05.05.3014: A Woman Scorned
Summary: Brienne tries to go to a brothel, runs into Kieran. Angry words were said.
Date: January 2nd 2014
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Kieran Brienne 

The Dame's Manor
One of the most frequented brothels in Haven, the Dame's Manor has a reputation of providing a variety of services to a variety of clientele, though they do uphold a level of standards compared to their competitors. It is a moderately graceful building that had previously been a manor house before the Westend transformed into the entertainment district. It has maintained much of its noblesse character: polished hardwood floors, plush carpets, richly papered walls.

There is a small antechamber that spills into the main foyer where patrons are greeted by the house madam or one of her assistants. A grand staircase that leads up to the upstairs bedrooms, and directly to its left is a pair of large, conservatory doors that open up into the sitting room where patrons wait for their appointments. The ceilings are vaulted and windows tall, though they are one-way polarized to avoid peepers — light comes in, but nothing is let back out. Within the room is an antique-styled bar against where a plethora of drinks can be mixed — on the house, of course, for paying clients. Scattered throughout the room are sofas, chaise lounges, and winged-back chairs. Scantily dressed men and women frequent the sitting room, through the madam has a strict no-touching rule whilst in this room. Converse, drink, be entertained, but more than requires a private room.

May 05 3014

Never before has the Arboren set foot into the Brothel. Today is different. Wearing, of all things, a dress that brushes the floor, and a cloak over it, she's unrecognizable. There is a bar, so she goes there first, tempted to just scope out the establishment tonight and maybe come back, depending on her vibes. Her hood covers her face, her hair and she wears large sunglasses over her eyes as she moves to take a seat.

Generally, Kieran goes to the Blue Nirvana when he wants to go to a brothel. But, it's been a long time sense he's visited The Dame's Manor /and/ you get free drinks if you purchase other entertainment. The issue is that Dame's manor is in landing. Landing is filled with more people. More people means more chances to get caught.

So, to compensate, Kiran is wearing huge, bulky clothes that covers his frame. Black trenchcoat, big hat, glasses. Nothing that would easily identify him as someone of importance. He doesn't recognize Brie, because, why should he? She's the last person he'd expect to be here. He'll take a seat a next to a woman in a big cloak, waving down the bartender. "Can I get a scotch, please?"

Brienne never wears dresses, for any reason. Well, the rare occasion, but nothing red and seductive looking, all clingy to her curves, the curves no cloak had a chance in hiding. When someone else joins the bar, she flickers her gaze over, but not long enough for a good look. No.. she wouldn't recognize him either, nor does she recognize the voice. But something suddenly comes to mind and she sits straighter. "I'd like bourbon," she tells the bartender in a light and airy voice. The rich playgirl going to play in her playground. She tries not to sound uncomfortable or new.

Kieran does notice the seductive red dress, her curves. Her voice… familiar. But, something is different about it. The Valtan Young Lord can't quite place a voice to the face. When their drinks arrive, Kieran takes a sip, eyes flashing back over to the woman in the red dress. Trying to figure out if he should strike up a conversation, or if he /knows/ the woman.

Brienne accepts the drink and pays for it, grateful for wearing feminine gloves that match the dress. Her hands with scars on them would give her away in a second to some. Wrapping her fingers around the drink, she lifts it to her lips, taking a long, long drink, polishing it off before sliding the glass back on the bar. "Another, a double." Forgetting to disguise her voice this time.

When the woman in the red dress speaks again, it clicks. That woman with the curves in the seductive red dress is Brienne. Kieran considers speaking to her right then and there. A twinge of guilt surges though him, he'll have to tell her what he's been up to at some point. But, instead. He follows her lead as he finishes his scotch. "I'll have a double of Tequila."

And then that voice again. Of course, Brienne had not spent so much time with the owner of it that she'd have recognized it right off. The time they did spend together though was.. more whispered words in the dark accompanied by the sound of clothing being removed. Yes, she recognizes his this time and doesn't dare to look over. Damn her luck. As soon as her drink is delivered, she lifts it and takes a large drink, almost choking on it as it takes her breath a moment. She coughs.

Kieran says a soft thank you to the bartender when he shot is delivered, instantly downing it. As the Arboren woman begins to cough and sputter his eyes are drawn to her yet again. Perhaps she knows? It's hard to tell, but Kieran isn't going to ask… not without another double shot. "Bartender, another for me and the woman over here." If she recognizes him, she'll probably want more alcohol as well.

Brienne stiffens when he orders her another drink as well, and she polishes off her drink. Instead of insisting to pay for herself, she allows it. This time. "Thank you, Koth." The words are grudgingly given and she remembers what he had said before. "You may not remember me. I'm Scarlet." It's the first thing she could think of… the color of her dress.

Yup, she knows who she is. Guilt again surges though his body, it's not something he's used to… Luckily the alcohol is helping. "Scarlet…" He repeats, as if trying to place the name. "Yes, I remember Scarlet. It's been some time." He plays along for now. He should have just messaged her again. Alcohol arrives and he again immediately takes the shot.

She knows he knows who she is. But damned if she was going to give her name in here. Scarlet glances over for the first time, getting a good look at him, her lips compressed, the bright red splash across them making her lips look even fuller. When her drink arrives, she lifts it in a silent toast before taking a drink.

A total of five shots each have been have by the two of them. Kieran casts 'Scarlet' another inquisitive look. He'll lift his glass when she does, tipping it back as the alcohol passes though his lips. "It's been a while, Scarlet." He says trying to be cool about everything. "Been doing ok?" He doesn't meet her eyes though, doing everything he can to avoid them.

"I'm alright, some things could be better, some things could be worse." Kieran shrugs and sighs. The alcohol had just started taking affect, so he's hesitant to get more. "How are things?" He tries to start up a conversation, not really sure where to start with the Arboren knight…

Scarlet smirks, the twist of her lips is apparent. "You.. kind of just asked me that." She is under no such compunctions. Feeling no pain, she finishes off her drink and orders another.

"Oh. Right." Kieran shifts his eyes some, he wasn't /that/ drunk yet, was he? "It's been a while, I'm not quite sure where to start." He flashes her a smile, but it's a little… off. "What brings you here?"

"Yeah.." Scarlet says quietly. "It's… been awhile. Pretty telling, isn't it?" She gets her new drink and cradles it in her hand."Me? Here? Advice from others. Come get laid."

Kieran places an elbow on the bar and rubs his temples. "Look… I… screwed up. Bad." He sighs, getting it out of the way. "I should have told you, I shouldn't have done anything at all." The alcohol loosening his tongue a little. He waves to the bartender. "Another double shot please…"

"I knew what I was doing. Or.. at the time I thought so. Until you introduced me to your boyfriend. That should have been enough warning." She lifts her drink, only taking a sip this time, she's feeling.. drunk. Bad. "Look, you don't have to pretend you ever had any feelings for me at all. Silence is loud." Her hand grips the glass and she wants to just slam it into the nearest hard surface.. but she can't create a scene.

Alchohol has arrived, thank the Six… Kieran downs the shot. "Linc and I weren't… aren't dating." He sighs again. "Look, it's… complicated. I did feel something. I just, got lost… and betrayed you." He admits finally. "I know that won't change anything… but you deserve to hear it." Another sigh.

"Betrayed me? What does that mean?" Brienne demands, ready to throw off the disguise and face him down. "I don't get it. Just… explain everything. Please?"

"Br… Scarlet. I…" Kieran sighs, this isn't going to be easy. "I was with… others." Eyes dart to her sunglasses. "I told you that I wouldn't, but I did when things got shaky. I betrayed you, and for that I am sorry."

Brienne waves her hand towards him. "Yeah, that's okay. I tried telling myself that you'd be true. I expected way too much of you." She tips her glass back again and calmly and cooly places the empty back on the bar, maintaining fairly well. "I.. don't care." She tells him flippantly before drawing more heat into her voice. "I don't give one single fuck what you do, Koth. You're a page I've turned. And what's more? I regret every single second spent with you."

Her words cut into him, deeper then he thought they would. His eyes close as he lets out yet another sigh. "Scarlet… I…" The words escape him. "I truly am sorry. I know that's not going to change anything, but I am." It's hard to explain, and his betrayal would also make him a liar. "You deserve better then I…"

Paying for her drinks, Brienne rises, "I do. I do deserve better than you. You're not even someone I want to be friends with. Not at all." So the anger is talking and maybe another day or another time the answer would be different.. but for a woman.. "I.. gave you me. A part of me I can never give to anyone else. And you took it, willingly.. and you threw it away like so much rubbish. Then you moved on to the next.. Oh you said others so there was more than one, I guess." She swipes a hand beneath her glasses, wiping her tears away. She had to get out of here. She had to go before she broke down completely. "And if you're the type of person who frequents these places, I already know it's not somewhere I want to be." She rushes out as fast as she can go.

Kieran sighs. His short shortsightedness continues to get him into trouble. "I… You're right." He hates to admit it, but she's right. "I am sorry… I did want things to work out." He sighs, there's not much he can say to the woman as she walks out. "Goodbye, Scarlet." He motions for another drink, he'll be going to get rather drunk tonight.

Brienne hesitates at his words, looking back, disappointed more than upset. "Coward." Now when she walks out, she does it with her chin held high. She'd be fine and she knew it.

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