02.09.3014: A Priest Walks into a Brothel...
Summary: Several odd characters meet by coincidence at the Blue Nirvana.
Date: 20 Nov 2013
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The Blue Nirvana - Blue District, The Ring
Entering through the heavy wooden doors decorated with relief sculptures of flirtatious nude cherubs, visitors find themselves in the tiny waiting room of the upscale brothel and bar, The Blue Nirvana. Only a single, plush red velvet bench sits in the small area, and the walls are covered with a darker, more rich red velvet. Opposite the wooden entry doors is the floor to ceiling black velvet curtain visitors must pass through to reach the main sanctum.

Once inside, light piano music fills the dimly lit air of The Blue Nirvana main sanctum. Unlike the cold steel found in so many other places on the Ring, the walls of the sanctum are covered in plush red velvet curtains and Arborenin cherry oak trim. Larger than the entryway would lead outsiders to believe, this main area is actually two stories tall, the lofted ceiling covered in similar Arborenin oak planks and golden trimmings that flow into several ornate crystal chandeliers that outstretch almost a dozen feet each. A grand piano sits at the far corner of the room, and various love seats and couches made of the same wood and crushed red velvet cushions rest in various positions for privacy or presentation.

A few of the Blue Nirvana's prostitutes relax on these couches, dressed in immaculate, fancy clothing that is sensual but not overtly obscene. Across the back wall is a long bar, again fashioned from the Arborenin wood, where a bartender serves drinks from thousands of bottles, vials and containers lining the wall behind him. The space above the bar is a balcony stretching the entire length of the room, the upstairs wall lined with more heavy, fancy wooden doors that lead to the private chambers of business. The red carpeted staircase gently descends and curves towards the center of the room from the wall to the far right.

9 Feb 3014

Lincoln had a long, but good night. It feels nice to be back working again, he doesn't know how people that don't have jobs spend their time. He's dressed nicely, but still had a turtle neck on underneath his tunic which seems to cover almost all the bruising. Unless someone was looking for it,the yellow edge is just barely noticeable on his darker skin. He's behind the bar, humming softly hand straightening a few of the glasses. He has a mental list going for what he needs to tell Ren they need to order more off, along with his own personal grocery list happening.

The Blue Nirvana is a regular haunt for one Silver Rickard. It's a place she can ensure she won't be bothered and one that certain individuals in her life wouldn't find themselves upset were they to find her there. While the woman can usually be found in tight-fitting attire and things to be expected of an up-and-coming actress, she's wearing more flowing clothes today. A light dress in a dark green hue that bears an empire waist. There's no hiding the cleavage she was blessed with, but it does mask her waist and hips as it falls away and down, brushing somewhere just past her knees. Beneath are grey tights that dip into ankle boots. There are brief, fleeting smiles offered here and there to some in the bar, but she seems less… inclined to socialize than she might otherwise be, finding herself a seat at a small table instead. A tablet is pulled out and she begins reviewing something on the display.

An Actress, prostitute and a priest walk into a bar. That's how the jokes begin right? By luck the cosmos seem to be enjoying the pairing as another individual is soon heading to the bar-though he is coming from one of the corridors that leads off to the rooms in which the working men and women often use. And for Jeremias, there is no hiding what he is. Dressed in the black cossack of the priesthood, he likely would stand out more, if he was only on fire.

His steps take him past where Silver has seated herself, as he is moving on towards the bar, and there, letting knuckles rap along the bar top. A glance is given over his shoulder, as he takes in who is here, before he is looking back towards Lincoln. "Is it too early t' get somethin' t' drink?" rattled off rather quick. No smooth and polished speaking voice as some priests have been known to have.

Lincoln nods to Silver, but won't bother her unless she asks for anything. SHe looks busy. Jeremias gets a smile, "It's never too early. What can I get for you?" If the outfit is bothering Linc, he's not showing it. But then again, he's entertained all types recently. Keeping a straight face is part of the job.

There's only a few moments of regard on the tablet from the red-haired woman. After a time, she's frowning and turns it over; ensuring she won't see any new alerts. As Silver slouches back into the booth she's chosen, her grey-blue eyes shift and rise to take in the room. The priest, passing by for the bar, earns a furrowed brow and an expression that can only speak of… befuddlement.

Jeremias rubs his nose for a moment, as he peers along the back wall, as if to glean some understanding of the selection. "I'd say something stiff-though I am sure everyone here gets something stiff in the morning." A half grin comes following that, as if he could not be entirely too serious behind words. Fingers drum again before he is reaching down to his pants to pull out cigarettes from his pocket.

"Do you know the lass in the blue hair? Around 5'10 or so. I'd say she's in her twenties. I only know of her-I guess performance name?"

Lincoln chuckles, and will indicate a bourbon, " That does seem to be a trend here, yes." If Jere wants the bourbon, Linc will pour it for him, if not he waits to see what he wants to drink. "You mean Sky?" Linc nods, eyeing Jeremias a moment, "Sure….why?" Linc has many a job here at the Blue Nirvana, one is bouncer and protecting the employees who need it. Sky's a bit new to this life style.

There's a touch at the ordering system on the table that Silver occupies. The request is for something non-alcoholic, which may be a bit strange for her. Just a light sort of drink; a mix of juices with something bubbly added. The sort a child might order when they're feeling full of themselves.

Jane is taking a mental health day. (In reality, she's not filming a scene today.) Of course, when one is on a mini-break, it pays to visit a brothel - right? Already familiar with the Blue Nirvana, the actress approaches the bar and selects her usual stool, sweeping up the hemline of her dress as she slips onto the plush leather-upholstered cushion. She spares a glance for Jeremias while flicking a curl of red hair out of her eyes, and then remains patiently silent while waiting for Lincoln to make his way toward her.

"Bourbon is fine." Jeremias vocalizes, before he is taking a cigarette out of the pack, and placing it to his lips. His eyes flash a blueish white, as light extends from his cupped hands, and then soon a plume of smoke follows. A drag is taken and given, before hands are back to drumming along the bar top again in nervous energy. Smoke slides from his nostrils as he shakes his head, briefly.

"Sky! That's it. She's a fine girl. Well, Six bless her, her father just passed away. Complications-" a aware of his hand as he will apparently not be going further than that. "She is in a bloody vulnerable spot-and I don't know who one makes requests of ah-the manager of this establishment?" a brow raises up, before he is turning his head to look at the woman who has joined them at the bar. His lips twist as the priest tries to place her-before Jeremias' attention is back on Lincoln. "But, to tell him, or her to take it easy on her..least for a few days. I know how one can be in grief-an then the weight of their choices or others bein' on their shoulders.."

Lincoln glances down as the self ordering system flicker. He hates it, loses the finesse of what it is to bartend. He's listening to Jeremias, but pauses a moment, "We're aware. It's why she's here and not sitting home alone." Linc can't tell if the monk is trying to be helpful, or implying that the Blue Nirvana is taking advantage of one of it's own. Thank the Six Ren isn't here, he'd blow a gasket. Linc starts to say more then Jane Wyre walks in. If Ithaca set this up, he's going to kill her. "I'll be with you in a moment, madame'." He'll take a deep breath and makes Silver's drink.

"Ah." Jeremias replies, "I didn't know-Just answerin' th' call." meaning he was likely back there talking to the young woman, as opposed to whatever else occurs back there. Another drag of his cigarette and he is looking down the bar back towards Jane Wyre, brows furrowed in further scrutiny. "I know I've seen her somewhere.." mused in Lincoln's direction before he is shrugging as he cannot place it. "Either way, make sure some rough John doesn't catch her ticket. I know you all screen an all…" he drones on.

It's an oddity for Silver not to find herself at the bar. The woman often takes a place there to review a script… or just to escape the other trappings of a life spent within the darker edges of The Ring. One might think she's waiting to meet someone, but no one has appeared… nor does she have the look of someone waiting on an appointment. Instead, she now watches the bar… not with impatience, but with a mild curiousity for the priest's presence.

Lincoln's gonna have to talk to Ren. Any cliental is welcome, but not if he's getting Sky all worked up. He'll not answer Jere, it's not etiquette to call someone out at the Blue Nirvana on who or what they are. Linc's eyes narrow, "No one is going to be roughing up anyone…"Although as soon as Jane makes the statement on Linc knowing his job, for any who are looking there's the slightest of tints of pink that comes to Linc's cheeks. He'll excuse himself to walk the drink over to Silver, "Hey Silver…How's it going?" He'll give her one of his bright smiles.

Those muted eyes watch Lincoln as he approaches and Silver offers him a grateful smile — something softer than the bright one he offers — as he delivers the drink. "Well enough." It's a statement offered for the politeness of it, rather than a factual thing. "And you? You seem to have…" A glance past Lincoln to the bar, where actress — far more famous than herself — and priest sit side by side. "Quite the clientele at the bar today."

"Ah-I know this one." Jeremias is quick to join in. "A scientist walks first into the Brothel, an a fella standin' outside says to his mate: "Culley, you see that? Who are our young ones join' t' learn from if they are spending their times on their backs..' An then soon after, the King hisself is com in' in an the fella says to his mate again: 'Culley, y' see that? No wonder we're in a bloody stalemate on this' war cause th' king hisself's head is filled with puss, instead of winning.' a little time passes an he spies the Elder of th' Chantry goin' in an the fella says to his mate: ' Ahh Culley, isn't that sad, one of them ladies must be dyin."

With the joke delivered the Priest gives a grin before he is taking a drag of his cigarette. A glance is given to Lincoln-before he looks back to Jane. "Oh I don' mean t' imply that the lad doesn't. There was a time it was rougher-likely way before this fella an his boss were here." he says "I jus' care for th' grieving' lass back there. Tis all."

Jane listens to the joke, and in the end lets out a quick, quiet laugh. "I hadn't heard that one. That was good." She watches as Linc departs to deliver a drink, following him with her eyes all the way to Silver's table, before her attention flickers back to Jeremias. "I'm not the most devoted of patrons, but I've been here often enough. It's definitely not a 'rough' place anymore. Sorry to hear about the girl's loss, though." She drums her fingernails on the counter briefly before pointing to Jer's glass. "Having one in her memory or is this just for you?"

Lincoln chuckles softly and shakes his head, "It's been an interesting week." He'll give a moment to really look at her, "Are you ok?" Part of his job(s) is reading people. The priest and other actress can wait a moment, they're talking, Linc gives Silver his attention.

"Myself. I didn't catch a cuppa this morning' when I woke up. Showered an head straight here once I was told there was a counseling need." a shake of his head. "If I can't have something hot, I'll have something warm." a motion to the bourbon, which he now sips. And there he puffs away for a moment. "An good on that. One'd hope on the Ring, it'd be so." A nod there before he squints his eyes. "I know I've seen you before-I just can't place my hand on it. Somehow I doubt you've been where I've preached-cause I wouldn't remember the face then." And there he slides over a hand. "Jeremias." Likely he doesn't need to add father or brother, his uniform does that enough.

Lifting her drink, Silver tilts the glass slightly to regard the bubbles that ride the edges up through the colored liquid. She takes a sip, glancing back to Lincoln over the edge of the vessel. When she sets it back down, it's an obvious evasion. Something to gain her those extra few seconds. A war wages within as she considers deeply how to handle the question. At length, fingertips leaving their mark within the condensation, she finally does answer: "I will be, I'm sure. Life simply enjoys… throwing things at us to put everything off-kilter, doesn't it?" There's a pause, breath drawn, as she attempts to change topics. "How are the rehersals for your play coming along?"

"This I understand, although I'm more of a coffee girl rather than tea." Jane flashes Jeremias a brief smile, swiveling he stool around to face him head-on. She crosses her legs at the knee and smooths her dress over her lap. "A counseling need? Some people prefer to work out their grief through, well, work. I know I do." Resting an elbow on the counter, Jane props her cheek against her palm and gazes at Jeremias, blinking quickly when he sticks out a hand in greeting. "Oh, Jane Wyre," she replies by way of introduction, pressing her fingers against his briefly. "If you're a 'vid-watcher, maybe that's where you've seen me. Or commercials or something."

Lincoln nods, hands going up in a universal he's not pushing kinda way. He grins again, "I was laid back a bit with the injury." Linc's not been at work for almost two weeks. "But I've got practice tomorrow, and Maggie's gonna skin me if I'm too/ far behind. We're getting close to the wire though." Mentally he kicks himself, he doesn't want to draw attention to the fact that he's in the play, with Jane sitting there, cause according to Ithaca, she's going to go, anyway. He'll just die, on stage. Best death scene ever, because it will be //real. He'll smile, in for a penny… "If we do well with this one, next is gonna be a musical. Which is good…I can just do chorus or something." He'll glance over to the bar, making sure the two seem ok.

"Work can only serve to distract, which is fine and good. But- at some point you will have to deal with the weight of it all. It's no easy thing, loss." Jeremias adds before, shaking her hand. "Pleased t' meet you." he adds before scratching his chin. "Sometimes, I do. I don't have an extensive collection of course-but some of the places I have served in-they have fine libraries." And so with another drag of his cigarette, and the decency to blow smoke the other direction, the priest continues. "So you're an actress then?"

"I'm sorry," Silver says with a soft frown towards Lincoln. "I may find myself on a medical leave rather sooner than I would like. There's a role coming up, but… I doubt I'll be able to even audition." She looks briefly towards the bar, then back to the young man before her. There's something of a smile. "I have some measure of vocal training, but I'm sure if they're discussing musicals, they'll have more. I've not been much one for it. It's fun to sing at the bar, with a crowd of drunken fools, but I was never one to do so for a performance."

Jane's nose wrinkles briefly. She is of the 'tough it out' mentality, and the idea of talking about feelings is somewhat repulsive. "Sometimes work gives you time to go through your own thoughts without having to spill your guts to a counselor. It's not always about avoidance, either. It can be cathartic, you know." Perhaps she sounds a touch defensive. The change of subject is a welcome one, though, and she returns her free hand to her lap. "You get points for not sounding like an asshole when saying 'so you're an actress.' Yeah, I am, because I'm better at it than anything else I've tried. So you're a priest, hmm?"

Lincoln tilts his head at Silver, but won't ask. Instead he offers, "I'm sorry." He'll smile again, trying to move the conversation back to clearer waters, "I'm ok with vocals, but I prefer the dancing. This lead stuff is stressful, at least for the play I'm in now." He'll shrug, "Maybe a musical lead would be different." This is his first lead, so he's not got a lot to compare it too. He'll glance over to the bar again, "If you'll excuse me for a moment?" He'll make his way back to the other two. A warm smile is flashed, "I'm sorry about that. Can I get you something, Miss Wyre?"

"They say the same thing about apple juice, but too much of it, an you'll shit yourself." Jeremias adds before letting the woman direct the conversation away. A slight nod is given back, as he laughs. "I'll have you know, I am not a complete asshole. Only when I am drunk-is that a possibility." And maybe sometimes when he is not drunk. Jeremias offers a smirk before he is finishing his drink in a smooth and solid gulp. "That I am, I was a shit thief-Priest works better."

"You'll get used to it," Silver says to Lincoln of lead roles, "…or you won't. There's a…" Unable to find the words, she just exhales slowly. "It's like a drug. For some of us, it catches and we can't get enough… For others…" There's a gesture of fingers that turns into a wave as the man departs back to tend to the bar. She doesn't seem put off by it, no, and instead sinks somewhat into the booth to enjoy her non-alcoholic yet fruity drink.

"It's like everyone else has a fantastic story except for me," Jane laments sarcastically, turning away from Jeremias briefly as Lincoln reappears to take her order. She offers the man a charming smile and leans forward across the counter, reaching out to pat him on the arm. "Your sister hasn't been to see me, lately. She did well memorizing the different uses for silverware during our supper. I was hoping for a follow-up lesson on napkin-folding for dinner parties, but I guess she is too busy with work. When you see her, tell her I'm getting impatient to hang out again. And, hmm, I'll take a coffee for now. I need to keep sober; have to be in Beacon at o-dark-thirty in the morning."

With her order placed, Jane turns back to Jeremias and smiles. "Of course it's everybody's dream to meet an ex-criminal who has found his calling in the priesthood, Jeremias. May I call you 'Jer'? Please, indulge me; you can't just say 'I make a better priest than a thief' and expect me to be satisfied."

Lincoln nods to Silver, "Well….maybe if I wasn't also working here?" He'll shrug and then walk back to the bar….Awesome. Jane does know who he is. He's just gonna die now….But not before kills his sister. Linc grins though,proud, "Rook's getting better. I'm working on her too." Well, in different aspects, but still. "I'm going over to her place tonight after work to drop some stuff off, I'll let her know." Linc seems pleased with the arm touch and makes his way over to a rather large coffee machine extravaganza. He's so glad he talked Ren into buying it. "Just a coffee, or something fancy?" Linc can make about as many different coffees as he can bar drinks. His eyes flicker to Jere. His face remains smooth, but he's trying to figure out if the priest is being truthful, or just dramatic.

"Oh, I can indulge. Just not right now." And there's a point to his own watch as, he rises up, leaving his credits along the bar top. "I've another appointment. But, soon Ms. Wyre, I'll let you know. A story I promise." he adds as he turns from the bar, making his way back to the door. And as curiously as he arrived, Jeremias is leaving.

Finishing her drink, Silver gets to her feet and processes a payment — with a tip, of course — to the bar. She gathers up her tablet and offers a nod towards Lincoln. "Balancing two jobs is difficult. I understand. You'll find the time… or you won't. I used to give up sleep." She glances sidelong at Jane, then, and there's a bit of uncertainty. Uncertainty isn't something Silver is used to, so she just offers a nod before she makes her way back out towards the bazaar.

"Well 'bye to you too, doll," Jane muses to the empty space in front of her, blinking as her hair is buffeted backward by the wind created by the speed of Jeremias's exit. She turns back to look at Lincoln, and watches out of the corner of her eye as Silver approaches. Her lips curve upward into a smile as she spies the girl peeking at her, and lifts two fingers to her forehead in a lazy salute before the woman turns to leave. "Don't give up sleep. Nothing in this world is more important than a good, long rest."

Lincoln watches the priest go, not at all sad to see him go. He's gonna have to go check on Sky soon. He nods to Silver, "Thanks, Silver. Feel better." As she walks away , Linc frowns a moment and then turns back to Jane, "Sleep is nice." He'll hand her the coffee.

Jane accepts the coffee with a grateful smile, curling her fingers around the mug for a moment to let it warm her always-cold fingers. "If you can't sleep, then pound back the caffeine and fake your way through the day, right? Really sorry to hear about Sky's—mom, was it? I can't imagine. Look, if you've got to get back to work, don't let me keep you. I'll just dump this into a to-go cup and get back to my trailer. I could help them pack up and haul off to the next set for once in my life."

Lincoln smiles graciously, "Thanks. It was her dad. Her mom's already gone. She was gonna sit at home, doing nothing, so we told her to come in. Better to be around people, and she needs the money now of the services." He shrugs softly, having already had to go through this himself. "She'll be ok." A small chuckle escapes his lips, "Caffeine is my drug of choice. I don't think I'd make it through most days without it." Something he and his sister have in common, besides the almost black eyes. He'll give a shake of his head, "Not at all. Please feel free to stay. I'll need to make a round, to check on everyone , but you don't have to leave."

"Thanks, I'll make myself at home right here at the bar," Jane answers Lincoln, laughing quietly at her own silliness. She waves a hand to him, a 'go about your business' gesture while she nurses her coffee and stares ahead at nothing.

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