08.26.3013: A Quick Truth
Summary: Jarek pays Agnes a visit in Khar-Mordune and they have a serious discussion.
Date: 26 August 2013
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Agnes's Apartments — Khar-Mordune, The Spine
This room is as simple and efficient as the woman who resides in it. The stone walls are mostly unadorned, save for a few photos of family. The small sitting room has a fireplace with her grandfather's shield mounted above it, and several trophies won in tournaments upon the mantle. Comfortable chairs in gold jacquard are set in front of it, with end tables for setting books or drinks beside them. Behind them is a long table and chairs, used primarily for tactical planning, if the maps scattered on it are any indication.

Through double doors is Agnes' bedroom. The bed is large and simply adorned, with the golds and deep browns of House Peake the primary colors. Nearby is a desk, with a stack of real paper on it, along with pens and a docking station for her datapad. The furnishings are Spartan, clean, and unobtrusive. Another doorway leads to her private bath and wardrobe.

26 August 3013

Agnes sent word to Jarek that she is up for him to visit. She's in her apartments in the Netherkeep, in a simple dark green cotehardie, reading a book in an armchair in front of the fireplace. It's always chilly this far below ground, so regardless of the season the hearth is lit. She has a little bit of makeup on, and her hair has been styled nicely.

Jarek arrives at the Netherkeep after receiving the letter from Agnes. He's dressed plainly in a tunic and vest of yellow-green and black with red accents, and black pants and boots. He knocks on the door to her chambers, having been shown the way by an attendant he'd bothered. He'll wait for the okay to enter, and when he does he'll have a smile and a warm "Hello" for his best friend, and hopeful bride to be.

"Enter," Agnes calls, as she closes her book and sets it aside. She rises and folds her hands in front of her to await Jarek's entry. She's wearing the color he mentioned he liked. She clearly listens to him well. She smiles brightly when he enters, her whole countenance lighting up in his presence. "Jarek," she breathes, holding both hands out to him.

"Hello Agnes," Jarek says after entering and stepping to greet her. He takes both her hands and lifts them to brush a soft kiss over her knuckles. "How are you my friend?" he asks before letting her hands go. "I would have brought flowers, or something… but I'll be honest. I completely didn't think about it until I was standing in the lift just a moment ago." trying to hide his embarrassment with a smile.

"You being here is gift enough for me, Jarek," Agnes assures him. She leans in to kiss his lips lightly, before drawing back with a look of concern. "I apologize for my absence. Yolanda's death has been a terrible blow to the family. But I believe my brother and my niece and nephews are slowly turning from grief to acceptance."

After the soft kiss he smiles again, "It is alright, I saw how distraught you got when word came to you at the Drakholt. It is why I've not contacted you for this past week, save for the letter. I felt it right to give you time with your family alone. I am glad to hear that the Six have answered some of my prayers for your family and for you. I spent three days in the Chantry of the Saimhann singing lament and giving prayer in remembrance of Yolanda, and of those we've all lost to this war."

Agnes guides him over to a sofa, taking a seat herself on it so they can talk more comfortably. "Thank you, Jarek, you are incredibly kind. I know that it was a terrible time to be away from you, with your father being concerned about our courtship. But I am ready to spend time at the Drakkholt with you."

Jarek takes a seat next to her but only comfortably close, "Don't worry about it Agnes. He understands, my whole family understands. When news spread through Spikka and the rest of the settlements, they held a moment of silence for her passing. We've always done this for a fallen, even one not of our blood for we are all kin in that They watch over us and guide us." her mentions of spending more time with him at the Drakholt gets a nod, "It would be nice to have you over again, and Lady Brianny might get appointed as the Assistant Castellan… hopefully she'll be able to take over for the Castellan at some point in the future, which might help us in our request for the match."

"That would be a great relief, and let us focus on the war and children instead of money and supplies. I will still do my best to expand my knowledge of those, however. I want there to be no reasons for your father to deny us," Agnes murmurs with a smile. She's willing to give up quite a lot for him, though the reward is gaining a love match instead of a political one and that means everything to her.

"Children, yes… my parents will expect quite a number of them. They've mentioned this to me a couple times recently, and they're kind of old fashioned in hoping you'd carry each of them." Jarek hms softly, as he looks at her, "And there's still the matter of… of, well. Getting to that point." he smiles weakly, "Also, I don't expect you to not fight… when the time comes, I'd stay at home to raise children so that you could continue on the field."

Agnes eyes widen a little at the notion of having to carry a small army of children. "We'll handle the children one at a time, I hope? And I will need to stay with them for at least the first year," she murmurs. She looks at his weak smile and her own fades a little. "Does the idea of having intercourse with me repulse you?" she asks, worried.

Jarek blinks at the question and chuckles, "No, not repulse… I'm just, nervous. You'd be… my fourth if you count my teen years growing up with Kaedin as my partner in crime during the summers." he pauses, "And, it's been about ten years since the last one… so, I just feel like there's a lot of pressure to know what I'm doing. Not to mention that until a couple weeks ago we were denying the very thought of us being anything more than good friends. So, I'm sorry if I seem a little hesitant about this, I just don't want to to get hopes up and provide disappointment." he swallows, "What if we did sleep together, and found it wasn't what we'd thought after all? Get beyond that point, and find that we're better off friends? Then we're left with that social awkwardness of having gone to that point."

"Jarek, I haven't been with a man ever, so I'm pretty sure I have nothing to judge how good or bad you are at sex by." Agnes chuckles softly. "And at the end of the day, the physical is not the important thing. That can always be ameliorated by science. It's the emotional that is important to me, the trust, the understanding, the mutual caring." She reaches a hand to the side of his face.

Jarek tilts his head into her hand, "That's another thing… emotions. Mine are a blur, I do care about you greatly… at one point I even used the word love… but I'm just, I don't know." he turns slightly to look at her, "I guess it's all just fear of letting you down, I've never been in this situation before. I've avoided female friends and all relationships for a reason. I can't handle letting others down, it killed me when I thought Kaedin was angry with me for not watching his back during the convoy when we ran into those hostiles. I still think he's slightly bitter… I can't handle the thought of letting you down."

Agnes looks perplexed, and her hand lowers back into her lap. "Jarek, if this isn't what you want, just tell me. I prefer a quick truth to a lengthy lie. If you want out, now is the time to do so, rather than after I've picked out a wedding dress." She holds her head high, proudly.

Jarek shakes his head, "No, Agnes I want you… I just. I need to know how you feel about me." he takes a breath, "I've never felt like this about someone before, I'm scared and confused, and I don't know what to say or how to say it." he watches her, care and fear in his eyes. "I've wanted you since we started this friendship, and not just in that boyish desire of kissing you and further. I've dreamt of waking with you next to me, spending an early morning breafast with me before we decided to take on the day together." a pause, "I've dreamt of pacing the area before the Ways gate two hours earlier than you're scheduled to return because to me you're already three hours late." he smiles softly, "I've dreamt of holding your hand as we renew vows eighty years from now, and how beautiful to me you'll still be." he looks at her still there's that fear, "I asked you to marry me, because I needed to know your answer. I need to know how you feel."

Agnes blinks at him, sincerely confused that he has to ask her. "Jarek, I love you. And the idea of spending my life with someone who is not just a handsome, sexy lover, or a titled husband, but also my best friend, is the greatest joy in my life."

Jarek looks down for a moment, before looking back up to her eyes. "Then," he takes a long slow breath, the tension easing from him as he exhales, "there's something I should have said weeks ago."

Agnes tilts her head curiously at him, concern creasing her brow now, worried that something is wrong. "What?"

"I love you, Agnes Peake, with each and every fibre of my being. If it's even possible, I love you more than my faith." Jarek speaks evenly, honestly. He watches her, "I've been afraid to say anything… afraid that it might be too sudden. Afraid that you weren't there yet, and by telling you it would scare you, or pressure you."

Agnes looks incredibly relieved. She lets out the breath she didn't realize she was holding. "Oh thank the Six, I thought you were breaking up with me or something." She leans in to kiss him passionately.

Jarek returns the kiss, but once broken off he lets out a nervous chuckle, "Break up with you? Why would I do that? Lady Aelewen would probably hunt me down and send me to meet my dearly beloved Six, then drag me back just to make me feel it all over again." he shakes his head slightly, "Not to mention that all those boyish fantasies about what lay beneath your hot armor are still buzzing around my head. If the Six weren't so forgiving, I would never leave the chantry for having to repent so much."

Agnes chuckles with him, chewing on her lower lip a bit. "Why don't you stay here tonight? With me? We can just sleep. I'd like to feel your arms around me while I dream. A good way to get comfortable with this new stage of our lives."

Jarek smiles, "That sounds nice, and it's a smart idea. I can promise to keep my hands to myself, in a sense." he smirks, "So, tell me about this captive of ours? My father thinks it an abomination that should be destroyed for the heretic that it is."

Agnes shakes her head slightly. "I do not know overmuch about it. I could not stay long in its presence for fear of ripping its head off with my bare hands in rage over Yolanda. My nephew, Brigham, would be better able to speak to you regarding it. It is no longer here, regardless, it has been moved."

Jarek nods, and puts a hand to her arm. "I think I'd have simply walked in and disappointed everyone of the scientists who've slavered over getting their hands on one by ripping its vocal cords out through its eye sockets." he rakes his teeth together, working his jaw, "They've done so much to our people over centuries… and I've heard something about them calling us unworthy, of what I don't know." he looks at Agnes, "I'm glad the Six are on our side, without the Chantry to stand up for them, I fear that only a few families would still believe."

Agnes grimaces. "My biggest fear is that this entire war is a thousand year old misunderstanding, Jarek. It has independent thought. It reasons. It may have bionic implants and cybernetic bits, but at the core it's human. It is harder to kill an enemy who you know isn't just some programmed robotic corpse."

"They've killed tens of thousands, and cost us an entire planet with millions in life on it… robotic corpse or just another soldier, it doesn't matter to me." Jarek's jaw firms for a moment, "If they wished for peace, they'd make contact remotely… speak to us. If they aren't happy with what's happened in the past, our retaliation against their aggression, then they should have spoken up before they started sending wave after wave of ships laden with their soldiers and killed hundreds to thousands of good men and women."

"I know, I know, but what if this war can come to a peaceful end? What if our children and grandchildren don't have to fight it?" Agnes asks him. She looks sincere.

"Then they need to come to us with a very good reason why we shouldn't just do to Cantos what was done to the fourth. I no longer care, to be completely honest. I've watch best friends, men and women I've grown up with, get cut down by swarm after swarm after swarm. Call me bitter, but I am not so forgiving of their actions."

"What if they are the fourth? What if they are the people from there?" Agnes says grimly. "I just want to know that our actions are just and right." She sighs and stands, offering him a hand. "Come, lets rest. No use in discussing something we only know rumors about."

Jarek takes her hand and stands, "Alright my love." he says and he'll let her lead, "Though, I did not bring night wear…" he comments after a moment. "Should be alright with what I have on though." he nods, then smiles at her.

"I'd offer you one of my nightgowns but I think we might both giggle ourselves through the night if I put you in a chemise," Agnes quips, She does pull out some of her workout gear, sweatpants and a t-shirt. "These should fit though. Benefits of a lady as tall as I am." She smiles and then moves into her bathroom to change into her own nightgown.

Jarek waits until the door is closed before quickly changing into the sweats and t-shirt. Then, he'll just sit on the bed until she's ready, and greet her with a smile when she joins him again. After that, it's all up to her.

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