08.10.3913: Acceptable Dress Code
Summary: Being thrust into shared quarters start bringing out some other things that Sammel and Elodie haven't gotten around to discussing.
Date: 12 August, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Guest Tent with the Rovehn Grand Caravan
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10 August, 3013

"Thank you. And I'm sure something to change into would be a good thing. I don't tend to wear the fine clothing under the armor, after all," Sammel replies to Eiris, before he turns to Elodie, waiting for her words. "That was… I don't know. An unexpected offer, I think." A brief pause, and a smile. "You okay?"

After belatedly making a request for clothes as well, Elodie turns to Sammel and nods once. "I'm sorry. I didn't think I could refuse or ask for an extra tent without being rude," she says ruefully, then looks down to her hands… since she's already put away all her emergency medical supplies, and now has nothing to occupy her hands with doing. "I hope that it's all right with you."

Sammel looks around for a few brief moments, before he looks back to Elodie now. "I know, and we wouldn't want to upset our hosts, after all." He nods a little, before he reaches out to gently take one of her hands in his, with a quiet smile. "It's okay," he replies.

Elodie looks at the hand holding hers, and then covers it with her other one, and nods. "Sammel," she starts after a moment, then stops, and then goes red. She opens her mouth, then closes it again, flushes even darker.

"Yes," Sammel replies, pausing for a few moments as he sees the redness now. "You okay?" he asks, a bit quietly. Giving her hand a gentle squeeze, now.

Elodie nods quickly. "I was just wondering. Are you… I mean… have you?" she glances up, briefly meeting his gaze, then flushes again and looks back down.

Sammel pauses for a few moments again now. "If I have…?" he asks, looking a bit unsure of what to say now.

Elodie looks down at her hands, and takes a deep breath. She steadies her voice. "Have you been with a woman before?" she asks, and then she clamps her mouth shut again.

"Oh…" Sammel replies as he hears that question. A brief pause, before he nods, "Once or twice, yes." Looking around the room a bit carefully again, he goes quiet, while keeping his eyes on the surroundings right now.

Elodie nods at the answer. "That's goo- all right." She swallows, and then glances up with a relief as one of the Rovehnn enters to tell them their tent is ready with fresh clothing. She turns to Sammel, "shall we go?" she asks, turning towards the opening.

Sammel pauses for a few brief moments at that reaction to the answer, before he nods a little again as the Rovehn enters as well. A brief word of thanks, before he nods to Elodie, offering her a quiet smile. "Would be rude to keep them waiting, wouldn't it?" he asks.

Elodie nods as she returns Sammel's smile and follows to the tent set up for them. She looks around at the furnishings, the clothes laid out for them, and then takes a breath, looking back up to the knight. "Would you like some help with your armor?" she asks, giving him a little smile.

Sammel nods a little bit as he looks around the tent as they get there. Looking about to say something, before he goes quiet as he hears the question now. "Some help with the armor would be appreciated, yes," he replies, offering a smile and a nod now. "Thank you."

As before, Elodie is deft with the removal of armor. "What were you going to say?" she asks quietly as she sets aside the pieces she removes.

"Hmm? Oh, just that the tent doesn't look too bad," Sammel replies after a few moments of pause now. There's a brief smile before he looks around. "You know, I've never stayed with the Rovehn caravan before. Visited, yes, but not actually stayed with one for a long time."

Elodie smiles as she shakes her head. "I've only ever been to the Rovehn once before, and it was to the Rotunda we were just in. I patched up Lord Sir Garus. I've never stayed with them, either." With the armor off of Sammel, she starts unbuckling her own. "From Lady Eiris's description of the offer, it sounds like it should be an agreeable time."

Letting out a brief breath as the armor is removed, Sammel offers another smile now. Being ready to help is she wants or needs help with removing her own armor now. Nodding at what's being said. "You don't keep a list of who you've patched up where?" he remarks a bit lightly, before he smiles. "It sounds like a good time, yes. So we should probably enjoy the festivities?"

Elodie chuckles and shakes her head, letting Sammel help her with her armor, although there is less of it, so it's easier to remove down to her navy blue skin suit. "I do not keep a little black of book of people I've healed," she tells him, still grinning. Once she has the armor off, she pushes her hair back, and grimaces. "I really need a wash…" she looks around.

"Good," Sammel replies with a grin, before he nods a little bit, "A wash…" Looking around for a few moments, before he adds, "I could ask if they have something for it here?"

Stepping over to a curtain, Elodie glances back with a smile. "There's a wash room here," she tells him. "Do you want to wash first?" Letting the curtain fall again, she steps away. "Although, if I did keep a little black book, you'd probably have little stars around your name."

Sammel smiles, "Little stars around my name, hmmm?" A brief pause, before he shakes his head. "You go first," he says, with a smile now. A brief pause, before he adds, "I'm not sure, with all this war raging, that a 'little' black book would be enough, though."

Elodie chuckles and nods, giving him a little nudge to the shoulder. "Don't you put stars around the ones who give you the most… to do?" she asks. She nods at his offer and goes back to the curtain. "Thank you. I'd need a little black book for each house." Then the curtain swings closed, and the sound of water splashing can be heard.

"A bit hard to do that when I don't know there names, or if they even have names," Sammel points out a bit lightly after that nudge to his shoulder. Smiling as he watches her head to the curtain, before he moves to find himself somewhere to sit at the moment.

From behind the curtain, Elodie's voice sounds. "Who has names?" Then the water splashes, "Oh! No, I mean… don't guys put little check marks or something around the gals that put out the most? Or the best?" Following that line of reasoning, it may point to the idea that Sammel's been the most often injured, or worst injured that she's had.

Sammel pauses a bit at that explanation, before he adds, "Aah… Well, some do, I'm sure." Not saying too much about that, he looks around the tent again now.

The splashing finally ceases, and then Elodie comes out, her wet hair pulled over one shoulder and wrapped in a towel. "There's another towel in there for you," she offers. "I thought I could get dressed out here so you could wash sooner." Moving over towards the bed, she sits on the edge to pull at the clothes left for her, and lay them out for a closer look.

Nodding a little as he gets to his feet again, Sammel smiles, "Thanks." Moving for the washing area now. "Clothes looking quite nice, I hope," he offers, before disappearing inside now.

Elodie glances up at Sammel goes in to take his turn in the washing area. She bites at her lip, than nods once, even though he can't see it. "They do look nice," she replies, just audibly enough for him to hear. Giving a sigh, she pulls on the clothes, then works at drying her hair and untangling it.

"Good…" Sammel replies from behind the curtains, before he adds, "You do look beautiful in that towel, though…" Seems he noticed, at least. Then there's the sound of the water splashing, and a bit of not too good singing accompanying it.

Elodie pauses as she works at a rather painfully stubborn knot, and smiles at his words. "Thank you," she replies. "I don't think a towel is acceptable dress code for the feasting tonight, though." The singing has her fighting to keep a straight face, but she doesn't remark or try to interrupt it at all.

Still singing for a few more moments, Sammel keeps on cleaning himself behind that curtain. There's a chuckle as he hears the part about the towel not being acceptable dress code. "Probably not," he agrees. "Would have been interesting, if everyone was wearing towels, though."

Elodie grins a she finishes braiding her hair. "Well, if towels are the dress code, than the two of us will be completely overdressed." She busies herself with setting out Sammel's clothes for him, and then crawls up to curl at the top of the bed, resting against the head board, her eyes half closing.

Sammel takes a few more moments to finish, then steps out from behind the curtains. Wrapped in the towel as well, he pauses as he sees where she's placed herself now, before he makes his way over to his clothes, moving as quietly as he can to avoid disrupting what little rest Elodie seems to have found now.

Elodie stirs as Sammel comes out, and sits up, then notes that he's in a towel, and has yet to put his clothes on. "Oh," she says, and gives him a little smile. "Well, you could carry off a towel well enough, but I suppose you wish to get dressed." She considers. "I can turn around, or go back into the washroom…" she turns her back to Sammel as she slides off the other side of the bed, which is done slowly near the end, and with a little hissing wince. "To be honest, I'm not sure how much dancing I'm going to be doing tonight. The Lady Eiris is quite a rough task master. I don't think I'll even be able to walk in the morning."

"Turning around is enough, really," Sammel offers before he adds, "And thanks." Moving to put on those clothes now, he nods a little bit. "That's okay. I know how that can be. After all, there were days while squiring that I almost had to crawl around for a while in the morning."

Elodie grins, and almost turns around to tease Sammel, but then remembers and straightens. "I can't imagine you crawling out of bed," she tells him. Her hands slide up her face, her palms pausing to rub into her eyes. "I'm not that hungry, but perhaps they'll have a roast for you. A couple of drinks would be nice, though."

"Some food and drinks sounds good," Sammel replies, as he finishes putting on the clothes now. "And me crawling out of bed happens every now and then, really. Not that often, but still." A brief pause, after he finishes putting on the clothes now, before he adds, "Done."

To be continued

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