06.01.3013: After the Meeting
Summary: When the Awakened meeting is cut short, Ariana meets up with some friends, a country bumpkin and an heir to a Paramount House to discuss the Awakened among other things…
Date: 1 June 2013
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Grand Esplanade - Landing
Although the Grand Esplanade is centered on a double lane for ground vehicles and carriages, the majority of the broad street is held for pedestrian use. Smooth pavement extends out around planters that keep vehicle traffic away from people on foot, exposing a broad expanse to the feet of passers by.

The Esplanade leads past scores of little hole-in-the-wall shops and kiosks selling everything from daggers to scarves to jewelry. Light posts are interspersed with the planters, casting a warm glow over the Esplanade at night, while electrostatic shields blur the skies but keep off any rain from above, leaving the Esplanade crowded day or night, rain or shine.

Towering over the Esplanade to the west is the shimmering steel spire of the Citadel, while the Gardens of Erkwin and the Landing Stadium lie to the east. Directly north is the magnificent Palace Towers, seat of House Sauveur.

June 1, 3013

Knowing full well that there is a super private Awakened meeting being held at the Academ, with her free time, Ariana decides to pay Landing a visit. She knows that her friends will be in attendance of that particular meeting, so as she waits for it to be over, the Nubilus native decides to wander the shops of the Esplanade and see the sights in passing. Her tall and slender form is draped in the finest of noble gowns from Summit: A soft, airy material, while the gown, itself is mostly white, there is a blending of various hues of emerald green that shift almost magically upon her skirt from hip to hem. Her long blonde hair is coiled into an intricate braid with fresh blossoms sprinkled throughout her locks. It is late afternoon, leading to evening and the young maiden pauses momentarily in her steps to view a kiosk full of sparkling gemstones and jewelry.

Keanen wanders into the Adadem, looking for Ariana. When he spots her, he slinks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. "What's up, Air?" he asks, giving her a friendly squeeze. "You just missed the greatest meeting EVER. And by greatest meeting ever I mean a total and complete waste of time." He smiles, "How's shopping?"

How can so many people possibly be happy crammed in such a space together? Perched up on one of the dividing planters, is a young man in extremely rustic styled clothing. Almost like a hawk, Taryn has climbed up there to distance himself from the mob of people in the Esplanade. Really the people of Landing might as well be a different species and so he enjoying the feel of having a bit more air to breath and watching the comings and goings of all of the people, occassionally adding in his own internal dialogue for the people he watches.

Soleil comes along, her look of casual perturbance not terribly unusual for her. You can undye the hair, dress her up, take away the crazy makeup, and take away her drugs, but damned if she'll walk around looking like she's thrilled to be alive. It's her knight companion who spies the pair of friends and notifies Soleil of their presence, for she is brooding and barely acknowledges him when he asks her if she wants to go speak to them. Thinking the company of friends may do his lady good, the knight clears a path for her and takes her to them.

Likely much of the same logic is at play for Declan as Ariana: the meeting is widely enough known, and while the young Lord has little cause himself to attend, he knows he will have family present. Indeed, he probably finds Keanen quiet convenient and someone to rely on at times like this, since it means he has someone he trusts to report back on the goings-on within the Academ. He arrives a little after things have gotten out, and has to wander a little to find where the escaping Awakened crowds have gone. Maybe he TRACKS them there, oho! It doesn't take him much to pick out his brother, especially not with the woman he's with, who is easily recognizable at quite some distance- her looks hard to forget when you see them plastered over every display on the Ring. "There you are, brother," he calls out, when he gets close. A slim smile awaits Ariana as well, "Lady Ariana, a pleasure as always. The two of you really do seem to take to one another's company, hmm?"

If Keanen were some ruffian or citizen, the Larent maiden's guards would have been all over him by now. The four of them position themselves not far from their lady charge. However, recognizing the young Arboren Lord, they hold their movements…. despite the surprise and almost displeasurable look upon the young Larent's lovely face. Ariana's entire body stiffens both in surprise and perhaps some sort of revulsion when she feels these arms slink suddenly around her waist. Those vivid blue eyes of her widen in shock before narrowing sharply as she turns only to notice the familiar face of Keanen. "Lord Keanen Arboren!" Her tone is almost scolding. "Why, I almost ordered my guards to do away with you. Please, never do that again." Even as she speaks, she politely tries to peel the young noble off from her, in the most gentle manner as she can.

As she does this, perhaps out out from the corner of her eyes, she notices Taryn's presence… and maybe her guards do as well, but she says nothing more at the moment. Instead, Declan's arrival surprises her and when she is free from Keanen's grasp, she quickly lowers herself into a graceful curtsey, lowering her head humbly in their presence. "My Young Lord Declan, were you here for the meeting as well?" She straightens, looking between the two brothers now, "I believe it was your Lady Sister who thought of putting it together?"

Keanen laughs at Ariana's discomfort, "Relax. You liked it." He continues to smile, and he looks at his approaching brother. "Hey, Deke," he greets. Answering Ariana, he shrugs, "Eilara was leaving as I was rolling in. It mostly seemed like a lot of dumb."

"What was?" Soleil asks, because, you know, she wasn't there. Not being Awakened. "Where the hell do they sell e-cigs, my shop closed. thee's a sign in the bloody window that says 'We ran screaming from the city with our arms flailing because the hostiles are coming and we'll probably shoot ourselves in a suicide pact in Desolation' and now I have no idea where to buy a new e-ci—" she breaks off, when she sees Declan approaching. He's not one of the 'gang'. Where is her 'lady' mask?

Taryn cants his head just slightly at the small gathering of obvious nobles and accompanying guards. There is a mildly amused look at Ariana's reaction to Keanen's obviously inappropriate grabbing of her and the bristling of her guards. Curiosity to the story between the two slinks its way into his mind before he reminds himself of what good curiosity did for the cat.

"Yes. Well," Declan begins to answer Ariana, and then seems to revise the statement mid-sentence, "I didn't expect there would be much reason to attend personally, but I figured I might be able to catch one of my siblings afterward to hear what it was all about, while it was still fresh in mind. Its good to keep tabs on things." Which of course has him looking toward Keanen expectantly, although he breaks into a laugh himself at his description. "'A lot of dumb?' What was it all about?" Noticing Soleil hovering a few steps off, he inclines his head toward her in a polite gesture, and extends her a sort of ready smile.

Even with Keanen's arms no longer around her, Ariana's posture remains rigid, but that oddly adds to her proper and ever elegant demeanor. At the younger Arboren's quick comment, the Larentian says with soft humor in her tone, "It's good to see that you have not lost any of your confidence since the time you spent on Nubilus, My Lord." But this talk of the meeting does gather some of her interest. "The meeting seemed to have ended earlier than I had anticipated. I expected to have explored more of the Landing by the time you were—" The familiar voice of Soleil now draws her attention, forcing Ariana to turn slowly and regard the Sauveur with a curious look. She knows that Declan is here and yet, she does nothing to warn the other girl about this and rather lets her continue on with her prattle.

Soleil inserts her clean language disk, puts the rebel one away. Chumming with Keanen and even the judgmental Ariana is one thing, but Declan is the sort of lord she's supposed to act like a lady around. Such trying times, are these, for the young. "Rena, Kean," she says, while her knight gives a familiar nod to the guards of the other nobles. Everyone needs friends.

"Nitrim's not about is he?" It's peculiar that she so quickly asks after the other nobleman of their Incultus arrest, for she had seemed to eye him with that piercing look so often interpretable as disapproval when they were together that night. Now, she seems anxious for his presence for some reason.

She does not notice Taryn— for now he is merely one of a hundred in the crowd.

Keanen continues to smile, "I store my confidence in my left arm. Really, I was very lucky," he jokes, wiggling his cybernetic right hand fingers at her. Looking back at his brother, he shrugs again. "Seemed mostly to be posturing. I think maybe Eilara hoped to form some kinda Awakened club, but she left awful mad." He tosses Soleil a wink in greeting. "Sol. Glad to see you didn't get lost on Inculus. No, haven't seen Nitrim."

Nitrim is a name that the country mouse perched up on the planter recognizes. Once again, that twinge of curiosity. Taryn shakes his head slightly as he admonishes himself. The talks of the nobles is really none of his business. He relaxes slightly in his posture as he rests on the balls of his feet. It's like watching your own personal soap opera. Like sands through the hourglass…these are the nobles of our lives.

"Aren't there already a number of organizations among the Awakened?" Declan wonders of his brother. "Although I suppose they are somewhat divided along existing House lines and the like. I can see the gain in trying to work more closely with the Hostiles' impending approach. But what do you mean posturing? The enemy is at our door and everyone was just arguing over who could conjure the biggest puff of smoke?" He seems a little bothered that there's not more to be said on the subject, but lets it pass. "Lady Soleil, its nice to see you again. I trust you are feeling better, after whatever seemed to overtake you all at the ball?" This seems to cause some thought to dawn and he glances from her back to his brother again. "Though now that I think of it, it seemed to affect some people more strongly than others. You seemed alright, but Eilara was nearly ready to fall over and the Lady Soleil here seemed quite troubled as well?"

"Admittedly, I know very little about the Awakened or their societies. I just happen to know a handful of Awakened." Ariana intones to the group, though she is mostly speaking to Declan. When Nitrim is brought up, she shakes her head slowly, though says as a reminder, "I believe he said that he would be back home on Volkan for a few days as he will be needed there. It was kind of him to assist us during our stay on Inculta." Now a curious side-glance is given to Declan, wondering if he had heard, but the Awakened discussion does keep her interest somewhat. "Yes, My Lord." This to Declan once again, "Your Lord Brother," Eyes to Keanen, "Didn't seem overly disturbed by it all, but I do know that Lady Talayla was terribly disturbed." A memory soon stirs and her eyes now focus on Soleil once again.

It's been said many times before— Soleil is hard to rattle. yet in recent days she's been increasingly prone to it. Declan's observation actually has the bold young woman turn and look down at the pavement briefly, before she sets to scanning the crowd around them. "Lord Declan, I am very well, and pleased to see you again. I apologize for gripping your arm as though I had a right to it. I do hope I didn't leave any trace of my angst." She might have, her nails are filed very sharp. Saveurs have the best manicurists.

Taryn's attention moves from boredom-induced curiosity to actual interest as the conversation moves towards talk of the Awakened. Good thing that cat had none lives because his curiosity might have just gotten the better of him.

Keanen looks at Soleil, "All that glowing scare ya a bit, Sol?" he teases, unknowingly helping her cover. "No, I wasn't too mucked up by it, but to be honest? I wasn't there the whole time. I was just walking in as stuff went down, so I don't think it walloped me too hard."

If there's something to have heard about, it becomes evident enough that Declan has not heard it - he gives no reaction to them talking about Nitrim or their travels, more than one would to such chitchat in any conversation. "Eilara seemed weak on her feet, at least for a few moments," he offers in a somewhat emphatic echo of Ariana's description of the other Orelle Lady's own difficulty. Again, there is a lookt to Keanen as though he expects his brother to have the key to it, some explanation. Unfortunately, there's not much of one forthcoming, except maybe the simple suggestion of time. "Maybe its as simple as that. At least no permament harm was done." To Soleil's apology he returns a mild shake of his head, the smile on his face undisturbed. "It's quite alright, I can understand that it all must have been a little disturbing. And hearing of the impending Hostile threat likewise so." He crosses one arm to touch the other, and then further remarks, "I don't think you did me any permanent harm."

It has been made clear that Declan had not heard of the incident on Inculta, but as Ariana's eyes flicker in Keanen's direction, it seems to her that the young Arboren wasn't planning on telling him. So, she mentions some little tidbit that she does know about the Awakened from the Feast, "I've been a little confused myself, but perhaps I had merely absorbed this information incorrectly." Her long slender fingers entertwine as her hands clasp gracefully together as she speaks in an eloquent manner, "Madame Blessed from the Ring knew about this happening when Lord Nitrim and I brought it up immediately following the tournament feast. However, from our discussion with Lady Helena of House Dalton, who are known for their own Awakened, no one outside of the feast were affected. Was it merely the music being played and the lyrics being spoken that stirred a memory of your dreams?"

Keanen shrugs, "I think it was the music. That music was in a dream most awakened had. Some even knew the lyrics, as I understand it. But," he shakes his head, "I only recognized that music. But, you know…" He shrugs again, "I wasn't exactly the best student in woogidy woogidy class."

Soleil smiles at Declan. It's the kind of radiant smile Janelle personally trained her in, the sort that was meant to replace the sultry petulance and wounded kitten looks Soleil used to employ. It's quite nice, but…a sharp eye will see it fade from the perimeter as soon as Soleil looks away.

"I don't even know where my father is right now, he could have been on that ship for all I know. I suppose for a moment that thought had struck me and I felt a bit ill, and alone. I am not terribly close to any of my family members, and everyone was running to brothers an sisters. Yes— I just felt alone is all." It's an excuse for the strange behavior she had exhibited, and not at all a plea for sympathy.

"Let's get some drinks, alright?"

Taryn's brow furrows slightly as he once again cants his head to the side, that passing interest growing more intense as the conversation goes on. Still, he reminds himself it is not his place. Perhaps it is certainly a good thing that the gathering seems to be prepared to move to another location. Though as there is a slight look of pity in his expression as he does catch the fading of Soleil's practiced illusion. Many citizens might look to the nobles with envy, it is moments like that, when Taryn is quite happy that his birth gave him leave to be more honest with himself and his emotions.

"Music?" Declan is curious, to be sure, but there is only so much to be unraveled on the particular topic and he doesn't keep pressing. "Its understandable," he goes on to repeat to Soleil. "Everyone was shocked, to be sure. Probably moreso than they might have been under other circumstances. There's something a little more disturbing about going from a charming court dance to battle-footing in mere moments. To face that so suddenly…" He shakes his head. "I did not mean to rush off so suddenly on you, but as you can imagine, it was important I return to my family lands with my siblings to make sure all was handled there." He returns then to the topic being discussed between his brother and Lady Ariana. "It's interesting. Has anyone interviewed the band members about the whole thing? If it was an original song they were performing, or one that people might have heard elsewhere?"

Ariana is all too familiar with Soleil's changing moods and personality. Or at the very least, this new Soleil is far more to her liking. So as the Sauveur carries on in all her grace and charm, the Larent merely watches in silence. A topic does come up, making the young lady furrow her brow gently. "Your father…? I didn't realize, My Lady. I will see if a full report on that tragedy has been posted. Perhaps, my own Lord Father would know more about this." Her ice blue eyes then shift slowly to view the Arboren brothers when Declan mentions the band. "I think so. I recall seeing Lord Captain Cedric near where the band was located after his Lady Wife…" Those bright eyes now shift back to Soleil again, as Lyrienne is her relative, "went after them as the chaos erupted. As for the song itself, I cannot say that I heard of it. The only thing I do know is that the Awakened had heard of it in their dreams."

Keanen shrugs once more, "Well, you kids have fun. Go get a drink. There's a great place up the street that makes this orange whip thing that'll knock your socks off." He bounces on his heels a moment, "I'm meeting someone, so…" He shrugs, "Behave." He smiles, and turns to go.

Discretion may be the better part of valor, but fortune, they say, favors the bold… or the foolhardly. Taryn hops down from his nearby perch, probably not to the liking of any of the guards. Before there is even a need for blades to be drawn, the young man holds his hands up to show that he is unarmed, except for the knife which is firmly sheathed on his hip. "Beggin' your pardon, but do you know the words of this song?"

"Lyrienne is such a twit," Soleil sighs, as she gives her fair head a little shake. "I mean has she never had a prophesying dream before? For the sake of the six it-" she suddenly realizes what she's saying and changes course. "It's a prophecy. I have heard them talk about that stuff. You dream, and then what happened in your dream comes true. Some people have them. So the song was in the dream because it was an emotional aspect of the event, not because the bloody song /caused/ it or had something to do with it beyond happening at the same time." She suddenly turns as Keanen announces he's leaving. She fixes her eyes on him and almost looks as if she's about to start after him, but, biting her lip, she turns away. "See you, Kean."

She adds, to Ariana, "My father wasn't on that ship, I just meant, I don't know where he is and when you don't know where your father is, for a moment, something like that makes you realize he /could/ have been. He had no reas to be on that ship though. he's probably on a bender in some bro—"

Soleil stops talking abruptly.

Declan's gaze flits over toward Taryn as he hops down from his perch, but there seems no cause for alarm and so he is… not alarmed. If anything, it's probably hard to sneak up on the Arboren contingent. That's -their- schtick. "I'll see you later then, brother," he offers to Keanen, whether or not he has some business with this person who has just entered the picture, and turns his gaze back between the two women, and there's just the slightest sign of a curl at the corner of his mouth at how Soleil speaks of her relative. No, its not proper for him to be too smug over things like that, but perhaps he has some cause to agree with her. "Blaming the Hostile invasion on the song is a little silly, but I can't imagine that anyone really imagines such a thing. I can't speak too well to the imagery of dreams and how they may come true or amount to nothing. Even the unawakened have them, after all, and sometimes, by coincidence or otherwise, things seem to line up. Or you get that feeling later that something you are witnessing now is something you've dreamt before. Always a little disconcerting. Maybe for the Awakened, it is that much stronger a sensation?"

With Taryn's sudden approach, the Larentian guards shift in their place, with one of them stepping a little closer to their young charge. Ariana, too, blinks in quite surprise when the group is approached and silently she allows her gaze to study this newcomer, already having a feeling that the man may not be noble at all. A neutral expression lingers on her beautiful features, though it's her vivid eyes that keep a very wary gaze on this stranger even as she speaks. "Farewell, Lord Keanen." Her voice rings out clear. As no one seems to be addressing Taryn's inquiry, Ariana speaks forth, there is a slight chill in her tone, "I, for one, do not recall the song. One of the Awakened very well may have." Finally, her gaze is pulled from the stranger in the group, looking upon the pair once more, adding in, "This is a shared dream. One of the images, from what I had learned, was that the vision that the Awakened had seen may have been through the eyes of one the Hostile as they killed our own. The tearing of the dreamer's skin to reveal mechanisms and wires. Their slaying of one of our own combatants with a lance." As she is no Awakened, she is merely saying what she had heard many times already and as her own memory of their dream is a little unclear or fuzzy, her delicate brow can't help but furrow gently.

Soleil eventually turns her attention to the young man who has approached. She normally would be somewhat dismissive, perhaps, but when at fist she looks toward the young man, her gaze becomes rather fixed upon him. Without taking her eyes from him, she gestures to her knight, saying, "I can easily download the song for you." Which means her knight can, and he extracts a handheld device to accomplish this task. Meanwhile, Soleil continues to gaze at the young man, who may never have had royal eyes stare so directly and penetratingly at him before. One might wonder how well he bears up under the scrutiny of a beautiful and possibly powerful young woman.

"What is your name?" she asks.

He can't help but to have a mildly amused reaction to Larentian guards. The idea of him being a threat is laughable. Guards can inflict physical violence, this is something that Taryn can understand, but Soleil's rather intense, visual disection is not. Almost as if he had forgotten to show the proper genuflexing, he offers a slight bow to the trio of noble's directions. "That is not necessary, m'lady. I don't have anything readily available to play it on." By his appearance, hardly a surprise. "Taryn Wystrel, m'lady." His voice carries a Valen accent, to those particular attuned that of the Southern Wilds.

"Oh, I have no doubt that it was something special, something that only they can experience," Declan replies to Ariana, "And something enhanced by their condition and abilities. I merely wished to draw comparison to how strange dreams can be, even to the rest of us. They are always… unusual experiences. And perhaps far moreso for those with such exceptional abilities. I should ask Eilara about it as well, since Keanen did not experience the 'full' of it." The interaction between Soleil and the new arrival is regarded with some curiousity, and he thinks to ask, "Why are you curious about the lyrics?"

Soleil gets off on spending her father's money, and she directs, with a gesture, for her knight to simply hand over the little device. In this day and age they're probably not that expensive anyway. The knight cues the song, assuming the rural lad is too dumb to do it himself, and hands it to Taryn. the song begins to play. On the device itself, the lyrics appear.

The Larentian guards know their lady charge well enough, so their reaction is most certainly warranted. Even so, Ariana's icy blue eyes find their way back to the stranger now that Soleil cares to address him further. She has nothing more to say and simply observes him in the usual chilly manner that seems to be reserved for non-nobility. Once the music starts to play, she, too, attempts to listen to the lyrics and this time her gaze finds Declan's once more, her features softening altogether. "It is a little frightening, My Lord, don't you think? To view the slaughter of our people through the eyes of our enemies."

The rural lad isn't too dumb to shut it off after just a couple lines of the lyrics. Taryn looks at it, then offers it back to the knight. "Thank you, Sir." Taryn is hardly the best liar ever, but he knows well enough that the best lie is the one that is hidden in the truth, as he looks over at Declan, "No one reason in particular, m'lord… You could call it a morbid curiosity." Taryn is obvious not very politically minded, as he does not seem to recognize the member of the royal family nor the heir to one of the paramount families in his presence." Though there is something… a storm cloud in his eyes. "My apologies for having interrupted your search for libations… "

"The words… sound like the sort of thing you'd expect in any popular song, really," observes Declan. "Hardly prophetic in and of themselves. But yes, that would be disturbing to say the least," he agrees with the Lady Ariana. "Of course, dreams are often frightneing, for the Awakened and the rest of us alike. I'm sure there is some nightmare you can remember, that left you sweating as you woke, terrified before you realized it was all just imagination. I suppose the difference here is that it is truth?" Taryn's explanation, as thin as it is, seems to satisfy him, especially since the lyrics themselves turn out to be rather innocuous. "Oh, were we getting drinks?" he then suddenly wonders when the fellow reminds them of Soleil's idea.

It is lucky Taryn turned the player off in time, but what little of the song played and what Declan goes on to observe about dreams has Soleil gazing downwards, her expression clearly troubled beneath an attempted mask of cool.

"Yes, we were," she says. "And I want something that the bartender is sure to warn is far too strong for me. I want something that I am sure to regret tomorrow. Something that will justify all the bad decisions I am going to make tonight." Soleil's knight is already rubbing his face wearily.

When Declan compares her own dreams to that of the Awakened, Ariana nods her head slowly, giving this some thought. "Of course, My Lord. There are several that I can recall, but I highly doubt anyone else can say that they truly shared my dreams.. or nightmares, as it would be. Nor have they sprung claws and pulled their way into our reality. I do hope that your Lady Sister will be able to offer you further insight on this, Lord Declan." When Soleil returns to being Soleil again, just the smallest ghost of a smile begins to form on Ariana's lips as if she quietly found this whole thing amusing. "Come now, My Lady. Let us not have any of that." Her tone is full of jest, for she knows her Sauveur companion well enough, though she cannot help but rest her eyes on Taryn once again, perhaps a little curious and a bit wary regarding his own curiosity. He is no noble and as far as she can tell, not Awakened as well.

Taryn looks at Soleil for a moment, "You cannot chase away such phantasms like that… it might but for a moment give you reprieve, but more likely it will only make their baleful moans all the louder." Is that wisdom or experience speaking? He reaches up to comb his hair from his face, tucking the longish locks behind his ear, before taking a step back, offering a polite bow.

Soleil has lifted her head, and her troubled countenance is again focusing intently upon the man calling himself Taryn. She is quit transformed— no radiant and happy rich girl, no beauty simply affecting boredom— she truly bears a troubled and almost tragic expression. Her lips are parted just a little, but she says nothing. At last, pressing them together, she collects herself into an unimpeachably snobby air and, reaching into her clothing, extracts some credits which she hands to Taryn. "Go buy yourself something more appropriate. you look like a bumpkin."

Declan seems to mimic Soleil's knight, eyebrows raising slightly as the young /royal/ woman speaks of that sort of self-destructive behavior openly. "We all need to forget things sometimes, although I'm sure we'd all be happier imagining that no one does anything regrettable because of it. I'm sure your guards will see you through it unharmed, Lady Soleil." He doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact that she might fully intend to inflict this harm on herself, perhaps a polite sort of effort meant to uphold the good name of the royal house. They surely don't do such things! "But I'm sure we can find a nice establishment for some refreshments if that is on everyone's mind." He looks to Ariana here as well, as if for confirmation from the less self-destructively inclined.

Taryn looks at the money, blinking slightly. "More appropriate? Appropriate for what?" He then glances down at his clothes as he realizes that is what Soleil is talking about, "What's wrong with what I'm wearing? It's practical." Well, practical for someone who works with horses, not necessarily so for someone in such a place as Landing.

It's weird how Soleil's words might echo Taryn's thoughts. "You look like a stable boy. Do you work with horses?" she asks, sort of loftily, though distracted by whatever angst she is feeling.

Oh the many things which Ariana could say regarding Soleil's current mood, but she refrains from doing so and she seems rather pleased at the level-headedness of the Arboren heir, even if the country bumpkin said something similar in a far more poetic fashion. At her dear friend's generosity, the tall and statuesque Larentian lady's gaze shifts to regard Taryn with her full attention once more. "What a kind gesture, My Lady Soleil." Those glossy lips of her part and then Taryn speaks and she quickly has to say in an almost stern tone for all her loveliness and grace, "Are you not forgetting something? I do believe that words of appreciation are in order, even if you do not truly appreciate the gesture." Soleil seems to take a far more laid back approach when speaking to the young man and while Ariana continues to view the scene with her usual judgemental attentiveness, her gaze finally lifts to peer up at Declan as he had spoken to her. "Of course, My Lord. There are many lovely establishments here that serve fine teas and the like as well."

Taryn looks down at his clothing than back at Soleil, "I am a stable boy… " His tone would indicate that he still doesn't see the problem. The young citizen flinches slightly at Ariana's mild scolding of his poor etiquette. He swallows as his gaze lowers, "My apologies, m'lady… I should have been more gracious." No, not quite what Ariana meant, but he is feeling just a touch insulted.

"I don't want /tea/," Soleil tells Ariana. Oh yes. She's suffering, just like she used to suffer, and it'd be best to get something inebriating in her before she buys some hair dye and a funny looking pipe and gets a new tattoo.

But the knight who wears the colours of house Saveur and the emblem of Princess Janelle herself, leans close to his young charge, and murmurs to her. He even dares to put his hand upon her shoulder. Perhaps he is less bodyguard and more nanny. Soleil's response to him though, is to shove her favorite payment method at him and demand he go find her a new electric cigarette, and he cannot but comply. She turns back to Declan and Ariana. "Come lord Declan, you are a seasoned man. Take us wherever it is you take the girls when you're talking them into companionship."

Taryn is not forgotten, though. At some point she says, "Nevermind, you're fresh from the fields, and can't be expected to learn everything in a day." She pauses. "What are you doing here anyway? Did you come to enlist?" Why in god's name is she chatting with the bumpkin? She doesn't even know.

"I think the hour is late enough that I might take something other than tea myself," Declan admits. "But I am sure you are right, that we can find somewhere nice that will suit the lot of us." And where Soleil will not be able to do -too- much to tarnish her family name? Entertainment in Landing covers a wide spectrum, after all. "I already have pleasant companionship aplenty," he points out to the Saveur girl as she continues to press things, once again re-interpreting the meaning of her statements into something a little less controversial. "But I imagine I do know a reasonable place or two." His definition here will likely fall short of Soleil's own hopes, sadly!

In actuality, Taryn's words are enough to satisfy Ariana or at least his admittal of what she perceived was his error in etiquette. And Soleil continues to badger the poor boy, but the Larent maiden's interest in that subject has already begun to wane. There is a spark in her eyes at Soleil's boldness, something which she had already used to with the Sauveur's 'former self'. A sly shift moves from Soleil to Declan as she regards the man's reaction to the other woman's words, but rather than come off in a lecturing tone about not speaking of such things so openly, she refrain, content to let this all play out. "Lovely, My Lord. Please do lead the way."

Taryn shrugs slightly, "I'm beginning to wonder that more and more myself actually…" He grins slightly, "After all it seemed like the thing to do." He glances to Declan and Ariana, then back to Soleil. "Well, I shouldn't keep you any longer…"

Declan's determination to prevent her from ruin might be charming if Soleil could think it were for her own sake, rather than out of some love for the royal family in general. Men and their blinders usually only make the young lady behave worse, but, after settling her attention on Declan for a moment, Soleil decides— perhaps his blindness is a gift to herself, and if she straightens up just now, she may not entirely have ruined her reputation in his eyes.

Then again, she really kind of wants to.

"Stop by the palace sometime, bumpkin," Soleil tells Taryn as they all prepare to part. "I think my horse would like you." Well, isn't that the start of a beautiful friendship?

Since they seem to have reached a loose consensus on their destination, or at least the general genre of said destination, Declan gives a nod toward his own escort of guards and the group makes ready to depart. He doesn't seem entirely sure what to make of the interaction between Soleil and Taryn largely leaves it be, although the fellow is spared at least a mildly sympathetic look at the end of it all. Once his group is sorted, he looks toward the Larent contingent and then finally back toward the rebellious young Sauveur and her most put-upon knightly companion. "Its just this way," he suggests, gesturing ahead before taking his first strides that way.

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