Lady Aelewen Arboren
Lucy Lawless
Lucy Lawless as Aelewen Margaritte Arboren
Full Name: Aelewen Margaritte Arboren
Byname: None
Age: 46
Planet: Imperious
Paramount: Arboren
House: Arboren
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lieutenant
Spouse: Lord Aritino Cindravale(dec) Height: 6'0"
Father: Lord Sir Edan Arboren Weight: lean
Mother: Lady LT. Armalina Leonnida Hair Color: Blonde/Grey
Siblings: High Lady Eryn Arboren Eye Color: Blue
Children: <2-3, open for CG >


2967-Born to High Lord and Lady Arboren.
She was something of a wild child. Like many of her house she much preferred the outdoors to being indoors, doing as much as she could to avoid any courtly training expected of her. She was however mostly happy. Mischievous but happy.
Also she discovered her first love. The bow. As soon as she could draw a child's bow she spent as many spare hours as she could (and whatever she could sneak away from more formal classes) practising. As she grew older this also helped teach her some self-discipline. And learning hunting and survival taught her patience.
This didn't stop her honing skills of trying to sneak away to the woods when it was time for lessons she didn't like. Although in her family she was most often found.
Despite all this she was friendly and got on well with all her family. There was no jealously of her sister's position as heir, in fact as she grew older and realised what it entailed she felt sorry for her older sibling.
2985-Considering her proclivities a career as a knight, even in the Arboren didn't seem quite suited for Aelewen. She was instead sent off to her Uncle, who commanded a unit of Rangers and Scouts. Here she thrived, the right mix of discipline, self-discipline and some freedom.
2988- At 21 she was married to Lord Aritino Cindravale. It was not a love match, but despite being rather different people they had been friends in childhood, and complimented each other well. His courtly graces and fashion knowledge helping her to be at least a little more comfortable at more courtly events. Over the years and with the birth of children they became each other's dearest friend.
2990-Birth of her first child, she took much of the following decade off to give birth to more children and to raise them until higher education. She missed some aspects of her military career, but surprising herself she took readily to motherhood. She did spend time hunting, and developed a love for teaching as she instructed her children in many of her own skills.
3005-As they grew older and went to formal schooling she rejoined her house forces. She had kept most of her skills sharp over the years with her children and so settled back into her role.
3011-Whilst riding out to join her on a hunt her husband's horse was startled, and despite being a good rider Aritino fell and died before help could get to him. Blaming herself went into mourning and seclusion, spending all her time in a remote hunting lodge.
3013-With reports of the hostiles arriving early reaching her, and seeing some odd signs in the woods she has reported back to duty.



Tall for a woman Aelwen stands at about six foot. Not your typical noble it looks like a life lived mostly outdoors has pared away any softness from her, leaving only lean muscle and tanned, weathered skin. Age too has left its marks, crows-feet wrinkles line the corners of her sharp blue eyes, and laughter lines mark her mouth. She could never be called pretty, any hint of that weathered away by time and the elements, but with her sharp, noble features and stature she is striking. Silver had started to streak her blonde hair, seemingly her one concession to vanity it is worn longer than is practical, but most often tied back into a braid away from her face


Momma Bear: She cares deeply about family. Not smothering, she will let her kin stand on their own two feet and be independent, but if someone harms them she will react fiercely. And she will put herself on the line to protected them if needed. This applies to the men and women under her command as well.

Sense of Duty: If it were not for this she would probably never appear at court. But she is intensely loyal to her house and her family, and hard to shake from this.

Uncouth: She never cared much for courtly life. Getting her in a dress is a challenge, and whilst she doesn't be deliberately rude or disrespectful the point of the finer points of etiquette escapes her, and she is painfully blunt. And even decades of being married to one of the more notorious fashion plates didn't teach her much sense of style. And with most of her life around woodsman, hunters, rangers and soldiers her language leaves much to be desired.

Tree-hugger: She is at home in the forest and the wilds. Not quite as anti-technology as many of her house she still prefers the simple life in the woods. She has spent most of her life here and it is one of the things she values most.

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