04.28.3013: A Reunion of Sorts
Summary: Ellinor, Lyrienne and Cedric catch up, but not before Ellinor and Nikomachos share some casual conversing.
Date: 28 April 2012
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Grand Esplanade, Landing
Although the Grand Esplanade is centered on a double lane for ground vehicles and carriages, the majority of the broad street is held for pedestrian use. Smooth pavement extends out around planters that keep vehicle traffic away from people on foot, exposing a broad expanse to the feet of passers by.

The Esplanade leads past scores of little hole-in-the-wall shops and kiosks selling everything from daggers to scarves to jewelry. Light posts are interspersed with the planters, casting a warm glow over the Esplanade at night, while electrostatic shields blur the skies but keep off any rain from above, leaving the Esplanade crowded day or night, rain or shine.

Towering over the Esplanade to the west is the shimmering steel spire of the Citadel, while the Gardens of Erkwin and the Landing Stadium lie to the east. Directly north is the magnificent Palace Towers, seat of House Sauveur.

April 28, 3013

Rain softly peppers against the electrostatic shield looming high above the Esplanade. It has been raining for some time — though it is a warm and comfortable sort of rain, almost lazy compared to downpours that afflicted the city island several weeks ago. Amongst those taking refuge under the shielding is young Sir Ellinor Sauveur. Her borderline informal ensemble has taken on a vibrant violet hue thanks to the color-changing filaments woven throughout the fabric. She is guiding a dappled gelding by his reins, whose slightly shaggy hooves clank steadily against the street. His flanks are tattooed with dark silver patterning that resembles a tribalesque eagle — the heraldy of the Sauveurs. She is humming softly as she continues her slow, laborious path toward the Palace Towers.

Nikomachos could probably have found something to eat in the Palace, but at the Palace, you don't have (as many) people recognizing you from the last tournament you ran in. And so the scion of Cindravale has taken a seat at a roadside eatery, a bowl of noodles cradled in his left hand. At least, it used to be a bowl of noodles. Now it's just broth, and he is using his chopsticks to scroll through the glowing orange menu of a holobook. A few onlookers are watching the knight and gossiping with one another — by the little smile at one corner of the young man's lips, he knows very well what's happening. The passage of the monster warhorse, however, is enough to draw his attention away from posturing for his fans. Tapping his bracelet against the reader on the table, he sets down his bowl and chopsticks, rising to his feet and walking over to the woman and her horse, approaching casually and moving to walk on the other side of the gelding. His voice, when he raises it up to a mere conversational range, is light, easy, warm, "Simply beautiful, Sir."

The Cindravale Knight may have been trying to avoid people recognizing him, but Ellinor has seen that mug before. So, when he approaches, she offers him a simple curve of her lips that gently touches her moss-colored eyes. "I'm sure that he appreciates the compliments, Sir," the Sauveur engages with the same level of casual conversation. She gives the mount a gentle scratch under his chin, which causes him to bob his head gently. The Knight glances over toward where the Cindravale had came from, looking over the abandoned fans with a hint of amusement. "No dessert?"

Nikomachos leans forward, looking beneath the warhorse's neck to inquire, "Oh, was I speaking of the horse?" That draws his smile up at one corner, "I suppose I may have been. He's a magnificent animal." Glancing back over his shoulder, the Cindravale knight raises a hand to wave brightly at his admirers, causing the smiles and whispers to double. "I like a little time between lunch and dessert. The name's Niko. Niko Cindravale. Does he have a name, Sir Double Eagle?" There's a hint of teasing in his voice as he references the supposed Sauveur origins of his companion of the moment and asks for her horse's name before her own.

The Sauveur looks faintly amused — she almost nearly rolls her eyes even at the response to his adoring fans. "I could only assume. You would not want to hurt his feelings now, would you?" She returns in a touch of jest as she runs her fingers through the horse's loose mane. "Merrymaker," she responds in complete and earnest deadpan. The horse gently snorts at hearing his name, ears twitching a bit. She gives the warhorse's nose another soft nudge of her knuckles, making his nostrils flare to take in her scent. "He is pleased to make your acquaintance, Sir Niko."

Nikomachos looks up at the destrier, reaching up to carefully pat the horse's neck, wary of any attempt to bite at him. "Well Merrymaker, you can tell your knight that she cuts a very striking figure too." He pushes his fingers through his hair, sending it spiking up even further. "If you don't mind my asking, what has you out and about, Merrymaker's knight? Did this handsome fellow need a check-up?"

Merrymaker makes no such attempts, turning his massive nose down toward the Knight to proceed in sniffing around the man's hair in his own manner of greeting. So far, there appears to be no threat of providing the Cindravale with a new haircut. Ellinor watches the engagement with a slight quirk of her chin, but then she shakes her head a bit. "No such appointment. I just came back from your lands, actually, Sir Niko. The Plains of Ares are some the best riding lands in all of Imperius. But, I don't need to tell you that, do I?"

Nikomachos tilts his head a bit to make it easier for the destrier to nose around ad his hair, evidently quite comfortable with the nearness of the monster equine. "Not in the slightest, Sir. I've spent many a day riding across the Plains of Ares. Beautiful territory. I particularly enjoy watching the sunrise over the plains… the waves of grass turned red by the rising sun. That's how they got their name, you know. Ares was apparently a primitive war god of some sort."

Ellinor looks up toward Merrymaker as the destrier snorts out a breath over the knight's hair before bowing his neck to bring his head closer to his knight's shoulder. She lifts her hand up to gently touch the neck of the horse once more before she steps around the horse so that she may be on the same side of the fellow knight. "I hadn't heard that," she says with a quirk of her lips. "So… you see the sunrise over the Plains and come to Landing for a bowl of noodles… and then what? Head to the Spine to watch the sunset?"

Nikomachos reaches up to pat the charger's neck again, scrubbing lightly at the short hair of his coat. "I tended to pay attention when my tutors mentioned war." The self-deprecating comment is accompanied by a light laugh, "And sadly, I didn't have an opportunity to see sunrise over the Plains today. I was offered guestright at the Palace Towers this morning. I'm in Landing for several days, training with Sir Erskin. He has the most extraordinary point control. But the west coast of the Spine does indeed have gorgeous sunsets. I love seeing the sun go down into the sea. And what about yourself, Sir Nameless Beauty?" Apparently, he's planning to keep coming up with new names for her. "Besides riding wild across the Fields of Ares, what are the sights you enjoy?"

Ellinor starts to smile a bit more easily as he suggests up another name, and she relaxes a bit more into her stance with her half-cocked hip and her fingers softly cradling her chin as she regards the Valen. "You're a jouster," she says without question. "Hmm. You rode against Sir Illin in the March tourney… came to a draw, didn't it?" She then regards his own inquiries, considering earnestly how troublesome she should be with the young Cindravale. She decides to give the man a small break. "I spent several days on Niveus just a week ago to indulge in some ice climbing. I have certainly seen my share of western sunsets." She offers him a slightly lopsided smile. "I would even say the view from the Ring is quite… enjoyable."

Nikomachos nods his head as he half-turns toward Merrymaker, continuing to lavish attention on the big beastie, "Ah yes… Sir Illin. He jousts like a boulder… no style, but a great deal of force. I had bruises for weeks afterward." Nodding slowly once more, he puts in, "I have to admit that I've never been to Niveus. I participated in a tourney on Inculta a year and a half ago. I'm afraid it didn't agree with me. Despite sunblock, I was as red as a tomato. Most undignified." There's a pause, and then he glances over his shoulder and offers up a crooked grin, "But at least I came closer to matching my house colors…" he gestures toward his chest just as the wave of fire washes across it.

Ellinor cannot help but give the fellow knight a dutiful — but genuine — laugh. "Serves you right to try to poke a boulder with a stick." She glances up at Merrymaker as the horse releases a shiver of impatience, and the woman releases a cluck of displeasure. "Alright, alright." She glances toward Nikomachos. "Walk and talk, Sir Niko… walk and talk." She gives the reins a gentle tug to encourage the monstrous destrier to take a forward step along their previous path toward the Towers. "I suppose being fiery red is better than being woeful blue," she says, in regards to the Cindravale House colors.

"That boulder tried to poke me with a stick!" Nikomachos protests with a laugh, shaking his head. "An invitation from one of the Eagles… that I should soar so high, Sir Merryowner, my dear parents would be quite impressed." He's teasing, obviously, and moves to walk alongside the Sauveur, "And that, Oh Knight-of-the-Flame-Hair," another wash of fire across his jerkin suggests that this isn't exactly an insult, "is why I haven't gone to Niveus."

"Knight of the Flame Hair," Ellinor repeats with a hint of approval. "It might a shy too long… Knight of Flame, perhaps?" She tucks her hands into the hidden pockets on the sides of her a-line skirt, the reins remaining gently grasped in one fist. She gives that aforementioned dark flamed hair a gentle toss. Then she offers him a coy smile over the top of her structured shoulder. "You're missing out, Sir. Though it does make for poor riding terrain and I can't imagine they'd host much of a tournament there."

Nikomachos nods acceptance, "It is a little too long, you're right. But far more flattering than Firehead." Once more, his lips curl into a smirk, "The other problem with Niveus, of course, is that cold weather gear is far from flattering." There's a moment's pause as he waits for her to make assumptions about his statement and about him, and then he runs his hands down the front of his chest and over his hips, "I prefer much lighter fabrics for myself. It flatters my frame much better."

Ellinor arches up a brow as she continues across the esplanade at a slow and easy pace. "Is it not the body beneath the fabric, not the fabric itself, that matters?" She of course abruptly realizes the floodgates she has perhaps opened with this particular Cindravale, and it causes her to cast him a squint. "Don't go there," she says firmly, though he has finally managed to incite a soft flush at the height of her cheeks.

Nikomachos spreads his hands helplessly, turning them palms up as he does, "With too much fabric, you can't see nearly enough of the form." Gray eyes flick over to the woman walking alongside him, and his smirk deepens into a broad grin, "Oh, my apologies, Sir Cinnamon. I do hope that wasn't where I wasn't supposed to go. I know that a leal member of a House Paramount should always follow the orders of House Sauveur."

Ellinor smirks. "You lack an imagination, Sir Niko." The young Sauveur cousin is walking alongside the Cindravale knight with the reins of her monstrous destrier tucked into the pocket of her skirt. There has been a small rainshower over this portion of Landing, though it has started to dissipate; however, the electrostatic shielding has kept the esplanade dry. "And I am just a cousin to the Sauveur crown. You needn't follow my orders."

"She hunts drakes, Ric," Lyrienne points out, amused. "I don't think they're very tasty. And I appreciate the offer," she murmurs, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek. "But I don't think it's a matter of having another person available. The nannies are available. He's waking me up because he's aiming for me, and I can hear him. Ric, I think Julian's Awakened." Because that's a great welcome home bit of news, right? She and Cedric are just leaving the Ways, arm in arm.

"Drakes?" The Royal Navy Captain seems a bit impressed by that. "You never know. I've heard they taste like chicken." Beat. "But doesn't everything?" Dressed in his officers uniform with his officer's sidearm hand crossbow secured tightly in a holster, his arm is currently linked with Lyrienne's, making their way away from the Waygate. "Julian? Awakened?" He seems a bit preplexed by this, likely never intending or considering the idea that one of his children might be just. "You…would know better than me in areas like that. Is there anything I do, or would it be better if I just stayed the hell out of the way on this one?"

Nikomachos walks on the other side of Sauveur from her thousand-kilo-plus horse, laughing softly at her words, "Oh, believe me, I have plenty of imagination. I just prefer not to have to stress it." They stroll slowly up toward the Palace Towers, and he laughs lightly, a wash of flame rolling over his jerkin, "If I strained it too hard, I wouldn't be able to keep coming up with new things to call you, Sir Sunset Sky."

There is a faint… knowing… when her sister comes into line of sight. Ellinor pauses in their forward strides to turn ever so slightly to look over her shoulder. Merrymaker pauses in his own strides behind his knight, bobbing his head a bit with a faint whinny. The new attempt at a name from the Cindravale earns a bit of a grin in his direction even while she starts to look over the esplanade. "And is Sunset Sky your best attempt?" She challenges him as she reaches up to give Merrymaker's forehead a gentle nudge as he starts to press his head into her shoulder. The horse apparently has places to go, mares to see.

"I don't think there's really much you can do about it either way," Lyrienne assures Cedric, patting his forearm gently. "It will be what it will be, and at least he'll have family around when he comes into it fully." As they walk out, she catches sight of her sister - or rather of the destrier she calls a horse. "Ah, speaking of family," she murmurs, smile flashing as she raises her free hand toward Ellinor. "Ellinor!" she calls, voice carrying clear as a bell.

"No. I suppose not." Cedric is clinical as always, though this time he doesn't seem to really enjoy that particular result. "Won't change that he's still my son, but I think we know who the favorite is going to be." he points out, amusement tugging at his lips. "I don't think I've ever quite heard the Awakened Phenomena explained any better than usual, but I think at this point I've simply stopped wondering about. Some things in the universe aren't meant to be understood. When his wife calls over to her sister, the naval Captain suddenly feels himself being drug over towards the horse.

"You prefer Sir Drakefire?" Nikomachos pauses a moment, then nods to himself, "I rather think I do." Turning in place, he gestures from dark leggings to blue dress and dark red hair, "Although I do think Sunset Sky is rather fitting as well." The call and the approaching sister draws his eyebrows up, "Ahhh, perhaps you tire of the names, Sir Ellinor?" There's just a hint to the question to the name, and then he's looking back to the pair approaching, bowing his head in silent greeting, but holding back a touch to see if he will be introduced or if he has to do the honors himself.

Merrymaker releases another snort as it seems that he will be going anywhere. It is as if he roots his feet into the ground, becoming staunch and still in the wake of being denied further movement. Ellinor is allowed to drop his reins now as the monster of a horse does not appear to be going anywhere due to his own acceptance. She glances around as she hears her sister's voice, and she blinks in a touch of surprise. "Lyrienne," she says in half-question. Though she does cast Niko a look as he is given her name without further effort. "I was waiting to see how far you would go, Sir Niko." Then she turns to greet sister and her sister's husband fully.

Lyrienne smiles warmly as she reaches Ellinor and the other knight, features bright. "And here I was just telling Ric that I thought you were busy hunting down more drakes and wouldn't have been able to come and try that new restaurant with me," she declares, head tilting slightly as she looks to Nikomachos. "And who's your friend?" she asks boldly, a teasing note in her voice.

"I was the second-stringer. She wanted to wine and dine with you, I was just the backup since my ship came into port on the Ring today." Cedric comments, leaning back on his heels. "No hello for me, Ellinor? I'm hurt. Wounded, even." He's been married to her sister for seven, you'd think they'd be on a first name basis by this point. "I was just telling Lyrie to tell you thank you for stopping by during Lysandra's birthday a month or so back." Of course he would've been there but…being stuck on a ship patroling Desolation does have it's downsides. At Lyrienne's question. Though the Captain does tilt his head at Nikomachos.

Nikomachos reaches up to scrub his fingers back through his hair, setting it to a wild tumble of spiky strands, offering up a bright smile to Lyrienne, "Sir Nikomachos Cindravale, Lady Lyrienne," Evidently, he listens to others now and then… at least enough to get their names. There's another pause, and then he nods to the other man as well, "Captain." And apparently he can read rank insignia too. "Sir Drakefire here was just seeing how many names I would come up with before I finally asked for the one given to her at birth. And all I wanted to do was compliment her on her destrier."

"Lyrie," Ellinor says with a bit of a laugh, and she casts a glance toward Niko before she returns to her sister with a warmer smile. "With the accident in the Northern Mountains, Mother has requested I suspend hunting until the damage has been cleared." She smirks. "Apparently the drakes aren't as dangerous possible lava flows." Then she straightens a bit at the question, gesturing with a positively graveful flourish of fingers. "Lord Captain Cedric Orelle," she provides to Nikomachos, though she does immediately follow it up with a smirk. "He means Merrymaker," she carefully clarifies.

"A pleasure, Sir Nikomachos," Lyrienne dips her chin in a graceful nod to the knight, smile bright. "Well, if she's been hiding her name still, this is my sister, Lady Ellinor Sauveur. And I'm sure she's very pleased to meet you and appreciates the compliment. I know she's very fond of her destriers. And this is my husband, Lord Captain Cedric Orelle, though we call him Ric. And I'm Lady Lyrienne Orelle," she completes the list, offering a hand palm down." Ellinor can beat things up. Lyrienne knows how to play the lady.

Until she feels like throwing fireballs around. Cedric knows better, having learned that in the past. When she wants a steak topped with pickles at midnight, oh hell, you better have that for her. In no hurry to do that pregnancy thing again anytime soon. "Only partly after my name. Years back, was on a ship I lovingly called a 'rickety bucket of floating scrap'. Lyrienne found the connection rather…" he eyeballs her, before finishing with, "..funny. But good to meet you, Sir Nikomachos. He raises a brow. "There was an accident in the mountains? I hadn't heard, been out guard-dogging Desolation for the last three weeks."

"Lady Lyrie, then, and Captain Ric," Nikomachos' right hand gestures languidly between the pair, and then to himself again, "And I typically allow my friends to call me Niko. I know that Nikomachos can be a bit of a mouthful." Turning over to Ellinor, he narrows his eyes slightly in thought, "Which would make you… Ellie. And of course I mean Merrymaker." Gray eyes blink innocently, his smile spreading guilelessly. Shifting his attention back to Cedric, he nods his head, "A volcano in the Crescent blew its top. The consequences of living on an ash plain, I'm afraid. Low loss of life, thank the Six, but several factories damaged and destroyed."

"Lyrie…" Ellinor says with a touch of embarassment that does not quite turn into a blush. She casts a glance between her relatives before she accepts the hopeful change of conversation — and then Niko calls her Ellie and she narrows her eyes quite dangerously at the Valen. "You've not earned that yet, Sir Niko." Though she does not look angry… not exactly. Then she nods her head with Niko's assessment. "Some are saying that a safefail… well… failed. The volcanoes have been controlled for generations."

"Do you really think that's what happened?" Lyrienne arches a brow at Ellinor. "I mean, surely it wouldn't have been sabotage. Before the Hostiles? Can you imagine anyone in Khournas making that sort of…breach of duty? Honestly, I can't even see them letting an unauthorized person near the equipment. But maybe you ought to run some security protocol drills, Ric," she suggests to her husband, rambling along.

Cedric doesn't hide the low chuckle. "Don't worry, Sir. I've been married into her family for years and I don't I've even earned that yet." he comments, grinning at Ellinor. He does love to poke fun at his sister-in-law." The incident gets a bit of a blink from the Captain. "That's rather peculiar." But Lyrienne's suggestion gets a shrug in return. "I'm not sure if that's really the navy's domain. I mean, getting some orbial or ground-penetrating scans might not be a bad idea and I'll suggest it to Admiral Ilo, but that's about as much as I can do. If he think that ships are better used partroling the borders, I can't really argue against him on that."

Nikomachos holds up his hands on either side of his head, "Sir Drakefire it is then." Letting his hands drop back to his sides, he shrugs helplessly, "The Khourni tend toward the plodding and dull, but they are certainly dutiful." He nods to Cedric, smiling a little crookedly, "Of course, those who dare, win. I'm sure that the Crown Council will ensure that it's investigated. After all, the best arms and armor do come from Khournas, and we will need all of them that we can get." Laughing lightly, he adds, "Although I dare say that they could use stopping by the Vale first for a little…" he pauses, searching for the right word with his hands, "…brightening up."

"Honest…" And Ellinor sighs. She reaches up to gently scratch at the gelding's cheek as she considers the question. "It would surprise me. But it is something that I've heard being thrown about the dinner table." And how interesting a regular dinner in the Royal Dining Room may be. She then casts Cedric a bit of a look. "You've almost earned it… if you let me take Lys off that station of yours more." Because she's dedicated to getting one of her sister's children to not live the normal Orelle lifestyle. She shakes her head a bit at the concerns. "I'm certain that the Arboren would say that this is proof that you cannot control every aspect of nature." She casts a glance toward her sister who was, for all her Purple Eagle, spent much more of her life with the Arboren.

"Well, it's true," Lyrienne shrugs to Ellinor with an impish flash of a smile. "Ask Advent. He can give you the hermetic and scientific reasons for it. Nature abhors a vacuum and seeks a balance. One way or another. But as humans, realistically, we're prone to meddling with it. And I meant, Ric, that you might go over them on your ship," she adds more seriously. "In case anyone should try to infiltrate and sabotage things there. Space is hardly any safer than the inside of a volcano."

Hey, what's wrong with normal Orelle lifestlye? Cedric should be offended! But he's, having since becoming accustomed to this after seven years of marriage with Lyirenne. "Because we like to control everything." he notes to his wife. "I have no idea what could've caused it, I'm no scientist, but I will say that for all their tree-hugging views, I will say that they might be right. Could've been a natural anomoly, but hell, don't take my word for it." A moment of thought passes listening, then nodding. "Excuse me for a moment." He steps away for a moment, talking through a communicator, likely with the Lieutenant that has the deck on his ship.

Nikomachos arches an eyebrow at Ellinor, then puts in, "Well, everyone should have a chance to see the sunrise over the Fields of Ares." He listens to the various reasons being given, and then laughs softly, "Personally, I would say that accidents happen. And that people can be exceptionally stupid." The Cindravale knight turns to watch the two Sauveur women talking in front of the giant destrier with its double-headed eagle tattoo, and he digs into a pocket of his jerkin, pulling out a slimline digital camera, stepping back a moment to study the scene, "One of the two is likely to blame, but maybe there's some mystic explanation…"

Ellinor casts a glance toward Nikomachos at his suggestion once more of a sunrise, and she gives him a bit of a sobered smile that almost touches the corners of her eeys. Then she nods in agreement with his assessment. "The volcano was just upset that day?" She asks Niko as he steps away with his camera in hand. She gives it a speculative look before she casts a furtive smile back toward her relations. "I did ask our Uncle about it… pure fury at the suggestion that a fellow Khourni might be guilty of such a traitorous crime. I had to apologize profusely and send him a case of Sauveur red."

Lyrienne glances over her shoulder as Cedric steps away, sighing softly. "Well. Whatever caused it, at least there was no great loss of life. Arms and armor can be replaced, but mothers and fathers and children can't." When Nikomachos breaks out the camera, she arches a brow, though there's something almost automatic about the way she turns slightly, a perfectly composed smile curving across her features. She may have been raised in Arboren, but the past several years between here and Oculus have apparently made an impact as well.

"It's nothing Ell-Tee, just a precaution" Cedric notes from a few steps away, talking into his communicator. "Standard security checks, run the firewalls and anti-virus programs in the mainframe." Pause. "What? Did you really think I was going to leave the ship in your hands with nothing to do? Yeah, I know I said you'd get shore-leave, but this literally just came up. I want it done Lieutenant, got it?" Another pause, but the Captain nods. "Alright. I'll check in tomorrow over vidcomm. Make sure Sergeant Holcomb has done those artillery checks I told him to do before he goes and drowns himself in tits. Right. Out." Pocketing the device, he glances over at the picture and moves back, having no shame about moving right inbetween the women. "Ellinor, what's this I hear about you wanting to steal your niece away from her father?"

Nikomachos crouches down slightly, lifting the camera, "You don't need to do that, Lady Lyrie. At the risk of angering the good Captain, I'll repeat words I'm sure you've heard many times before, "You are quite beautiful enough without posing." He smiles over the camera, only to continue, "There is more life in natural action than in any staged shot." Shifting his head slightly, he looks beyond the camera, "Arms and armor, however, may not be able to be replaced before the Hostiles arrive." And then the camera is being lowered again, and the knight stepping back to the group as the naval Captain does as well.

Ellinor overhears the one-sided conversation between the Captain and his Lieutenant, and she turns toward Lyrienne to mouth 'drowns in tits?', but then she looks back around toward Cedric as he rejoins the conversation once more. "She deserves some fresh air and wild countryside… I would love to take her into the mountains, have her see the drake hatchlings." She holds up a finger at Lyrienne and Cedric as if predicting a follow-up comment. "While the broodmothers are on their own hunt, of course… out of harms way." She has not given Niko a pose, but there is a bit of stubbornness to that particular because of the charm and fans he tends to keep. She regards Nikomachos. "Then we will have to cope with the losses."

Lyrienne rolls her eyes to Ellinor with a soft sigh. Naval men. There's only so much you can do. Still, there's a small bit of satisfaction in her features to know that Cedric is at least taking precautions. "Beauty takes work, Sir, but you are kind," she says to Nikomachos with a flash of a smile that's more genuine than posed, which falters at Ellinor's suggestion. "Ellie, she's barely three years old," she objects. "And besides, they all spend as much time here as they do in Oculus. I'm hardly going to have them grow up with nothing but steel beneath their feet. Marus would probably appreciate it, though."

Cedric makes a 'tch' noise. "I was raised on the Ring, you know. And I ended up just fine. Oculus is a beautiful place with it's biodomes, it's almost impossible to tell you're in space. I had planned on taking Lyrienne and the kids for a trip to Nubillus if I had more time…" Lost time, it makes the Captain utter a little sigh. "I know, odd place to go for a family trip, but Marus wants to go on a Glider and he hasn't let up about it." he then chuckles. "Says he wants to be a pilot. But he also just wants to see his mother get into one." But he does nod at Ellinor. "I wouldn't be against it. He's got so much energy, I'm fairly certain he wears out your sister everyday, nevermind with having Julian now." He shrugs after a moment. "Granted, I'm humble enough to admit I think the kids like her side of the family more." A grin is offered between Nik and Lyrie. "Work my ass. She's naturally this lovely."

Nikomachos glances down at the screen of the camera again, then tucks it away within that flame-washed jerkin. "Of course beauty takes work." His smile flashes broad again, and he laughs lightly, "You think this," he gestures around his face and body, "doesn't take hours each morning?" The teasing tone in voice and laugh suggests he's actually being self-deprecating rather than self-aggrandizing. Looking over to Ellinor, he arches an eyebrow, "Drake-hunting at three? I would understand sightseeing, but I've never understood the attraction of running over mountains after overgrown lizards." Turning a smile to Ellinor, he adds, "Although I've heard their Drakefire can be quite beautiful." Cedric's comment draws a laugh, "Of course. Everyone needs an excellent base."

And then Ellinor says something without even thinking twice, "They may not get another opportunity." Those six words are immediately followed by a combined sigh and wince. "That is… it would be nice to have them see them before the season is over." She glances over toward Nikomachos in the wake of her rather lame cover-up. "I did not suggest hunting," she defends, "Just seeing." She rolls her shoulders a bit. "Marus has been asking, though he is more inclined to have Uncle Byron take him. You know. Male bonding and all that." She does offer a bit of a smirk toward her sister and her husband before she offers the former a smile. "And after three kids no less."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," Lyrienne laughs musically to her companions, that bright smile flashing across her features once more despite the grim nature of Ellinor's words. "I doubt the drakes will stop hunting the borders just because the Hostiles are coming. Sadly, it's difficult to communicate that sort of thing with animals. The drake gets hungry, it goes looking for food. We'll still have to defend against their predations, I'm sure." Cedric gets a suspicious look for his talk of gliders. "Marus only wants to see his mother get in one of those things because /someone/ keeps telling him what happened the last time."

"What?" Cedric tries to look innocent. And fails. "I thought you could handle combat manuvers in glider. See, now aren't you glad they pack air-sickness bags in the passenger sides? Besides that mishap, you liked it, don't even try to deny that." The matter of what Ellinor said does get a little sobering out of him. "No, she's right. We should let our children be children while we're still able to. Been thinking much the same on this last bout of ship duty. Besides, I don't want them or you on the Ring when the Hostiles come. The Ring will be the first line of defense. So it's probably for the best they start spending more time here anyways."

Ellinor's words send a chill through the Cindravale knight, and he shakes his head, "Our brave Royal Navy will break them up in orbit, and when they land, we'll drive them into the turf beneath the hooves of our chargers. There will be plenty of time for seeing drakes after they've been dealt with this time. We are, after all, the Generation of Revenge." The bracelet at Niko's left wrist chimes softly, and he bows his head slightly, offering up a smile, "Lord Captain, Lady, Sir… I am afraid I am due at the Tournament Grounds shortly. Another lesson with Sir Erskin on point control."

"I agree with your husband, Lyrie… you should be here." The chirp on Niko's wrist is afforded a glance before she finds herself smiling toward the knight once more. "Mind the boulder," Ellinor says dryly in the wake of Niko's farewell. "Though, I should be getting Merrymaker up to the stables." She steps up to press a kiss to her sister's cheek. "Make time, we will check out that new restaurant and also maybe give the Westend a whirl… you know, before you're off being the good mother again." She smiles toward Cedric before she exchanges a firm grasp of wrists with him — a bit of siblings in arms as it were. "Ricky." She then gathers up Merrymaker's reins, the statuesque behemoth seeming to come to life once more with a shake of his head.

"Happily, I've already set up a residence here, so you can all stop worrying that I'll manage to stumble into a Hostile and get myself killed," Lyrienne says with some amusement, turning her cheek to her sister's kiss. "Ric and I have reservations to get to once we get the kids to bed, too. Sir Niko, a pleasure to have met you," she says warmly to the knight. "I'm sure we'll meet again."

"Damn right, Sir Cindravale. We're the spear, you're the hammer." Cedric inclines his head at Nik as he makes his way off. Looking back at Ellinor and Lyrienne he, chuckles as his wife avoids that hilarious (for him anyways) memory. "We'll let you know if the food is at least decent. And I'm sure she'll send you pictures of how many times I step on her feet if she makes me dance." When the Knight reaches out to clasp wrists with the Captain, he does the same. "Ellie." he returns with a wink of his cybernetic eye. Clipping off a casual salute to her, he turns back at towards his wife. "I wasn't worried, you know. Just making that point clear, that's all.

Nikomachos shrugs helplessly at Ellinor, "Shouldn't have to face him until the next tourney." He nods to Lyrienne, "The pleasure was mine, I assure you." He nods sharply to Cedric in agreement, and then he's off again, whistling a jaunty tune as soon as he's a half dozen steps away.

"Come now," Ellinor says to Merrymaker, whose hooves thud heavily against the stone street under the guidance of the young Sauveur knight. She casts a glance toward the departing Cindravale knight, but further words are spared to his back as she nods back to her family with a grin. "Keep her out of trouble," she warns her brother-in-law before she continues back toward the towers and then the stables.

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