07.09.3014: About That Morning
Summary: Where Ephraim speaks with Benedict regarding Lorelei
Date: 03 Feb 2014
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Benedict Ephraim 

Grand Courtyard - Orelle Residence
The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

Jul 9 3014

Time on the ring can be hard to judge but it's likely day time the active time for the people to get things done. Near the upper levels is the Orelle residences and the courtyard which is a generally nice place to be or to work or whichever. The people here go about their business for the most part only a few sticking around or having a reason to rather. One who does is Benedict Orelle he sits lightly on a bench looking over a tablet looks like he's actually working or something. He's dressed for meetings today so dressed up a bit and for ceremony and such.

Arriving at the residences of Orelle, Ephraim is presented in an inbetween state, not formal but not dressed down. He wears a loose doublet of his house, over a similalrly loose shirt that is open at the top with no colar and mostly covers his arms. Weapon at hip as seems the trend of the times with the Hostiles, he comes to the courtyard, most likely pointed in this direction by any Orelle Castellan or Steward that was available on his arrival. Someone had been paying attention to the Young Lord and knew where he might be, Ephraim has followed the lead to the other and is now entering the courtyard and crossing for the very bench where Benedict sits and overlooks his tablet.

"Good day Young Lord," he says to announce himself, "I hope this isn't terribly inconvenient for me to come and call upon you like this?" Suggesting some decency as he is the lesser of the two socially, but his voice indicating he isn't entirely concenred about the convenience just the same.

Benedict will look up at the sound of approach. He isnt expecting to see the other here however he knew that they'd likely have to meet sooner or later. The young lord will close his tablet and put it away before standing to greet the other. "Lord Ephraim, not at all I was just working on some documents, also known as boring house stuff." his usual smile is tightened somewhat from what it can be but he's also civil. "Would you like anything I can have it brought out?" he will offer continuing the trend.

While he came with a purpose, Ephraim is caught for a moment by the civility of the offer to have something brought out. His eyes turn up and to the left a moment, as if giving it a serious thought. With a shake of his head to get his bearings straight, he reutnrs his eyes to Young Lord Benedict. "No, Yound Lord, I am well enough, I appreciate the offer, but I fear it would contradict my purpose this day." Half a turn of his head to the tablet, "Not to keep you long from your work," as its always there, boring or not, its the bread and meat of keeping a house running, doing the work itself that is. "I was under the impression we had an understanding?"

He will nod to the denial of the offer, it's hard to say if he thought he would accept. Benedict will turn back towards the other more in full as he begins the topic at hand which he did know was coming. He will listen and nods "We did yes, and I am quite sincere in that I wish I had a better excuse than weakness. I appologize firstly." he will shake his head lightly "I am sure that Loree tried to place the blame on herself, but I do not believe it though neither was it planned out in some diabolical fashion."

Ephraim chews at the thoughts that come to his mind as the Young Lord speaks in response. A slight shift towards the right, a tucking of his left elbow closer to his body. "Aye, Lorelei suggested she was unaware of any such intentions but was willing to take some credit in the misgiving of signals to your person that could be deemed improper perhaps and, secondarily, to the fact the she had drank. I would be anything less a gentleman if I believed her or tried to point any blame in her direction, as I am sure you would agree yourself." Which is about as bad as he can probably get seeing that Benedict offered an apology first, tipping him further off his plan of action. "My concern lies in moving forward sir. I want, inevitably, to think I can trust you, but I fear going forward, there will be other moments of time when non-diabolical schemes unfold without intention."

Benedict will shake his head lightly "She said likewise to me, that it was her fault no matter how many time i'd tried to explain to the contrary." he will agree on this point that it is indeed his fault "Her having been drinking is not an excuse as i'd offered to walk her home safe nor is my hitting my head if she did offer that example." he is still watching the other. "I've heard the rumors, it's rather a side effect of being a tech person." he speaks about his proposal. "I'm willing to accept many type of consequence for my action but I wont hurt Lorelei again." he will say the one sticking point of staying away from her. "I would swear on my honor however that is sullied what would you suggest?"

Well, that's about all the wind from his sails. If it were possible to turn his mind 180, it is happening. Maybe somewhere was the hope of a denial or refusal or something. But that he agrees with everything in a deadpan of honesty, Ephraim is slightly at a loss. "No," he says, slowly in that defeated tone. For as much as he would prefer to dislike the man, the man isn't helping him maintain that. "May I sit with you," just to stop standing and give in to finding an understanding. Which, he won't hesitate to accept. "I think we each realize how special Lorelei is in her own way. I would not have you swear on your honor, whatever reputation it could carry, whatever slight I may have perceived. I would like to move forward towards the better of all, we have enough on our dockets." He looks at the man's tablet again, "With Hostiles and war efforts, that we don't need this between us. I simply want to establish a trust between us, is that possible?"

The young lord will motion to the otherside of the table lightly moving back to where he'd been. "I am not seeking a conflict My Lord though I would understand if you wished to cause me some harm of a sort, and I admit my wrong doing." He will say as he sits lightly before answering the other "Yes she is very special, though she doesnt seem to have any idea of her own self-worth." he says though still listening afterwards. "Moving forward would likely be good a trust would be good but what exactly do you mean?" he'll ask wondering.

"I would not lie to you … thus I confess the idea of harm has crossed my mind. Yet Lorelei has asked that I avoid considering any such action." In a round about way at least. "As I have come here in my best good faith effort to reach understanding, I would hope to establish going forward that I can trust you at your word that you will not press her for any such feelings you have for her, to have them acted out in a way you desire." Looking more directly at the man, "As much as I cannot blaim her for the kiss, I as well trust her wholly when she says that she loves me."

Said as a basis for what he means to say, he procees, "While I might not trust you in the desire to win the affection of Lorelei away from a stranger, such as myself to you, perhaps you are more loyal to those around you and that you would consider a friend. I would like to assume your loyalty to your own kin would be enough that you would not design to compete with your brother for the affection of a woman. Let us say, I am wondering what we could establish between us that you would not risk a slight against both Lorelei's honor again, as well as mine. What must I do to earn your respect and friendship that we may put his behind us once and for all?"

Benedict nods to the others first words "That is understandable as I said, but you are quite correct whenever she's mentioned her feelings for me it's been in a past tense while you are her present." He cannot bring himself to say she has told him she loves the other noble but it's implied. He is silent a moment while watching over to the other. "I realize that i'd be lying to myself and you and her if I said my feelings had abated for her and starting off such an accord with a lie wont do." the young lord decides honesty is a good first step. "However my goal was and is her happiness, and if you are willing to forgive my lack of.. will I am willing to earn back both your and her respect in turn."

Taking a breath in, steadying himself, Ephraim looks at the other. "You know you're making this difficult, for me at least. I think I must acknowledge your natural gift with words and your presence of being, yound lord." As if there is some reason why Ephraim is coming away from this completely different than he intended. "I would not belittle her feelings from her past, as much as I cannot deny those you still harbor. We stand in agreement, her happiness is paramount. She wants to trust you as a friend, she is in need of good friends. Not to trounce upon your feelings for her and devalue them by suggesting it is only as a friend she thinks of you. I do not mean to hurt you," at least not in the present with the turn of the conversation he had envisioned, "If I am to be the gentleman I profess, then I can do nothing less but forgive you. I would propose we find time, the three of us, to attempt to spend time together - if you would like to call upon me at the Hand, perhaps we could go out to sea, spend time fishing and getting to know one another.. At least that there is repair and she may continue to count you as a good friend."

The Young Lord cannot help but chuckle a little. "I've had too much time to get my head in order Lord Ephraim." he will say honestly though will shake his head slightly "I've been completely distracted over this since that evening. I even botched my meetings with the other young lords and young ladies making me look like a bit of an idiot really well more so than usual." he says off handedly. "It's okay m'lord, i've done nothing yet, but earn your wrath. You are much more the gentleman here so far." he says though he's not exactly happy about losing Loree he does know it's his own fault (well kind given the other player left and I took him.. it's HIS fault.. ;) ) "That might not be a bad idea to be honest. I've not seen her since that morning, and imagined she was quite upset with me."

Ephraim follows along, listening to the other speak, shaking his head as Benedict explains his own predicament and concerns following the incident they are discussing. "It would be a good start," he begins, then pauses. His smile drops, "I'm sorry … morning, what morning was that. She said she hadn't seen you since that evening you walked her home …" As if wondering where he missed something, or if they'd talked since that evening one morning to say what happened wasn't quite right. A slightly confused espression crosses his face.

Benedict looks on to the other after he's spoken the first part is along the same line. The second however yikes foot meet mouth time, he should have known she wouldn't have mentioned that part of the evening. "We haven't met since no." he tries to consider the truth versus lie here but starting things with lies wont help anything. "Lord Ephraim, you know she'd protect you and myself it's just how she is. She seems to have left the part out where I slept, JUST SLEPT." he makes his clear he hopes "In the hayloft, i'd hit my head twice on a branch and on the floor, and it was a trying emotionally wise evening after what happened speaking truthfully."

"No, no," responds Ephraim, forgetting how smoothly things were progressing a moment before. He pushes away from the table with both hands, not standing up however. "I'm afraid, I don't quite understand. You are suggesting there was a kiss, followed by some confusion in which you hit your head on a branch and the floor, and then you proceeded to sleep in the hayloft? I am to assume though Lorelei usually sleeps there, that she gave you her impromptu bed and left the hayloft to you sir?"

The young lord is left with another judgement call, but he can tell this is indeed the first the others hearing of this part and it's starting from square one. "I believe I hit my head the first time prior to the kiss, it was on a tree branch. I'd been walking backwards." Benedict explains a bit more in full he listens to the next part a small shake of his head "Nothing at all happened, safe as two best friends I can promise you. I offered to sleep on the floor she instead had me sleep on one side of the unzipped sleeping bag and her on the complete opposite side that is it though. Just sleep." he will look over "Please don't be mad with her if you are angry." he'll add still wishing to protect her.

"That she told me of the kiss and all that has happened since, I cannot be mad with her," responds Ephraim, "None of my anger in this was meant for or directed at her. I can assure you now, that it is directed at you sir." He balls his fists a moment, not sure, then puts them to his knees, ready to stand up. "We can consider our reputations and what we have done to sully them now or in the past, but we are talking about her in this moment. She, who has most likely never intended to ever be so confused in such a situation as this amidst we who would call ourselves noble. To think I believed we had come to an understanding when last we spoke and then for you to jeopardize her reputation like this sir. Regardless your intentions, I would have imagined you would of given the decency to her that if she so wanted to no longer be with me and to be with you … you would of allowed her to do si in her own time, not while the whole world thought she and I were together. It is only the three of us that know what has transpired, but still to risk that, risk her name in this manner … would you forgive me for indicating impropriety on her part through my actions?"

Benedict sits lightly still in his chair facing the other for the moment. "She did not, and I regret she's been placed into such confusion." he will answer but still listening to the other as he continues on, he's not moved from where he's sitting for the moment. "I understand your anger towards me and to say I deserve it is mildly put. I would never speak of such an event and cause her any trouble to reputation or otherwise." he sighs slightly "I would find it hard to forgive any hurt to her, it's true."

"Civil decency and station dictate my mannerism," and that its House Orelle's courtyard and he is the outsider certainly helps (not to mention he's the least martial person present at the table). Ephraim moves to stand, his hands trying to find some place to occupy themselves at the sides of his pants, along the seam most likely. "You speak nobly indeed, I simply want to assure we avoid such confusions going forward. I have asked Lorelei to be my Companion and she has given her agreement." Standing more upright, surprised himself that he's being amiable, "We agree, it is hard to forgive any hurt to her … know sir, that she is hurt over this, over whatever past is between the two of you and the future she wishes to share with me, let us agree to not confuse or hurt her more at least from this moment forward." Though, mostly he's suggested the hurt stems from the other, only partially taken any such credit.

The young lord has made things bad once again and entirely without trying to do so. He will stand at the other does so. "M'lord I agree with avoiding such confusion in the future. I can promise that nothing further will happen while you two remain together it would only harm her and I dont wish that. We can agree on that much." Benedict will look to the other as he seems to be struggling with himself. "If you wish to strike me Lord Ephraim, i'll not defend myself i've likely deserved to have that happen."

There is a pause from Ephraim, as if to just let go, but the moment fades. "No," he responds, "Wishing to strike you, despite whatever I might think of it … offers no gain for either of us. I am hurt, it is a wound of the heart and physical aggression will not help it heal. Even if you so allowed such a strike, it would inevitably hurt Lorelei as well and I am doing my best to avoid moving forward negatively." Maybe a little, its one of those things where he wants to, but that the other allows it still takes tha advantage away from him just the same. "Harm not intended but done, further harm anywhere isn't a step forward. Again, I regret it is under these circumstance that we have come to know each other, things may have been entirely different otherwise." Well, most likely they would never have talked this much to begin with, but that's neither here nor now.

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