05.30.3013: A Quiet Spot
Summary: Nobles and Knights seek refuge from the chaos of the Ring in a coffee shop.
Date: 30 May 2013
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The Bazaar — Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
30 May 3013

The Blue District is loud as usual on the Ring tonight, but Sir Agnes has found a fairly quiet spot inside a small coffee shop. The Lady Knight is dressed simply in a surcoat with House Peake's arms embroidered on it, and leather breeches beneath it, with boots. Her sword is in the scabbard at her hip, peaceknotted for travel. She has a bag at her feet beneath her table, containing her armor, and is relaxing for a spell after a portrait session at the capitol, before returning to the Shadow of Intent. She sips a cup of tea as she scans over some sort of holoreport on a data pad.

Find a happy place. Find a quiet place. Tal seems to look a little overwhelmed in this place. Sure, the Ring's her home for ages, but it never fails to overload her senses. Still, stocking up and practicing her brewing takes -supplies-. She carries a potted hop with a stick for it to wrap around and looks a little comical walking around with such a large plant and a book under one arm. But it is her plant. There are many like it. But it is hers. Oooh, cafe! Gotta get some coffee for her cousin and wait- is that- "Lady Sir Agnes?"

Another one dressed quite simple is Barton. A surcout and other than that simple clothing. The arms of house Ibrahm showing. His warhammer hanging at his side. Easy enough to use with one hand and also easy to carry around. Mostly out on a stroll it seems, perhaps having gotten word of something interesting to find here. Walking and moving into the coffee shop as well. Hearing the call makes him glance over to Tal before looking to Agnes. Giving both a respectful bow of his head if they are looking.

Agnes looks up from her ridiculously boring statistics on the arms and personnel of the ship. She blinks a few times at being addressed. It seems to be happing a lot more since the Tourney Feast, and she's not accustomed to being recognized in public. "Milady Orelle," she greets with a bow of her head. "How do you fare this evening? Would you care to sit, that plant looks heavy." She gets up to help the young lady to the table, guiding the plant onto its own chair. The Knight Lieutenant veritably towers over Talayla, but even "The Bear" is not taller than Barton. Agnes looks over and she inclines her head to the man as well, before gesturing to an empty seat at their table.

Talayla smiles politely at the fellow (Read: Barton) glancing over from around her plant. She nods in greeting. "I'd wave, sir, but um…" Well, her hands are full! She looks to Agnes and bows her head back. "Salutations! And I'm okay, that would be nice…" She admits. She feels quiet short, suddenly, somehow. "Do you know that sir?" She looks between Barton and Agnes. Talayla has apparently been in near hermitude for a few years, it seems. "And thanks. My plant and I thank you," She beams to Agnes. "How do you fare this evening?" She seems to speak a little slowly, but picks up once she meanders out of her usually day dreamlike state. She even sets her book on the table.

Barton smiles to them both. Indeed being quite the large one. Nodding to Talayla, "Og it is quite fine, my lady." He assures her before being about to go back to his own business when he notices the gesture and sees no reason not to join them. Moving over and if needed offering help to move things around as he joins. "Hi, ladies. Barton Ibrahm." He introduces himself with a smile and a hand. First to Agnes and then Talayla. Though trying not to interupt their talk too much.

"I do not believe we've formally met, no, but he is a Knight of Haven, and so he is welcome at my table," Agnes murmurs to Talayla with a small smile. She sits again with a deep sigh. "I have been subjected to the horrors of being a portrait model today, Milady, a task for which I am singularly unsuitable. But my brother insisted and Lady Sophie Sauveur did offer her talents. I could not rightly refuse." When Barton joins them she offers a hand to clasp in camaraderie. "Sir Barton, Knight Lieutenant Agnes Peake, currently assigned to the Shadow of Intent as a marine. This is Lady Talayla Orelle."

Talayla seems somewhat in awe of Sir Barton and his Tremendous Amounts of Height(TM). The book rests on the table, closed. Talayla will carefully accept the hand - she does seem a little bit shy. Then her eyes widen at Agnes' story of her day. She smiles! "Aw! I am sure you were lovely! And if you're going to draw, it's important to draw lots of people. I think you were very elegant," Pause. "I'm not sure why. Tall ladies always strike me like that. Is it because I like trees?" Talayla ponders this. And let's face it. Trees? ARe kickin' rad. They can crush you, shade you, give you food, lots of things! "I don't know. But very elegant," Smile. "And it is a pleasure to meet you, Sir Barton," She lowers her head in greeting and introduction. If another joining in is interruption, she hardly notices. She seems to speak carefully, but she seems friendly.

Barton does offer a shake at the greeting with Agnes. "Pleasure." He assure her before looking to Talayla with a grin at her expression. Taking her hand he does manage to treat it delicately. "IT is a pleasure." He offers again. Smiling at them both and listening to their talk. Having not heard all of it, only a little. So he does try and see what they are talking about. Standing and smiling. For now.

"I think that may be the first time I have ever been referred to as elegant, Milady," Agnes admits. The Bear, a giant, the stompy lady knight, those are all more common certainly. "I think awkward is closer to the mark. But it is done, and now Lord Trentin can stop nattering on at me about it." She looks back to Barton. "Would you care to join us? This is the quietest spot I could find in this District."

Talayla smiles up at Barton, still somewhat in awe. "The pleasure is all mine. Would either of you want something to drink? Er, not the plant," Talayla corrects herself. "I think - I am sure my plant will be okay if you wanted to sit, Sir Barton," She glances between him and Agnes. "Oh, I don't know about awkward." She considers. There's a faint smile. And she does seem happy to nudge her plant to a safe spot by her own seat for him.

"I think you look elegant enough." Barton offers to Agnes with a shrug. As for joining them, he nods. "Sure, why not? I've just been wandering around and searching anyhow. Been looking for interesting food types." He eplains what he is doing around the area. Another nod although this time it is for Talayla, "Thank you." He says and does move to sit and join them. Helping her move the plant a bit.

If anyone ever pays attention to the holoscreens at the Waygate when one first enters the Ring, they may recognize the lovely features of Lady Ariana Larent, for she is the most prominent face representing tourism to the Ring. Today, the face of Oculus tourisim just happens to be making her way through the bazaar now with a small handful of Larent House guards in tow and several servants. The Lady, herself, is dressed in her usual science attire: A white, form fitting jacket with a matching pair of pants, giving her this scientific professional look, especially with her hair done up in a simple bun. As she gracefully makes her way through, pausing briefly at one kiosk or other, to admire their wares, the familiar face of one of the younger Orelles catches her eyes and she immediately makes her way toards that direction out of courtsey to her Paramount House. Offering the young woman a sharp bow, her gaze does flicker towards the others gathers and as she straightens to full height once more, she says in a gracious tone, "Good day, My Lord and Ladies. Lady Talayla, it is so nice to see you again… after the event at the tournament feast."

"I am fine with my tea, Milady, but thank you," Agnes says amicably. She looks a bit perplexed at Barton declaring her elegant, her brow furling in a way that is decidedly inelegant, but any retort is cut off by the arrival of Ariana. The Knight stands and bows her head to the woman. "Lady Larent, would you care to sit? I can stand or bring another chair over."

Talayla nods at Barton. She smiles a little. "Interesting food types?" She seems curious now. "What kinds? I live here, so maybe - or hmm… I could give you one of my food fish to cook, they seem to go over well, but I'm trying to find the right foods for them. But honestly, I'm more of a brewer than a cook," She admits. To be fair, Talayla seems to shy away from having courtesy paid to her. She's either shy or a little loopy. Both, likely. There's an owlish blink at Ariana. Blink. "Salutations, Lady-" Uh oh. That's not Lady Whats Her Face. "Lady Ariana," Smile. There we go. There's a pause and a wince at mention of the event. "The one at the Feast or the one where I got set on fire? Neither were my finer moments," She admits quietly. "And did you want tea or juice while I am going to order?" This too, is offered to Barton and Ariana. Talayla's potted, stick in (trellis?) plant now rests by her chair. "And you're welcome, think nothing of it." Nod to Barton.

Barton smiles and bows his head to the arriving Ariana. "My lady." He offers, perhaps seen her indeed. Enough to know who it is at least. Rising to his feet as he hear Agnes words. Waiting to see what happens. Either way the giant of a man for now stands. Turning to Talayla at her distracting question about food. "Ah, yes indeed. Always fun to learn more and taste different kinds of things. Anything." He explains and grins. "I could try that." He agrees and shrugs a bit. "Ah, well a brew works just fine as well. There is interesting in everything that uses our tastebuds." He explains and grins wide. Then he does offer his hand to Ariana. "Apologies. I'm sir Barton Ibrahm." He introduces himself. "Juice works. Thank you again."

Ariana blinks upon being recognized, not that she finds it really surprising, especially, here on the Ring. A quiet smile is quickly flashed over to Agnes, for certainly, the incredibly tall woman is difficult to miss. "Ah, good day to you as well, Lady Sir Agnes, if I recall correctly?" Her clear blue eyes now scan the faces of those gathered, while the tiny hint of smile remains on her lips. "I believe I have some time to kill. I was actually on my way back to the lab, having stopped for a bit of windowshopping." Her gaze then flickers back towards Talayla, when she says simply, "The one where the Awakened… all woke up at the same time." Her smile widens just a touch, before slowly fading as she continues, "I did catch your performance at the Awakened tourney as well. You did remarkably, I thought. You are still young, so there is always time to grow and… I will have a cup of tea, I think. Thank you." Those same piercing eyes now peer out and up at a somewhat unfamiliar face, but perhaps one that she's seen in passing at one event or other. "It is a pleasure to meet with you, Sir Barton. I am Lady Ariana Larent from the moon of Nubilus. I do hope that all of you," And now her gaze looks upon the gathered once more, "When time permits, have an opportunity to visit Nubilus in all it's beauty."

"Yes, Milady," Agnes confirms her identity to Ariana. "I do regret missing the tournament, but I was en route back from helping with rescue efforts in Khournas and was only able to attend the Feast proper. I heard many made a fine showing though." She drags another chair over to the table and holds it out for Ariana before resuming her own seat.

Talayla stands, "I'll go place the orders. We can probably pull a chair over." She smiles over to the fellow, a bit wide-eyed and in awe. "Great! I think my first batch of lager and beer are almost ready," Nodnod. She seems much less anxious and shy than usual for now. She listens for a moment though, now that the conversation is getting a bit complex. "And oh, yeah. That was-" Talayla seems pained. "That was a reminder of a dream I'd much rather forget," She admits quietly. "And thanks! I appreciate it. It felt kind of bad we all got stepped on so handily by Lady Lucretia. She's formidable," She nods. "Thank you." She seems quietly gracious. "And it sounds like a lovely place. I will definitely have to make my way to there," She promises. For now, Talayla heads to the counter of the cafe to get their drinks all ordered up.

Barton mostly listens about the talk of the tourney. Having missed it this time around perhaps. Since he doesn't really join in. "Pleasure to meet you as well." He offers to Ariana. As for visiting Nubilus, he nods. "If I get the oppurtunity then I will consider doing so." Getting a chair for Ariana, as Talayla suggests it. "There we go." Offering to help her into the seat as well before reclaiming his own.

"That is quite unfortunate." Ariana says in response to Agnes' missing the tourney. "But duty does call. My Lady Sister, the Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent won the foot melee, so of course we have been terribly excited after such a victory. There shall be other tournaments and I am certain that you will do fine in any of them, My Lady." Her gaze lights upon Talayla now, gracing the Orelle with a sharp nod. "We would love to have you. Though I am disappointed that this is a dream that you wished to forget. For I was terribly curious by it, but I'm certain that someone else will be able to quench my curiosity regarding such things." With Barton's assistance, she settles herself down into her seat, her back always rigid and straight even when she is relaxing. "Thank you, My Lord. I am curious as to what has brought everyone to the Ring this fine day?"

"I am returning from the Capitol, Milady," Agnes explains to Ariana. "I decided a cup of tea was in order before my return to the Intent. The tea onboard is not particularly…" drinkable …"to my tastes. " She smiles in a strained manner and sips her tea.

Talayla will take a few minutes, but she soon dutifully returns with some tea and juice. Her own is a bit of juice, too. She smiles politely, setting the tray on the table and sitting in her own chair by her plant. She nods at the conversation. "Congratulations to your sister," She agrees quietly. Deep breath. There's a pained uneasiness in her eyes. "Well. Just because I want to forget it doesn't mean I can't share it. I can. But be aware, it is a bit grizzly and not suited to general conversation if you still wish to hear it. Since when did my nerves become more important than the rest of the world?" There's a hesitation. She IS practically a former hermit. She will gently move cups towards their owners. "Me? I was buying up a few plants before the prices spiked. I never get to see potted noble hops like this one," She admits.

"The tourney does sound like it was quite interesting. And congratulations to your sister." Barton offers and studies the people. "Ah, I have been keeping busy and heard that there was some exotic food here that I needed to taste." He explains and grins a bit wider. "Thank you, my lady." He offers to Talayla as she returns. Taking the offered cup.

Ariana politely takes the offered tea and gently blows upon it to aid in its cooling. "Thank you, My Lady. And I do not wish to dismay you by making you remember the dream. However, if the others wish to learn more about it as well, then please, feel free to explain it to us as comfortably as you wish." Those words spoken, she now takes an initial sip of her hot beverage, before making a quick response to Agnes, "So true, My Lady. Though, I could put in word to perhaps have more gourmet teas available for our naval officers and the like. I know that my Lord Father would agree to this, nevertheless." Returning to the others, she smiles, "Thank you, I shall pass the word along to my Lady Sister." A pause, just as she spots the potted plant mentioned. "Hmm, an interesting choice you have there. And you are correct about it being a rare sight." To the topic of food, she considers, "Exotic is a good word, but the Ring is surrounded by several moons, all with their own styles and flavors, I suppose."

A little light begins blinking on the datapad Agnes was perusing earlier. "Ah, that is my call back to the ship, I'm afraid. Thank you all for your company," the Knight says as she rises and gathers her bag. She gives a bow of the head to those at the table. "And any beverage improvements can only improve ship morale, Milady," she ensures, before she heads out to reboard.

There's a faintly sad look on her face. "It wasn't just one dream. The first was disturbing in its own way," Talayla admits quietly. "See you!" She waves to Agnes and smiles. "But as I said, it is - they are not very pleasant to hear about. If both of you are fine with that, I'll share what I know," She grunts. "I know some are reluctant to share, but. I suspect ignorance is frightening, too." Talayla might have a positively monstrous case of social anxiety some days, but she seems thoughtful. A smile at Barton. "I know there is a nice place with spicy foods just down the way for starters," Nod.

Barton shrugs, "I am fine either way." He offers and raises a brow as he watches them. A bit curious perhaps. Nodding about the plant. "IT does look interesting. Not the biggest plant guy, but it looks… Cool." He offers. As it comes back around to food, he grins. "Indeed. Which makes for a lot of interesting food types around here." Turning to bow his head to Agnes as she declares that she is leaving. "Until next time." He offers and smiles. Looking towards Tal as well. Still seeming to want to hear about it. "It does sound intriguing. I will have to leave soon as well though. But perhaps I can catch a bit at least." As for the food advice he beams. "Ah, I will have to check that out. I don't think I have enough time today for it. I did eat an interesting candy like thing earlier in the day. Tastes alright."

"I just happen to be a botanist, myself." Ariana notes to both Barton and Talayla, though the latter may have already known this. "So I do specialize in plants, but my expertist is probably flowers of all varieties. Still, it's good to know which plants one can use for medicine and the like, which is also another field that I have a hand in." She lightly comments with a hint of mirth in her tone to something which Barton says, "Not the biggest plant guy…Are you certain?" She is speaking of his height of course. A smile is flashed over to Agnes at the woman's departure, but when Talayla looks as if she is ready to reveal details of her dream, the Larent lady casts a glance over in Barton's direction, looking thoughtful, before she finally states, "Disturbing or not, I truly am curious to hear about it." Before making a side comment to the Lord here, "I would hope that you would know exactly what you were eating before… well, eating it. /Now/ I'm curious as to what particular candy this is." If it even was candy!

"Ah, candy?" Talayla peers over and smiles. "That sounds marvelous." She seems amused and curious. She's still in awe of all of the tall people. There's a beam as they talk about the plant. "It's a rare noble hop. Supposedly very light on bitterness. I thought - I should probably try to collect lots and keep them safe," She admits. She smiles and nods. "A botanist? Lovely! I'm glad I found both of you today," Talayla seems genuinely happy. She stifles a giggle at Ariana's joke. Hmm. She explains, "Well. The first dream, was a bit odd. It ended with me in pain. I peel off my skin and there's a robotic face looking back at me." She falls quiet at that. "But the last dream… there's a voice singing through the darkness. A faint touch of synthesis beneath it all. I hear no words, nt at first. Then everything goes white and I am marching through the corridors of a ramship. I see that access panels have been ripped off the wall. I see shadows ahead of me, blocking my path. I hear my comrades behind me. There are bolts of light, the deep thrumming of crossbow fire. Pain - I am in pain," She recalls. She seems distant, staring off into the distance as she remembers the dream. "Everything has gone white once more, and I hear the singing. And in the night, you'll hear me calling… that song, it was that song at the Feast," She furrows her brows. "I charge forward. I drive my lance into one of the soft bodies, then hoist it out of my way and toss it aside. I know that one of my comards had fallen to the blade of one of my foes. I am relentless. I keep going. It is white again and I hear the song again. Then I wake up."

Barton ahs and nods about Ariana being a botanist. "I see. That is quite interesting as well. I only know basics of medicine. First aid stuff and so on." As for the joke about his size, he does chuckle briefly. "Well, technically I might be the largest plant guy. depending on how you interpret it." Grinning a bit at that. As for the candy, he shrugs. "Almost like a candy cane with the colors and twirls. But in yellow spirals. And in the shape of a round ball. Starte sour and had a sweet middle." He explains, in case that helps her. "Either way, I'm still feeling fine." Then he listens about the dreams. Nodding a bit as she takes a mental note on the things she offers. "Those are a bit… Different." Instead of using disturbing. "At least they are quite interesting." Nodding a bit before realizing he stayed a bit longer than he should. Rising to his feet. "Thank you both for the pleasant company. Unfortunately I need to get going." He says as he bows to the both. Making his leave, after making sure that the juice was finished. "Be well, both of you. Perhaps I will see you again soon."

Once Talayla begins speaking of her dream, Ariana cannot help but keep her gaze firmly on the young woman as if she were able to envision everything which the Orelle now says. "You actually felt pain while in your dreaming state? I had met a woman, you may already know her or have heared of her. She is an Awakened with a shop somewhere nearby. She has her own interpretations and beliefs of what these dreams may mean. Lord Nitrim Khournas was thinking of speaking with her again, maybe you would like to do the same, My Lady? She may have further insight into everything going on… she did seem to have a better grasp of everything, more than the young Lord anyway. Ah.. he is Awakened as well, if you did not know already." As she listens further, she knits her brow gently. "Into a soft body. So you definitely were seeing everything through the eyes of a Hostile…?" The talk of candy does get a smile and she offers Barton a wave as he departs.

Talayla nods. "Yeah," She murmurs. "These dreams were pretty intense. I think I'll do that," She agrees quietly. She pauses. "I believe he mentioned it to me, too, since - he asked," She considers. "I kind of wrote it off as a weird dream. I get a lot of them," Tal seems uneasy about her powers. "And I believe so. I mean, I don't know any /people/ who could do that with a lance. Not even the strongest knights can just impale someone and toss them aside," She notes quietly. "Not that I've ever heard or seen," She admits. She waves to Barton, smiling, too. "He seems kind," She remarks. "But yeah, that's the long and short of it. The one where I am in pain, screaming and peel off my face to reveal a robotic face bothers me, too. Surely Hostiles can't wear people faces."

Ariana taps at her chin, looking throughfully, "I believe the woman's name is Madame Blessed. So you do know Lord Nitrim? Oh good. I had a conversation with him regarding the Event at the tournament. He has his own ideas as well." A pause. "So one of your comrades went down? If you were truly seeing things through the eyes of the Hostile, I do hope that one comrade went down painfully." She cannot help but purse her lips once those words are said, before she indulges herself in her tea once more, then setting her cup down. "I don't know actually what the Hostile can do, but as we have one in captivity, perhaps we can learn more about their abilities. I surely hope they cannot wear people's faces. Or not any of us individually… but perhaps they very well could disguise themselves as one of us. We will have to see and hopefully soon."

Talayla is quiet as she listens and takes not. "I do, kinda. I met him," She corrects. "He seemed like a - you know those rivers with the waters running one way on top and another way on the bottom? That was the feeling I got. He was very nice, but I get the feeling there's a bit more there," She considers this. "It's not a BAD thing, but it's what I felt. Granted… I'm not really good with people," Social anxiety! She is careful with her words, as if they were mines scattered about in conversation. She nods. "I knew at least one went down to a foe's blade. I didn't really think about it. I kept going. I felt sick when I realized it may have been from the eyes of one who attacked that lost ramship," She seems unhappy thinking about it. "I hope the face thing was an allegory, yes," She frowns a little. "I don't know, ultimately. I guess it'll teach me not to be complacent about paying attention to my dreams."

"Oh, I do hope so. Interesting people tend to wear many layers." Ariana says with the tiniest bit of a smile and a slow nod to Talayla when the girl speaks of the Khourni Lord, "But I do find your assessment of the man to be quite intriguing." With the conversation of the Hostiles still at hand, however, any lightness in the Larent's tone fades away. "What have your parents and your siblings considered doing in preparation for any further attacks? I'm afraid that I've been unable to speak with them as of yet regarding such. I believe my own Lord Father is preparing his own naval defenses as we speak."

Talayla smiles and shrugs. "I've only met him once, I fear," She admits. "But I suspect that's true." She doesn't get out much, does she? Still, she seems pretty perceptive. "So far, we've been preparing navally and ramping things up. Me? I've been trying to collect plants and seed stock as I can. I've also been getting my breeding stock fish into good shape. I wonder if they like classical music…" This is something to ponder. Is Talayla weird? Oh yes. "One of my big brothers is even getting his ship filled with crew, though he hopes if he does well he gets an even bigger boat," She nods. "I thought about joining the reserves but… I dunno. On one hand, freaking magic powers. On the OTHER…"

Ariana nods quickly now when told of what preparations the Orelle are taking, "That is good to hear. I'm sure that my Lord Father has met with your family to discuss such matters, so for now, I will leave it be." One of her brows softly arcs when Talayla goes on about the seed stock and the breeding fish. Still, she does add in, "Of course, they like classical music. Who doesn't? Aside from people who lack taste. And I would assume this 'big brother' is Lord Captain Cedric? Good, good. I will be doing all that I can on the science front with the investigation on any Hostile technology and the like, but I will also be lending a hand with the medical team and will very likely be part of one of the naval ships being launched."

Talayla nods. "I'm not really privy to all of it," She admits. "I mean, I do kinda feel - like I should help fight because - …" freaking magic, man! "Somehow, I'm not sure fish and beer will contribute much," She remarks. "And I suspect they have. I try not to eavesdrop too much. Mom'd pull me by my ear away, surely," She smiles faintly. "You're probably right. It is nice music to work to," She nods. "And you're correct. He's BIG about boats. I guess - he was right. I wonder if he feels validated," She inclines her head. "Since I know some of the family wasn't as concerned," a shrug at that. "And oh? I see. I hope you stay safe. I can give you one of my little citrus trees for the road. I wonder how well it'd do traveling anyway," She taps her chin. "But … good luck out there."

"I don't know about the fish, but the beer may certainly raise morale as much as any gourmet tea." Ariana muses, adding in her original conversation with Agnes about the tea served onboard the naval ships. "Not that I condone anyone drinking at their post… But yes, play all the classical music that your heart desires." That said, she drinks the remainder of her tea and pushes her cup away, "And I thank you for an interesting and rather crucial conversation today. Now I truly am curious as to these Awakened dreams and I do hope that all of you, Awakened, are able to interpret them and learn what we should be doing next. What our next moves shall be. For now, however, I must return to the lab and help finish up our current project." As she rises, she graces the Orelle with a crisp bow, "For all of our sakes, My Lady, I hope that your dreams are pleasant ones. Do take care of yourself and thank you for your concern." That said, she prepares for her departure.

"That's true," Talayla quirks a smile. "We'll see how it goes," She nods. "Dried fish can at least be used as rations," A shrug at that. "I just feel - sort of - bad being useless." It does make her feel guilty, surrounded by knights and naval officers. "You're welcome," She closes her eyes for a moment. "I hope so, too," She murmurs. "We'll see," She replies. "I shan't keep you then," She lowers her head respectfully, although, she does remember to stand and bow back. After a second. "That would be nice, but perhaps there is insight. Now at least, we know they likely go for access panels. Take care of yourself, too," She waves and will sit back down to finish her juice.

Ariana pauses in her step right before she leaves so that she can turn back to Talayla and respond to one of the young woman's statements. "I don't think that you're family believes you to be useless, My Lady. I mean, I am no knight, myself, but we can all be useful in our own ways." She once more adds in, "Do take care of yourself. Until we meet again."

Talayla is quiet for a moment. She smiles a little. "Thank you. You are very kind to say so. I shall work hard at - whatever it is," She considers. "You too. Be well." Talayla waves, a thoughtful, concerned look on her face.

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