02.02.3014: Age Beats Beauty or How to Break an Heir
Summary: Just a random night at the Taphouse until Lexi and Kieran joins.
Date: 16 November 2013
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall. The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.
Sunday February 02, 3014

"Recovered?" Tristan asks as he steps over as well, looking a bit worried for a few moments. "Recovered from what?" A brief pause, and a smile, as he moves to take one of the indicated seats.

The other asks the question he was going to so he'll await the same answer. "Well luckily they serve ale, and the food is simple but good." he looks at the menu a moment but nods "Likewise. I am Lord Sir Canis Ligonier." he introduces himself though he will sit down "Did you have something in mind looks like it's sandwich's and soup time."

Firia hitches her shoulders at the question, smile helping to vanquish the weariness for a moment. A version of the girl before her illness, the image vivid. "Overwork…I spent a few nights neglecting my health. It caught up with me, my lord." For the benefit of Canis, she supplies a name for the face. "Firia Sauveur. Soup…chicken noodle, for the invalid." Her smile broadens to a grin.

Tristan nods a little as he hears that, still looking a little concerned. "Ah, I see," he replies, after a few moments of pause, before he takes a sip from his ale now. "The chicken noodle soup is usually quite nice here, that's true." A brief pause, as he looks to Canis as well now. "How are you today, Sir Canis?"

Canis nods "I'm sorry to hear that my lady. I hope you feel better soon. Was there a project you had to have finished?" he says a small chuckle about the chicken noodle soup. He will look to the other knight "I am well enough un-eventful patrol is nice sometimes." he nods

Food. It's the first thing Brie thinks of when she comes to the Taphouse. Ale would be the second. Wearing her usual garb of tunic, leggings and boots, she strolls in, doing her usual of heading to the bar and ordering a sandwich and ale before taking the time to look around.

Firia opts for a smile to speak for her, answer for Canis delayed by the arrival of the server. Order placed, she can relax and lean into the high backed chair. "Transcription of old texts. Translating writing on yellowed paper is…I do not wonder most early people in Haven were afflicted with myopia." Noticing the Arboren sister about, the young woman smiles. An invite is sent, silently.

"Interesting texts, I hope?" Tristan asks, starting to eat his food, some kind of stew, a bit quietly. "Well, uneventful patrols are always nice, these days," he offers, before he looks around, seeing Brienne, and waving her over if she looks in their direction now.

"That sounds interesting, but I can see how that would straine you after a while." Canis says to her he lokos back to see who enters and finds himself smiling as he spots who it is. He will do like the others offering a small wave though he turns back as he's spoken to a little slowly. "Yes, though I dont mind taking out a few hostiles from skulking around either."

Brie notices the smile from Firia, then the gestures from her brother and Canis. She collects her ale and her sandwich before walking over and taking a seat in whatever is available to be taken. Giving the trio an easy smile, she tips her ale towards whomever is across from her in silent toast before taking a drink. "Thanks for the invite."

"Yes. Those Hostiles might in for a surprise, once I work out a few new applications of my abilities." Firia spares Tristan a smile, the steaming bowl set before her with a clatter. Spooning it up effectively, if inelegantly. Warmth spreading, reaching the marrow of her bones. A remedy for all ills. When Brienne joins them, she pauses, spoon midway. "Lady Brienne, is the ale recommended?"

"That sounds quite good," Tristan replies, both to Firia and Canis, before he grins at Brienne. "Hey, sis. Keeping out of trouble, I hope?" Spoken a bit lightly, before he eats a little bit of his food again now.

"Oh they do seem to be surprised when someone un-expected happens which is good for ourside." he chuckles taking a drink from his ale the other arriving gets his focus "Hello Brie." he welcomes and raises his glass along with it before taking a bite "I was just saying that my patrol was un-eventful which can be good, but I dont mind removing a few hostiles while out either." this to catch the other up.

"Oh yeah, Mott's ale is legendary. I keep bottles of it in the refrigerator in my apartment." Brienne grins, taking another drink before placing her mug aside and going for her turkey club sandwich that is cut into fours. She gives her brother a look of mock disappointment. "Today was my day to cause trouble, I thought. Fine, fine, you can. But tomorrow is mine…" she leaves the warning at that with a teasing grin tugging at her lips. She gives Canis a nod and a impish look. "I've always heard uneventful patrols are best."

Tristan is unable to hold back a wide grin as he hears Brienne's words. "Wasn't tomorrow Brennart's`" he remarks, before he shakes his head a little. Taking a sip of his drink, and eating some of the stew now, otherwise keeping silent at the moment.

Canis watches about the table as he finishes his ale ordering a refill. He looks between the brother and sister as they speak chuckling a bit. "I agree with Brie, i'll have to sneak some home some time to hold me over." He says grinning though he looks back catching the impish look he smiles a bit to her "I can see that, I stand corrected." he says easily enough.

"No, Brennart takes every single day that he can. I'm taking tomorrow." Brienne laughs. When Canis agrees, she grins, "They sell it by the bottle for that kind of thing. It's good to have around." The foursome are all sitting around a table drinking ale and eating a variety of sandwiches and soups and the like.

Soup drained to its last, Firia can join in the conversation. If she was inclined to voice an opinion. It seems the girl is more than content to be as Tristan, sparing her energy for the important interjections. Definitely revitalised by the meal, colour added to her wan features.

"He does, that's true," Tristan replies, with a grin, before he chuckles a little at the mention of the bottles. "Just don't buy all of them. The rest of us need some as well. Which is why I raid Brienne's fridge every now and then." An expression almost like a puppy would use is offered to his sister now.

"Oh do they, i'll have to have it shipped home in a crate or something. It's be nice to have ale while on the lagoon or at the beach." Canis says thinking a moment about this before shaking it off he looks about the table but takes another drink when his ale is refilled

Brie gently nudges her brother, picking up her second section of sandwich. "I knew I wasn't drinking it that fast. You should be ashamed. You won't be, but you should." Still, there's a teasing light in her eyes. "You refill it next time." There's a knowing smile as she looks back at Canis. "Your sailboat is a really nice place for it."

"Drunken me is liberal me…a reason never to raid your supply, Lady Brienne." Firia raises a hand to stifle her laughter at the ongoing exchange, waking up from her torpor to join in, add her quiet voice to the group. "Is that what having a brother is like? Constantly being raided for drinks? Hard life."

Tristan shakes his head a little at the others, before he grins at Brienne. "You still had a few bottles the last time I looked, so I've still got a little time, right?" A brief pause as he looks to Firia, offering her a grin. "That's why you just drink one, or a few, not too many, right?"

The door opens to the Tap house and in come a large number of folks, about half of them look to be related, blonde hair, and the same facial features. They runs gambit of ages, starting with ones that probably can't drink yet to the matriarch, who is dressed in a gaudy bright green tunic suit pant set. Lexi has on big bulky jewelry, all fake. She's cackling loudly at something the gentleman on her arms says and she'll pat it, before shooing him away. She'll look around, her old hands rubbing together to see who's here.

"My next gift Brie will hae to be a chilled safe to store important things in like ale." Canis says grinning. The young knight looks to the others "Something like that, though my sister usually just wants me to do raft yoga. I of course honorably offer to play in the sand with her youngest son." he explains. The door opening turns him around the ones he spots entering get a wide-eyed look before he corrects it "Hello Lexi." he greets her.

"Oh, but my lady Firia, if there were a slumber party, I am more than certain you would be in a safe place, should you find the need to imbibe on Mott's." Brienne gives her a quick grin before her brother. "I don't let myself get too low. I have visitors in my apartment you know." That part was true. Meetings and all. Canis speaking her name captures her attention and she grins. Only when he sees something beyond her and offers the greeting to Lexi, does the Arboren Knight, the female one, rise and greet her personally. "Miss Lexi, I've come to escort you to a seat. Would you join us?" She leans in and kisses a wrinkled cheek.

Children, the single weakness of Firia given flesh and presently careening round in noisy splendour. Distracted, her answer is delayed as she registers the added havoc it heralds with a lopsided grin, faltering slightly. "With my constitution, I don't even have to imbibe. Fumes can send me into a dizzy inebriation." This following an order for ale. Weakened ale, admittedly.

Tristan pauses for a few moments as he sees the entering crowd, before he looks back to the others now. "You're not supposed to let us know that, sis," he remarks, a bit lightly, before he sees Brienne head over to invite Lexille over. Not saying anything about that, he shrugs, looking back to Firia. "Hmmm…"

Lexille laughs loudly and waves at Canis. "Hello my boy!" Her voice is loud and carrys through the room. When Brie approaches she tilts her head, like she expects the kiss. She'll hook her arm around the young taller woman's so she can escort her to a seat. "Oh, well then. I didn't know the rumor mill was so dry that me shown' up at the 'House would cause a stir!" Lexi eyes all the people at the table she doesn't know, "Now then, Who are all of you?"

Canis will stand not long after the other and grab a chair from the other table moving it so there's space enough. He moves to the newest arrival and also kisses her cheek. "You are the rumor mill Lexi." he says lightly teasing the other lightly before he'll sit back down moving his chair to make space putting him closer to the lady knight when she sits back down. If she does so that is. He'll take a drink from his ale but allow the others to introduce themselves.

It's around sandwich/soup time at Mott's taphouse which translates to midafternoon scooting into the evening, before the actual evening meal. Brienne and Tristan Arboren are at a table with Firia Sauveur and Canis Ligonier. About now, Lexille, a citizen, a well loved one it seems, is joining the group.

Brienne smiles gently to the elderly lady, escorting her over to the chair Canis had drawn over for the Carnival owner and their mutual friend. "He's right, Lexi. You are the news." Once at the table, she assists Lexi to sit and looks at Firia with a tongue in cheek look. "Perhaps you and I should have a slumber party here then in my apartment sometime. I am sure that Lexi here could regale us with stories while we all drink Mott's Ale." She motions around. "Miss Lexi, this is Tristan Arboren, my brother, and Firia Sauveur, my brothers date. You guys, this is Miss Lexille Bellard."'

"Lord Tristan?" Firia looks at him, matching his focus with a smile. Watching the arrival be seated, she draws the breath for the large introduction she is about to pronounce, instead winding up just using her name. "Firia Sauveur." Emphasis on the first name, hooking her fingers through the tall glass brought to her. Echoing Briee in her faint anxiety at the outpouring of nobility. Slowly registering the date part of the introduction, wide eyed gaze of dawning terror in those eyes. "What I…a date? When did it transpire that…" Spluttering now, face brightly red.

Lexille tilts her cheek, the kiss from canis expected as well. "Well then, the news must really be crappy lately, if I'm all there is to talk about!" She'll sit down and eyes Tristan, "That's not the same one. You one of the twins?" She'll turn to Firia, "Well, you're a pretty one, ain't ya?,Firia" She'll laugh, "oh course I could. But I'd much rather listen to you all chatter. I ain't got nothin' important to say." Her eye twinkle, letting on she knows alot more than she's saying. Shaking her head, "What is wrong with you kitlings? Nothing' wrong with dating!" Kids these days.

"Hmm?" Tristan replies to Firia, ofering her a smile, before he blinks a bit as his sister's words seem to register. "Huh?" Blinking a few times more as he looks over to Brienne for a few moments, looking a bit unsure of what to say now. So he just finishes his food, very quickly.
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Kieran is going everywhere he abhors, it seems. First Ignes, now Arboren? In a wheelchair, no less. At least the Taphouse is renown for it's excellent ale. He enters the bar and surveys the the room, spotting Firia sitting with a group of people. He's got on a rather nice leather jacket with a red button-up silk shirt. The leather jacket has a light hint of sulfer. He wheels his way towards his cousin and says. "Firia? What are you doing here?" He asks, giving her a smile.

Adelstein strides into the taphouse carrying a number of datapads under his arm, looking around briefly and trying to hide his distaste for the setting-not even noticing Kieran. Catching sight of Firia, he scurries over. Approaching from behind Firia as Brienne is introducing her to Lexille and hearing everything she said…especially about his cousin and her date. Once behind her, he drops all the datapads except one down in front of her. Four or five of them clatter loudly against the table-interupting Kieran. Adelstein does not look pleased.

Canis watches about the table taking a drink from his ale as he does so. The introductions get a look and the response turns him back to his food though he's grinning when he finishes it. "No you met Lord Keanen Lexi. I think we just meant you hear so much at the carnival." he reminds the other as she speaks of the other brother. He watches as a few more enter and approach "Welcome My Lords." he greets easily enough.

Seeing the reaction from Firia, Brienne laughs softly. Lexille mentioning dating only adds to her amusement. "I've been at the end of Lexi and her dating plans before. I just thought I'd give her fodder for some matchmaking." The elderly lady gets another tender look and she pats her hand gently before reaching for her ale. Tristan's reaction earns him another nudge. "This is where you say, "Lady Firia, would you like to go out with me to dinner tomorrow?" In a mock aside. Having pity on them, she lets it drop. When the newest arrival greets Firia, Brie smiles. "Ah, we meet again, Young Lord Kieran. That was you at the Notice Project workday wasn't it?" And then there is Adelstein. Greeting Firia and looking displeased. Brows arch but she doesn't say anything to interfere, but gives Tristan a cautious shake of her head. No.. actually, she refutes her words. "Do not ask.." this is whispered, rather fiercely.

Practically jumping out her chair at the noise, Firia stares blindly at the datapads heaped on the table, regarding the cousins with a weak, watery smile. Adelstein recieves a flushed glare for his interruption, then gently as if handling a dangerous animal liable to bite, she picks up one. Swiping the screen, answering Kieran as she reads in haste, eyes scanning at speeds to make ones own water in sympathy. "Just out, for the air and food…cousin." Swipe, read. Repeat.

Lexille frowns, looking at Canis, "I know who the hell I meet! I don't forget butts! I was asking If Tristan here is one of the Arboren twins!" Looking at Brie, "And was I wrong?" She'll look at the new arrivals, "Well, this is turning into a drama blast."

Kieran nods to Canis and Brienne. "Yes, Lady Brienne. That was indeed me at the Notice project." His eyes dart to Adelstein, wondering what his reaction is. It's not a customary thing for Kieran to be out doing charity work. "Cousin Adel." He says, nodding. "Was there a memo for the Valta clan to meet here that I didn't get? Or is this all by chance?" He laughs, the fact that the three of them are all there together is uncanny. "Hello everybody." He announces to those he hasn't greeted yet. "I am Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta."

Tristan blinks a bit as he hears Brienne's words, looking from her to Firia for a few moments. "Hmmm…" A brief pause, as he takes a sip of his ale now, before he looks back to Firia. "Maybeyouwould…" A deep breath, before he adds, "Maybe you would want to go somewhere together for dinner or lunch or something?" Another brief pause, before he hurries to add, "My lady…" Looking to Brienne again for a few moments now, before he blinks at the whisper. "About what?" Looking to Kieran, he offers the man a bit of a nod and a half smile, before he adds, "Tristan…" That's him introducing himself. Adelstein gets a look now, and a bit of a nod as well. He finally seems to have heard Lexille's words too. "Youngest twin…" he mutters.

The plan to drink ale for a moment is a good one up until Lexille speaks and he near splutters into it coughing a moment before he catches himself a look to Brie a grin at a remembered thought but Canis looks back out "Ah yes i'm glad we were able to get the medical center up and running."

Adelstein looks down at Firia and points to one of the datapads. He finally speaks, "You misapplied the nitrogen solubility coefficent on these Tetracone Annular drill-bits! They were to go into production today! If we had actually used them then the reserve pressurization would have these things rocketing up to rip the rigs apart, probably killing a dozen workers or so!" He sighs and runs his hands through his dark hair….his hair looked like it had only been combed by his fingers for the last few days. He noticed the other people around…many of their faces recognizable. He bows his head respectfully, particularly for Kieran to whom he says, "I assure you it is all coincidence."

He then turns back to Firia. In a quieter voice he begins, "You told me you would check over all of this yesterday…" He sighs again looking at his feet, "Listen, you told me you would be able to fill in for me with my regular duties while I get the Citadel project up on its own feet…if you do not think you can do it…tell me now. I should not be catching stuff like this a few hours before its due at the Manufactory."

Datapads. Brienne looks blankly at the many while Firia seems to know exactly what to do with them. Too many. When Kieran affirms it was him, she nods. "I thought so. It's a pleasure meeting you again, Sir. Not sure if you remember. I'm Sir Brienne Arboren, this is Sir Tristan Arboren, my younger brother, this is Sir Canis Ligonier." Feel free to join us." Thankfully it's a large table. As Tristan makes his move, her mouth drops open.. and she can't help but give him a proud smile. She can't believe he did it! And Adelstein. "Lord? Or Sir? Why not have a seat and an Ale. I'll buy. I think you could use a little Arboren hospitality." He seemed far too serious.

Lowering the datapad, it takes a full minute for the young woman to fully tune into the garbled message relayed from Adelstein, launching into a protest that strains her usually soft tones to crack a little. "You're entirely unreasonable, I…was up for two days straight over this and given the filtration system, it wasn't required to adjust the calculation." Then she is diverted by the fact Tristan just made an overture. Lips tugging into a reflex smile, flushing hotly at the suggestion. "I would like it." It seems she has learnt the basic rules, as she does not extend the invitation to anyone else in the vicinity. Muted groan, and the datapads are discarded for the present, smile earned for the quiet Arboren and her other, silk shirted cousin. Aside, she leans in to whisper to her older, bearded relative.

Lexille looks Kieran over and smiles, "Oh, A fancy pants. You ok there in that chair?" Lexi's too old to be subtle. Looking to the quiet Tristan she'll nod, "Thank you, Good to have your picture in the family tree of my brain pan." Her eyes narrow at the two with the data pads. This seems like not the place for that. She'll hold her tongue for the moment. Instead she'll lan over to Canis and loudly whisper, "You going to buy me an ale or what?"

Kieran shoots Adelstein a glare. "That's something best spoken about in private, Adel. No need to embarrass Firia in company like that." His frown turns into a smile, "However, it is good to see your dedication, I don't want to chastise that. Come! Sit, relax a bit. Take your mind off of your work." He says as he cocks his head to the side slightly at Lexille's comment. "I'm a what?" He asks her, his eyes squint slightly at her, in an almost half-glare. It's hard to tell if he's joking or not. "I'm doing mighty fine in this chair. I'll do better once my rib heals, thanks for asking." His tone is slightly annoyed, it's clear he's not particularly happy being restrained to moving in the chair. "So, where's the menu?" He asks, it's clearly is first time eating at the Taphouse.

Adelstein flits his eyes downwards as he considers what Firia stated. For a moment it seemed like he might have some retort, but on further consideration about using a gaseous regulator, he concedes. Looking at Kieran he sighs and tells Firia, "F-fine, I will…" But then Firia's attention goes to Tristan.

Feeling the sting of embarassment and rejection, he quickly takes the datapads back and turns around. "No not now. I have to make a difference in the world rather than waste time at dinners and bars," he says to Kieran in a bitter tone of misdirected rage. He storm out of the taphouse.

Canis takes another drink but leans in at the look from Lexille he grins "It's on my tab." he motions over though and does order her the ale she requests. He finishes off the bit of bread he has left from his food after before going back to scanning each at the table "hopefully a speedy recovery My Lord." he says to the injured noble.

Lexille raises a withered eyebrow and cackles at Kieran, "Oh, spirited! Good! Fancy pants, your title is all. i can't see your pants to be able to tell if they're fancy or not." She grins to Canis and takes the ale that's given to her, drinking like a pro.

When Firia agrees, Brienne looks pleased and winks at the Sauveur. That's as far as she'll interfere in it now, the rest is up to them. Looking between the cousins, waiting to see if Adelstein will accept her offer of joining and buying him an ale, she looks surprised when he storms out. "Was it something I said?" She looks at him with chagrin. "I promise Mott's is good ale." She lifts her own mug and takes a good, long drink. "I hope your recovery is quick, Sir Kieran."

Looking over at Adelstein for a few moments, Tristan looks like he's about to say something, before he hears Firia's answer to his words. Letting out the breath he wasn't even aware he had been holding back. And then that moment that he realizes he never thought about what to say if he got that answer. "That's… Thank you?" he says, before he looks over to Brienne, very briefly. And then blinking a few times as Adelstein starts storming out. "Huh?"

"Adelstein, don't leave…" Kieran says, almost begging. "We never see you anymore. The world can wait a few hours while your rest your mind from your troubles." He says, before squinting his eyes again at Lexille. "Ok, Grandma." He says in that same semi-annoyed tone. This is clearly getting under his skin, as he's not used to being spoken to this way, besides his uncle of course. "Would you rather I stand up and model them for you so you can judge if my pants are indeed 'fancy'?" In his mind that should stop her, but he's not thinking things all the way though right now.

Lexille's eyes light up, "Oh! I haven't seen a Young Lord rump in decades! If you can, yes, please!" She'll lean forward some, grinning.

Mid-afternoon? That's otherwise known as the time of day that the Lord Hollollas most often finds his stomach growling, and when he happens to be in Arborenin on business, that means he'll drop by the nearest establishment he finds especially suitable. Today, that's the Mott Taphouse, and accordingly he barges through the door, creating enough of a ruckus to likely turn heads throughout the building and the next two or three down the road.

Blanketed silence. Firia is promptly mute on the aggressive, irrational outburst of her cousin. Her stare speaks for the entire company, softened only slightly by the Lord Tristan. "Cousin…" She trails off, left to be knocked for six by lecherous old women and barging noblemen.

Brienne just outright laughs. The next to the oldest of the Arboren siblings is genuinely amused and used to the antics of her friend. She looks pointedly now at the Young Lord to see if he is going to accept the challenge issued by the elderly lady. Okay, so she interferes once more. "Tris? This is the part you get more specific and set a time, day and location." Not that Brienne has dated a lot. But she just knows this stuff. As Aelstein leaves, she glances back at the door, just in time to see the Lord Hollolas. She offers an incline of her head to the man accompanied by a smile. He looks somewhat familiar. As a vassal house, she'd seen several of the Hollolas around. "Sir." Hoping that was right. "Welcome to Mott's." Door greeter now.

Canis watches the go between as it happens the older carnival owner and the house heir he winces internally but cannot help but grin "I'm afraid my lord Lexi's speech craft is a match for any i've yet seen." he says giving her a nod. He looks back to Brie as she speaks to her brother. He takes another drink but setting his glass down he'll also lean over and whisper something to her a moment before sitting back upright.

Kieran eyes go wide. He's not used to someone talking to him like that. He blinks a few times, trying to figure out what to do. In the end, however, he never backs down from a challenge, and this old hag isn't going to beat him. "Alright then." He says, his eyes giving Lexi that same half glare. He stands up carefully and turns to the side. That'll show her. Wait…

"Right…" Tristan replies at Brienne's words, before he raises an eyebrow. "I didn't know you were such an expert, sis…" Turning to Firia again, he offers her a smile now. "So, anyplace in particular you would like to go? I can go any… almost anywhere. Not Nubilus, though…" A brief pause, before he adds, "Probably best for it to be somewhere else than here too, right? Less chances of people interrupting…"

Lexille does not hide the fact that she's very much checking out Kieran's tush. She'll grin and lift her ale, "Well then, I can check that off my bucket list!" Her bucket list better be short, she's rather old! "Thank you , my Young Lord Kieran. I'm but an old woman, it show's your house well that you'd humor me."

"I…Cousin…I mean, anywhere you can book a reservation for at night." Firia is definitely not going to revisit the Taphouse without the memory ingrained on her psyche of Kieran, posing for an old womans heady gaze. Her fingers unconsciously tightening round the spoon in her bowl, mentally filing away the incident.

"Lord Hollolas, lass." That's said with a booming chuckle; if Roger is offended, he does a fine job of hiding it. "Two pints!" he shouts at the bartender, evidently familiar enough with this place to realize that specifying a beverage is unimportant. Accordingly he claims a table to himself, resting his form in a chair with a little /thud/.

Kieran really needs to think about things before he does them. In hindsight, it's clear the woman was goading him into doing this all along. His face gets slightly pink, both from being a little flustered and embarrassment. He carefully sits back down in his wheelchair and darts his eyes to the side of him. "Yeah… You're welcome, ma'am." He says, now realizing why his father kept him inside the Valta palace as much as possible. "Where's the menu?" He asks, trying to divert the attention away from him.

The banter back and forth is genuinely amusing, but Brienne ducks her head, cheeks pink as the Young Lord does indeed stand. She definitely does not look. Big talker, yeah? Instead, she leans in as Canis whispers something to her. She looks thoughtful before offering. "Actually, I had something else in mind involving you, Miss Lexi and Lord Hollolas."

Brie shifts her attention to the latter for the moment, though back to Kieran briefly, "You either order breakfast, lunch or dinner. That's the menu. You get a surprise what comes out." Ok, back to Hollolas now. "Lord Hollolas? I would like to ask a favor.." She smiles to include Lexi and Canis. "I had the idea of a Carnival. See, Miss Lexi here has a traveling carnival and Canis introduced me to her. I was considering a fundraiser for Strong Roots (Venus' suggestion since Notice Project is strictly for Volkan). The only issue is land. Your lands are flatter than ours here in the seat. Could we park the carnival there, if Miss Lexi is agreeable, if we clean up afterwards?"

Lexille laughs at the embarrassed young nobles, "oh….drink some ales…It's be ok." Lexi turns to look at Brie and then Lord Hollollas. She raises a hand and a late teen comes runnign up, one of the ones that one on with Lexi. Her face has gone from grinning to very business like, "I'm listening, child. But I have one correction, We're the only traveling carnival. At least that's worth mentioning." The teen is clearly there to just listen and mentally record what's said.

Tristan nods a little as he hears Firia's words. "Tomorrow night, then? I'll check a few places and let you know as soon as we've got a time for it?" Looking to Brielle again now. "Traveling carnival?" he asks, after a few moments of pause now.

"Mmm? Is that right… ah, thank you." Roger's mugs of ale have arrived, and he takes a deep sip before nodding in response to Brienne's proposal. "Well, if it's for a good cause, I'll certainly consider it. Certainly." Sip. "Tell me, Miss… Lexi, was it?" Big, sea-green eyes flicker over to the old woman for a few moments. "Tell me a bit about your carnival."

Kieran isn't used to being bested like this, so he's not sure how to act. He instead decided to ignore what's going on right now and focus on Brienne. "You don't get a choice? Really? What kind of ales do they have here? I've heard they're quite good." He adds, finally bringing his attention to what's going on between Tristan and his cousin. He raises an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything. 'This will be an interesting development.' He thinks to himself. He does what he can to not make eye contact with Lexi.

Lexille eyes the younger man, "Well, we've almost a century long run. Games, rides, entertainment. I've been running it since my dear Claud passed." She'll consider Roger, "What's your land like? Flat? Mountains?" She knows, but wants him to tell her. She's smiling though, she likes this kind of banter, well….she //also likes this type of banter. Poor Young Lord Kieran. She'll take a sip of her ale, "We have 40 employees currently, who travel with us. We sent up wagons and portable housing. Nothing too much, more like tents than anything." Another sip, "We have animals too, if that's a problem."

"Do. I…will get on. Lords, Ladies." Firia rises, visibly trembling from the exertion that standing holds in her state, gait uneven. Without preamble, she departs the Taphouse. Quiet to the boisterious entry of Roger. Leaving behind an empty mug, bowl and the datapads. Adelstein will definitely go on a tirade about this reckless abandonment of his work.

Canis looks to the other after he whispers knowing it's a crowded room he shifts slightly in nervous since it is a question not a definate. The young knight seems confused at the response given but as she lays out her idea the smile returns "That's a great idea Brie, mine can wait for another time." he says hoping she'll at least agree to this much. He watches as they discuss the carnival and hopes that it is approved to happen.

"We have a fair amount of flat land. Near the shore, even - your spectators would be able to look out over the sea." It seems the Lord Hollolas' reputation has preceded him, as there's a plate placed in front of him with a broad assortment of the taphouse's treats. Mmm. "I'd be happy to give you a plot, so long as the land's cleaned up when you're done. Doubt anyone'd accuse me of turning down merriment." He takes a bite of… something. Doesn't really matter what, it's food. "Mmm. Have any of your employees had a chance to perform on a ship, I wonder?"

Lexille eyes Fiara as she leaves, and with honest compassion in her voice, "poor girl." Turnign back to Roger, She nods, "Oh! That would be lovely! We've travel through that area, many many years ago. It would be nice to return." She'll sip more ale, "I have a few that were born on ships, but can't say I've ever sent any to preform on one." SHe'll narrow her eyes, but tilts her head and smiles,"Why?'

"It's for a good cause. A percentage of the proceeds will go to benefit Strong Roots, the charity here at the Spine benefiting the more unfortunate in the infrastructure." Brienne grins once Roger and Lexi start their banter back and forth. It catches her by surprise as Firia leaves, she looks at the datapads, then the Lady, then Tristan, nudging him, nodding towards the datapads then the door where Firia left. "She forgot her things. Will you take them to her?"… And finally settling on Kieran, offering a smile. "Oh yes, the ale is great. Mott's Ale. You won't taste any better. Can I buy you a mug?" She smiles at Canis and nods. "Sure. I just think the carnival would be so fun." When Roger agrees, she beams a look of happiness. "I will see to the clean up crew personally, Lord Hollolas."

Tristan pauses for a few moments as Firia takes her leave, and then again at Brienne's suggestion, looking towards the datapads, then towards the door again. Getting to his feet, he moves to retrieve those pads, glancing to Kieran for a few moments, offering a nod both to him and the others. "I… should just make sure she gets these back…" Starting towards the door a bit quickly now.

"Because we're hosting a cruise out of Beacon in just a few weeks. No such thing as too much entertainment, I always say." Nor too much food. The way Roger is talking between bites borders on discourteous, but it's effective - half the plate is already gone. "If, of course, you think you've the talent and skill needed to help make it a /proper/ festival." His grin is all teeth.

Kieran looks and sounds a little deflated. It's clear his pride has been wounded a bit. "Uh… sure, Lady Brienne. That would be nice…" he begins to say as he watches Tristan grab the datapads and moving rather quickly. "he Young Lord turns his chair around and ponders saying something, as those datapads /might/ contain secret Valta stuff. He decides to not say anything, but /does/ send Firia a message asking her to tell him if he returns the datapads.

Lexille shakes her head look to Brie, "Six, child. You gonna tell him where to stick it next? He knows. Have some faith." She gives Tristan a go get her grin and turns back to the talk of carnivals."You looking for any specific acts? " She cackles loudly, "Them's fighting words, Hollollas! My groups the best there is! You tell me what you want, and by the end of your boat ride, you'll give me double what you offer now!"

Of course the first thing Brie notices is the deflated sound.. she thinks back over her words trying to pinpoint exactly what she had said wrong to make that look and sound appear. The carnival? Noo, surely not. Offering to buy his beer? Eyes as green as the forest canopy flicker over him in surprise. "Young Lord Kieran? Have I said something to offend you?" Not interrupting Lexi or Lord Hollolas, but she does blush at the suggestion of telling

"Hrh. And surely you wouldn't back down from such a challenge, Miss Lexi." Bite, bite, bite, and Roger's plate is empty. He's now working on his second pint. "Can't go wrong with music, of course, and we always appreciate a good yarn. But really?" Sip. "Give us the best you have to offer. Up North, we know how to take in a good show."

Kieran's eyes widen almost every time Lexi opens her mouth. She's probably old enough to be his great grandmother. He remembers his great grandmother, she was a nice woman who always made the kitchen staff make him cookies, and she most surely did /not/ speak nearly as crudely as this carnival owner is speaking now. He blinks in shock a few times before registering that he's being spoken to by Brienne. He's completely off his game, and reverts to old habits. "No, beautiful. You're fine." He says, giving her a smile, not yet piecing together who he's spoken to.

Lexille reaches over and pats Brie's hand, in a very familiar way. Lexi has no worries about social boundaries with nobles, apparently. Cackling, she'll raise and point a withered finger at Roger, "Oh…You have no idea what you're asking for. Especially if you're providing the food and drink. We've got it all. You'll get the best." Kieran was off of Lexi's radar, but now that he's spoken and is being flirty, her eyes go back to him, looking him up and down.

Brienne widens her eyes when he finally replies. Heat again steals into her cheeks and she tears her gaze away suddenly finding the last drink of her ale interesting, so she lingers over it. As her hand gets a pat, she lowers the drink and shakes her head. "You're incorrigible, Miss Lexi." As Lexi looks the Young Lord up and down, Brienne tries to slip back off the elderly woman's radar. She orders a rather large ale for Kieran and a refill for herself. "What brings you to Motts, Sir Kieran?"

"Then we'll be glad to have you, Miss Lexi." Roger finishes off what's left of his pint and leans back in his chair, letting his hands fall over his swelling stomach. A wonderful time it is to take a little break.

Kieran notices Lexi scanning him, and is made more uneasy. "Been traveling to different bars around Haven… last bar I visited I ended up with a broken rib. Not a good start…" He notes. "And you?" He asks the Arboren Knight, trying to ignore Lexi for now.

Lexille nods to Roger, "I'll have some paper work sent over, once this one," She pats Brie's hand again, "Get me the info." She'll give Roger a wink before turning back to look at the uncomfortable Kieran. "Did they end up with broken things too? If so, nothing to be shamed of." Lexi works on her ale, finishing it off.

"I just came in for lunch and found a brother and a few friends, so I remained. It turned out to be fortunate that I did. Are there any other pubs you have visited you would recommend? I don't mind traveling around through the Ways." Brienne offers him a quiet smile, though looks back at Lexi when she pats her hand. "I can imagine he would give as well as he got."

Kieran shakes his head at Lexi. "Not to my knowledge. I got my ass handed to me pretty thoroughly. After I tried stopping the bar fight too… Frustrating." He seems annoyed, but his demeanor changes when he starts speaking to Bri again. "Well, I can tell you never go to Ignes. That place sucks." There's no way that's where his rib broke, nope! "The Khournas bars are all really good, however, House Valta boasts the best bars, for sure. Let me know if you ever decide to visit, I'll take you to all the best dives." He says, giving Brienne a wink.

Lexille grins and elbow Brie, "With a rear end like that, I should hope he gives as good as he gets!" She'll nod, turning back to the young lord, "Ah, well, then. I guess that's one way to learn to duck!"

Brie takes the knowledge solemnly at the mention of losing that particular fight. "It sounds violent there. I actually have a Grantham by the name of Luke teaching me hand to hand combat and Sir Flint, I've seen him in one of the bars a time or two. I rarely go there. The Public House though, I have been there several times. If I do go, I would let you know." Laughing at the promise to go to the best dives. "I have yet to go to Obsidia and see the falls. I think I should go there next." She chuckles now at Lexi's tease and elbow. "I wasn't looking," she whispers to the carnival owner.

Kieran shakes his head. "Valta is much better then Obsida, but don't tell Young Lady Sir Joanna I said that…" He grins, and shrugs at Lexi. "I guess that's one way to see it. All I saw were disorganized and destructive house soldiers yelling at a friend of mine." His tone has a hint of anger, he still need to schedule a meeting with Young Lady Ashleigh to discuss what happened. He stares wide eyed at Lexi again. He's still not sure how such an elderly woman can be so crude…

Lexille 's face goes serious, "There's nothing more important than helping a friend. Good that you stood up. I hate thugs." Lexi leans back to Brie and smiles again, "You should have, nice and tight!"

"Is it? I look forward to seeing it then. What stands it apart from the rest?" Brienne queries, looking up as their ales arrive, even a refill for Lexi. Wrapping her hands around the mug, she lifts it from the table. "I admire that you were standing for what you believe in, Sir Kieran. That is very important. Also, that you are a Knight. Perhaps I will find myself fighting at your side one day." Lexi makes her laugh. Again. "Judging from his handsome features, I imagine you are correct, Miss Lexi."

"A nice coastal view, some stylish and practical oil rigs with nice living quarters, great ales. My uncle makes his own, you know. You should try some." He says, taking a sip of the ale that was purchased for him. "This is quite good too. Glad to be in a bar that's not ready to knock my lights out." He shakes his head an laugh, then raises an eyebrow. "I'm right here you know."

Lexille picks up her new ale, sipping . She leans to Brie again, " Handsome features are nice, but if that's all he's got, he's not gonna be much fun beyond looking at." She'll straighten and grin at Kieran, "Oh, you are, aren't you? Care to give us another peek? The single Lady Brie here didn't get a look the first time!"

Lexi was a pro at playing matchmaker, and Brienne laughs softly. "And last week you were telling my brother Keanen how nice his backside was and how much you enjoyed looking." That had been such a funny night. Brie imagines his coastal views, the ales and nods with a playful smile. "It sounds beautiful and that you love your home as much as I love mine." She very gently nudges Lexi back. "Perhaps I should save it as a reason to cross paths with him again?"

Kieran blinks a few more times, he has no idea how to handle Lexi, and the fact that she's requested him to show off /again/ because Bri missed it is just not something he's used to. As such, his cheeks turn a darker shade of pink, which is a rare sight, coming from Kieran. He glances over at Brienne and grins, a little sheepishly. Slowly he stands up and again turns to the side. 'at least /someone/ someone is enjoying this.' He thinks to himself.

Lexille shakes her head, "Well, that was from touch, Kieran here hs n't one close enough for me to get a feel yet." She'll cackle, "Yet….and if it's a nice view, you'll want to cross paths, unless your plumbing wired different." She'll clasp her hands when the young lord turns again. "Oh….maybe I should move my carnival to Valta!" She's having a balst at the Tp House, should have come back here much sooner than this!

Brienne had learned to try and smooth over the more blatant remarks her friend made, but as Kieran blushed.. blushed, she can't help but to be drawn to the look. When he looks at her and grins that sheepish grin, she's hooked and doesn't look away when he stands this time, blushing as she blatantly looks at the curve of backside. Oh! It was nice after all! "Plumbing?" She asks Lexi blankly, unable to tear her gaze away.. until Lexi mentions moving the carnival to Valta. Still, she looks blank. "Lexi," she whispers, her voice sounding tense. "Oh. My. Gods." So.. the Young Lord was attractive. And Brienne had finally noticed.

Kieran sighs, Lexi was quite possibly the dirtiest minded person he's ever met. His blinks three times, staring blankly at Lexi. He sits down once more, giving Brienne a grin. "So? What'd you think?" He asks, the red slowly fading from his cheeks. He takes another large gulp of his ale, He's not sure exactly how to handle this Carnival owner.

Lexille shakes her head, "Yer plumbing, what gets ya going. If you liked girls." Lexi will lean over, whispering loudly, "I'm not really, just having fun thinking about it.I'm old, not blind!" She'll wink to Kieran, "No worries boy, I'm not out looking for a pool boy. You're safe. I'd break ya too fast, and you're too pretty for that."

Catching his following grin as Kieran sits back down, Brienne shakes her head at a loss for words. "Umm." What do you say in a moment like this? Latching onto a word from Lexi, she blurts out, "Pretty." Oh did she really say that? She leans down resting her forehead on the table, shoulders shaking, laughing. "I just called your backside pretty, didn't I? Pretend we're in an alternate universe where I am not a fool, would you?"

Kieran raises an eyebrow and chuckles a little. "Believe it or not it's not the most ridiculous thing that's been said about my ass…" The only thing he can really do now is find the humor in the situation. "An alternate universe, eh? Well, what would alternate universe Brienne say?" He asks, tilting his head to the side. However, Lexi yet again has shocked him. "I happen to be very… experienced, thank you." He blurts out to Lexi, before thinking about if that's the smart thing to say.

Lexille grins, agreeing with Brie, "Yes. Pretty." She's finding this whole conversation amusing to no end. And the Kieran gives Lexi the best present ever, an opening, "Oh, well then. If you're that experienced, I suppose I could give you a whirl. But know this, I'll not leave the carnival.No matter who much you plead. We'll have to meet in secret. No one can know. Brie will have to be our secret keeper, help smuggle out an unintended bastard children we may produce." Even Lexi can't keep a straight face at this and laughs.

Brienne lifts her head and smiles, somewhat shyly, for Brie anyway. "She would be as speechless as I am, because that's not something I do. I don't notice looks on people." Looking at Lexi. "Men or women." Back to Kieran. "I've just always been a fighter, it's not something I take the time to do. I just.. I don't know. I noticed." And that's all she can say. She smirks at Lexi and lifts her shoulders. "I should get back to my apartment. You know, Lexi, if you ever want to, you're welcome to drop by." She takes a drink of her ale and promptly chokes, covering her mouth so she doesn't do a very unladylike spew. She coughs, eyes watering, trying to see Lexi as she offers to sleep with him. Then she looks at Kieran. Speechless again.

That was most definitely the wrong thing to say. Kieran blinks once more, in complete shock. "Uhhhhm…" He says, his eyes darting back to Brienne. He's clearly at a loss. "You… I… Uhm…" He blinks a few more times before deciding the best thing to do is to just walk away. He blinks three more times before slowly scooting his wheelchair away from the table, and then without a word, spins away and rolls his way towards the exit of the taphouse.

Cackling with glee, Lexi calls after the retreating young lord, "I'll call!" and will nod to Brie, her smile immediately turning to a grandmotherish one, "Oh, that would be lovely, I haven't ben to the Elder seat in decades!"

Of all things to be said, Brienne wasn't expecting silence. When he turns and leaves, she watches him go before rising also and paying the tab for the evening. "It was lovely seeing you again, Miss Lexi and please do stop by when you like. Are you able to make it back on your own or would you require my escort?"

Lexille watches Kieran leave and will shake her head at Brie, "Oh no. We just got here.' ANd she'll motion to the room which is file with what appears to be half the carnival. "I'm fine dear. i'll talk to you later." SHe does turn her cheek though, waiting for her kiss and then motions for some of her grandchildren to come over.

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