Patrick Willis (Adapted)
Patrick Willis (Adapted) as Abel 851 of 1012
Full Name: Abel 851 of 1012
Byname: N/A
Age: Unknown
Planet: The Fifth World
Paramount: Not Applicable
House: Not Applicable
Title/Profession: Hostile
Position: Elite Soldier
Spouse: Not Applicable Height: 6' 5" (2m)
Father: Unknown Weight: 300 lbs (136.1kg)
Mother: Unknown Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Unknown Eye Color: Cybernetic Red
Children: Not Applicable

This character is a STAFF NPC. This page will be updated as more information about this character is uncovered.

On the Grid

Captured on Primus, Abel 851 of 1012 received wounds to his abdomen and right leg, massive head trauma, and minor wounds to arms and chest. He has been taken to a classified location on Imperius to be healed and interrogated.



This hulking Hostile stands nearly six inches over six feet, and is built like a brick wall. His musculature is pronounced beneath the simple jumpsuit he has been provided, worthy of a body builder, professional athlete, or a genetically-blessed warrior. His left hand and arm are a collection of metallic and ceramic struts, plates, and cables mimicking a human limb, and that shoulder is an amalgamation of metal and flesh unattainable by Havenite technology. His legs, similarly, blend from flesh to metal just below his hips, and flow through in simulacrum of humanity to his bare, metal feet.

His dark brown features follow the same guidelines as his build, with a high forehead, heavy brows, broad nose, flat slabs of cheekbones, and a strong jawline. His black hair has been cut short enough to be nearly non-existent, and a neat mustache and goatee frame a generous mouth. That mouth is perhaps the only soft thing about this mountain of a Hostile, and any softness it lends to his face is easily counteracted by the glowing red cybereyes that wash his eye sockets with a faint, ruddy glow.

Known Information (known to those with clearance to the captured Hostiles)

  • His rank/title is 'Vanguard' in the Cantosan fashion, but Havenites still use the term 'Elite.'
  • He is approximately 60% organic, and has been identified by DNA sampling and medical examinations as human.
  • The glowing outputs on his body are vital points where his armor receives commands directly from his nervous system, allowing for precise fine motor movements.
  • His left shoulder, arm, and hand are cybernetic.
  • Both of his legs are cybernetic from the hip.
  • Portions of his spine are cybernetic.
  • Portions of his skull are cybernetic.
  • His eyes are cybernetic.

Recent Logs

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