07.11.3013: A Pause For Lunch
Summary: Viannea visits The Ring while trying to get a way from duty for a little while. Lunch with Demos and pleasant conversation is had.
Date: 11 July 2013
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The Bazaar - Blue District - The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
11 July 3013

While it might not compare with the uniqueness of the Moons of Occulus themselves for individual flavor, the culmination of those locations is at its best in the Bazaar of the Ring. Literally a cacophony of sights and sounds, perhaps anything could be found here. There are those areas closer to the lift, and perhaps the safest, while those branching out are the more 'dangerous' areas. That is, this area still has a presence of law enforcement in some manner at least and the market is congenial with the merchants being more friendly - assuming such exists.

There is a food vendor with a few tables out in the open, as far out as allowable without other merchants complaining. At such a table sits Demos, with a small device on the table in front of him. It looks at best like an open suitcase or briefcase, but inside is mechanical guts of some sort with a few controls. In the center is a small cylindrical eye which one could look through, and in that eye there is a swirl of purple and blue colors. He is observing this while checking a few 'specimen' tubes that are either empty or hold gasses. As he taps the tubes and tunes in the controls, the colors swirl slightly more. Until he finally stands up, triumphant, "Yes!" Then catches himself, looking around, hopefully not disturbing anyone or catching undo attention after his minor outburst.

Normally Viannea doesn't feel restless. Yes, there are times when she goes out to see what is going on in places other than her home but she rarely feels the actual need to get out and find something to do. Today is one of those rare times. The oddity of this is furthered by how she's back in a gown, this one made of a blue satin that shimmers when the light hits it just the right way. A large bodyguard follows along, not intrusive as he is several feet behind the Lady he dutifully protects, but close enough to make it known he is there to defend the Lady Peake if needed.

Passing by just as Demos makes with the outburst, Viannea blinks once and pauses, her expression thoughtful. Shopping is forgotten for now as she is curious and starts to drift towards the man, not yet approaching fully until given permission to join him.

Turning and meeting the woman's gaze as she happens to pause and blink at his outburst, Demos chuckles. It is deep, resonant, yet mirthful in one fell swoop of his voice and control - or lack thereof, but well kept the same. Gesturing down to the device he has with both hands, as if pleading the innocence of a child that has stolen something on accident, he speaks to her. "Apologies my lady, the results are better than expected it would seem. The right amount of helium and hydrogen, our physicists will be pleased." As if that explains it all. Yet, secondary to this, his hands are also inviting as if to share the results with her. "I do not mean to interrupt your day thusly, but would be glad to further explain, or simply forget the results a moment to just celebrate." Wherever that could go, he's probably not even thinking clearly in his slight joyful delirium.

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"Oh. Well, it sounds like you've really touched upon something," she says although Vi has no clue what it is Demos is working upon. The offer to explain it to her is waved off as well as given a smile, a gentle turning down of it. "I do appreciate your willingness to tell me about your experiment but I am afraid that it would make no sense to me. I am not very scientifically minded, I am afraid. But I would love to join you for some celebratory lunch, on me." A seat is claimed and she makes herself comfortable, the guard forgotten even as he takes up post nearby. "I am sorry but I do not believe we've met before. I am Lady Viannea Peake. And you would be…?"

Moving slightly, if allowed, he will move to hold the chair even while she joins his table, then Demos too will return to a seat after she has claimed her own chair. "My lady, the pleasure of your acquaintance would belong to Mr. Demos Osteros," he begins, letting the colors play in the cylindrical eye-hole/lens like window as he pushes the device aside for the now. His eyes seem to take in the niceties of her dress, but only briefly, more interested in her eyes and looking at her. "And you are correct, we have not met, I could not forget such a face. May I be so bold to ask to what pleasure do I owe the thanks of your visit to the Ring?" Whether he knows the name, he at least knows the name as not of the Ring or the Moons.

For as much as Viannea claims not to be a girly-girl the tomboy is at least mindful of her manners when out in a gown, the skirt of which is smoothed under her backside when she sits. "Thank you. It is a pleasure meeting you, Mister Osteros." Her smile grows when they talk, her gaze shifting from his face only for a moment when the device he has with him is pushed to the side. "I do believe it's wanderlust you have to thank for my being here," she then adds once she looks back into Demos' face. "I had completed my training early and a day of sitting at home did not appeal to me. So I decided to come out and do some shopping." She even dressed for the occasion.

Considering leaning back in his chair, it would seem Demos decides against with one forearm coming to the table. Somewhere in their opening, a staff member, or the owner, or family member thereof, will see to it that drinks are offered to the Lady, or if Demos needs anything else. Menu's might be offered. It seems background static perhaps as the two meet each other over his outburst and her desire for enjoyment of wanderlust itself. The hazel of his eyes catch joy in that thought, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly as she speaks of completing training and venturing out. "Then I owe much thanks to this wanderlust, for bringing the fortune to share your company. I am curious of this completed training, but I have recently taken to the joy of a good intrigue," as if he wants to ask, but at the same time, wants to leave it open for whatever rolls into his mound. "I'll instead wonder if you've found any interest in the local shopping, anything that has caught the eye of My Lady?"

A glass of wine is ordered as is a sandwich, the latter not exactly lady-like to eat but ask Viannea if she cares. She is hungry for one and she will eat what she wants regardless of her station or current state of dress. Once the waiter goes off to fill the order she leans back a bit, having to remind herself not to sprawl. "I am a Knight," she starts to answer only to then laugh. "I know I don't exactly look like I should be one thanks to this gown I am wearing. I am trying to get used to presenting myself as a Lady more often." Leaning slightly across the table, Vi then stage-whispers, "I would rather be wearing breeches and such, to be honest." Conspiracy shared, the brunette sits back again. "Oh no. Not yet," is her next response to Demos' second question. "We had just arrived so I haven't had much of a chance to shop, yet."

The smirk on his face would probably indicate Demos mirrors the thought that the gown is not so knight-like. Then again, he doesn't know the formal requirements of the houses and such, so the dress isn't a stretch either. He had ordered a noddle dish himself, generally served above a burner and eaten with an odd compliment of utensils, local fare perhaps. His drink is simply a juice, locally grown on some hydroponic farm perhaps. After the smile at knightly gowns, he chuckles more at the stage whisper. Conspiring in return, he offers, "A shame you did not come in breeches and such, it may well have been just as flattering, if not more so. At the least, I would imagine more comfortable the same; as much as the dress suits you, your comfort level is more telling." For what that is worth. "I suppose in the vein of wanderlust, you're either find time to shop, or an amusement worth your while the same."

Viannea rolls her eyes playfully at Demos, her amusement growing by leaps and bounds the longer the conversation goes on. "I am sure you would approve. After all, these damn skirts makes it impossible to check out my womanly charms." She's joking of course but there's a snort from about five foot away, that being from her guard who does not approve of her attempt at humor. Sighing, she looks at him from over her shoulder and smiles, trying to put him at ease. The look she receives is not as warm. "But it is more comfortable, yes," she concludes lamely. Thankfully the conversation goes on and she's able to recover from her little slip and the resulting disapproval. "I am sure I'll find something eventually. To do, I mean."

Grinning himself through the joke, almost chuckling aside from the snort of disapproval that keeps it at bay, Demos does remain mirthful. "I am sure you will find that something, eventually" he agrees, if this conversation and interlude doesn't consume some of that wanderlust in itself at least, or simply to agree for conversational purposes alone. Though he does return to slight conspiracy, "And remember, some citizens find themselves overly jealous of all the attention they think nobles receive." His eyes turn to the chaperone in particular to highlight the point he really means as if to indicate he is not one of those jealous citizens, especially with ever watchful eyes (from chaperone's to other nobles and the like). "I am glad you find some comfort in it just the same, Lady Viannea." Trying to keep things appropriate for that attention he referred too.

A shoulder is lifted in a slight shrug, meant to convey Vi's helplessness rather than indifference. "Not all nobles are like that," she points out, "but I can understand why they would feel the way they do. A lot of nobles can be like that." Thankfully she doesn't know any personally but Viannea has heard horror stories. Her musings on the subject are interrupted when her food and drink arrives, the former being her sandwich which is full of cold meats, cheeses and various greens, while the latter appears to be a sparkling white wine. She thanks the waiter with a nod and smile. "I find comfort where I can. Which is hard to do at times." Because of the war and all that.

"That is good," agrees Demos in finding comfort where one may. War and all, he isn't envious of chaperones, and he would be far less envious of having to go off expected to fight. That is the least of his interests, glory or none to be had. His own food is put on the burner with a small bowl, for him to occasionally dish some out of the larger one on the burner. Doing so, he takes a moment of further curiosity. "Comfort and breeches aside," he begins while scooping, "I am curious if you find a favorite star over the Peake or Mordune on nights you chance out to gaze upon them." If such gazing ever happens at all, perhaps more philosophy in the question.

Vi's caught with her mouth full and it takes her a moment to speak again, it taking a while as she's relishing her meal. "I really haven't looked at the stars. Been so busy…" Her head bows slightly as she works that over in her mind. "Perhaps I'll find a place where I can stargaze someday soon."

"That is curious," returns Demos, working a mixture of food and noodles out of the small bowl onto utensils with which to take a bite. He lets it hold in the air a moment, least he get any of the soup on himself before taking a real bite. "I honestly had no idea how you might answer it, but that is interesting. I am left to wonder, is it that it holds no interest for you, such a curiosity as stargazing?"

With an appetite that borders on voracious it takes no time for the sandwich to disappear, leaving just her glass of wine to enjoy now. Viannea takes that first sip, the sweetness of which gets her to close her eyes, an expression that just screams 'sheer bliss'. "Hm. No, I can't say that's the case. I just never thought to really look at the stars." One more sip is taken and then the glass is set to the side for now.

Stars aside, Demos finds more correlation to what he was seeking in the way she enjoys the meal, especially the wine. Its more like his meal, as good as it is, is also a customary habit, he must eat. Even if its a local dish not everyone in Haven is privy too, its a regular enough occurrence for him. Washing down some of his noodles with his juice, he lifts utensils to point in the noble's direction. "Actually, I think that touches at my curiosity," he grins, "If I wasn't so much a gentleman, I think I would greatly enjoy watching you in this moment, your shadow might not like that though." Yet, he doesn't divert his gaze to his own food for the now, having stopped to simply watch her in what might be a food/wine afterglow.

"I think you just did," Vi points out with a smirk. "In a round about manner." The guard coughs to get his charge's attention and then taps at his wrist, a reminder that they should be on their way so she can get some shopping done before they have to return home. "I do hate to run off on you like this, Demos, but I do need to depart." Some money is taken from a small purse and put on the table, more than enough for both of their meals and a tip for their server. "I do hope we can meet again."

"As do I, it was enjoyable, if not brief," grins Demos, looking at her as she is called by the shadow. "I think I shall find excuse to come to Mordune and visit the underground city. I would be interested in seeing the stone work of masters. I thank you for the company, I shall be the envy of my fellows for having shared yours," he stands as she prepares to leave, giving a humble bow of his head, though he continues to look at her as he does so.

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