Lord-Doctor Adelstein Valta
James Callis
James Callis as Adelstein Eyvend Tyros Valta
Full Name: Adelstein Eyvend Tyros Valta
Byname: -
Age: 32
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Valta
Title/Profession: Lord Doctor
Position: Director of Research & Development for the Valta Processing & Extraction Conglomerate
Spouse: None Height: 5'8"
Father: Torvald Valta Weight: 145 lbs.
Mother: Carriela Valta, deceased Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Brother, deceased Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Born the second son of Torvald and Carriela Valta in the year 2981 AL, Adelstein struggled through his youth to emerge from his eldest brother's shadow. He often felt overlooked by his parents—-however, it is morely likely he felt alienated from his family. On his fifteen birthday, he was roused from bed to learn that his brother had committed suicide while intoxicated. On that day, Adelstein attempted to fill the void left by his brother's passing. He conformed to all that was expected of him as a noble. He spent time with his mother learning the ways of knights, swords, and combat. He actively immersed himself in his family's business learning what he could of thier industries. He was filled with pride for his House and strove to insure it held a place of prestige throughout all Haven.

Adelstein enrolled in the Academ, immediately pursuing an education in Engineering intent of utilizing his knowledge to better his family's various plastics and advanced technology industries. Unlike his father, he finished his schooling and in hopes of winning his affection he acquired his Doctorate in Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Returning home with new ideas about how to improve his family's business, he quickly found himself encumbered by the conseqenuces of his family's greed. His ideas required the use of skill laborers on the oil rigs owned by his family—-but their insistance on shipping off the poor and unskilled laborers was far too entrenched in the norms of his family. He continues attempting to reason with his father and uncle by pressing for social and economic reform. His idealism has only pushed him to into a deeper sense alienation.

Originally, his father employed him in their family's business: Valta Processing and Extraction Conglomerate (VPEC). Specifically, to work in their Department of Geological Surveys and Subterranean Mapping. After two years in that post he was transferred to the Department of Research and Development to head up their Office of Human Interface Operations. After three years in this post, Adelstein became disillusioned with the conglomerate due to their use of "semi-forced" labor. His father noticed this change and appointed Adelstain the Director of R&D—-a job which keeps him working on applied science projects rather than one that has him interacting with the VPEC's rig workers.

At present, he resides with his family in the city of Volem Dir at their residence of Kilta Hill. Most days, he can be found in one of the many operations or research centers for VPEC.

Discoveries and Inventions of Note

  • Geomagnetic Wave Discriminator: While working at VPEC's Department of Geological Surveys and Subterranean Mapping, Adelstein determined that magnetic fields produced by the iron mantle and core of Imperius could be utilized in mapping the planet's crust. He then took this a step forward and created an algorithm that seperated the magnetic resonance freqenucies of other ferromagnetic (or rare earth) elements from the background freqeuncies coming from the planet's core. Adelstein then created an supplemental device for VPEC's scanning technology that would allow them to acquire a clear picture of what they are drilling into during their offshore drilling operations.
  • Carbonic Triethyl Dicadmium Sulfate: Adelstein discovered this potential molecular configuration while still at the Academ however he had very little use for it at that time. Later, as VPEC's R&D director, he revisited this molecule while seeking a means to combat corrosive algae and deepwater bacteria that damage the inactive drill assembly parts or rigging infrastructure at depths below 8,000 feet. Using carbon nanotube to create a mesh and dicadmium sulfate to produce a toxic effect, deepwater equiptment is now being coated in specialized plating with the mesh as attachment. VPEC predicts the mesh would only need to be replaced about once every eight years.
  • KTP Parametric Distributor: Using Potassium titanyl phosphate (KTiOPO4) or KTP as a harmonic intensifier in traditional laser outputs, Adelstein discovered that the laser beam could be made fifty-times more powerful with sharpened parametric amplifiers. This amplification could then be subgrouped into lesser distrubtive signals which could in turn be amplified as well. The result was that the an weak laser output with little practical use held the potential to be powerful enough to cut through most plastics. The Distributor has replaced most of VPEC's laser cuttering systems in their plastic producing facilities as the energy requirements are only a fraction of what they once were.



Standing at five foot eight inches, Adelstein is garbed in the traditional Nordic black leather surcoat that flows down to his knees. Beneath the coat he wears a red doublet adorned with golden filgree designs. The surcoat bears several silver clasps in the shape of sea-dragons—a traditional symbol for his house. His belt is a strap of dark well-worn leather with a brass clasp and a short sword hangs at his side in a decorative green and gold scabbard. His dark brown hair is shoulder length and often tugged back behind his ears. In the tradition of the Valtas, he has a carefully trimmed beard that comes from his side burns to encircle mouth. The beard matches the shade of his hair except for the little grey starting to appear at the tip of his chin.


  • Atheist: Like most Valtas, Adelstein holds a negative view of the Chantry; however, he will rarely speak of this openly. During his first year in the Academ, he wrote a scathing article for an institution-wide sociological research summit entitled, "The Vestigial Tail of Humanity: Gods and Priests" in which he claimed that the Chantry and religion in general is a holdover of ancient humanity that cripples technological and social progress. He was forced to recant his writing due to a powerful backlash and ever after he has kept quiet on the issue.
  • Introverted: For most of his life, everyone could tell Adelstein was shy and reserved. He preferred keeping to himself and working alone rather than branching out and being social with other people. This is no more obvious than in large crowds which he despises—-however, oddly enough he finds it very easy and preferrable to stand up in front of a crowd and speak rather than to be among them. Many are surprised when Lord Torvald speaks of his son as they never even knew he had one. Adelstein has long kept away from feasts and tournaments. If someone sought to cultivate any sort of relationship with him, it is always more effective to do it alone with him. Once the barriers of his introverted nature fall, his true self is can be found to be very passion-driven…something unexpected of such a quiet person.
  • Traditionalist: Despite many changing attitudes on social issues and other matters throughout the people of Haven, Adelstein retains a number of traditional values that some might find archaic. Many of House Valta's traditions are rooted in ancient customs which have influenced Adelstein's development of moral compass. He finds the nature of the nobility taking companions of mere citizens to be a disservice due to the often sordid nature of relationships being used to supplement marriages. Additionally, along with most Valtas, he views marriage to be a rite of passage in a person's life and such a ritual must be respected by avoiding other temptations in contrast to it.
  • Idealist: More than often, Adelstein has gotten in trouble for his lofty notions of social justice and speaking about them. In his youth, he blamed the Chantry for the world's ills, but during his time at the Academ, he came to believe the trouble was in the poor implimentation of the Reversion. Most recently, he has sought to better the conditions of the VPEC's workers that are trapped to live an existence of hardship on the offshore oilrigs. His efforts typically lead him to become an annoyance to those around him that merely seek to do their duties.
  • Persistent: Both a positive and a negative trait, Adelstein will attempt to complete a task to the level of obsessing over it. This has led to many long nights of him merely staring at a mathematical equation or molecular diagrams. He can never let something go unresolves as the loose ends are a major source of anxiety in his life. This trait can be a problem whenever he is arguing with someone and it is best to let the other individual have sometime to calm down…Adelstein will continue to persue the issue merely to resolve his own anxiety.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Torvald Lord Torvald Valta : Father; In my youth, I look up to him. Perhaps I still do. I respect him as he leds our family's business empire forward, but I cannot help but feel he is losing something of himself with every ounce of ale he consumes. At present, he has been supportive of my work at VPEC and has been willing to greenlight most of my projects for which I am grateful.
Firia Lady Firia Sauveur : Though not a full Valta, I have always accepted her as one of us. I cannot describe my feelings for her as they seem to transcend the affinity that a cousin might have for a cousin or brother for his sister. She is more dear to me than all others and I will do all I can to protect her from the world's ills. Not man or woman should test my resolve in this matter as I do not even know the length I'll go for her. She has been a boon in helping me with the various chemical computations for the GXR39 project.
Kieran Young Lord Kieran Valta : In the past, Kieran had seemed a bit wild and I feared for our house. However, he does seem to have mellowed recently. I hope these changes stick. He has been extremely helpful in working as a liaison between myself and Uncle Magnim (his father the High Lord). I was pleased to find that he was just as excited as I am about the prospects of GXR39 revolutionizing Volem Dir and House Valta's role in the war effort.

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