06.12.3013: A Step At A Time
Summary: Thalo hunts down Reena to see if she's still angry. They come to an agreement.
Date: 12 June 2013
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Reena Thalo 

Botanical Gardens - The Ring
Botanical gardens on the Ring.
12 June 3013

One of the loveliest sights on the Ring is the botanical garden. Many come to visit it and walk the paths among the carefully tended plants yearly. However, with war here, it's mostly deserted tonight. Reena's handmaid would explain to any callers where she went, and to check the area with the orchids. The Khourni woman is indeed in that very place, using a hand mister to spray water on the delicate plants. She's in more formal garb, away from the blood and gore of triage, a pretty blue gown with a daring deep V neckline, with gold embroidery on the bodice. Her hair is loose tonight, and she's singing some old Khourni war song about a camp wife searching for her husband among the dead and wounded on a battlefield. She looks serene, thoughtful, and inwardly turned.

Thalo makes his way into the gardens, still clad not in armor but in his more casual clothing from the night before. He's still armed, but only with a sword. Beyond that he looks much as he always does. He moves off towards the sound of the singing, and consequently towards Reena. He takes slow steps as he eyes the girl and then makes his presence known, "Heard I'd find you here." he offers up, slowing to a halt a little ways back from her.

Reena's back stiffens for a moment, and her hands pause in their careful work with the exotic blooms. "Sir Thalo," she says, a little flatly, without turning away from her work. Oh yes, someone is a little touchy still. A woman scorned and all that jazz. Her chin is high, however, and she doesn't move to depart his presence. She may not be a soldier, but she has very little fear in her. She has that volcanic fire of her line.

"Well that answers my next question." Thalo offers with a nod that she likely wouldn't see unless she turned to look at him. He was nodding to himself anyway. "So when is my flogging scheduled for?" He inquires, taking a few steps closer to Reena, "Best to work it in between battles. I'll need a moment or two to recover if I'm going to be at full fighting strength. You know, glory of Khournas and Haven and all that."

"It is not general custom to flog a Knight for refusing a noblewoman's advances, Sir Thalo. I have the grace and dignity to retreat from a battle I clearly cannot win." Reena turns to look at him, her eyes narrowed. "May I assume she is devastatingly beautiful, wealthy, and intelligent? Or perhaps a grand combatant?" The sudden formality is very chilly. "Or even my sister maybe? Anabethe has always delighted in being my better in all things."

Thalo shakes his head a bit, glancing off towards the flowers while she lists various options, and then looks back to Reena with a quirked brow, "Your sister? No." he states and moves a hand to scratch at the back of his head, "I never said there was anyone, Reena. I'm not a Lord, I have no lands. Men like me don't end up with high born ladies." That's probably the most he's every said to her with any real meaning to it, "So, I wasn't spurning your advances. I was doing what I do, being a Wall."

"So it is fine for highborn men to have citizen companions, but I cannot have that same luxury? And no Knight can ever have hope of bettering his station through marriage? I dare say we'll be popping out children with three arms and seven eyes from the gene-pool turning into a water glass." She sets her jaw and sets the bottle aside. "It wasn't as if I was proposing to you, Thalo. Do you expect me to go to my marriage bed a virgin? Unsullied and a perfectly groomed cow for whatever noble bull father shoves my way?"

Thalo sighs, exhaling heavy and settles his stone gaze on Reena, "Marriage isn't in the cards for you and I regardless, Reena. Your father wouldn't allow his daughter to marry a common Knight. No matter how impressive a specimen I am." Thalo adds that last bit on with a quick smirk. "Look, maybe I handled things badly. I wasn't trying to reject you, I just don't do a lot of jumping from bed to bed. You caught me a little off guard." A beat pause, "Of course, if you tell anyone that, I may have to kill that person, and that'd be unfortunate."

Reena's stiff posture slackens, her shoulders rolling ever so slightly inward. "I have very few choices in this life, Thalo, and even those I seem to mess up." She rubs a thumb across her brow, as if trying to scrub away whatever stain is there. "I realize I came on strong but, you're a legend, larger than life, the giant man with the strongest arms I dreamt of as a little girl. I thought the only way I'd gain your notice at all was to act that way." She grimaces. "And my Father has three older children and a younger son to marry off for political advantage. Maybe he'll die before he gets around to making me wed." She doesn't look particularly hopeful about that. "So will you marry some citizen girl? Or an Ibrahm? I'm sure they won't let someone with your qualities go to waste."

"I'm hardly a legend. I'm just a Knight." Knight Lieutenant to be precise, but Thalo rarely advertises that unless he needs to pull rank. The Wall hrms quietly, nodding to her, "I'll forgive you…this time." he uses his stern training voice for that one, "And I have no idea. I spend all my time training or with other nobles. I don't socialize enough to meet citizen girls, and I'm too low born for most noble born ladies." He shrugs at that, "I've got time, I suppose."

The disappointment in Reena's eyes is palpable for a moment before she quickly turns back to the orchids to conceal whatever emotions are gnawing at her. She picks up the bottle again and begins absently spraying the flowers. "I wish you all the happiness you deserve, Thalo. You're a good man, better than most. A woman would be an idiot not to realize that." She swallows. "You were kind to a little girl who wasn't very good at the art of war, when all her siblings were monsters on the field."

Woops, he did it again. "Shit answer. I knew it." Thalo offers up, pretty much entirely ignoring what she says, "So let's try this. Who will you marry?" Thalo inquires, canting his head to the side, "Because I have no idea if I'll even survive this war, so honestly marriage isn't on my mind." Perspective? Or maybe Thalo only thinks about war.

"I suspect whomever my father feels isn't good enough for Anabethe, but offers enough political leverage to warrant one of his 'lesser' children," Reena says, through gritted teeth. "I doubt there is any step upwards on the nobility ladder for me. I'm not that valuable in the grand scheme of things." Spritz. Spritz. Those seem like bitterly angry spritzes. "I'm a playing piece on a chess board, Thalo. What I want doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things," she says softly, keeping her eyes trained on the delicate pale yellow phaelenopsis before her, focusing on the red trails emerging from its center, because looking at The Wall kind of hurts at the moment. "But I was hoping that, for a little while, I could have some of my wants, until it's out of my hands."

Thalo hmmms quietly, shaking his head. "So what do you propose then? A casual affair until you are bid to marry or get bored of me?" He smirks just a bit at her, "I'd expect you to cry over me when I die in battle, of course." He then pulls out his flask and holds it in front of her face, dangling it similarly to how she dangled it before him the other day.

Reena leans and cups the orchid in her hand to smell it. "I don't know Thalo. I was hoping we could jump off that bridge when we got to it. I certainly haven't thrown myself at anyone else, nor do I intend to. If you worry about repercussion, I can be discreet. Companions are an honored thing in Haven, if it came to that, and you did not want a wife and family of your own." She looks at the flask for a moment. "But I don't want you to feel like you're obligated to fulfill my whims because I happen to be a noble." She gestures at the orchid. "I'm not unlike Phalaenopsis gigantea var aurea here. We were both bred to be beautiful, and have been nurtured by our roots and carefully cultivated by our keepers. However, when our purpose is served, we are cut off from those roots," she snips the bloom from the stem with a pair of gardening shears and tosses it onto the ground, "And left to find our way in different soil. Some thrive, but most of us wither away."

"Do I look like the sort to just do something because a pretty noble girl told me to?" Thalo inquires with a quirked brow. Soldier he may be, but he doesn't just back down and do whatever he's told. He considers her a moment and shrugs, "Let's take this a step at a time." That would be his first offer it seems, "I can't speak to what my thoughts on marriage and children will be in the future. And I don't share well with others." So…he'd kill her husband? "So let us just worry about today, we can deal with tomorrow when it comes." And he watches the flower as it hits the ground. He didn't understand that really.

Reena nods her head slowly, because she wants to be sure about what she's hearing. She reaches for the flask then to take a deep swig. "All right. A step at a time, Thalo. The ball is in your court." She kisses his cheek, much as he did to her the night before, and heads out of the garden.

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