06.10.3013: A Stitch in Time
Summary: Reena boards the Intent to triage some of the wounded. She stitches up Alexis' wounds while Barton and Sammel chat.
Date: 06 June 2013
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Troop Bay - Shadow of Intent
Running nearly the length of the ramship, the troop bay is wide and open down the middle, with fold-away dividers and bunks along the walls. With these retracted into the walls, there is only an open fighting area from the wide boarding doors at the front of the ship to the turrets about halfway back to the aft of the ship, the doors to engineering at the very back, and the stairwell up to bridge alongside.
10 June 3013

Alexis is currently sort of half still in armour as she sits upon a folded down bunk, the plates for her right arm and torso removed while her side and hand are wrapped with field dressings. A notepad resting upon her knee she seems to be very painstakingly writing something using a real pen and paper but having a hard time of doing so left handed.

Out of his armor now, with field dressings around his chest area and his right hand, Sammel is laying down on his bunk, the poleaxe he prefers using held with his left hand, as he studies the weapon. Humming a little to himself as he does, although his skills with doing so is quite limited.

There is a delicate lilting humming coming from the docking corridor, an ages old Khourni song about ladies seeking out their husbands among the wounded on a battlefield. The voice belongs to a young woman, wearing her simplest garb, albeit it not as simple as some. It is a black bodice, with the gold, silver, and red of House Khournas visible in the embroidery, over a gauzy white blouse and black leather breeches. Lady Reena has a band around her upper left arm, declaring her as a medic, as she steps into the triage area with a bag of supplies and instruments over one shoulder. Her hair has been pulled up in a loose bun to keep it out of the way. She looks around for those most in need of treatment, with an eye out for any of her House members or Vassal Houses of Khournas.

Somewhere around the area is Barton as well. Already out of his armor and trying to rest. Having gotten a couple of hits, as well as one of them being a bit of a head trauma. So for now he's off in a corner as he hears the humming. Glancing over and giving a nod. But for now staying out of the way.

Alexis seems very intent upon whatever she is writing, and is obviously putting painstaking effort into her off hand manual writing, but does finally finish whatever she is doing and sign off what seems to be a letter before placing it to one side along with several others. This done she starts to reach for another piece of paper only to pause as she notices Reena's arrival then rather awkwardly straighten. "You are a very welcome sight indeed my lady, very few of us indeed escaped without significant injuries though the worst were evacuated immediately upon arrival."

Looking up from his weapon before he moves it out of the way, Sammel studies the Khourni lady a bit carefully as she enters, offering her a quiet nod and a smile. Nodding a bit as he hears Alexis, offering a quiet smile, but doesn't say anything yet.

Reena doesn't look at all disturbed by the various states of carnage inflicted on the troops. There is an almost eerie calm about her, a talent for keeping her composure? Or just used to the bloody business of medicine? Registering Alexis as a commanding officer she heads for the Sauveur knight first. She's been drilled over and over again on the faces and names of prominent members of the houses. "Sir Alexis, I think you win the lottery for needing my attention first. Do you mind if I take a look at those injuries?" She swings her bag down beside Alexis, in a clear indication that "no" is not an acceptable answer. She glances over at the others, and nods to Sammel and Barton. "You two are next."

Barton smiles towards the Khourni lady. Letting her deal with Alexis injuries and not wanting to interfere. "Of course, my lady." Is all he offers to her last words. Glancing towards Sammel. "Still feeling the need for the weapon or just wishing to take good care of it?" He asks, in an attempt to start some kind of conversation.

Alexis does not seem inclined to turn down an offer of medical attention though she does carefully place her writing impliments in a neat pile at the bottom of the bunk before shifting to offer out her dressing wrapped arm. "I am not the worst injured but I am bad enough off not to complain. My right hand took a sword point clear through the palm and I have a deep wound here." She gingerly taps more dressings across her right side under her arm with an audible wince as she does so. "But nothing that hit a lung. Thank the gods."

Sammel keeps his attention on Reena for a few moments longer, offering her a momentary grin. "Who would argue with something like that, my lady?" he asks, before he looks to Barton, offering the man a grin. "Need to make sure there's no need for getting it sharpened again, right?" A brief smile is offered now.

The youngest daughter of the Khourni High Lord pulls a stool up to sit beside Alexis and gently unwraps her bandages. She frowns at the wounds and digs out some antisceptic cloths to clean them. "This will hurt, do you want a local anesthetic?" she asks. "I'll have to debride the wounds so I can close them cleanly, for minimal scarring."

"Thank you my lady." Alexis holds still and sets her jaw as the dressings are removed with the fingers of her unmangled hand clenching before she stiffly nods her head. "Please, I have been injured worse before but that mostly means I know just how much this is going to hurt if I am stupid enough to insist it is done without anesthetic."

Barton grins at Sammel's words and nods as he agrees with his statement to Reena. Nodding about the weapon as well, "True enough. Hence why I like my hammer. Bon't really have to be sharp." He says and grins. Ever so often glancing towards the two ladies.

Reena nods and she pulls out two syringes, injecting the two wound sites. While waiting for the anesthetic to kick in , she moves to a scrub sink, where she spreads iodine over her hands and lower arms, then scrubs them thoroughly before pulling on sterile gloves. She straddles the stool and sets Alexis' hand on a small table covered in clean linen. She tests the hand with a few pokes of the end of her scalpel. "Numbed up?" she queries.

Alexis watches the preparations with interest before noting. "I am afraid that the first aid was rather basic given we had to really concentrate on trying to keep alive the worst off. Just wrapping in field dressings and hoping for the best, and while those are antiseptic that is not much help for deeper injuries." Then a pause before she confirms. "I cannot feel a thing."

"Ah, but those of us with sharp minds prefer sharp weapons, Sir," Sammel replies, with a bit of a grin, before he adds, "But there are good sides to bluntness as well. Which is why you have the opposite side of the axe head. Can use that as a hammer, if needed." Spoken with a brief grin.

Barton grins and nods to Sammel. "I think my mind is still good enough. Even if my approach to fighting is more blunt than trying to outsmart them." He says and shrugs. Then he seems to ponder for quite a while. "Do you know who you remind me of? The Grasshopper." He says and grins. "With sharp weapons and whatnot." Apparantly speaking of some kind of character it seems.

The debridement of the wound in Alexis' palm begins, with Reena carefully removing the ragged edges of the flesh on both sides of the hand. It simply feels like pressure to the Knight, but no pain, as the wound is then flushed with saline and an antibiotic wash. Reena puts on a small headlamp as she inspects within. "No tendon damage, luckily, but I'll have to stitch up the muscle and then close the skin on both sides." She prepares a curved needle and very fine antimicrobial thread which will eventually be absorbed into the body before setting the needle into a holder and picking up. "Let me know if the local starts wearing off." Then begins the swift process of sewing up the Knight's hand wound. It's quick, cleanly done, and clearly something the young woman has done many times.

Alexis continues to watch with interest, and seemingly a lack of squeamishness, as her hand is worked on. She does flex her uninjured fingers though and gives a slight nod before agreeing. "If the blade has come in at another angle I would be looking at a few maimed fingers potentially. I definitely did not expect them to be so fast, or maybe just hoped not to have gotten so slow."

"The What?" Sammel replies to Barton, shaking his head a little bit. "I'm not really sure if a grashopper has this much of a sting." Offering a brief grin before he looks over at Reena and Alexis now.

Barton chuckles and nods, "Yeah. An old superhero. He could jump really high and over buildings. He had similar hair color and haircut as you and he would carry dual bladed weapons along her arms." He explains and grins wide. Glancing to the women as well. "Do either of you know of him?"

"I sincerely doubt you are at all slow, Sir Alexis," Reena notes with a small, lopsided smile. Never hurts to butter up a Sauveur. "They have the advantage of being part machine. But those machine parts, I'm certain, leave them lacking in a way we can capitalize on." She moves on to the chest wound, repeating her procedure, stitching the underlying tissues back together before closing the skin. Then a smearing of various ointments go on each suture line and clean bandages are applied. "The bandages will need changing every day, with more antibiotic applied, for the next week, " the medic instructs, stripping off her gloves before counting out packets of bandages and a box of single use salves to leave with the Knight Lieutenant. "You're going to need to rest, and please do not do anything that might strain the sutures, otherwise you'll set back your recovery further and ruin all my lovely stitching." She smiles warmly and shakes her head at Barton. "I don't believe I do, please do enlighten us all."

"Sadly that is not the case." Answers Alexis to Reena there before carefully and deliberately shrugging just the shoulder on her good side, and holding still as the rather more serious wound in her side is dealt with. Thank you and yes, I have failed to follow such advise before and regretted it afterward." Then stiffly half turning to look back at the question she shakes her head. "I am afraid not Sir Barton."

"Ah, thanks for the vote of confidence," Sammel replies with a grin, looking between the others. "I'm not the superpowered superhero, though. Only the regular, well-trained, Cindravale superhero." A brief pause as he looks to Reena, offering her a brief grin. "Well, I must admit there was some help from the Khourni too, since I squired there."

Barton smiles and nods to Reena. "Well, as I said. Jumping and skilled fighter. Quick reflexes and so on." He explains and smiles. "As well as great balance and senses." Grinning to Sammel as well. "Well, perhaps. You have the same kind of witty attitude as well, it seems." Grinning and nodding about the Khourni help. "Well, I was squiring with the Cindravales." Letting Reena finish up with Alexis. Or for the moment that is.

Reena helps Alexis into a reclining position and gives her pain killers befor moving on to the next patient. "Who do you gentlemen recommend I treat next? Who is most severely wounded?"

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