After Battle Message Home
Summary: Another communication home to Llacheu's mother, father and siblings.
Date: 07.13.13
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07.13.3013 — Arboren Barracks, the Spine

As per my short call I put through from hospital, I'm fine. I was treated and released the same evening. Only one of my wounds was a bit rough and with some days rest, I'll be all right.

The fighting was intense. Once the main Hostile force in the Spine was defeated, I was dispatched with a small unit to cut off some of the escapees. Lead by my Lord Declan, a few knights on foot and a handful of archers set up in tree blinds, we laid an ambush at the far end of the valley. I think the Hostile scouts were up in the trees for they had no trouble detecting our blind. While those on foot below were engaged, we archers were attacked directly. I kept expecting my bow to be knocked out of my hands and to be forced to draw my sword - but it didn't happen. I managed to stay mostly intact until the final blows.

We killed them all and suffered no deaths of our own in our skirmish. I admit I was a little rattled but there was no time to do anything but fight for our lives until they were all killed. My lord Tristan was badly hurt and my Lord Declan called for one of us to defend him. At once I did so, luring his attacker off of him to come at myself instead. A man never knows how he's going to react when faced with such a situation, a first battle that does not go as we had planned. I am pleased to have done so well. I nailed Hostiles in the head with my arrows repeatedly. You'd have been proud, father.

- Llacheu

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