07.01.3013: Agnes Gets Visitors
Summary: Agnes is visited in the hospital by Aelewen and Brigham.
Date: 01 July 2013
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Willowtree Hospital — Landing, Imperius
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01 July 3013

As is her usual wont Aelewen is not quite dressed for society. Rather she is in one of her interchangeable sets of worn hunting leathers. At least this one looks a little more new and shiny than most. She is also without hew bow, but she does have a large hunting knife in one of her boots. She makes her way to an information desk and enquires after Agnes then heads through the Hospital, reaching the room and carefully poking her head around the doorway to see if the other woman is awake or not.

Agnes appears to be awake, but it's not a pretty sight. Her skill is pale, her hair hasn't been washed in a few days, and her only fashion accessories seem to be a hospital gown and the tubes in her nose and arms. She's bandaged over her chest and her left arm and hand are also wrapped up. She's tapping on a datapad with her undamaged right hand, reviewing reports from the mission that landed her in this hospital bed.

"Gods you would think you of anyone would have an excuse to relax for a few days" comes Aelwen's rusty voice from the doorway as she stalks on in. Her humor fades a little as she glances over the other woman and shakes her head, then forces one of her crooked smiles "Bet you wish you learned more archery when you were young" she quips a touch weakly.

Agnes gives Aelewen a tired smile and sets the datapad in her lap. "Yes, I think it will need to become my new training hobby. I suspect I have you to thank for keeping that monster with the greatsword off me?" she asks, arching a brow.

Aelewen lifts one of her broad shoulders in a self-deprechating shrug as she sprawls rather unelegantly over a seat "I did a bit of that" she says modestly, then offers a faintly wry smile "One of the younger knights seemed a bit grumpy that I killed her hostile." Shaking her head she snorts and looks to the ceiling "Gods save us from young knights. Anyway I won't ask how you are doing" she says with a faint smile that looks more like a grimace "How long do they say?"

"A week perhaps. Maybe less if I'm a good patient and don't try to rush it," Agnes admits with a grimace. "The artificial ribs they had to put in there and the new right lung need time to acclimate. But I'll be fine, Ael. I've had worse." Granted, she was younger then. "Did you get away without a scratch, Oh sneaky one?" she asks.

"Hopefully you are old enough to behave" Aelewen says with a glare at Agnes that is not entirely feigned. This turns into a wince at the description of the wounds and a shake of her head "Damn. Well…" she says with a glance down over herself "I am old, frail…but sneaky and fast" she quips with an easy shrug.

"You're only as old as you think, Ael, and I suspect you will never grow up," Agnes chuckles at her old friend, one whose children she watched and told stories to when they were little. "Only 20 survivors of the 50, I heard?" she asks with a grimace.

The door opens and in rolls… a large metal beach ball like contraption, followed by a small man in a slightly to large hat, "-and I told you that's simply an impossibility!" he's saying over his shoulder, "How d- BECAUSE IMMA GENIUS! Now go away." he says before turning his back on the door which closes behind him. He pauses, looking between the two woman. Aelewen is dismissed without a second glance before he comes over to stand by Agnes', "Where's your chart Auntie? You can't trust these people, there's no telling what harm they're doing to you." he foottaps impatiently.

"Tell that to my joints on a cold morning" Aelewen replies mock-sourly. She arches an eyebrow as Bingham comes in and quirks a crooked smile at the young man "And good aftertoon to you as well Lord Bingham" she says, her rusty voice dry as she nods to the end of the bed in answer to his question.

"Brigham, I'm fine. These are the best doctors in Haven. They take care of the royal family," Agnes insists to her eccentric nephew. Her eyes move to the contraption that came in with him. "What in the Six is that?" she asks, a little uneasily. His gadgets are not always, ah, non-combustible. She exchanges a worried look with Aelewen. If it ticks or tocks, run.

Brigham sighs, "You remember Wrecks, my dog." he says. Wrecks just… sits there. "Wrecks, guard Auntie." the ball rolls over the floor and comes to a rest at Agnes' bed. Brigham looks around and finally finds the chart's port. He links his HUD and waves it up, starting to go through his aunt's file. "He's harmless, unless you're not looking where you're going, then he'll give your shin a fierce bruising." he continues to sift through the information and winces, "So when the fight started was your chosen tactic to find every object designed to do your body harm and hurl yourself upon it with great force? Because it looks like that was your intention." he scolds her. "Good news. You seemed successful."

"Have some respect lad" Aelewen comments, just a touch more sharply than usual. Also considering her commentary probably just a touch hypocriticaly. A faint smile perhaps acknowledges this as she shifts around into another position "That is pretty much a Knight's duty afterall" she says with a faint grin cast Agnes's way "Yeah only 20" she says, refering back to the earlier comment "I should have thought to sneak around and find them before the hostiles started killing. Of course I didn't think even they…" she trails off with a touch of anger flaring in the clear blue of her eyes.

Agnes rolls her eyes heavenward, as if to beg the Six to save her from children who think they know everything, even if this one just may. "The dog that isn't a dog, right. I was trying to rescue hostages being tortured by the Hostiles, Brigham. As it is, only 20 of the 50 were found alive." His aunt has some shiny new manufactured ribs and a new artificial right lung, along with some bad things on the mend in her left arm and hand. She grimaces at Aelewen. "None of us did. Bargaining chips maybe, but not science experiements."

Brigham snorts, "Respect. Respect and honor are for people who're dead. She's still breathing so she gets scorn and once she's better, I'm going to have Wreck run over her stupid giant foot. Twice!" he continues to look at the chart stuff, though by this point he's seen all there is to see. His voice cracks there at the end, just once, and he ignores it. "Well it looks like you're live, though with that level of stupidity I can't imagine it'll be for long." he closes out the chart and fixes Agnes with a glare, "I'm working on important stuff! Classified stuff! I can't be getting distracted with you and Aidan and Vi getting filled full of holes and fake organs! You know how hard it is for me to focus already!" his eyes seem shiny. Brigham isn't good at emotional processing. This is his way of being happy she's alive, and pissed that she almost died. His head may explode.

Aelewen's eyes narrow a little as her mouth opens sharply, she then pauses a moment as she notes the brightness in his eyes. She pauses as mommy-instincts take over and leans foward to gently pat his arm "It's alright, your Aunt is as tough as her armor…" she says softly with a reassuring smile on her face "And as soon as I teach Aidan not to shoot from on top of a horse like a giant target…" she adds, giving the young man's arm a squeeze before leaning back and looking to Agnes "I am looking to arange my youngest squiredom soon, I know how you feel lad" she says looking back to Brigham.

The injured knight seems to take her strange nephew's rantings in stride. Agnes even smiles a little, because she knows he loves her. "If he rolls over my foot, I'll give him to Argent as a snack." That is one mean ass horse too. Anything to lighten the mood. "Who is your youngest squiring to, Ael?"

Brigham snorts, "Yeah, cause that'll end well for the horse." he says, eyeballing his 'dog', which he likely had to carry up any stairs to get it into the room. Thank the stars for lifts, otherwise he'd have died in the stairwell of heart failure. He continues to mutter under his breath, "Well at least you got a top quality lung. Hey," he says, staring at Agnes' chest indecently, "you think they'd let me poke about any spares they have? I had an idea for making one of those things capable of processes water like a gill, always wanted to try it out." Aaaaaaaaaaaand he's back.

"I would back Argent against most things Bingham, I have never met anything quiet as mean" Aelewen replies drily "I hope he never works out how tasty Arboren are…" she adds then looks back to Agnes "Hopefully the oldest most sedate Knight I know, who will never end up within fifty miles of actual combat" she says, her rusty voice not sounding entirely jocular. Shaking her head with a faintly forced smile she looks back to Bingham "Why don't you work on getting me some of that Hostile camoflague instead"

"Argent thinks everyone is tasty other than me. He learned biting me hurts him too." Agnes showed him who was boss by punching him in the damned nose the first time he bit her. She nods to Aelewen and then looks over at her nephew. "Their camouflage on their scouts would be invaluable to us."

Brigham blinks and looks up from Agnes' boob, where he was staring imagining getting his own artificial lung to play with. "Hrmm?" he says, looking back and forth between the ladies, "Oh! The active camo…" he blinks, "You know, I never thought about it…" his voice trails off again and his eyes get that unfocused look they get when he's plotting out the next invention that will test the structural fortitude of Khar-Mordune. There's a reason his Father put the boy's lab in a deep dark cave and had the door reinforced. "Huh. I bet…." he scratches his chin, "Well, if you altered shielding appropriately, you might could get light to bend around it, or even-" he starts to mutters softly to himself as he pours over this new idea…. "Waitwaitwait. Densoric says I don't have time for new projects. Not yet. Have to finish th-" he stops, shiftyeyes, "the uh… the thing. With the stuff. That I'm working on." he fidgets. "So… you're not going to die and you're not healthy enough for me to express my displeasure at your nearly having died. Fine. I have work to do then, when you're better let me know so that I can punish you." he'll forget before he hits the ground floor likely. "But now I have to go back to the Ring. Stuff and things and what not." he looks over at Aelewen as if just then remembering she was here, he even starts a bit in surprise. "Oh! Um. Hi. Sorry, I have to run. It was nice seeing you again?" it has the tone of a question as if he's not sure if they've met but assumes they have. "Wrecks, stay." the metal beach ball continues to do nothing, just sitting where he was told to 'guard' Agnes, "Good boy."

Aelewen looks over to Brigham, glancing the younger, slender man up and down the sceptical look in those expressive blue eyes telling her opinion of his odds against Agnes. If that wasn't enough her rusty chuckle is faintly derisive before curiosity is piqued by hint of secret projects "Enjoy your work lad. And don't worry I can take over making fun of your Aunt for forgetting to duck" she informs him gravely.

"I love you too, nephew!" Agnes calls after him. She sighs and leans back against her pillows. She eyes Wrecks suspiciously and mutters, My luck that thing will accidentally unplug me."

Brigham grins at Aelewen, "Good. Someone obviously needs to do it. If she tries to get up to early," he pulls out a pair of tubes from his coat and hands them over, "mix equal amounts of this together and then place it on her bed rails. I suggest using gloves. The epoxy isn't toxic persay, but if you get stuck with her neither of you are leaving the bedrail for at least a day." he then glares once more at Agnes, handing the homemade epoxy over. The glue is well known in the Peake home, mostly his elder siblings are familiar with it's many creative uses over the years. "I will check in on you again." that sounded more like threat then treat. Then he turns and whisks himself out the door, a hand atop his head holding the hat in place as he /runs/ down the hall, apparently anxious to get back to work on whatever it is he's doing.

Aelewen takes the epoxy much as one would a dangerous snake, and with a glance to Agnes she tosses one half neatly into one bin "Don't worry I will use ropes if I need to make you stay put" she advises Agnes gravely as she unfolds gracefully from her seat and heads over to dispose of the other tube in another bin "Interesting lad your nephew, I found him wandering lost in the woods one day. Set some dare by Aidan…"

"The boy is both brilliant, and dumb as belly button lint at the same time. I don't know what my sister-in-law got into when she was carrying that one," Agnes snorts.

Aelewen looks at Agnes and chuckles with a wry shake of her head "Nice way to put it" she says whilst getting slowly up to her feet, and stretching out with a faint wince "Actually want me to use that glue on his 'dog'" she asks, a wicked grin flashing across her face as she considers the metallic sphere thoughtfully.

"Wrecks will behave, I think. He's pretty harmless overall. One of the few Brigham has made," Agnes says with a quiet smile. "Thank you for coming to visit, Aelewen. I should probably get some sleep though."

Aelewen lightly pats the least injured part of Agnes she can find "No worries, my children would be upset if I didn't check on Auntie Bear" she says with a fond smile wrinkling her face further "If you need anything let me know and I will smuggle it in" she adds whilst starting towards the door.

"I will. Give them my love," Agnes says to the departing woman. Then she lies back and closes her eyes.

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