05.28.3014: A Request to be the Best
Summary: Solon seeks out Kassandra, and asks her to be his Best Man/Woman/Person, Sammel eavesdrops.
Date: 13 Jan 2014
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Penthouse Gardens
High up in the Fortress of Phylon, the lift opens to a garden atrium. The residential sections of the tower devoted to the Cindravale family and their guests rise up all around the patch of water and greenery, but here in the center is an oasis of nature. Sunlight is brought down from above by a cunning array of mirrors, and an electrostatic shield protects the garden from inclement weather. Arched doorways open up to corridors on all sides, leading back to private rooms and penthouses. The garden itself is centered around a fishpond with a sunken area at the middle where the waters are held back by transparent composites. A table and chairs allow people to sit and meet while looking out over the pond from water level. Around the pond are a variety of flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees, creating a fragrant, green preserve in the center of the Fortress.
May 28, 3014

Exiting from his own Penthouse wearing a more spartan outfit designed for practicing or sparring, Solon closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breathe before exhaling slowly. His first thought is to consider something to eat, but no, there are things that need to be attended to. He turns and begins to walk towards Kassie's penthouse, his mind going over several possible ways that he wants to approach this upcoming conversation. Before he makes the final approach to her door, he has a soft smile on his lips and is humming something of a tune as he walks.

Dressed in clothing that seems to suggest he's been out on a ride or something, Sammel steps out of the elevator, looking around the area now. Pausing as he spots Solon, he remains where he is for now.

Almost as if she were already aware of Solon's approach, the entrance to Kassie's penthouse creeeeaks open. The tip of a cane precedes her, tapping against the ground as she eases out into the gardens and closes the door behind her. Except for the stupid, stupid, stupid cane (it's so STUPID! what's wrong with medicine these days?!), Kass looks relatively normal. Her gaze lifts up from studying the plain, rounded tip of her walking stick to land on Solon; she squints. "You're up bright and early, my lord. Did your apartment catch on fire?"

His eyes move down to take in the cane for a moment, a slight frown coming over Solon's features for only a moment before he lifts his gaze to Kassie's. "Bright and early, cousin? Maybe to some, but it tends to be the most peaceful around this time to go out and get a bit of practice in." Solon's mouth moves as if he is about to say something else, his eyes glancing towards the cane, but then he shuts it. Instead of asking after her knee, he instead says, "I hope that things are coming along well. I am glad to see that you are awake though, there were two things that I was hoping to talk to you about."

"I'm not awake yet. I'm pretty sure I'm just sleepwalking," Kassie answers Solon, snorting quietly as she leans onto her cane and glances past Solon. Sammel's movements catch her attention, and she lifts her chin in a silent gesture of greeting before her gaze shifts back to the Young Lord. "If you insist on disturbing my breakfast with chatter, the least you can do is join me. I'd like to sit. What did you want to talk about?" She makes her way past Solon toward one of the tables situated about the garden.

"Hopefully, he's not trying to ask you out on a jog, Kassie," Sammel remarks with a grin, looking over and giving a nod to the two, before he starts making his way over in the general direction of the door to his own penthouse, although he moves slowly at the moment.

Solon's gaze shifts over to Sammel to give him a dubious look, obviously he would never do something like that to Kassie. Returning his attention to Kassie, he offers a nod and a smile, "Of course, cousin. I would be more than happy to join you." As she passes him, he turns to walk at her side, keeping his pace as such that he keeps up with her. As they walk, he offers, "I have been doing some thinking as of late about a couple of things since we had our last little talk those weeks ago." Nothing needs to be said about the content of that conversation of course. "I suppose the more important of the two subjects would be my upcoming wedding. I am thinking about changing things up a little bit, mostly due to my siblings being quite hard to reach right when I could use them the most, but also because I adore all of my cousins just as much." Glancing over to her, he just throws it out there. "I want you to be the 'best man' at my wedding, Kassie."

Kassie winks at Sammel as she settles into a chair, propping her cane against the edge of the table and reached down to rub her knee. "We talked about your wedding? Are you sure you were having that conversation with me? Because I'm pretty sure all we talked about were Hostiles, and I would expect the war to be more important. But, of course…" She waves a hand at Solon, gesturing for him to continue, and when he does, her eyebrows rise slowly until they threaten to disappear into her hairline. "Really? What do I have to do?"

There's a grin offered in return to Solon as Sammel sees that dubious look, and he comes to a stop now. "Just a joke, cousin," he remarks, a bit lightly. Another pause as he looks between the two, he looks like he's about to say something, but goes quiet as he hears the talk now. Just listening for the moment.

Taking his own seat at the table, Solon is slightly amused by her reaction. He's not quite sure if he has ever seen her act so surprised. "What do you have to do? Not that much, I think. There are some ceremonial functions that are quite easy, but the main tasks that you may need to focus on, should you accept, would be to prepare a speech for the reception, and perhaps work with other friends and family on a bachelor party. The good news on that front is that I do not really want anything other than to spend time with friends and family. I have, well, I have heard stories of the party thrown for Niko, and I cannot say that something like that is for me." He then throws over a glance to Sammel and waves him over. "If you are going to eavesdrop, you may as well do it sitting down, cousin."

Bacehlor parties. The bane of Kassandra's existence. She stares at Solon, silent and thoughtful, while considering the implications of her 'best man duties'. Finally, she heaves a sigh and glances away. "Okay, I can do it, so long as you can promise me that you do not - and I mean not - want strippers or—or anything of that nonsense. We can do a nice sit-down dinner or something. Or, well, I'll figure it out." Kassie frowns, glancing down to her hands and then back up to Solon. "Alright, I can do it. I will do it, even, just because you asked me and I like you. And you need someone masculine to balance you out with your girly curls."

Sammel grimaces momentarily as he hears the mention of Niko's bachelor party. "Yes, that one was a bit over the top…" Probably one of the reasons his own was a quiet affair. Moving over to take a seat as well, he offers a grin to his sister now. "I'm sure you'll do a good job for him, Kassie."

Upon hearing that she will do it, Solon begins to smile. Then he hears the word 'strippers' and pauses that smile, his face turning a little red. "No, Kassandra, I do not want there to be, uh, strippers." He almost struggles to get that last word out of his mouth. Also, he's pretty sure that Eirene would kill him if he went off and did that. "I think that it is safe to presume that something small and nice would be fine." Listening to the rest of her acceptance, causes him to laugh. "You know, if you wanted to have hair like this, I could give you tips." There's a slight pause where he lets this sink in for a moment, before grinning. "I jest, of course. Now then, that business out of the way, I wanted to bring up what we discussed previously. Looking back at it, I want to encourage you, and Sammel, to command a patrol now and again. When the day comes, and I hope it is far, far in the future, when I must take up the responsibilities my mother now holds, I will need you, and other family members close by. Not to mention that I would like to have my own children be squired to one of you as opposed to letting them go outside of the House."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sammy," Kassie replies, offering her brother a quick smile. As much as she'd like to harass Solon more about his hair, the turn of the conversation sobers her quickly. She leans forward to rest her arms on the table, squinting at Solon. "Me and Sammel as a team, you mean, or—what? Or are you not discussing specifics right now, but just a general hope?" She smiles briefly. "Well, nevertheless, I am quite sure Niky will be happy to hear it. I think he has certain aspirations." She drums her fingers on the table. "You're not even married yet, and you're already thinking about children?"

"Niko's bachelor party was a once in a lifetime thing, I believe…" Sammel offers, before he offers a grin in return to Kassie. "Leading patrols? I guess that makes sense, although it will probably take a lot of time for me to get comfortable with doing so." Going quiet for a few moments as the talk turns to children, before he offers a quiet smile now. "And miss out on all of the possible political alliances from it, Solon?" A brief pause, before he adds, "I must admit I've been having similar thoughts, about when the day comes, though."

Reaching up, Solon runs a hand through his hair as he gives Kassie a look. "Well, not really -that- much, but to be honest the thoughts are there that I have a duty to ensure that there is another generation of Cindravale to follow." Duty, duty, duty. Besides, the act of ensuring a future generation won't really be that much of a chore, or will it? Not as if he knows, anyway. Standing up, Solon sighs, "You know, I am going to be late for my daily training routine. I do hate to leave you both so soon." Glancing towards Sammel, Solon responds, "Political alliances can be made through marriages, cousin. Learning to fight as something other than a Valen? How dreadful." He winces at this as his mind drums up visions of a son of his fighting like an Arboren or… even worse, a Khourni. "It has been good to see you both, and Kassie, thank you for accepting. I am glad for it, cousin. And now, I wish you both a good day." And with that he heads off to his training regimen.

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