06.20.3013: A Squire's Tale
Summary: Michael happens upon Kadmus and they trade pleasantries, then Ariana arrives and for a moment, takes a small curiosity in Michael's tale.
Date: 20 June 2013
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The Ways Station, Landing
As the center of intercontinental and interplanetary travel, the Ways is perhaps the busiest region of Imperius Landing. No matter the hour, there is a constant hum of activity as people arrive in or depart from the largest city of Imperius. Loiters are best kept to the outside of the plaza to avoid getting swept up in the waves of foot and horse traffic that frequent the stone-covered ground. The broad circular plaza is broken by a ring of humped arches varying in size from ten to forty feet high. At any given time, about half of them glow with the light of an opened Way.

This plaza is also a crossroads for the four largest of the esplanades, guiding travelers in each of the four cardinal directions toward a variety of destinations. To the North is the militant black spire of the Citadel and grand Towers of Matthias which house the Royal Family and the Noble House embassies. Opposite, down the southern road, are the foundaries and the Smith's Tower. To the East is the Arcology of Arcadem, which houses both the grand libraries and the Imperium Cathedral. Lastly, to the West, is the poetically named Tower of Forgotten Nights which houses a variety of taverns and other sources of entertainment.

20 June 3013

Standing on the edge of the plaza can be found Kadmus, Young Lord of Volen. He has a duo of porters carrying some baggage for him, and a discrete wrist computer is displaying a holographic map of Landing, as he eyes the various streets out of the plaza.

Having narrowly escaped running into Lorelei, Michael shows a little relief that he at least didn't make her cry or hate him or both, again. He continues on towards the gate to Volken when he notices the semi familiar man eyeing a map and then streets. Michael walks over, and politely inquires, "M'lord? Do you need directions?"

"I was just trying to find good lodgings." Kadmus says to the approaching fellow, giving him a brief glance, "Oh, you were that Squire the other day, hmmn?" he asks, "Well, do you have any good recommendations then?" he asks, closing down the holo-display as he turns to face Michael.

Michael nods slightly, "I am indeed, Michael Athyros, nice to meet you again m'lord." he bows his head, "As for lodgings, it would depend on preferrences but the ones at the far end of the Esplanade nearest the Citadel are usually the best." he motions to the north briefly.

"Well, that narrows it down, perhaps." Kadmus says with a slight nod, his attention turning to his two porters, "Get my things to one of the Esplanade inn's and send me a message which one you've found." He says, the fellow gives a bow, and an affirmative before the two are off with his things, "Athyros, hmn, I don't recognize that name, a Citizen then?"

Michael nods slightly, "Yes m'lord." is the simple reply. "I apologize, but I seem to not have gotten yours when we last met. If I remember correctly, it was a very busy day at the park."

"Well, you were a bit busy fawning over the Arboren hand-maiden to talk ot me when I'd asked you about yourself." Kadmus says at that, "So It's no suprise, but again, I am Young Lord Kadmus Volen."

Michael blushes slightly at the curt mention of his lack of etiquette. He nods though, saying "Again, my apologies… it was and eventful morning followed by a confusing mid afternoon, and ending with a rather uneventful evening. "It is nice to meet you again though. I am squired to Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm… though, I suppose you would have guessed that from that fancy suit I wore at the end."

"Young Lady Ibrahm did tell me, yes." Kadmus nods, "And it was an adequete suit." He agrees, "So how did you manage such a prestigious Knight to squire under? It is not so common that a Citizen manages to squire under such a prestigious person as the Young Lady Ibrahm."

Michael ponders the question for a moment, "We met in a bar, and I was just bold enough to ask to sit with her. After that, when she heard I had retaken to the dream of knighhood and was looking to resquire, she made the offer to me."

"Huh." Kadmus says, shrugging slightly, "Not a terribly impressive tale, or inspiring one. Perhaps you should work on something with a bit more mass-appeal then 'Oh, I just asked her in a bar'. You should be setting an example, rather then squandering it."

Michael taps his chin slightly, "It was pure luck, plain and simple." he hms, "Why dress it up with fancy? Make out some story like it was fated to happen…" he shakes his head slightly, "You're right that I'm to set an example, the younger soldiers and squires of the barracks look up to me, part because I'm already fully trained, and part because I am the squire to Sir Johana."

"Because no citizen is going to want to aspire to a knight if they think it's something reliant on 'pure luck'." Kadmus says, "You'll be asked about how you became a knight, no doubt, once you have your knighting ceremony, and you'll rather embarass the Young Lady, and yourself, if you say you asked her in a bar." He adds, "And if you're fully trained, why do you not have your spurs, hmn?"

"A good point m'lord, one I had not considered… I'll speak with Sir Johana about it on next patrol." he pauses, "My former knight past away prior to my ceremony. I graduated as a squire for it."

"Who was your former knight?" Kadmus asks, considering the young squire, "And that shouldn't have stopped you from being Knighted if you were ready. If you are fully trained, you are just wasting your time, and Young Lady Ibrahm's by remaining her squire when you could be out fighting the Hostiles for your house."

"Sir Roan Corbin, sworn to House Sauveur." he stops for a moment, "Her passing was difficult for me to take, and I couldn't go through with the ceremony. I've spent the last six years working in a store instead of on the field. I feel it's best that I work as a squire and if Sir Johana believes I'm ready then I'll go forward with my knighting."

"Interesting." Kadmus says, considering Michael a bit, "Are you going to surrender so easily once again if one of your friends, or allies die facing the Hostiles? You should consider these things long and hard, perhaps spend time in prayer to the Knight for steadiness so you don't fail yourself, and those relying on you again. Being a Knight is not something you can so easily discard just because it gets difficult, Squire."

Michael nods slightly, "I was also just barely eighteen and only seen two battles that resulted in no deaths. Her's was the first one I had to deal with, and she and I were close friends aside from Knight and Squire." he pauses, "However, I've returned to the field the intention of proving that I was worthy of Sir Corbin's praise, and that I'm worthy now of Sir Johana's." a look of determination and resolve in his eyes as he speaks.

It's odd for Ariana to be this far from home during the evenings, especially without a group of friends and acquaintances in tow to share drinks with or converse over dinner or whathaveyou. So rather than being surrounded by her noble peers, she, instead, merely has only her pair of bodyguards to occupy her time with. Not that she is conversing with either of them at the moment, for the young Lady looks as if she were on a mission of sorts. Speaking through her earpiece, she is in an obvious conversation with someone on the other end, "Yes. Go with that. I'm in a little bit of a hurry at the moment, but run it again. Once with no changes made and a second time.. right." As she speaks, her bright blue eyes scan the area as if she were looking for something in particular. "I'm in Landing currently and I won't be back at the laboratory until tomorrow." Despite having just finished her shift, she has changed out of her science attire and now dons an elegant gown in deep hues of turquoise and cyan. Her House colors.

"I wonder if you're maybe more interested in impressing, and the approval of young women, then actual knightly pursuits." Kadmus says with a little hmmn as he eyes the Knight, "But perhaps you'll have it in you to actually fight the Hostiles." He says, though his attention is distracted by the flash of turquoise and cyan that is Ariana, and he raises his hand towards the woman, flashing a smile.

Michael would shrug, if it was appropriate. Instead Michael keeps his mouth shut with this noble, and secretly wishes all nobles were like Densoric and Talayla. As the striking woman in the various blues walks by Michael only notes the guards and then Kadmus' greeting gesture.

While Kadmus may not look like a fancy boutique filled with wonderful and pretty baubles and the like, Ariana does take notice of him, still. An initial smile, a soft one, is offered to the familiar face of the Volen noble, but as she is still at some distance, she continues on with her conversation, "Are you certain that you are using the correct amount?" Her lips purse, "Use a new sample and try it again. Make sure to keep an eye on the toxin levels. If anything disastruous happens, do let me know. Otherwise, I have a few errands to run tonight before I head home. I will see you tomorrow." Click. A polite lowering of her head is then given to Kadmus, though her piercing gaze does peer out at the stranger in the man's company and immediately, she looks over his attire, even as she speaks, "Lord Kadmus, whatever has brought you to Landing this evening? As for myself, I've suddenly found myself in need of a gift. A cousin of mine is having her first child, so I thought I'd give her something cute."

"Do convey my regards to your cousin, Lady Ariana." Kadmus says with a slight bow to the woman, "And I am taking a break from my tour of Imperius for the night here in Landing before I continue onwards." He adds, "Lady Ariana, have you met Young Lady Ibrahm's squire yet?" he asks, gesturing to Michael, "Squire Michael Athyros, this is Lady Ariana Larent."

"It is an honor to meet you Lady Larent." Michael bows politely to Ariana. "House Ibrahms congratulations to your cousin as well."

"Of course, My Lord and thank you. The family is quite excited, as you may expect." Ariana says with light enthusiasm in a lyrical tone. "Ah, that is right. You were visiting all of the Paramount Houses. Where have you seen so far and where do you plan on going to next?" The idea of travel seems to delight her. "And have you heard word from the Orelle as of yet?" Despite the gravity of her inquiry, there's almost a touch of chipperness when she asks this. She then turns lightly when an introduction is made and immediately she notes the lack of noble last name. A polite enough smile is given to the squire, when she does ask, a perfectly shaped brow arching in her far too mild curiosity, but it must be brought up. As it probably was brought up many times before. "Aren't you a little too old to be a squire? Nevertheless, I have met the Young Lady Sir Ibrahm and she is quite lovely." When the Larent says this, she speaks of personality more than likely. "Thank you as well for your kind words."

"We had just been discussing his Squiring, infact." Kadmus says to Ariana with a smile, "And I just spent a couple days visiting the Arboren, quite a curious home they have, I don't know if I quite approve of all the green, but refreshing none the less. And no word from the Orelle, though Lady Talayla will be hosting the meeting for us, and providing her hospitality."

Michael smiles, and says "You are correct, I am much older than almost all squires. According to Lady Sir Johana, it won't be very long before I'm knighted. So far, I have done my duties as her squire to her liking. Thankfully, patrols have been quiet, it's never a good thing when a patrol day is interesting." he continues his smile but drops off.

Ariana blinks quickly, looking from Kadmus to Michael once more when this squiring discussion is brought up. Still, what had initially intrigued her seemed to have waned and rather than press the question further, she merely responds with an "Oh?". If anyone is willing to elaborate further, she doesn't look as if she would stop them. And while she really may not have much of an interest in some of what is said, just to toss out a conversational piece, for the moment, she does ask, "I am curious now. How ever did you get the privelege to squire for the Young Lady? What an honor this must be for you!" Her icy blue gaze then returns to Kadmus, commenting and the like on what he has said, "Arboren does tend to be a bit dreary. Beautiful foilage though in all of its natural glory. And that is great news. I know that my Lord Father is hoping for an official meeting to discuss how the Houses of the Lashes should coordinate in this dark times."

"I can only assume that Young Lord Orelle will attend." Kadmus says with a nod to Ariana, "But regardless, it is imperitive to push the Hostiles off of Niveus before they get entrenched." he says, "And I am still keenly interested in this trip to the reefs that I promised." he adds, "Perhaps in the net day or two I'll make the arrangements and we can go out and enjoy the Mare Maris waters."

Michael smiles brightly to Ariana and nods his head, "Indeed it is a great honor to have been selected as her squire. It is rare that citizen squires such as myself are chosen by such esteemed knights. I am encouraged ever more by that fact, to prove myself and earn my spurs and bring honor to her name with it." he glances at a clock not too far off, then bows to both of them. "I apologize, but the hour grows late and as squire there are still many things I must see to. Please excuse me, it was wonderful to meet the both of you."

Ariana nods slowly when the Young Lord of Orelle is brought up and yet… "From what I've heard, he's been rather… preoccupied." And here Ariana smiles her sweetest of smiles. "I hope that you are right, however, Lord Kadmus and that he does make an appearance to run this meeting." Those naturally cold eyes suddenly brighten at the Volen's next suggestion. "I can't wait to set foot on Mare Maris again. I fact, while I am here, I should see about purchasing something to wear for the event. I must certainly add that to my to-do list." Just the beauty of the waters of Mare Maris lightens her mood considerably." When the squire tries to sneak off, Ariana decides to prevent him from doing so. Not out of any real interest of what he has to say, but it's something to do. "You did not say how it was that you were so graced to meeting with the Young Lady of Ibrahm. You /must/ have made an impression on her, to take in a squire of your age."

"It was a pleasure speaking with you, Squire." Kadmus says with a slight nod though he looks to Ariana as she presses him a bit further, smiling slightly, "I'm eager to see your new outfit, Lady Ariana." But his attention soon returns to Michael for his answer.

Michael had just started to turn when Ariana hits him with the question. He's hoped to talk to Johana first, however he's a poet he can talk his way through this without doing harm. He smiles brightly to Ariana again, "I had returned from my yearly rememberance and time of mourning over the untimely loss of my former knight, Sir Roan Corbin, when I was fated into a storm that proved to harsh to bear. In my effort for shelter, I happened into a polite smile and hello, and found myself face to face with Sir Johana. I took it as a message from the six that his was my time, and I found the courage to ask the Lady if I could speak with her. My boldness and my courage won the day, and I was granted my request. She was kind enough to listen to my tale, and said that if I swore to serve her as well if not better than I did Sir Corbin, she would see to my squiring."

Ariana actually looks as if she were immediately going to return to conversation with Kadmus even after asking her question of the Squire, but Michael's impressive tale does, at the very least, capture her attention as she focuses her gaze directly upon him as he tells his tale. Her expression she wears is a neutral one, which tends to be the norm, when she's not thinking of smiling and those cold eyes of hers even narrow a tiny bit for the briefest of moments. When the man is done, the Larent maiden intones rather thoughtfully, "Interesting. I can't say that I was expecting that. But, yes, interesting. You were fated indeed, so it would seem." Though she does not offer him a smile, she seems content by this story, before she ends it with, "Have a good evening, Squire Michael." She then turns to Kadmus and without missing a beat, muses exactly what was on her mind before she was interrupted. "As I am eager to see Mare Maris again. Do you know who you will be inviting yet, My Lord?"

"Well, I had assumed you were going to be inviting several of your friends, Lady Ariana, so I had not wanted to invite too many people, but I may extend an invitation or two depending upon the circumstance, I'm certain Lady Eirene will want to come, at the very least."

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