05.14.2013: A Witch & a Tree Monkey
Summary: Lucretia and Tristan have a brief chat in Landing near the Ways.
Date: 14 May 2013
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The Ways of Landing
As the center of intercontinental and interplanetary travel, the Ways is perhaps the busiest region of Imperius Landing. No matter the hour, there is a constant hum of activity as people arrive in or depart from the largest city of Imperius. Loiters are best kept to the outside of the plaza to avoid getting swept up in the waves of foot and horse traffic that frequent the stone-covered ground. The broad circular plaza is broken by a ring of humped arches varying in size from ten to forty feet high. At any given time, about half of them glow with the light of an opened Way.

This plaza is also a crossroads for the four largest of the esplanades, guiding travelers in each of the four cardinal directions toward a variety of destinations. To the North is the militant black spire of the Citadel and grand Towers of Matthias which house the Royal Family and the Noble House embassies. Opposite, down the southern road, are the foundaries and the Smith's Tower. To the East is the Arcology of Arcadem, which houses both the grand libraries and the Imperium Cathedral. Lastly, to the West, is the poetically named Tower of Forgotten Nights which houses a variety of taverns and other sources of entertainment.


It would seem that for once, first time in a week or so, Tristan spent the night at his family's embassy here in Landing. Now he's making his way out from the Grand Esplanade, looking a bit lost in thought as he looks around at the various people present.

Standing near the arch of the Way to the Vale, which has been a bit cut off from traffic for the moment, Lucretia has a small digital pad in hand, which she is tap-tap-tapping away at as she watches a small convoy of hoverthings transport cargo through the Ways and to Cindravale. Lifting her hand from the pad, it taps at her ear, where a little comm is, and she begins to speak, "The shipment is coming through the Ways now, it'll be there shortly, assuming none of the hovercraft break on the way from the Ways to the Fortress." As the last few craft begin to disappear through the arch, the brunette glances around, the charms hanging from her hat swaying with the motion.

Tristan pauses a bit as he sees that little convoy, heading a bit further over in that direction, although he doesn't move too close for now. "Always good when things get where they're supposed to, the way they are supposed to," he remarks as he overhears that part, a bit quietly.

Out of one of the pedestrian way gates coming from the Ring is Nolan, and near immediately after departing the gate his is producing a hand rolled cigarette which he promptly lights up as he steps out into the plaza.

Watching the shipment near the end of the convoy on this side, Lucretia finds her attention drawn to Tristan when he speaks, and the black-clad witch nods to the young man, "Not anticipating any difficulties, but we never like to, do we? One like breakdown and they'll be held up for hours. Not that there's any rush, just a hassle to clog things up like that." Stepping closer, she taps at her comm again, ending the call, "Anyways, good afternoon, Lord. Not looking to the visit the Vale, are you? My apologies for claiming the Ways for a few moments."

"No, we never do, I believe. And if we do, it's always the least difficulties possible." Tristan offers this with a bit of a shrug, before he shakes his head a little at the question, offering Lucretia a quiet smile now. "Good afternoon. And I was not planning on going to the Vale at this point, no. Just looking around a bit for now."

An audible sigh escapes Nolan as he takes a drag from his cigarette, "That's some traffic." he observes to himself as the tail end of the convoy is departing through a gate. He takes a few moments to watch it leave before turning back out to the rest of the square.

Laughing, Lucretia nods at the young man's response, "Right you are." Still watching the traffic, she nods to herself as the last of the convoy disappears and is follower by the few men-at-arms nearby in Cindravale attire who had been keeping the traffic blocked off. Lu then turns her emerald gaze back to Tristan, hmm'ing, "You look a touch familiar, have we met? Do me forgive me, I'm Lady Lucretia Cindravale, High Lady Kallista's little sister, and you might be?"

There's a polite nod from Tristan as he hears that name, before he offers a quiet smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Lucretia," he offers, before he adds, "I'm Sir Tristan Arboren, fourth child of High Lady Eryn. I can't remember if we've formally met yet, though." Looking around for a few moments, he spots Nolan, and studies the man for a few brief moments, offering a nod, before he looks back to the lady now.

"Ahh, a delight indeed to meet you, Sir Tristan. It is always good to meet some of our Arboren friends. And I've spent a number of years rather out of the loop as it were, so it's entirely possible I've missed making your acquaintance until just now," Lucretia responds easily, smiling at the man. "You know.." She pauses, her grin turning mischievous for an instant before she inquires, "That business in the Spines, you don't know anything about that, do you, Sir Tristan?"

"My older sister spent some years in the Vale as a squire, so it's always good to meet people the people from there," Tristan offers, with a bit of a smile, before he shrugs a little as he hears that last question. "That business? Would that be the one with the Hostiles, Lady Lucretia?" Studying her a bit carefully now.

"The Vale is a wonderful place, and perfect for a young squire to spend a bit of time," Lucretia comments with a smile before she nods, "Oh, yes, it most certainly would." Regarding the man with a slightly arched brow, she asks, "And do you know much about that? I hope my interest is understandable. I imagine everyone is asking about it, aren't they? Have you been involved at all?"

Tristan nods a little, "Well, the interest is understandable," he replies, before he nods, "And one can say I've been involved, yes. More than most, I suppose." A brief pause, before he adds, "After all, I was a part of the group that encountered the two Hostiles, together with my sisters and another lady."

Head tilting curiously, Lucretia nods slowly as she listens. The older woman blinks, brows rising, "Oh, goodness! You ran into the, yourself!" She gives her head a small shake, stepping closer to the young man, "Oh, you absolutely have to tell me everything about it. It is good for us to be ready for what they are actually like, I think, don't you agree? I imagine all the studying doesn't really compare to genuinely encountering them."

"Well, it's relatively straight forward. We encountered two of them, with solid camouflage, and they demanded we surrender our weapons. Not something we was willing to do, so it became a fight." Tristan shrugs a little as he says that, before he adds, "One of them went down easily. The other one seemed to be targetting one of the Awakened in our little group, and it took more, both hits from those two awakened, and arrows and swords from the rest of us."

"Two of them? And they were that sure of themselves? Why didn't they flee, or try to hide." Lucretia shakes her head slowly as she murmurs, listening to the man. She blinks at the latter bits, thinking a moment before querying, "You believe it was targeting them -because- they were Awakened? Or did it just happen to work out that way?" She obviously might have a personal interest in that particular question, if her funny hat is any indicator.

Tristan shrugs a little bit. "They were sure of themselves, and of the element of surprise," he replies, before he adds, "And I don't know. It seemed like it was targetting her specifically. Something in its eyes, she said… But I don't know."

"She? Perhaps you can introduce me to this woman sometime, Sir Tristan? It would be interesting to speak with an Awakened who has fought against the Hostiles firsthand." Lucretia asks of the man. "I understand if not, of course." She hmm's quietly, and then continues, "Anyways, Lord, are you intending to participate in the upcoming tourney? It should prove to be a good bit of delightul fun for everyone."

"Lady Lyrienne Orelle," Tristan replies after a few moments, before he adds, "I'm sure she would be willing to discuss it with you at some point. At the mention of the tourney, he offers a bit of a smile, "I was considering participating in archery, at least."

"Lady Lyrienne Orelle, then. I shall have to see if I can't get in touch with her. I don't get much chance to speak with my fellow Awakened as it is, so a delightful opportunity," Lucretia answers with a smile before grinning. "Yes, you must participate in at least -one- thing. And who knows, once you are there, perhaps the mood will overcome you, and you'll decide to branch out into the other things, hm? Put on a wonderful show for all of us in the crowd!"

Tristan nods a little as he hears that, before he offers a bit of a smile. "I'm not sure if I'm the best person for putting on a show, though. But I will see what I can do, at least?"

Lucretia laughs quietly and inclines her head, "I am certain you will do your best, Sir Tristan. I could always recommend a Valen knight or two, if you want help with learning to put on a show." Grinning, she adds, "It is something of a specialty for us, after all." A hand rises to adjust her hat, "It was a pleasure, Sir. But if you will forgive me? I have some other business to be about. And I should see about finding this Lady Lyrienne."

"I believe I already know a Valen knight for something like that, Lady Lucretia," Tristan replies, sounding a little amused now. "And it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope we will meet again." Offering her a grin as he speaks, nodding a little now.

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