06.08.3013: All Aboard
Summary: Knights and men-at-arms begin boarding the Shadow of Intent for launch.
Date: 08 June 2013
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Troop Bay, Shadow of Intent
Running nearly the length of the ramship, the troop bay is wide and open down the middle, with fold-away dividers and bunks along the walls. With these retracted into the walls, there is only an open fighting area from the wide boarding doors at the front of the ship to the turrets about halfway back to the aft of the ship, the doors to engineering at the very back, and the stairwell up to bridge alongside.
08 June, 3013

Victor probably doesn't need to be in his armor already. Then again, he also doesn't need to be waiting at the open boarding doors of the Shadow of Intent waiting for others to arrive. Of course, both of those things are absolutely true. The big Khourni has his helmet off, showing the excitement blazing behind his dark eyes.

Just behind Victor is an Ibrahm, quite a contrast and certainly a less imposing figure as she arrives. She'd also heard the call and with her helmet also off, her fiery locks are untamed around her shoulders as she approaches. Her expression is lacking the excitement that the Khourni seems to hold, hers hold concern. Imminent war.

Asher is arriving at the boarding ramp of the Shadow of Intent, he's not armored up at the moment, but is packing what must be his armor, and he is packing a blaster on his belt, as well as his axe and an assortment of other gear. He gives a nod to the two waiting, "Young Lady, Brother." He greets.

Victor steps forward to meet Johana and Asher as they approach, reaching over to clap the Young Lady on the shoulder, then palm the back of Asher's head a moment, "Good to see you made it." His teeth flash bright and fierce against his dusky skin, "Fifty-two minutes, can you believe it? About gods-damned time."

Alexis is failing to look enthused, she stands with her weight upon her good leg, frowning slightly and seemingly in deep consideration as she peers at a tablet held in one gauntlet encased hand. She does of course heavily favour her good leg as she stands while her almost garish purple and gold armour fails to exactly be indestinct.

At the clap on her shoulder, Johana offers Victor a quick grin. "We were already nearby, heard the message and came right away. You must have been dressed and ready." Glancing back at Asher, she nods. "There you are. Well, here goes…" Stepping out of the way, she bows respectfully to Alexis and offers her a smile. "My lady."

"He probably was already wearing it when the announcement came." Asher says to Johana with a nod, his attention then shifting to Alexis and he bows his head politely to the other woman as well. "I should probably get my gear stowed."

Victor shrugs at Johana's words, noting in his gravelly voice, "I was on duty." He grins at Asher, nodding his head, "Too right. Another day or two and I would have started pestering the Orelles for a rocket engine to strap on." The arrival of the Knight Lieutenant causes a soft chime to go off in the Khourni's earbud, and he snaps his right arm across his chest in salute, "Sir Alexis. Welcome back aboard."

Alexis does inclined her head rather than bow as she replies to Johana, though her maimed leg likely plays its part in that. "Young Lady Johana, it is reassuring to see you here." Asher is then studied for a moment followed by Victor before she returns the salute, delayed by a moment but crisp as she does so. "Thank you Sir Victor. I hope that everyone is prepared? I am not in command of this operation." From her tone there is the faintest implication that she should be. "But I can give a preliminary briefing, you are all knights and thus should know ahd overall objective should communication be lost or your superior slain. Our primary goal when we board an enemy vessel is simple enough, cripple it so that the ship is unable to deliver its cargo of Hostile warriors. We are likely to be outnumbered and so the goal is indeed to cripple the enemy ship rather than to try to seize it entirely."

"I see," Johana looks between Asher and Victor, a half smile on her face. "I think I could see that about you, Victor. A rocket engine?" So it's with laughter in her eyes that she looks back towards Alexis and she offers another nod. "I had to come, thank you though. I am prepared. I've faced one once, Sir Asher was there. They're very… difficult." Not a chance does she address the mention of her not being in control of this operation, hearing that one. "A briefing would be great, thank you."

Asher nods slightly as he listens to the Knight Lieutenant give the little briefing, "Do we know how this craft differs from previous ones we've encountered?" he asks Alexis, pausing from his trek to store his gear.

In response to Alexis' question, Victor murmurs, "Vera, list of armsmen and knights assigned to the Intent, listing present and absent status. Keep it updated." A hologram springs into his field of view, a scrolling list, "About a quarter of the soldiers are onboard, Sir Alexis." His heavy-lidded eyes narrow just a touch, "And I can assure you, Uncle Jeb's damn good at his job." Knight Captain Jeb Khournas may not actually be Victor's uncle, but he's an older relative who isn't in his direct line. Hence, 'uncle.' He listens with those flat eyes to the briefing, nodding his head, "That's what they say, Sir." Looking then over to Johana, he shrugs one armored shoulder, "To get to the Hostiles already."

"We do not know how the enemy vessels differ from the ones of the previous System War." Notes Alexis as she speaks, he tone sober and serious. "And so we cannot assume anything, certain principles remain constant however." A slight nod to Victor. "I know that Sir Victor, I was squired with one of your vassal houses in fact and know well that you know your business." Then she continues. "The first principle is that we know our aim. Disable the enemy vessel, prevent it from delivering its troops to our worlds. The secondary aim, secure captives. If we have the opportunity cut off the arms and legs of the enemy then take them aboard but that is entirely secondary to our main goal. The main objective? Stop the Hostiles from landing and killing our people. We are going to need to be swift, decisive, and maintain the offensive. We cannot win if we do not attack and we need to concentrate our forces for maximum effect. Single combat and honour duels have no place here. This is a war not the often deadly practise we have participated in previously."

Attention fully focused on Alexis now, Johana listens to the questions from the others, her expression intent. Taking a deep breath, she nods at each objective, taking the mission quite seriously. "I've noticed a weakness in their necks as well, with the one we fought before. That's how it was eventually dispatched."

Asher nods his head ever so slightly as he listens to Alexis' words attentively, "It will be interesting to see if we run into more of that sort, or a heavier combat version…"
pose listens to Alexis' briefing, his lips tightening there in the middle. The reason becomes clear when he speaks up, "That secondary objective's not in the orders Uncle Jeb gave." The rest of it, however, gets a strong nod of his shaven head. Johana's addition causes him to grunt in though, nodding again. "Five'll get you ten that there's something heavier, little brother."

Victor listens to Alexis' briefing, his lips tightening there in the middle. The reason becomes clear when he speaks up, "That secondary objective's not in the orders Uncle Jeb gave." The rest of it, however, gets a strong nod of his shaven head. Johana's addition causes him to grunt in though, nodding again. "Five'll get you ten that there's something heavier, little brother."

"We will probably run into heavier frontal ground combat units designed for facing our shield walls." Asserts Alexis. "Perhaps mixed with Hostiles optimised for zero gee space combat though that is entirely speculation." A slight nod to Victor. "The Knight Captain will be giving a full briefing of course but these are my thoughts." She then continues, shifting her weight to her good leg as she does so. "Another risk is 'heavy' units, remember that an energy shield can protect a horse and so multi ton Hostiles that dwarf a human soldier are a definite risk. If we face those then whomever becomes their target should concentrate on staying alive and drawing them back to be flanked and hit from the flanks. Do not try to engage such an enemy singlehandedly."

"I'm almost one hundred percent sure there is something heavier. The other was just a scout from what I understand. Locating them is tough enough, they have this indescribable concealing capabilities. I wonder if it's their ship as well as the Hostile too." Johana muses quietly, only offering considerations.

"It seems likely." Asher nods towards his Brother before looking back to the Knight Lieutenant, "Do you have any projection on when the Knight Captain's briefing is going to take place?"

Victor nods to Alexis, "There'll be some glory-hound idiots out there looking to make names for themselves, Sir Alexis," Knights and men-at-arms continue to file in around him, with the holographic list before the knight's features, the light playing off his dark eyes, "But we Khourni'll do what needs to be done." He gestures out to the concourse beyond the boarding doors, "And the fact that we've spotted them… well, I hope to hell that means their ships don't go all fucking invisible."

"Optical camouflage is essentially pointless for a spaceship, it is so far as we know impossible to hide the heat signature over any period of time and that… Stands out against the three kelvin of interplanetary space." Alexis then nods to Asher, a curt motion. "The Knight Captain will not be able to fully brief until we know what enemy vessel we intend to board and if we will be the only ship taking part or not. That will depend upon how the fleet engagement proceeds. More the domain of Lord Captain Cedric." Then she continues in the same sober tone. "Just keep in mind, the Hostiles are dangerous and this war will last us decades. This is no place for glory seeking heroics but we also cannot show any hesitation in striving to win. We need to win, our families, our homes, depend upon it. I have been a knight longer than most of you have been alive and I assure you that while passive fending off assaults has no place, our victory is assured by measured and disciplined ferocity focused upon discrete and measured objectives not blind demonstration of bravery." Having said this she then shifts her weight back to both feet with a visible wince. "For now I must excuse myself though. Carry on."

Somehow, Johana has always included herself as a Khourni even though she was of the vassal house. At the words from Victor, she lifts her chin with no small amount of pride. "Indeed we will, Sir Alexis." It's with relief the Ibrahm takes the news of the heat signature, and she nods, "I had hoped that was the case." When she excuses herself she bids her farewell, then looks down at her own items she'd brought. "I should go settle in, myself."

Asher turns towards Victor a bit, "It seems the Knight Lieutenant doesn't have much faith in our training and upbringing." He murmurs, then shrugs his shoulders, "I'm going to go stow my gear. I'll be back in a moment."

Victor nods to Alexis, waiting for her to move on. As he does, he nods to Johana, looking back to Asher as he stands by the boarding doors, keeping track of those coming onboard, "It seems the Knight Lieutenant has a fucking stick up her ass, and a serious problem with not being in charge." Nodding to an Khourni armsman boarding with an archaic seabag on one shoulder and an armor case rolling behind him, the Knight smirks, "Wife or Mistress?" As in, 'which one did you see last?' The armsman chuckles and admits, "Mistress."

One of the Marines stationed on duty at the hatch leading inside to rest of the Intent sees Cedric first, and in classic naval fashion, makes at attention stance, barking out "Captain on the deck!" before saluting him. "At ease." the Captain replies, saluting in return before continuing in his walk down bay, steps moving between the painted yellow walking lines on the deck plating. Seems he's just having one last look-around.

Pausing with her own case, Johana looks back at the question from Victor. "So casual a question.." If there's disapproval in her town, she hides it almost as quickly as it appeared. "That's a pity." Though the last is delivered with a half smile as she heads off with her case, just to deliver it. "I'll be right back." But the Captain is announced and once more she halts her departure, nodding to the man briefly. "Excuse me," she murmurs, then continues on.

Victor looks back to Johana, shrugging, "When you've punched a guy out in a barfight, you get to know him. And don't worry, we're not goin' anywhere for another… 47 minutes." The announcement of the Captain's arrival causes Victor to draw himself up, not the precise 'attention' of the Navy, but a polite gesture reinforced as he brings his right fist across his chest in salute. When the Captain reaches the forward end of the Crew Deck, Victor speaks up in that gravelly voice, "Fifty-three percent of the soldiers are onboard, Captain."

Cedric returns the salute to Victor. "Fifty-three." he echoes and nods. "That's the what the XO told me, decided to come down see what was taking everyone. I imagine it's the usual; seeing to their loved ones, be that a body or bottle. Good enough for now, the straglers will be hitting metal before too long."

Johana isn't gone too long and when she returns, she's got her armor on except that helmet tucked under her arm. Her blade is at her side and she stands near Victor, the known one of the bunch. Only when the Captain stops speaking does she address the Khourni again. "I was more worried about the mistress/wife thing." Her smile is easy going though as she nods to the others present.

Victor nods his head, "Bet there'll be a rush at about three-'till." Looking back over to Johana, he adds, "It's not just nobles who marry because they have to. He's a bit of a party boy, and likes the ladies. But he's a good soldier."

"Probably best I stay out of that little conversation." Cedric observes casually. "No doubt, you can always tell who's never been to the void before by the ones who get onboard the last. Or the young ones." Eyeballing his watch, he sighs a little. "Sorry I can't stay to chat, but the last fourty-eight hours are always the most hectic. Just doing a quick run-through. Should probably make a stop at the mess hall before I find myself back on the bridge." Another off and he's off again, just as quick as he arrived.

"I suppose you're right, I guess just…" Lifting her armor covered shoulders, Johana doesn't finish the sentence. "I'm glad he's a good soldier." When the Captain takes his leave, she looks around. "I think I'm going to go explore a little. I'll be back soon."

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