06.28.3013: A Walk in the Woods
Summary: Chiron and Lorelei take Taryn out to test an idea.
Date: 28 June 2013
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Arborenin Woods — The Spine, Imperius
Tall, monstrous trees dominant the forests that take up most of the southern half of the Spine. Their trunks are like the legs of giants, and their dark bark is home to brightly colored moss and the broad steps of mushrooms. Natural light must filter down through broad leaves, casting much of the forest in a cool green glow. The forest floor is covered mostly in soft peat and rotting debris, creating a fertile bed for lush flora, which in turn become the habitats of diverse fauna. Nurse logs, hollowed snags, sink holes, and small forest caves adds layers of detail to the broad stretch of Arborenin woods. Toward the outer edges of the forest, the giant trees transition to smaller evergreens and firs, transitioning into mountain forests to the west and rocky beaches to the east.
June 28th, 3013

True to his word Taryn is waiting for Lorelei and Chiron where he said he would meet them. Well, if he did go without them, he didn't get himself killed or hurt in the process. It is mid-afternoon, so it means that they have a reasonable about of daylight for Taryn's potentially stupid plan.

Lorelei 's dressed for the woods, hair back in a tight braid. She may not be a hunter, but she's arboren. She knows how to dress for the woods. She has her satchel over a shoulder, filled with anything she thought could be useful. She has a small knife on one hip and a metal billy club like thing on the other. She's walking with her brother, eyes already watching the area.

Chiron looks ready for for a fight. He has a green hooded cloak on, and under that his military armor. His sword is on his right side. His backpack looks very full. He is slightly behind his sister, and seems very watchful for anything.

Taryn does not look like he has seen any more sleep than the other night. He is still reasonably alert and notices the two as they approach. He pushes off from where he was leaning and waits for them to approach. "Lorelei… Chiron… You sure you're game for this? I can wander out into the woods by myself if you aren't."

Lorelei nods to Taryn, "Of course. We said we would. And you can't go in alone, that's just…dumb." She doesn't look like she's gotten any more sleep either. she'll readjust the strap of her bag and look to Chiron, "you're leading, right?"

Oddly enough, Chiron seems to be the only one who seems to have gotten a full nights rest. He laughs at Lorelei's comments to Taryn and says happily, "Hey Taryn. Of course we're game. Wouldn't have showed up otherwise." He looks at Lorelei, "I can lead, yeah. But I need to go over some ground rules first. If I give either or both of you an order, you listen. If I say run, you run. Don't look back. Absolutely no heroics from either of you. This is serious stuff we're getting in, we need to be very careful."

Taryn hmms slightly, "I can't make that promise… I will try.. but being stupidly brave seems to be in my genetics or something… but I will promise that I'll make sure nothing happens to Lorelei."

Lorelei rolls her eyes at both boys. "Seriously? I can take care of myself." She'll turn to look at Chiron, "If you can honestly say right now that I don't have better eyes than you, I'll leave." Her hands go to her hips, almost daring him. Turning towards Taryn,she doesn't remove her hands. She'd be imposing if she actually had any height, or muscle behind that glare. "And you!Just take care of yourself. Have you practiced? Will it work?"

Chiron shakes his head at the two of them. "This isn't a hike in the the woods…" He pauses to think about what he said. "Well.. ok maybe it is, but if the worst happens we need to minimize our losses." He seems a little more somber and serious. "At any rate, I doubt it'll come to that." He sighs a little before speaking again. "I'm not trying to say either of you are incapable, but we're not here to fight."

Taryn is standing talking to Chiron and Lorelei on the edge of the woods. All three of them look like they are prepared to go out into the woods. Well, Lorelei and Chiron are. Taryn is wearing the hunting clothes from the grasslands, which means tans. But close enough, right? He is also wearing a sword at his hip and a Valen styled hunting bow. "I do understand that Chiron… Just sayin' that if the situation calls for it.. I am ready to fight… if it is the difference of your sister being safe or not." Hw looka to Lorelei at her insistance of being able to take care of herself, though he says nothing to deny it.

Lorelei huffs softly, but will nod, as it seems that the boys just needed to say that they would protect her. Boys. Her hand does go to the blunt mettle weapon at her hip. It's not her choice, but a wooden walking staff won't do much good against a hostile, if they were to actually run into one. She'll let her eyes wander, but is listening. "We should get moving, if we want to keep the light."

Chiron nods to Lorelei, "Agreed. We should get moving." He begins to walk in a direction and continues the conversation with Taryn. "Just be smart about it. We don't need to engage unless it's absolutely necessary."

Taryn nods, but not before that impish grin sneaks out. "I'm not sure that smart and me were ever in the same sentence before.. but I understand… I don't do something stupid… well beyond the borrowing… "

Lorelei shakes her head again at both, but a small smile starts to tug at the edge of her lips. she's not gotten to go into the forest for awhile. Looking to her brother and falling into their old tracking pattern, "You want front or back?" Even with her tired eyes, there's a touch of excitement. Turning her head to Taryn when it strikes her that he didn't answer before, "You did practice, right?"

Chiron nods to Taryn, there isn't much he can really do to to change Taryn's mind it seems. "I'll take the front." He says to Lorelei, smiling at her. He also seems a little excited, though he is trying to contain it. He will look to Taryn and wait for his answer.

"Yes, Mother, I practiced… " Taryn looks at her, "I even manged to do it." Once. He mumbles to himself, "I am regretting not bringing the armor now…" He flashes a wide grin, "After you…"

Lorelei sticks her tongue out at Taryn but starts to walk. Her plan is to have Taryn in-between her and Chiron. She has no idea what his tracking and awareness of the Forest will be.

Chiron doesn't say much when they start walking, he seems to be focused on the path ahead.

Taryn may not have spent much time in the woods, but he is not completely unfamiliar with the forest. He may not be one of the great Arboren hunters, but he has tracked and brought down plenty of deer, wild pigs, and the most dangerous of beasts rabbits… He keeps the chatter down to an absolute minimum, fas he follows Chiron's lead into the forest.

As everyone knows, Loree's not a hunter. But she moves quietly behind the boys, trusting Chiron to lead. In fact her eyes are everywhere but where they're going. Her hand does move slowly and pulls out the metal club, it's handle wrapped in leather. She's not very skilled, but is willing to smack a Hostile in the face before dieing.

After what seemed like hours Chiron finally breaks the silence and raises his right hand up in an L. He stops and whispers to the two behind him. "Hold on, look at these tracks." He kneels down and brushes off some leaves, revealing a footprint. "What does that look like to you? That's no regular Boot imprint to me."

Taryn crouches down to look at it. He lowers his voice to a whisper. "I'm going to need to sit down for this… preferably with my back to a tree to minimalize the beacon…" He pauses, "I will be out of touch when I do…"

Lorelei doesn't even glance to the track. She'll nod, swallowing a bit nervous and will motion to a sturdy tree near. In theory it will protect him from one side, at least. Her eyes keep moving around, although she does move her left hand up to rub her forehead a moment.

Chiron nods to Taryn. "Well, I hope we can find a tree for you." He says, sarcasm heavy in his voice. He laughs quietly. "But more seriously, we'll keep an eye out for you. No need to worry. This isn't loud, is it?"

Taryn moves to the tree that Lorelei motions him to. He draws his sword out as he sits down, placing the blade across his lap. He shakes his head, "Not loud… but it will be visually um.. substantial… "

Lorelei frowns and softly says, "I should have thought of that…" she'll bite her lower lip a moment, in thought, eyeing Chiron a moment, "Give him your cloak…maybe we can damper it some." she'll move to stand next to Taryn, but back to him. She'll reach down and give his shoulder a quick squeeze, and an even quicker smile, "Be careful, ok?" Before focusing back on the surrounding area.

Chiron gives Lorelei a sigh, and then slowly begins to remove his cloak. "You sure you're not going to ruin it or catch fire or anything? This is my favorite cloak, and it's rather expensive." He hands Taryn the cloak, his hand lingering on it before removing it. "So do you get all bright or something? What can we expect?"

Taryn chuckles softly, "No, it won't ruin it.. but it also won't do any good… my aura will become visible… " He looks to Lorelei, "It will be about three times as bright as the other night." He sighs, "It is why I wanted to do it by myself… so that I wouldn't be risking anyone else… " He takes a deep breath, preparing himself. He closes his eyes for a moment. When they open back up, they are solid white and glowing. Slowly his aura begins to burst into life, so to speak. A mist of blues, purples, and pinks, like an aurora borealis, begins to eminate from his body. He runs his finger down the blade and starts making gestures in the air. The aura trails behind until a large sigil is formed in the air in front of him. Finally his hands settle down onto the blade as he becomes completely still.

Lorelei takes a moment to roll her eyes at her brother before focusing on the forrest. She'll try to listen more then see, moving her foot back to touch the trunk of the tree. Maybe for a little comfort, maybe to steady herself. As Taryn settles, she'll glance to see Chiron's reaction, she's been around quite a few awakened people, it's always showy and fantastical to watch, but she doesn't know if Chiron's really witnessed much. She'll swallow nervously and bring her attention back to making sure they don't all die.

Chiron 's eyes light up as he yanks the cloak away from Taryn and puts it back on. "Is there a way for us to wake you up or bring you back when you're…" he pauses what he was saying as Taryn begins to glow. He looks to Lorelei, "Is there a way for us to wake him up or bring him back if we need to?" He pauses for a second and then gives her a sarcastic grin "Why can't you glow like that?"

Taryn looksat Chiron with colorless eyes. "Once I borrow the mind of an animal, no.. there is no way to bring me out of it… but I shouldn't stay in the mind for much more than ten minutes, otherwise I might get lost in the mind of the animal."

Lorelei shakes her head."What animal, so if we need to, we can try to track you down." She'll then wrinkle her nose and look over to her brother,and whisper, "Oh shut up!" But she has a small smile and will turn back to the trees.

Chiron snaps his neck in Taryn's location, and he takes a step back. "I… I see." He says, staring into Taryn's eyes. "Does uh… keeping your eyes open help you concentrate?" He seems rather uncomfortable now.

Taryn shakes his head, "Don't really know until I lock onto it… and sorry, but yes… it does." He sighs, "Now, I can't talk.. I have to try to cast the spell." He whispers softly to himself. With each breath more of that mist eases from his breath.

Lorelei brings her head back and will give chiron a small glare. Really? She'll shake her head trying to get him to shut up. "It's ok Taryn, we'll not leave you. You'll come back." Because she said so, that's why.

Chiron looks at Lorelei, trying his best to not look at Taryn. When she glares, he makes a, 'what?' motion with his hands and furrows his eyebrows looking confused. He doesn't say anything, however.

Taryn sits completely still. His breath slowly to almost nothing. He does not blink those sightless eyes, as his mind wanders out behind his body until it finds a mind to mix with and in the mind of a bird the bond if formed.

Lorelei shakes her head again at her brother and turns back to watch the forest. She has the club in her right hand, which she twists around nervously a few times. For all her bluster, she knows she'd just crumble if attacked. she not made for actual fighting.

Chiron , still looking slightly confused and uncomfortable will scratch his head before watching the forest again, keeping an eye out for any movement.

Every sound in the forest seems to be magnified. Somewhere in the near distance there is a squirrel with a bull horn. Meanwhile Taryn remains still, almost like a statue. Perhaps it is that stillness that is more unnatural than the eyes or the glowing mist around him.

Lorelei frowns as she shifts slightly, keeping her heel against the tree. Her headache is starting to come back, and it's not one she can just ignore like she has been. Her left hand goes up again to rub her forehead. When this is all over, they both are going to owe her an ale.

Chiron continues to watch the forest, though he turns to watch Lorelei rub her head and frowns. He hopes she's alright as she hasn't been sleeping well recently.

As it nears the ten minute mark draws near, Taryn has not stirred yet. It grows more and more tense. Until just after the point, the Valen sorcerer suddenly gasps. The sudden action knocks the sword from his lap. Slowly the aura fades, and when it does, the two can see that Taryn looks like hie barely has the strength to sit up muchless stand up.

Lorelei jumps slightly at Taryn's gasp, her nerves nearly shot as is. kneeling next to him, she'll place a hand lightly on his arm, "Taryn? can you hear me?" Worry is causing her voice to be a touch louder than a whisper.

Chiron walks toward Lorelei and Taryn, still keeping an eye out. He will pick up Taryn's sword and lean it against the tree. "You feeling ok? What did you see?"

Taryn looks like he is regaining some of his self, but he still looks like he is nearly death's door. "I… I need to tr it again… " There is a reason that most Awakened do not normally do this often.

Lorelei's eyes go bigger, "6! No! You're about to pass out as is!" she'll look to Chiron for back up, "We should go. We've been here too long." she'll start to try to get Taryn to stand, not that she has much strength against him, even in his weakened state. It's most her tugging at his arm, trying to her her shoulder under it to help him stand.

Chiron attempts to be the voice of reason, "We can come back in a day or to Taryn, but it /is/ rather dangerous to be out here." He extend his hand out for Taryn to grab, trying to help him up.

Oh yeah, Taryn must been extremely drained because he nods slightly, "Alright… " His eyes are once again normal and his aura is once again invisible. There is no resistance, not smart alec remarks, no nothing.

Between Loree and Chiron, they're able to get Taryn standing. Loree knows it's better to have Chrion's arms free, "Can you grab his sword?" She'll duck under his arm and try holding Taryn up with her shoulders, her hand holding his arm in place. If he needs it, she'll wrap her other around his waist. Looking to Chiron, "Quickest way out?"

Chiron nods to Lorelei as he grabs Taryn's sword, "You mind if I take the sheath, Taryn?" He turns to Lorelei, "I imagine the fastest way out is the way we came…"

Taryn pulls the sheath free from his belt, "Here… " He sighs softly, "Damn that was rough… The bond was so firm…"

Lorelei frowns, Taryn's willingness to let Chiron help is a big clue as to how bad it was, "Ok…well. Now we know." Her arm will go around his waist, if he passes out, she'll have a better chance of slowing him down. "Let's get out of here." Looking to Chiron, "Think we can take him home for a bit to rest? Or will Da freak? Or the barn?" Moving slowly, she'll try to keep an eye open for anything in the trees, but her attentions now split, with Taryn in her arms.

Chiron rolls his eyes at the mention of his father, "Da' will have to deal. We're not leaving him in the /barn/. If there's an issue I'm sure we can convince Mother to let him stay a day or two. Besides, I'm sure his upbringing will endear him to them in a way." He puts Taryn's sword in it's sheath, connects it to a strap in his armor and slings it on his back under his backpack. He then starts heading off in the direction of the house, which is pretty close to the direction they came from.

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