08.29.3013: A Trip to Khar-Mordune
Summary: Viannea invites Antaeus to spend some time in Khar-Mordune, he meets her brother Cyrus.
Date: 29 Aug 2013
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Great Hall of Khar-Mordune
29 Aug 3013

Finally making good on her offer to have Lord Antaeus come visit, Vi sent the sole male child of House Larent an invitation. The offer of tea, the tour she promised and guestright has been extended, just waiting for him to take her up on it. The tomboy is now merely awaiting word that he has arrived, her normal attire of leather breeches and tunics swapped out for a dress made of a light pinkish-orange silk, the Lady nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Cyrus has joined his younger sister in the chamber, seated comfortably in one of the wooden chairs. His right leg is pulled up to rest his foot on the seat of the chair, his right arm hanging over his knee by the elbow. He's wearing formal attire, but comfortable, an all brown jerkin with yellow, near-golden metallica trim. "Relax, sister. You look like you're about to explode."

Antaeus exits the Waygate, meeting up with a representative of House Peake as he does so. It would appear that he is being expected and given an escort into the Nether Keep. As he is being escorted, his eyes take in the sights that Khar-Mordune has to offer, rather impressed by all of it. Oh sure, he's been here before, but at the time he was injured and couldn't quite appreciate everything around him. Finally, he is brought to the residences, his escort leaving him as he enters to see Viannea and another gentleman there already. Offering Viannea a smile, he says, "Thank you for your invitation, My Lady. I am so pleased that you are up and about and finally over your injuries." His eyes flick over to Cyrus as he awaits an introduction.

"Sorry, Cyrus," comes a whispered apology from his sister but she doesn't stop pacing, too nervous to hold still. Thankfully Antaeus comes in shortly after that, meaning whatever flooring there is here isn't worn out in a circular pattern. Leaping excitedly, Vi hurries to welcome Antaeus who gets a hug and a chaste kiss upon his cheek before she introduces him and Cyrus to each other. "Lord Antaeus of House Larent, meet my brother, Lord Cyrus of House Peake. He just returned."

Cyrus smiles comfortingly in the direction of his sister. "No need to apologize. I'm sure he'll be here soo-" And in walks Antaeus. Cyrus stands slowly from his seat as the man enters and approaches. He nods to his sister, approaching the man. Cyrus is large, even taller than Antaeus. "It is an honor to meet you, Lord Antaeus."

Antaeus offers Lord Cyrus a nod of his head and a smile, "Lord Cyrus, it is indeed an honor. Lady Viannea has spoken of you quite fondly, and I've been interested to meet you." He then glances around the room and offers the slightest of frowns. "I thought you mentioned something about meeting with your aunt as well, My Lady?" He was curious to meet Sir Agnes, and possibly even run into Aidan again. Aidan always being such an interesting fellow to talk to and all.

Viannea smiles a little while slipping her hand into Antaeus', her own feeling rather small in comparison to his. "I am not sure whether or not our aunt will be able to make it." Looking at Cyrus, she eyes him as if expecting him to have the answer as to where Agnes is. "Have you seen Auntie today, Cy?"
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Cyrus watches Viannea's interaction with Antaeus carefully, like any protective older brother would do. Despite his watchful gaze, he smiles at Antaeus. "Thank you for kind words. As for our Aunt.." He looks around the room, half expecting to find her already there. "Unfortunately.. no, I have no idea where she is. We haven't spoken much since I returned."

Antaeus smiles as Vi's hand slips into his own, offering it a slight squeeze. "Ah, that is a shame, I do hope to run into her and other members of House Peake during my visit." Turning to glance at Cyrus once gain, he asks, "So, Lord Cyrus, I'm not sure if Lady Viannea has told you or not, but I am in the Royal Navy. Might I inquire as to what you occupy your time with?"

"It is a shame. I was hoping we all could have some family time together while Antaeus is here. But oh well. Hopefully Antaeus can stay with us for a few days so we can have time to arrange something." Aidan's also missing, Viannea notices, that causing her to frown a little. "And I am sure our brothers will be sad to have missed your arrival, Antaeus." At least Brigham isn't here to misbehave but despite his periodic bouts of behavior that's anything less than polite she does wish he could be here, too.

Cyrus relaxes his shoulders, taking one step back to be in a more comfortable speaking distance after the introductions. "I'm sure Aidan is somewhere keeping himself busy." He turns his focus to Antaeus. "Ahh, well. I do what I can. This and that. I try to keep my focus on the people." He opens his eyes a bit at the Navy reveal. "An admiral occupation, Lord Antaeus. I've considering joining the military in some capacity myself, though I don't think being on a ship is my calling."

Cyrus lets out a sigh. "Besides, right now my place is here, with my family."

"There's still plenty of time during this visit, My Lady." Antaeus says to Vi in a reassuring tone. "I have some time available, so I can try to stay as long as you are willing to put up with me as a guest. I don't want to become bothersome after all." He smiles at her, knowing that spending some alone time might be even more likely if he did extend his visit. To Cyrus, he nods, "Being on a ship isn't that bad, but it does take some getting used to. I'm sure that transitioning from living in a place such as Khar-Mordune to a ship is far more difficult than having spent a lot of time on the Lashes and the Ring."

"Will have you round eveyone up later, Cy." He is given a touch on the arm and then Viannea slips away for a moment, going to see about something for the three of them to eat. It'll give them a chance to talk uninterruptedly. The younger Peake sibling does poeition herself so she can watch how they interact and gives Antaeus a smile.

Cyrus nods, letting his gaze follow Viannea for a moment after she briefly rests her hand on his arm. "Of course, sister." His eyes linger on Viannea a moment until returning to Antaeus. "Oh, yes, quite different. We aren't born to be anywhere but on the ground, or at least somewhere that some part of us can be attached to the Earth. I'm quite the climber myself. How is the Royal Navy treating you, Lord Antaeus? Oh, and please. Just call me Cyrus in polite company."

Antaeus watches Vi go off and scrounge up something for them to eat, then he focuses is attention to Cyrus. "Lord Aidan has informed me that climbing to the peak is quite an adventure, he even offered to take me up there once. Have you ever been? I must admit it sounds like something that someone should do at least once in their life." He smiles and then nods to the man. "Very well, Cyrus, please call me Antaeus then. The Navy treats me well, it's not as glorious or prestigous as being a knight, but I feel that it has a vital role in maintaining the safety of all of Haven."

Okay. It seems like Antaeus and Cyrus are getting along as well as Ant seems to with Aidan which is a relief. It manifests in a smile that is almost ear-to-ear that hits its apex when she rejoins them. "I am having dinner brought up here for us. Roast, potatoes… oh. I should have asked. You do eat meat, yes Antaeus?" For as much as she adores Antaeus, Viannea really has a lot to learn about her future-fiancee.

Cyrus's eyes light up when Antaeus talks about the peak. "Oh, yes. It's beautiful. I've been there myself. You look like a strong fellow, I'll take you." He mmms audibly at Vi's description of the incoming food. "That sounds delicious, sister." He heads to the table and pulls out a chair for her, and then one for Antaeus as well. Not necessary, but good guy (tm). "Please, make yourself comfortable, Antaeus. I have respect for anyone who serves the people of Haven."

Blinking at Vi, Antaeus bursts into laughter. "I remember asking you a similar question when we had that dinner on Landing, Vi, but the answer is yes." Smiling at her, he reaches over and takes her hand, giving it a squeeze. Glancing back at Cyrus he nods, "That's what Aidan was saying. He said the view was nothing short of amazing." Smiling at the man, he takes the offered seat, nodding in thanks. "The food does sound quite delicious, you all didn't have to go to so much trouble, but I definitely appreciate it."

Viannea winds up blushing. She forgot all about the night their shared together when she went to visit Antaeus with Aidan, her nerves from today rendering her all but flatlined mentally. "Then I suppose it's a good thing I didn't assume the opposite was true, otherwise you'd have bunny food." Cy is given a hug before she goes to sit down, her eyes closing. Vi hasn't slept well since she returned home and it's starting to catch up with her.

Cyrus places his forearms on the edge of the table, hands clasped together. Keep those elbows off the table! Manners, manners. "Come now, Antaeus, are you tell me that you would not do the same for us if we were guests in your home? We do what we must." He smiles, though much like his sister, it is a bit worn. "In fact, I should thank you. Your visit will do well to help my sister take her mind off of.." His words trail off as he looks to her, moving a strong hand to rest on top of hers. "I'm sorry."

Antaeus smiles at Viannea, "Bunny food could've been interesting, just to see how Cyrus here would have reacted." He offers the man a grin at that before responding to him, "Of course I would, but I still feel the need to say it wasn't necessary!" He laughs at that, "Just one of those things you get into a habit of saying, if you know what I mean." His mood turns somber at the last comment from Cyrus and he nods, "I hope so. She did promise to show me some caverns that have a pond or something."

Cyrus's touch rouses Viannea who opens her eyes, her free hand used to rub at her face. "I am sorry as well, Cyrus," the sympathetic apology given in tandem with a sad smile. "We'll get through this, though. We are Peakes. We can weather anything thrown at us just like the mountain itself can." A shoulder is rolled as she winces, then, her muscles in that one stiff. "We can go tomorrow, Antaeus. I'll have staff make us a picnic and we can head down to the pool I mentioned."

Cyrus gives Vi a strong smile, squeezing her hand once before leaning back into a more seated position. "You show your manners well, Antaeus. This is good. I would not approve of some weak, ill-mannered fellow accompanying my younger sister on a trip to one of our treasured ponds."

"A picnic sounds quite nice, Vi." Antaeus nods at her, his mind trying to find the words to best respond to Cyrus. "I can see your point, Cyrus. I was raised with manners and proprietary in mind, and I find that the education has served me well over the years. Any situation, well, social situation that is, can be managed with good manners, whereas bad manners tend to bring one nothing but grief. Besides, am I not here to make an impression on her family? What sort of fool would I be not to put my best foot forward at all times?"

Viannea gets to her feet suddenly as the first course is being brought up, that being a salad of some kind with a dressing that has an herby perfume to it. Smells very good but she finds herself suddenly too tired to eat. "Save my supper for me. I'll eat it later." Cyrus is given a hug and a sisterly kiss to his cheek and then Antaeus is given the same although the kiss he is given is anything but familial in nature. A quick whisper is given to their guest before she straightens. "Please, feel free to talk. Get to know each other better." She then heads to the small set of rooms she calls her own, the door closed behind her but not locked.

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