Lord Sir Advent Sauveur
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston as Advent Gérard Sauveur
Full Name: Advent Gérard Sauveur
Byname: None Yet
Age: 27
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 1.87m
Father: Lord Marus Khournas Weight: 75.2kg
Mother: Princess Evony Sauveur Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Lady Lyrienne Orelle, Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur, Lady Drucilla Sauveur, Lady Sophie Sauveur & Lady Kiara Sauveur Eye Color: Light Blue
Children: None


Advent was born to Princess Evony Sauveur and Lord Sir Marus Khournas. He was the eldest of six children and the only male. His younger sisters Lady Sir Ellinor and Lady Kiara are the light of his life. He loves them dearly and will do anything to protect them and see them happy. In his youth, he frequently did what older brothers did…he'd pick on them at home but defend them against anyone else who dared hurt them.

His relationship with his parents is an odd one. His mother was always over protective of his sisters while his father was trying to get him into shape to fight and be a strong man. He barely could walk when his father tried to impart his warrior wisdom. He loves both his parents in their own weird ways.

At a young age, a Knight from the Vale took an interest in squiring him. The squiring started slow since Advent had quite a few issues to work through when it came to actually doing something. He was quite spoiled so work was not an activity he appreciated. In time the knight broke him of this lazy attitude with the help of his father Lord Sir Marus Khournas. He was taken to the Vale by the Cindervale knight he started learning the basics. Horses to get around. Stay alert, stay alive. Avoid being hit by the heavy things. Block fists. Cardio. Stay quiet and hidden in an ambush and don't get stabbed.

Two years into his squiring, he got word from his family. His sister, Ellinor, wanted to be a knight. He might have laughed out loud. No against his sister but as a panicked laugh…he knew his mother well and she would never allow his sister to do anything like this. Though to his surprise, her stubborn nature was eclipsed only by Ellinor's fight. He knew she'd make an amazing knight.

He took to pole arms on horse back but it wasn't just his idea. He was jousting and he loved the women that it brought. At 18, he had the women swooning because it's known all over Haven that he has unparalleled chivalry and he's incredibly understanding of women. Having five younger sisters helped there.

When he finally became a knight, he started to learn more command aspects but his lazy nature slipped out a little here and there. It's always prevented him from being a Knight Lt. Plus he doesn't want to command anything. He doesn't need the stigma of being of the Royal line -and- commanding Knights. He'd much rather play violin. He's been keeping it up since he was six at his mothers request. The only request she had before he left for the Vale was to keep practising. He's ended up being quite skilled.

The first time his Awakened powers showed themselves was a simple flash of anger which manifested as his veins turning dark on his pale skin. He quickly panicked and has tried to hide that power from everyone. He doesn't want to be Awakened and he wants to just focus on being a Knight. Perhaps he's asked too much but as it stands, he's a Knight who sometimes gets dark angry veins. He calls it 'A condition' and that's all it will be.


The man is just around 6'1" tall, with an athletic build. His skin is a pale with an olive complexion. His eyes are almond shaped and they are bright and open with flecks of green and grey upon blue irises. His hair is dark brown with an undercurrent of red. It has natural curls and cowlicks. His face is thinner with high cheek bones and a wide jaw. His aquiline nose is neither upturned nor down turned. His lips are thinner and framed with laugh lines.


Deflective Humor: His humor is often used as a defense mechanism. Defence mechanisms are unconscious coping mechanisms that reduce anxiety generated by threats from unacceptable impulses. The purpose of ego defense mechanisms is to protect the mind/self/ego from anxiety and/or social sanctions and/or to provide a refuge from a situation with which one cannot currently cope. So when he gets stressed, upset, bad things happen - he tends to make jokes. Those jokes are ways to help him relax but they can usually be taken in a very negative way. Someone dies - jokes about everyone looking like clones wearing black. Everyone seems to know he does this.

Impeccable Table Manners: He is very OCD about how the table set up should be. He will never drink soup with a dessert spoon. He will not eat dessert with a salad fork. He just cannot. He tries to center this on himself but he sometimes does reach out and fix tables so the placements are right… or lightly tap someone's elbows off the table. It's improper.

Obsessive Chivalry: He MUST be chivalrous. He opens doors for everyone, pulls out chairs so they can sit, says his please and thank yous. He tells the truth in the kindest way possible. He is a man of his word - if he says he will, he will. He will fume if others appear to be rude to each other or even if a woman walks into the room and everyone does not stand. His ideals are old fashioned but they are important to him.

Sleeps like the Dead: He grew up with five younger sisters. He learned that sometimes women are loud…sometimes. He learned to sleep through the noise. He can sleep through much of anything. There are few things that can wake him when he's sleeping. A scream. A whisper. Someone sneaking. Regular noise though is filtered out.

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