A Prayer
Summary: In the Chantry of Obsidia, Klaudea asks The Knight to bring Sir Thalo home safely.
Date: 10/28/213
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Not sure, yet — The Chantry of Obsidia is nestled directly at the edge of a grandiose cliff that looks over the spongy lichen plains. The architecture is swooping and gleaming, crafted of the same white stone as their Imperius city.

The single woman approaches the knight’s altar, her hair pulled back tightly in a ponytail, and her garb simple, the suit she wears under her armor.
Lighting one of the white candles, she stands, her head bowed and hands clasped in front of her.
She is alone, and she is silent for a long time, almost as if she’s slipped into meditation.
Finally, she looks up.
“I know you are probably unhappy with me.
“I haven’t been here since Sir Urik left to join you. I know he’s out there, somewhere, with the other souls watching over us.
“I’ve been selfish, and angry that you took him from me. I haven’t been brave and strong like I should.
“I expected you to watch over Sir Urik and bring him home safe to me after every war, and I was angry that you let me down.
“I’m sorry.”

Klaudea doesn’t cry, but she does bow her again in shame.
Finally she speaks again.
“Please, if you can, do what you can to help Sir Thalo return.
“He may not understand me like Sir Urik did, but he is a good knight. I don’t want my selfishness and disrespect of you to reflect poorly on him.
“I don’t want him to pay for my anger.
“I know I am not worthy to be in your service right now, or maybe even in his.
“But if you can see it in your wisdom to forgive me, please, spare Sir Lieutenant Thalo Khorax and bring him home safely.
“This request is humbly asked by one who doesn’t have the right to ask,
“But I ask.
“Please bring Sir Thalo home.”

Stepping forward once more, she reaches up to pull a pendant out of the inside of her suit, and pulls the chain off over her head. It is a simple pendant with a single, perpendicular line.
“Sir Urik gave this to me. I will not say when because you already know,” a little smile curves her lips. “But it was the day I proved to him that my heart and soul were dedicated to serving the purpose of being a knight.”
She lays it down on the altar.
“I earned Sir Urik’s trust, he didn’t just give it to me.
“I understand that, now.
"I can’t just expect Sir Thalo’s trust, I have to earn that as well.
“Hopefully some day I will have that. But until then, I cannot just rely on the token of another man’s regard to earn my way for me.”

Stepping back, she folds her hands in front of her once more, her head bowing once more, as if she has more silent entreaties to add.

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