Alistair Hartcliffe
James Marsden
James Marsden as Alistair Hartcliffe
Full Name: Alistair Hartcliffe
Byname: -
Age: 39
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Leonnida
Title/Profession: -
Position: Senator
Spouse: - Height: 5' 8"
Father: Garnem Hartcliffe Weight: 130
Mother: Lily Hartcliffe Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: (Open for Application) Eye Color: Blue
Children: -


Born to a mason and seamstress, Alistair arose from humble beginnings with an aptitide for the the humanities in his early education. He's well-known throughout Leonnida, as he is a common face in the markets, charities, and a variety of social events. A bit of a social chameleon, Alistair will dress and talk the way for the occasion. To some this may simply be politicking, others may find it sincere and endearing, but it is a constant for him.

Growing up within the walls of Castle Leonnida, Alistair loved to walk the streets; he loves new sounds, scents, and tastes. He wanders and truly listens to the city around him. He tries his best to commit names and stories to memory. Though far from perfect, his attention to detail has been useful for him on more than one occasion. He enjoyed watching the grand tourneys and the pageantry of the knighthood as a child, but he never desired it for himself. The woods called his name often, and he enjoyed camping and hiking, though remained far less skilled than his friends. While prone to wandering, he never did so alone, even as a child. His cast of friends would change constantly, but he'd never take a journey alone, if he could help it.

Studying at the Academ for his undergrad, he thrived in the humanities and economics, striving to bridge all his passions at once. Encouraged by the example of both his parents, Alistair has had a lifelong passion for a wide variety of charities and service programs. While growing up, he watched his Momma sew clothes for those who couldn't afford them, and his Papa was well-known for giving every extra dollar he had when possible. Their small house was always filled with people from one place or another, whether family members or some colleague who'd lost their job. Dinner was always a mandate, though Alistair generally didn't mind it, and dinner was a chance to practice playing host every night. Alistair watched his parents treat the beggar on the street with as much dignity as any noble.

Clear supporters of the Reversion, his parents would often give strong lip service to House Leonnida and Cindravale and would be among the first to offer a meal or lodging to a traveling squire. His Momma had a knack for repairing most clothing and leather, and his Papa had decent connections to the smiths in town. Alistair's favorite part of this whole affair was hearing the stories from these guests of honor. He'd often write them down and perhaps tell them as a story by a campfire, with additional pieces for increased dramatisation, of course.

Nearing the end of his second term as Senator(he was first elected at 30), he's all but certain to run again. The question on his mind is how does a Dove of the Southern Wilds survive during wartime?

You May Know Him If…

  • Meals of the Mother (M.O.M.) - Charity run throughout Leonnida and Cindravale that strives to feed the homeless and the housebound. Over the years, he's become their unofficial spokesperson.
  • Leonnida Council of the Arts - A fervent supporter of the arts, Alistair can be seen at the ballet, a rock concert, or a local poetry slam. Anywhere there are people to be met and experiences to be had.
  • Lion's Scholars - An organization committed to arranging for scholarships for high-achieving students to pursue their studies following mandatory schooling.
  • The Notice Project - A massive undertaking chaired by Lady Reena Khournas, the Senator currently serves as the Finance Director.



Standing about 5' 8", all observers will immediately realize his physical frailty. Very thin, he's been told all his life he should eat more, and he's known for his clumsiness and penchant for occasionally sporting a cast from his latest tumble.


  • Hates Being Alone - Working for Alistair is definitely an on-call sort of job. The man never dines alone, and he can be expected to call his staff regularly at ungodly hours of the night to bounce off new ideas for legislation or speeches. Or maybe to chat about the weather or the latest pop hit. Whatever the excuse is, anyone who has ever worked for or been close to the Senator knows that he has a way of expecting people to be along for the ride wherever it may lead.
  • Workaholic - All things are connected to his work. This lunch right now is the result of the labor of unappreciated farmers and underpaid waiters who have children that need to be protected against the Hostiles and have access to higher education… He finds inspiration everywhere. New ideas flow constantly, and few things excite him more than a new task or project.
  • Bleeding Heart - Closely connected to his sense of being a workaholic, he'll be moved by a story or a play. The suffering of the children in this orphanage or the struggling daylaborer in this orchard all speak to him on a very personal level. This can be a huge impediment to this effectiveness in the Senate, even if it does endear him to some of his fellow citizens.
  • Bound by Justice - There are very clear spheres of right and wrong, for the most part. Alistair is not so close-minded to see the entire world as black and white, but he does believe that there are certain areas where compromise is not an option. Justice, the lofty ideal, must be served. Again, an impediment in negotiations on major legislation. If one part of a Bill violates one of his perceived areas, then you can count on a very clear no from Senator Hartcliffe.

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Known Associates

Solon Young Lord Solon Cindravale : The heir to House Cindravale certainly enjoys making his presence known to an entire room. Through mutual works on the Tourney for Tomorrow, and the Young Lord's recent foray into politics, Alistair has come to view him as a key ally.
Garus Lord Garus : The Leonnidan noble is one who certainly knows his citizenry…to a point. Alistair is content to work with the ambitious Lord for now, though wartime may alter the relationship.
Canis Lord Sir Canis Ligonier : A reserved Lord, from as far as I can tell. Helped draft me to support Strong Roots, oddly enough.
Glenna Glenna Blair : Alistair's head intern is bright, driven, and compassionate. He sincerely wants her Academ studies to be successful and often wonders if he's pushing her too hard, but he also finds her indispensable.
Letha Letha Vallas : She helped out at the Meals of the Mother banquet. I've got her latest downloads…no matter how embarassing Glenna says that is!
Jane Jane Wyre : A talented actress. Hopefully I'll be able to devote more time to supporting HAG in the future, but I do wish her the best. Though those interesting rumors surrounding her and Lord Garus are rather fascinating.

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