07.12.3013: A Quiet Drink
Summary: Agnes meets her potential squire's sister when stopping for some juice in the Taphouse.
Date: 12 July 2013
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Agnes Lorelei 

The Mott Taphouse — Arborenin, The Spine
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.

12 July 3013

Lorelei 's found that no one actually looks for her at the TapHouse. no one expects her there, so it's easy to slip in, throw the bar keep a bright smile and get an ale. She's not quite at a corner table, but is against a wall near a window. she's let her hair down, so it's falling in waves around her shoulders, which are slumped slightly. after such a wonderful day yesterday, today has been…not so wonderful. She'll sigh and take another sip of her ale, stalling so that her brother can beat her home and hopefully go to bed before she gets there.

Agnes knows all about 'not so wonderful' days. Not only did hers begin still in the hospital, but she also sent a letter to the King that she's already wanting to crawl under a rock over. She moves stiffly, the bulk of bandages making her chest and abdomen look larger than they are beneath her simple tunic and breeches, and shuffles over to find someplace quiet. She eases herself carefully into a chair, and asks the barmaid for some juice. It wouldn't do to mix the pain meds with alcohol.

It takes Loree a minute to realize someone is sitting near her. She'll tilt her head and then it clicks who she's looking at . She'll stand and slowly make her way over, "Sir Agnes Peake?" Loree's voice is soft, almost worried sounding. She's meet the Noble, many years ago. She doubts Agnes would even remember her, she was with Eilara at some point and Agnes was there. If Anges looks up, Loree will make the required bow, "I'm sorry to disturb you. I know you're healing."

Agnes glances up at the slip of a girl and nods. "Miss Quellton," she greets, "It's no bother, please, join me. Help keep my thoughts in the light." Of course she remembers. She's Agnes. She gestures at the seat near her. "Are you related to Sergeant Chiron Quellton by any chance?"

Lorelei face brightens, and she'll nod. It's like the clouds have lifted from her, at least for the moment. "Yes, Chiron is my brother. I actually was hoping to speak to you about him, if that would be alright?" She'll sit down, setting her ale in front of her. She has several new pink looking scars on her hands, they'll probably disappear after a week or so.

Scars don't seem to disturb Agnes at all. She has more than her fare share of them herself. "Please do. I am considering him as my squire, has he told you this?" she asks. She smiles and pays for her juice the waitress brings back, sipping it lightly. It tastes oddly like ale.

Lorelei smiles at the waitress before turning back to Agnes and nodding, "I wanted to first thank you for considering him. It's always been his dream. It broke my heart, every time someone else would be chosen, I know it wasn't because of lack of skill…"and then she'll stop herself and in true little sister fashion, "Please don't tell him I told you that, he'll never let me live it down that I said he was skilled at anything." she'll give Anges an apologetic smile.

"He has the makings of a proper Knight, Miss Quellton," Agnes murmurs, curling her hands around the cool juice glass to ease the ache in her fingers from writing longhand earlier. "He has military training, which is neither here nor there. More importantly, he has honor, and respect for others. He shows deep concern for his family, and for all of Haven. That is something that cannot be taught. I am impressed with him."

Lorelei tries, and fails to not puff up slightly. It's clear the girl is proud of her older brother. "He is all of those things, sir.And more. I have always know he was meant for great things, and I just wanted to thank you for giving him the opportunity to show the rest of Haven." She'll then frown slightly, glancing first at the juice, then the bulky outfit. Loree has enough medicine to know something's not right…and she heard she was injured. "Sir, should you even be out of bed yet?" Loree's tone has gone from worried younger sister to concerned handmaid who is used to dealing with stubborn Nobles. the transformation also changes her posture, she sits up straighter and will tilt her head, giving Agnes a look like she'll march her right back into the hospital if she gives the wrong answer. It might work, the look, if Loree wasn't so damn young looking. It's just kinda cute right now. The look maybe works on Eilara. Maybe.

Agnes smiles wanly. "I was discharged an hour ago, dear. They needed the beds for those more wounded than I, and I'm glad to be out of there. I hate the smell of hospitals. Been in them too often in the last month." She sighs a bit. She narrows one eye at Loree and points out, in a lighthearted tone, "You do realize that I've killed close to a dozen Hostiles. A wee slip of a girl is not likely to cow me."

That answer, while not exactly what she wanted is satisfactory. She'll nod, and in a even lighter tone, "I have been told I am scarier that the Hostiles, and have even been referred to as a brute on several occasions." She'll pick up her drink and smile brightly over at the knight, "Just ask Chiron about the time I glued his hair." A small giggle escapes her. She's not trying to get Agnes worked up, just make her smile.

That gets a chuckle from Agnes, which makes her wince a little bit. She puts a hand to her chest. Damned Hostiles seem intent on caving it in entirely. "Oh dear, I did that to Trentin once. He's much older than I, and he wouldn't take me out hunting with him, so I put glue all over his saddle. Needless to say, it took four men to unhitch the saddle and carry him back to the ground to remove him from his pants."

Lorelei smiles, "Oh…I could never do that. Da would have skinned us both for messing with the horses. ..Although Ma wasn't please with Chiron's hair. " She'll furrow her brow, "I don't even recall why I did it. I'm sure he deserved it though. Older brothers always do." She'll smile again, taking a long sip of her ale. she'll blink a touch of concern coming back into her eyes, "They have you on pain meds, right? "

"Yes, Miss Quellton. Plenty of them, thus the juice," Agnes notes, holding up her glass of apple juice. "And how are you faring? Your brother and I spoke a bit about what happened to you on Niveus. Are you coping all right?"

Lorelei nods, mother hen-ness kicking in some, "Do you need to eat some with it? The food here is good, and would probably set well with pain medications…" she'll glance around, almost like she's going to wave the waitress over. Her face darkens some, and she'll bite her lower lip,before looking to the Knight. "What did Chiron tell you?" She instinctively touches the palms of her hands , where the scars are.

"He told me you'd been in a cave in, and were injured," Agnes explains, gesturing with one hand to the scars. "He was very upset at the time. He was blaming himself for not accompanying you to the ice moon." She looks towards the kitchen. "As for food, I ate before I came in. I just wanted to get inside somewhere. I live inside a mountain. Being up in a tree is a bit out of my comfort zone."

Lorelei frowns slightly,but seems to relax at Agnes's explanation, "Why would blame himself? That's just silly…He couldn't have stopped the ice from cracking." she'll swallow nervously, "It wasn't a cave, the ground broke apart and swallowed the vehicles …not something I'd like to even encounter again." She'll shiver slightly. "Good. As long as you have something in your system, it'll help the medicine work better." She'll nod again about comfort zones, "Yeah…I can understand that."

"I explained to him that he cannot be everywhere at once, or change the past. He needs to focus on the present with an eye to the future," Agnes murmurs. "He'll do well as a squire." She tilts her head a little to study Lorelei. "What caused the ground to crack apart?" she asks curiously.

Lorelei says, "Good. Him feeling guilty about that would just be silly. He can feel guilt about not buying me a birthday present, not the ice planet trying to eat me." Loree shakes her head, but then smiles, "He will. I know he will. I've only met one other person who's better with horses than him, and I'm a pretty good judge of that sort of thing." and then she adds again, "Don't tell him I said that." Taking a deep breath, "The way it was explained to me, by my driver, is that the planet is a covered by an ocean, that's covered by ice. If the ocean shifts underneath the ice, some times it cracks open.""

Agnes suppresses a shudder at the explanation. "I'll scratch Niveus out of my vacation destination planning for sure," she murmurs. "We get fissures in the mountain, but at least they aren't made out of water or ice."

Lorelei just pales at the mention of the mountain. she'll clear her throat, "Yes, I'll not go visit unless I'm summoned again, that's for sure." Her smile is a bit watery, but as a citizen, there's not much she can do. Another sip of ale, "There's plenty of places here on Imperius I haven't been yet."

"You should visit them then," Agnes encourages. "Most places are simply a Waygate away, afterall." She doesn't add that she's not sure how much of Imperius will still be around in a few months with the war going strong. She rises then, slowly. "I think it's time I go lie down. Thank you for the kind words and the company, Miss Quellton. Do take care."

Lorelei stands as well, "Thank you, sir. please be safe." she'll gibe the noble a bow and then sit down to finish her drink, before braving homeward herself.

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