Young Lord Aidan Peake
Jonas Armstrong
Jonas Armstrong as Aidan Peake
Full Name: Aidan Peake
Byname: None
Age: 26
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Peake
Title/Profession: Young Lord
Position: Heir to House Peake
Spouse: None Height: 6'0"
Father: Lord Sir Trentin Peake Weight: 175 lbs.
Mother: Lady Marguerite Harrow Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Lord Cyrus Peake,
Lady Sir Viannea Peake,
Lord Brigham Peake
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Aidan is the second child of Lord Trentin Peake. And while neither of his parents were Awakened, he displayed the usual abilities before he was one month old. Naturally, they realized what was happening and immediately hired an Awakened nanny to take care of their precocious son. As he grew, Awakened teachers replaced the nanny and he was taught not just the discipline to control his abilities but to actively use and expand them. Fortunately, he not only had the talent but the interest as well and pursued mysticism with the same fervor that other young men pursued warcraft. He honed his skill by using his talent to sculpt not just blocks of stone but stone frescoes into the very walls of his home and the caverns within the mountain.

His disinterest in weapons had one exception however: the bow. He'd always had an affinity for the outdoors since it provided a refuge from the political dance those of his rank were expected to participate in if not actually enjoy. He'd rather be off hunting or exploring and preferred the company of citizens to courtiers. He made friends with many of his father's men and at an early age became a de facto member of the irregulars, specifically a scout and bowman. His abilities as Awakened make him even more effective and he knows they'll be put to the test when the Fifth World arrives.



Tall and lean, this young man is tanned and slightly weathered from a life outdoors. When not involved in court functions, his brown hair tends to be a bit long, hanging down over his forehead but not quite into his blue eyes. He's also usually scruffy. His clothing tends to be practical and suited for the outdoors: greens and browns for the forests or greys and blacks for when he's underground. A bow and quiver full of arrows are usually at hand. When his left arm is bare, a tattoo is visible covering the outside of his upper arm. Against a backdrop of Mount Mordune, a dense forest is portrayed in vivid colors with animals not just displayed but actually moving in and out of the trees and underbrush.


When Aidan enters his Awakened State, the sclera of his eyes seem to expand till there's only a glowing white. Around his body, an energy field begins to form and take shape. Earthen greys and browns shift around him in a slow but steady movement that's less crackling and more pool-like. As it develops, it gives the impression of being animalistic with a distinct rodent-like feel.


A Bit Too Blunt
At Home Outdoors
Impatient With Politics

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