A Request for Lord Leonnida
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe submits a request to Lord Peter Leonnida
Date: 07 September. 2013
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Leonnida Alistair 

14 September. 3013 — Castle Leonnida

TO: Peter.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
FROM: Alistair.Hartcliffe@Senate_SouthernWilds
SUBJECT: Tourney for Tomorrow

My Lord Peter Leonnida,

I am writing on behalf of your people, my Lord, to request that House Leonnida offer funding towards a Tournament to be held in Phylon. The express purpose will be for funds, which shall be raised from the vendors in the markets as well as entry fees into the lists, to be dispersed to hospitals in greatest need during this time of conflict. The percentage House Leonnida commits towards this Tourney for Tomorrow shall equate its share of the funds to be returned to the people - the sick and the wounded. House Grantham has offered to support one-fifth of the projected costs. Your people of the Roar and beyond are quite strong, my Lord. They will benefit from this display of skill, which will better morale and have the bonus of securing extra funds for our medical centers in this time of conflict.

On behalf of the people I serve, and in deference to you, my liege,
Senator Alistair Hartcliffe

21 September. 3013 — Castle Leonnida

TO: Alistair.Hartcliffe@Senate_SouthernWilds
FROM: Peter.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
SUBJECT: Re: Tourney for Tomorrow


There's a war going on. A war for Haven's survival. We've allocated all the funds to charity that we're going to. If your office wants to spend that money on the tourney, have at it.


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