07.29.3013 The After Party
Summary: After the excitement of the Samhainn party, Elodie stops by to say goodnight to Sir Sammel
Date: 29 July, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Willowtree Hosipital
The room where Sir Sammel Cindravale is staying
29 July, 3013

It's late. But probably not as late as Sammel might have expected someone to stay at a party, if he even expected Elodie back tonight at all. She's carrying a package in her arms, a box with brown paper tied around it. She approaches quietly, not wanting to wake anyone who might be asleep, and indeed, not wanting to wake the knight if he has fallen asleep.

Being quiet, and with his eyes closed, one could almost think that Sammel is asleep. But then he yawns a bit, so it seems that he's still awake. Opening his eyes for a few moments, he doesn't say anything yet, as he starts looking around, a bit slowly.

When she sees that yawn, Elodie gives a little smile. "Hello, sleepyhead," she says quietly, setting the package down on a table next to Sammel's bed. She takes off the white, fur edged cloak, and lays it across the foot of the bed, and the red of her gown seems even brighter in the sterile ward of white and steel. She checks the edge of his bed to see if there is room for her to sit next to him.

"Hey," Sammel replies, with a smile now. "Had fun at the party?" It's said a bit quietly, as he sees the gown now. "You look quite beautiful in that gown," he offers, before he moves slightly to the side, to make sure there's room for her to sit now.

Elodie smiles, a tinge of pleasure at the compliment on her appearance. "Thank you. I bought in in Phylon the day I was shopping with Ariana. I usually only wear red for Festival, but…" she lifts a shoulder, and grabs his chart from the foot of the bed just before she sits in the space he provides. Still the doctor, she looks over his latest vitals, and glances back up to him. "How do you feel?"

Sammel smiles, "Nice," he replies, before he shrugs a little bit at the question. "Bored…" he replies, although there's still a smile there. A brief pause, before he adds, "But you didn't answer my question, how was the party?"

Elodie grins at his answer and puts aside the tablet. "Oh. It was… all right. It was a party, I guess. Oh, there was the fact that all the power went out, and we couldn't have any Awakened use their powers or they would have disrupted the shielding protecting Drakholt from the storm. So, we had to stumble around in the darkness, until we had enough light for Tiriel to climb up and turn the power back on for everyone." She gives a little shrug. "After that… I don't know. Everyone was holding onto their partner, or a drink. I don't drink very much, and I just…" she takes a breath, and seems almost surprised to admit it, "I just wanted to see how you are doing."

"Sorry that I wasn't able to go there with you," Sammel replies, before he blinks a bit as he hears the part about the power. "It all went out? That's not quite good," he replies, before he smiles as he hears the last part. "I'm glad you came by. I tried getting some sleep, but for once I didn't quite succeed with it, sadly," Another quiet smile, before he adds, "I'm sure there will be other parties in the future too, where we can go together."

Elodie shakes her head when Sammel apologizes. "It's all right. I'm sure there will be more parties," she agrees. She sits there for a little while, and then she lifts her head. "Oh, that's right," she turns a smile to him, and then reaches for the box she set down. Pulling it over to the edge of the bed, she sets it down in such a way that he can reach the string to untie it. "I picked this up for you."

Sammel blinks a little as he hears that, reaching out to attempt getting the string off the package, smiling a little bit. "That looks quite nice," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Once the string is off the package, Elodie helps him pull out a hooded cloak, smooth and dark blue on one side, but lined with mottled yellow and white fur on the other. The yellow collar and clasp feel a little bit stiff, which she explains in a moment. "It's technofur. See, right now, it's just like any other material, it's not too warm… but here, put your hand inside." Once he places his hand there, she pushes a button on one of the clasps, and waits, watching his expression as the fur gets warmer. "It's not fur from an animal. The 'hairs' are heating filaments."

Smiling as he sees that cloak, Sammel nods a bit as he hears the explanation. Moving to put his hand inside it as instructed, he nods a little bit now. Smiling a bit wider as the fur gets warmer. "That's an amazing thing. Is it what you use to stay warm on Niveus?" Another brief smile, before he adds, "Thank you."

Elodie chuckles. "It's what you will use to stay warm on Niveus. When you come to see the sunset through the ice wall." She smiles as she reminds him of the conversation. Then she gives a nod, and pushes the button to turn it off so that it becomes normal again. "It's also so you can wear it, well… almost anywhere. You won't be terribly warm in it, unless you turn it on." She folds it back up to put in the box, and gives him a concerned look. "You should try to sleep again," she tells him, reaching for his hand.

Sammel nods as he hears that, unable to hold back a smile as he remembers that conversation. "Then I'll really be looking forward to seeing that sunset, my dear." Nodding a bit as he hears the part about how it can be worn almost anywhere, before he chuckles. "Just don't push the button by accident?" he asks, a bit lightly. Letting his hand be taken now, he nods a little bit. "I guess I should." Offering another quiet smile now. "Thank you for coming to visit."

Elodie chuckles with a nod about not pushing the wrong button, and gives his hand a squeeze. "Yes, you should. Doctor's orders," she tells him gently. "I will stop by tomorrow. We can go for a walk outside, and get some fresh air." Gently pulling her hand out, she stands up next to him. "Sleep well, Sir Sammel."

"Then I'll have to follow those orders," Sammel replies with a grin, before he smiles, "Going for a walk tomorrow sounds wonderful," he replies, before he nods a bit, offering another smile. "I will. And sleep well you as well, Lady Elodie. I'll be looking forward to when you stop by tomorrow." Watching her until she's left the room, he then moves slightly to find a more comfortable sleeping position, then closes his eyes. And this time, he manages to drift off to sleep.

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