06.04.3013: A Visit of Brothers
Summary: The two older Cindravale visits their youngest brother in the hospital on the Ring.
Date: 04 June 2013
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Erik Nikomachos Sammel 

Hospital — The Ring
A Hospital on the Ring.
June 4th, 3013

The youngest of the three Cindravale brothers is still on the Ring recovering, his wound healing at a good pace but still taking quite a bit of time for full recovery despite the medical technology here. His room is also apparently a bit decorated with gifts. Next to his bed on the small table is an assortment of items, the most noticeable being a vase with flowers in it, as well as a balloon tied to it in the shape of puckered lips. There is also an iPod device that Erik is currently using, listening to music no doubt, and lastly there is a card that is standing, partly opened.

Having arrived at the Ring earlier today, there was a few things Sammel had to do before he went to see how his younger brother has been doing. Having just stepped in through the door, he knocks on it as his gaze falls on Erik, offering a quiet smile. "Mind a visitor?" he asks.

"Enter." Comes the word from inside of the room that was assigned to Erik. The other thing that Sammel would notice is that his kit has also been brought on board, a case where his armor and weapons would rest inside. It seems like this particular Cindravale has no plans on returning home just yet, apparently timing his recovery with when the naval ship is departing for the Marine expedition. When Erik sees who enters, he removes the earbuds from his ears and grins, "Brother, of course not, I'm glad to have visitors. What are you doing on the Ring?"

Spotting that case with the armor and weapons, Sammel smiles a little. After all, he's brought a similar thing with him aboard the station. Stepping further into the room, he offers a bit of a grin. "You mean, aside from checking how you were doing?" A brief pause, before he adds, "You look well, for all you've been through, I must say." Another pause, and he adds, "Aside from checking on you, we probably have the same idea, about heading out there with the ships?"

"I feel much better, my strength is returning and the visitors I've received helps lift the spirit, as well as my recovery." Erik says with a nod of his head, glancing down at his body for a moment while he continues to rest in bed. The bandages wrapped around his chest and over one shoulder looks to have been just recently changed. At the mention of having smiliar ideas, the younger Cindravale glances towards his own kit, nodding his head, "The Hostiles caught me by surprise the first time, it won't happen again. I will repay them ten-fold what they have done to me."

"And if the nurses are pretty, that's usually a good thing too, right?" Sammel offers this quite lightly, before he nods at the last part. "Not to mention how it would do the job back home quite a bit easier for everyone, if we can take out as many as possible while we're out there." Looking around the room again, he grins as he sees all those items there. "Looks like you've had quite a few visitors too?" he offers.

Erik can't help laugh in amusement at Sammel's words, nodding his head, "I'll give that to the Orelles, they certaily have pretty nurses who are good at their jobs." As for taking out the first wave of Hostiles, the Cindravale Knight nods again, "Indeed, every one we cut down will be one less that steps on our soil. Not to mention the intel we can bring back and the experience we will gain while fighting them." Glancing at the gifts, a smirk appears, Erik nodding his head in response but saying nothing else for now.

Sammel grins as he hears that, "Good. It's a good thing when they're both pretty and good at their jobs." A thoughtful nod at the part about the experience and intel they will gain, before he adds, "Which we will be able to help the others with when we need to clean up back home."

"Certainly makes the stay more pleasant." Erik says with a nod of his head before listening to Sammel's words and adding on, "As I have learned in my training and study of warfare, the ancient records of the last Hostile War and the feudal engagements afterwards, intelligence is key to any battle. If one side is blind, then they are severely handicapped, and that means lives lost, at best."
Right now, Erik is resting in bed in the room assigned to him and he has a visitor, the second of the Cindravales, off-branch family. The room also is more decorated than standard issue, as someone had visited before and brought gifts. At the side of his bed is a vase with flowers within, as well as a balloon the shape of puckered lips, tied into place. There is also a card that is partially opened so it can remain standing near the vase, along with a new looking iPod that the patient is holding onto, the earbuds pulled out of his ears at the moment. Lastly, in the corner of the room, is a large case with the Cindravale markings, most likely Erik's armor and weapons.

Nikomachos has been kept rather busy with his own errands, although he did stop by once to find that his youngest brother was fast asleep. Now he has made his way up to The Ring during station-day, intent on finding the patient awake. The sound of voices — and familiar voices at that — inside the ward draws him onward, and he steps around the corner, apparently bereft of gifts. Spreading a grin across his lips, the eldest son of the Knight Commander spreads out his arms, "Hey, the conquering hero is awake. And here I thought you were going to sleep through the whole war."

Sammel nods as he hears that. "Quite true," he replies, before he hears Niko's voice as well, and he turns to offer their oldest brother a grin. "You really think he would manage to do that, Niko? A bigger chance of you doing that while the rest of us win the war, isn't it?" A brief grin, "But then again, old people like you need their beauty sleep, right?"

"Niko!" Erik calls out when the eldest brother steps into his room before a smirk appears, "Sleep through the whole war? I would prefer to go without sleep if it means more Hostiles for me to cut down. Speaking of conquering heroes, I heard that you upheld the honor of our House in the tilts. Well done, brother." The youngest knight manages a chuckle at Sammel's quips, "He might get that chance, Sammy, if we cut them all down before they reach the ground."

Nikomachos shakes his head in amusement, bowing his head to Erik's congratulations, "And you helped kill the second Hostile destroyed in the Third System War. We'll see which of those feats is remembered in fifty years, let alone five hundred." By his tone, he's pretty certain that it will be Erik's. Stepping up to the bedside, he mock-threatens Sammel with a punch to the arm, "I'm this beautiful whether I've just woken up or I've spent an hour primping, and you know it." He then shifts his attention to his youngest brother, one hand dropping to clasp his unwounded shoulder tightly before it drops away again, "I did get you something to distract you while you're stuck in bed, Erik." A few taps at a holographic keyboard that springs from his bracelet, and he nods toward Erik, "Check your comm. I went girl-watching in Landing and just sent you the best pics."

"Let's make sure he gets the chance then," Sammel replies to Erik, before he grins at Niko. "Ah, you mean there's no hope, brother?" That done, he listens to the part about the girl-watching, and he smiles a little. "Probably for when the pretty nurses are busy," he remarks.

The youngest Cindravale's expression tightens at the mention of that Hostile Scout, his grin fading, "Help kill… more like just dead weight." There is certainly disappointment in Erik's voice, "Taken down before even getting a clear look at the Hostile, luckily the Young Lady Johana helped me back to my senses, but even then…" The thoughts on the Hostile quickly fades though as Nikomachos mentions a gift, picking up his comm that was also resting at the side of his bed, snickering, "I see that you were putting good use to your time. Thank you, Niko, for the pictures and for visiting."

Nikomachos shakes his head at Sammel's words, "Not an ounce." He moves over to lean against the empty bed beside his youngest brother's resting place, "Ahhh… Johana… quite the fetching one, that." His grin flashes broad, "It's the red hair… I can't resist it. So… has the Young Lady visited more than the once?" Pointing up at the floating lips, he arches his eyebrows, "Don't tell me that those are from her…"

"True," Sammel replies at the end of Niko's words, offering a brief grin to both of them. "Don't worry, Erik. We'll make sure you'll get your revenge about them. And this time you have me to help keep you safe, right?"

There is a nod from Erik as he appears to agree with Niko's assessment on the red headed Ibrahm, "The hair is very eye catching but her eyes as well…" He glances towards the gifts that adorn his bedside and shrugs his shoulders before laughing, unable to hold back the confirmation, "She was kind enough to drop the items off for me." As how many times she had visited, the youngest Cindravale does not share. His attention does shift to Sammel as he smirks, "You sure it's not the other way around? It's going to be close quarter combat, Sammy, those can be brutal and chaotic."

Nikomachos flashes a grin at Erik, "And the eyes… yes… and I'm sure you didn't notice anything else about her, either." Laughter bubbles just beneath the surface of his words, breaking forth when he pauses. It sobers somewhat at the banter about danger and chaos, the laughter fading away and the smile paling, "Just keep each other safe, the both of you. I plan to have you both at my side when we lead the first cavalry charge in the Third System War." Okay, so it's more likely to be Solon or even Kallista leading that, but a guy can dream, can't he? "And I don't want the pair of you knuckle-heads competing with one another so hard that you get careless before then."

Sammel chuckles now. "I'm sure the three of us can all agree that there are many good sides about her," he remarks, before he chuckles at Erik's words, "Well, if my guess is any good, it'll be both. I keep you safe in one moment, and you keep me safe in the next." Nodding a bit as he hears Niko's words, he offers a quiet nod and a smile. "We'll do our best, Niko. " It's offered a bit softly, as he nods a little.

Erik certainly doesn't answer what else he may have noticing though his grin does broading, his shoulders rising up in a shrug again, the wounded side slightly tight but obviously recovering much better if he is able to make that gesture. When the subject returns to the engagement that won't be too far away, the youngest Cindravale nods his head, "We will, we will show our Realm that it is not only the main line that can spearhead an attack against the Hostiles." As for the competition, Erik quickly shakes his head, "That little engagement on the Ring shows just how serious we have to take this. Even though the Scout would've done no real damage if we were in armor, they are still cunning and dangerous."

Nikomachos nods his head somberly at the discussion, "If they're all outfitted with that active camouflage, we could be in trouble. I mean, how do you counter the movements of an army you can't see?" His grin returns for a moment, "Except by galloping everywhere with lance couched." Resting his hands back on the bed behind him, the eldest of the brothers inquires, "So if you're not totally sick of it, I'd like to hear about the Hostile. How it fought, that sort of thing." One shoulder rises and falls in a shrug, "But I an read it in a report if you'd rather talk about something else…"

"That is a good question," Sammel offers to the part about how to counter the attacks of something one can't see. Looking a bit more interested at the question about the Hostile, although he doesn't say anything for now, it seems.

"Sadly, there is not much for me to share, brothers. Half the time I spent stunned and on my back with the Lady Johana hovering over me, trying to rouse me back to battle. It was apparently hiding somewhere up above one of the doors, before I was able to glimpse it, I was hit with some sort of steel ribbon, Hostile tech." There is a pause as Erik tries to recall more of the battle, "When I came to, it had already jumped into the midst of the other nobles, armored and armed with a double-headed axe. Instead of focusing on one, it attacked randomly at those who surrounded it."

Nikomachos shrugs one shoulder, "Well, at least the first part isn't a total waste." His smile flashes, and then is gone again, and he's frowning thoughtfully, "Attacking randomly around. That seems damned odd. Maybe it got panicked by the number of targets, or overloaded or something?" His brows furrow, "Or I don't know, maybe it was trying to do as much damage as possible. I mean, it put three of you in the hospital, right? If the main force'd shown up now, we'd be down three knights…"

Sammel nods a little as he hears that, frowning a bit now. "Steel ribbon…" Making a few mental notes, before he nods a little bit. "Maybe it was just trying to keep everyone away, and see if it could put out anyone in the process?"

"Either panicked or overconfident, it knew we had no armor so perhaps it was hoping for a good strike against the others, to take them down after wounding the others. The combination of being wounded and losing a comrade would have been a large blow to fighting morale." Erik says as he tries to analyze the Hostile's tactic before nodding his head at Sammel, "Perhaps wounding us enough to find an opening to escape and cloak itself again."

Nikomachos hisses in a breath, "Yeah. That would have been nasty. Suppose it's a good thing it was facing the champion of the melee-on-foot and my baby brother." Beat pause, "Well, and two Khourni and an Orelle." Picking idly at one of the ribbons trailing from the hilt of his sword, he notes, "I'm a bit worried about those others still scattered around, assuming that the other pods weren't just decoys. Gods only know what mischief they might get up to if they gathered in strength."

"Has anybody found out anything about what it is that make that camouflage work?" Sammel asks after a few more moments of pause. "I mean, if we knew that, perhaps we'd know how to ocounter it." Looking a bit thoughtful as he looks between his brothers now. "But let's hope that camouflage is for the scouts only…"

"I had heard of the pods landing, in the Arboren forest, right? If there are more… it would be almost impossible to find them if they were all Scouts. Unless the tree lords are amazing trackers." Erik says as his brows furrow up into a frown, obviously not pleased with the thought of more Hostiles on their planet, "No doubt they would be making preparation for the main force." He then shakes his head at Sammel, "You would have to ask the Orelles, they were the ones studying the Hostile that escaped."

Nikomachos shakes his head at Erik, "Not just in the Spine. A couple in the Southern Wilds, up in the Forlorn Swamps, some in the Crescent, and even a couple on Primus and scattered around the Lashes. Somewhere like twenty in all, last I heard." He nods at the youngest brother's words to the younger, "I haven't seen any reports on their findings yet. I'm sure Father has, but if I've been running those back and forth, I haven't seen them."

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "Hopefully they will show themselves and we can get rid of them," he offers, before he nods a bit at that last part. "Perhaps I should ask one of them, then. Could be useful to know, right?"

Troubled thoughts indeed, the possibility of multiple Hostile Scout teams all over their planet. "Brother, they will only show themselves when there is a purpose to, which mean either to kill or to accomplish whatever objectives they have, which is no doubt damaging to us." Before anything else could be said by Erik, there is a knock on his door and a nurse pops in, an attractive one at that, "Sir Erik, I am here to check on your vitals and update the charts." To the other two nobles, the nurse bows her head appropriately before saying, "I'm sorry to say, My Lords, that visiting hours have come to an end. The patient must rest if he is to recovery speedily."

Nikomachos nods to Sammel, "Since you're up here so much now, you might as well get some use out of it." That brings his smile back, and he bows his head just a touch to the nurse, "Of course, Miss. We'll get out of your way so you can do your job." Despite that, however, he moves over to his brother's bedside, clapping him again on his unwounded shoulder, "Good luck, Erik, and good hunting. Keep a tally for me, eh?"

Sammel smiles a little, as he hears that, "I'll do what I can," he offers, before he nods at the nurse, offering her a brief smile. "Of course, Miss." A grin is offered to Erik again. "You were quite right, brother," he offers, before he adds, "And get well soon, will you? Can't have you lazing about in bed all the time if we're to win this, right?" Offered with a chuckle and a grin, as he prepares to head out of the room.

Looking up at Niko, Erik nods his head and the cocky grin returns, "I will remember to do so, might even bring you back a souvenior if I can, Niko. Keep our home safe, in case the Hostiles do something unexpected." He then turns his gaze over to Sammel and laughs, "Yeah, yeah. Not that there aren't certain perks to just lying about in bed. Thank you both for visiting, I appreciate it. I'll see you when I get out, Sammy, most likely when we board the ship."

Nikomachos grins at Erik's words, but the warning sobers him up again, and he nods sharply, "I will." And then he moves over toward Sammel, joining him in departing, "So… fifty bucks says he goes after the Ibrahm."

"I'll be looking forward to that, Erik," Sammel replies, offering a grin, before he pauses at Niko's words, unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle. "You're on," he remarks, lightly.

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