Personal Report 061213
Summary: Cedric writes a email to his grandfather Ilo
Date: 12/06/2013
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Cedric Orelle 

06-12-13 — Shadow of Intent - Captain's Ready Room

This room is sparsely furnished and not very large. Enough for an angled desk and chair, with another two sitting before it. On the desk in a holographic interface, sitting along side of that a coffee mug, printed with the image of the Shadow of Intent's crest. Next to that is a framed image of Cedric with his family. On the walls is a painting of Old Earth, next to that is a signed jersey of the Orelle Comet's championship team from twelve years ago(better days). The Captain himself currently sits behind the desk, fingers on the shimmering interface, typing a message.


I'm aware you received my official report a day ago, but in my current healing state, I didn't have the mental capacity to write a more personal one. I just thought to touch base with you on how I think the opening exchanges have gone.

Firstly, the Intent performed exactly how I had hoped it would, as did her crew. I proud of our performance, and the fact that the Intent herself held up so well to Hostile fire. Though color me surprised I had so many VIP Knights aboard. It's going to give me some kind of complex or something, but I'm not going to fancy the idea of the Intent being some kind of flagship for the navy, regardless of how well we did. Every single ship deserves that role from the reports I've read, it's just a shame that we lost as many as we did.

I have some apprehensions about this war, so far. I think we're looking at this the wrong way, but I've learned long ago to stop questioning the status quo, especially since we seem to be stubborn in our ways, but I can't help but get the feeling we're walking into a trap. Just what that is, I don't know, but something about all this doesn't sit well with me. I've been accused of giving the Hostiles too much credit, but in my experience, I've always thought it better to expect anything, rather than assume we know everything. Five hundred years is a long time to assume. Needless to say, there's something we're not looking at, and I think we're going into this blind. I can't shake that feeling, nor can I put a finger on just what that certain 'something' is. What I do know is that I think our desire to see the Hostiles destroyed will possibly be our own undoing.

I bring this up because it was reported to me later after we had arrived in dock that the marines had destroyed a room full of computing servers on the Hostile ship without at least taking one for study. I consider this a considerable error in judgement. One should have been taken at least for study. Apart of me feels that a mission to a damaged or adrift Hostile vessel should be raided to see if can find any intact computer systems to bring back. I'd even lead the mission myself. I feel the more we know about Hostiles; their society, culture, or lack thereof, could gleam some insight on just what we're fighting. Because what do we really know about Hostiles, beyond the obvious? Everything else is rumors and supposition. We should know more and for the majority, we're fighting something we really don't know.

Our own fault, I suppose. We've been concerned in our own affairs to really give it much attention, but I think I partly blame that on generations past who felt they would never live to see the Hostiles return, so why should they care? It's this kind of short-sightedness that's been a hindrance. There's this unshakeable feeling that Hostiles have no political structure or struggle, whatever government they have is clearly defined and ordered while ours is anything but. That they have no distractions, while we have an abundance of them. But I've always said our political structure has never been the best one suited to this war. But really, if you read history, few forms of government truly are. I think that's just apart of what makes us flawed creatures.

Which brings me to the point about our own house. Orelle is fractured, grandfather, I think we both know that. I don't know what father thinks he's doing anymore, getting in bed with Janelle. To me, it doesn't seem like him. A man of military doctrine wholly backing someone with a profound lack of military experience. Maybe he's using that to his advantage, as I suppose it's possible he's just using Janelle as a means to take military control. I don't know, he hasn't exactly been forward with me since I made my personal views known about what I exactly think of Janelle. A leader, any leader is not a leader if they just want power simply for the sake of it. Maybe he's betting on that or that it's controllable. Or maybe I'm just naive for thinking that we're better than this. But somehow, I can't help but wonder that this issue is going to tear this house apart.

This is running longer than what I wanted it to, and I know you probably won't read this until you see His Highness, as I figure you'd be one of the first at his bedside. You know if you need me for anything, you know how to find me.

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