of thing." She might be actively trying to make The Wall blush. She is grinning mischievously as she shines a light on the slash. It shows she won't need actual sutures for mending his wound. She pulls out the tiny bandage strips that are used for minor wound closures. "Really, Thalo, whiskey for people on meds? If any of them die from it, I'll have to rat you out to the doctors." She's smiling though as she uses a gauze pad to apply an antibiotic salve to the cut. "I believe Sir Johana is scheduled for medical care too, your sister, correct?" she asks Barton. Sammel gets a glance. He's a quiet one.

The Wall doesn't appear to mind the extra attention. He's wounded afterall, he needs tending to! "Not at all, Sir Orren, cloud move out of my way." He grins just a bit, looking to his wound for a moment, hrming quietly, then quirks a brow a bit at Reena, "Uhh…" Yup, apparently Thalo isn't at all sure how to respond to that. At least he hasn't blushed. Yet. And after another moment he offers up, "Doctors don't scare me. Rat me out all ye want." At least he can grin to that, instead of feeling awkward. And then the men return with the whiskey. They move to Thalo with the bottle. They should likely look to Reena for permission here, but they are Thalo's men and he's the boss.

"Speaking of your Lady Sister, Sir Barton? She took after the one that did this to me and had she not been there I wouldn't be here at all. I'd be in Elysium. You should be proud of her." Orren says aloud, turning to look over to Barton and giving him another salute. "When you see her next, send her my regards. Once we're out of this place I'll buy the two of you drinks and toast in your name."

Yawning once more, Sammel closes his eyes now, and soon drifts off to sleep again. And he's not usually this quiet, but it seems that being wounded does it to him.

"If you dribble that onto your wound, you're going to shriek like a little girl in front of your fellow tough guys," Reena warns Thalo with a smile. She applies the pseudo sutures to the cut and covers them with a clean bandage. "The bandage needs to be changed every day, and the ointment applied. I'm not going to have to hunt you down and to it myself, am I?" she threatens with one imperiously arched brow.

"I've never screamed like a little girl in my entire life." Thalo replies and snags the bottle, taking a swig from it. He manages to only dribble a drop and catches it before it spills down his chest at all. "So…you expect me to change my bandage, and put ointment on every day? I got stuff to do, you know. Troops to train, battles to fight." Yes, stuff! Things! So much to keep him from changing his bandage, "Guess if you want it done, you'll have to do it yourself."

A long, exhausted grunt sounds from Orren's lips as he tries, and fails, to get comfortable. Locked into place for hours, perhaps days, while his upper torso is healed, he has little more to do than to flop in place and go back to bed. He reaches for a cup of water, sips through the bending straw, and then settles back in against his pillow…trying sleep for a change.

"You say that as if I won't do it, Thalo," Reena quips, patting down the tape of the bandage before taking the bottle out of his hand and taking a swig out of it. "You really shouldn't underestimate my tenacity." She hands the bottle back to the massive Knight and moves over to check Orren's vitals. "One learns many interesting things at the Academ, far from home. Like the fact that Sir Orren here took one hell of a beating. By the Six! Did they just use you to ram the ship?" She shakes her head and makes some notes on her datapad.

Barton chuckles at the antics of Reena and Thalo. Nodding about his sister, "Indeed. She's a tough one though. She should be around here somewhere." Chuckling a bit more. Nodding as he hears Orren, "I am. She is quite skillful." He says and smiles. "I will." Glancing to the sleeping Sammel before loking back to the others. Resting a bit while Thalo is being treated.

"No, I figured you would, Reena. As long as you can find me that is." Thalo replies and blinks as she takes his bottle of whiskey and swigs from it. "Are you sure you're old enough to drink this stuff yet?" He actually looks pretty impressed. Most girls would blanche at a solid shot of whiskey. And then Barton speaks and Thalo nods a bit, "She is damn tough, proved that to me years ago. Still, she did a damn good job out there, kept me from having to go save all your asses myself." No smirk follows that, just a swig from the bottle. Still, he's gotta be joking, right?

"I'm old enough for many interesting things, Thalo," Reena quips with a grin that is downright sinister. "For all you know, I might have tattoos," she teases. "And I'm not sure age is much of a thing right now, Sir Knight. People are dying. Monsters are on the horizon. The thing we most need to do right now as humans is live and have things to live for." Her smile fades slightly to something more serious. "I plan to live the hell out of life in case it is shorter than I'd planned."

Barton soon enough rises to his feet. "Apologize for my language, but. Screw this, I need food." Turning to where he was resting and taking up a few comic books and taking one in particular to hand over to Reena. "Since you hadn't heard of the Grasshopper. Here. You could learn mroe of him." He suggests and grins. Then looking to Thalo. "You know. I remember when I needed to look up to see your chin." He admits and smirks. "Get back in shape quick!" He offers and chuckles before bowing and starting to head out. "Bye, both of you!"

Thalo hrms quietly and takes another swig from his bottle. He stands now, examining his bandages, "Nice work." he offers up and eyes his bloodied shirt, "Karlus, get me a shirt from my bag." One of the Knights salutes and moves off. Thalo turns back to Reena, "Don't really picture you with tattoos, Reena. Then again, I didn't think you'd be drinking yet either. Suppose war does funny things to us all." And then Barton speaks and Thalo grunts a bit, "Yeah, you turned out a be a big ol' bastard. Both of you need to stop makin' me feel so damned old."

Reena takes the comic and grins at Barton. "Thank you, I'll read it soon," she promises. Then she turns back to Thalo. "You're not that old. A bit slow on the uptake these days maybe. And I'm not the little girl you knew. Maybe I am somewhere deep down, but now I'm all grown up and a proper pawn in the game of politics." She smirks, bitterly, at that. "While my siblings got to go smack things with swords, I had to learn to cook and embroider, sing and dance. I only went to the Academ so I'd have a chance to learn other things."

Barton chuckles at Thalo's words. "Hey, old means experienced, right?" He suggests and grins before he heads out.

Thalo smirks once at Barton, nodding to him, "Guess so." then he looks back to Reena, "No, it's pretty damn clear you aren't the same girl I taught to shoot a bow." He faces her now, considering for a moment before he speaks again, "I'm gonna pretend like I didn't hear that whole dumb thing. Chalk it up to my failing wits. But there isn't anything wrong with not being a fighter. We get hurt, we need healers, you heal. You're as useful as anyone in the field." He takes another swig, "So I'm glad you learned what you did. Don't care much about your game of politics though. No use for it in my line of work."

"Some day my beloved father will marry me off for the betterment of his house, likely to some aging old potbellied widower in a Paramount for some trade agreement," Reena says flatly. "At least with a weapon in my hand, I could go down fighting, instead of living in the chains of noble arrangements. I envy you, Thalos. I always looked up to you as a little girl, both literally and figuratively. I didn't care that you weren't highborn. You were godlike when you were smacking men around to teach them how to bleed with honor." She moves to take the bottle again for another sip. "Now I admire you for many other reasons." She looks him up and down and dangles the bottle in front of him.

Thalo narrows his gaze a bit, considering her words. He doesn't try to stop her from snatching the bottle, "Fair enough." he offers quietly, "Getting married off for political gain wasn't something I had to worry about. Suppose life can be easier with a weapon in hand. Course you're still Little Reena, not sure if I want you swinging swords around." He grins just a bit at that, snatching the bottle back and taking another swig from it. He considers her for another moment, "You've only just met me again, what is there to admire?"

"They're already talking about how you took down that Hostile Elite, Thalo," Reena notes with a faint grin. She leans in to his ear to whisper, "And I've seen you without a shirt." She straightens then and turns for the door. "I'll be checking on that wound!" she threatens as she sashays out with a deliberate sway of her hips.

Thalo just sort of stares off after the girl and sighs, "I'm going to end up in a world of hurt…" and then he turns, to move off to find that Knight and his shirt.

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