A Viper's Insight
Summary: Kaedin deals with a restless sleep with physical training, and thought.
Date: 22/July/2013
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July 22nd, 3013 — The Ring

After trying for three hours to get rest, knowing that he will be pressing himself onto a battlefield when the Hostiles land, Kaedin finds that he can't sleep, he is too awake, every sound like a gong to him. Sitting up in bed, he frowns and moves to pull on some clothing for training, and pulls a hood over his head. Walking out of his apartments, he begins to jog his way town to the training facility on the ring's halo.

'Poe is upset at me again, The hostiles are here, and I can't sleep.' He thinks to himself as he enters the lift down to the Halo, he jogs in place as he lets out a sigh.

'Poe being upset is just Poe, she isn't used to thinking about other's thoughts. Maybe I should hold my tongue around her when I get self righteous but she can still read me like a book, lucky for me I can do the same to her. Still, maybe I should be more thoughtful. if I'm to marry her, then any problems we have cannot be dealt with by just a swing of the sword… well… they can, but it's not the right way of things.'

Kaedin get's to the training room and moves to begin by lifting weights, his thoughts swirling around his head as he tries to assess each problem.

'The hostiles are easy to deal with, just cut their fuckin' heads off, though there will be alot of them, and I can't be everywhere at once. I'm not a commander, not in title anyway, but I should be there to rally and support the soldiers. I should see where my family will be aiming their army, most likely in defense of the Ring… Defense… I'm not a defender… I'm a striker.'

Once Kaedin is done with lifting weights, he moves to take a huge practice sword and walks over to a Training Dummy, he twirls his blade and begins practicing the forms his uncle taught him.

'Parry, then a thrust, that's parried into an overhead hit, turn, forward stab, twist and pull free, step, upswing…' The motions of the forms flow into his mind, not having a set sequence for the attacks, he makes his moves based on the moves he would make to defend against them, visioning a battle field.

'We have to survive this war, and to do that we have to destroy the hostiles… we should just wipe them all out, a full attack. Then the political People can try and undermine each other all they want, but the biggest threat will be done with.'

Once he is done with his sword forms, he moves to a punching bag and begins to throw punches and kicks at it. 'People whining about this or that, and other nobles taking offense at every slight or frown that is pressed to them, war is no place for sensitive emotions, war is hell, brutal, unyielding. A few years of this and it will open their eyes, I went through hell to train for this, my uncle never spared me a soft hand, he broke bones, pulled muscles, and I went to sleep bleeding quite a few times… but he wanted to make sure I survived, to make sure that if anything hinged on my battle prowess, I would be ready.'

Finaly done, he sighs and turns to leave, heading back up to his apartment within the Orelle Compound. Entering his apartment, he walks over to a wall and sits against it, turning on the vid screen to watch the New on what's been going on. 'I had my fun, laughs were had, and drink was shared, not it's time for business, and business will be booming very… VERY… soon.'

'… Why do I have a headache?'

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