08.29.3013: A Notice Teacher
Summary: Reena meets with Drucilla who asks to be part of the Notice Project as a teacher.
Date: 29 August 2013
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The Khournas Embassy — Embassy Tower, Landing
Stepping off the elevator into the Cindravale Embassy is to step into a slightly-ruddy hearth. The heat has been turned up a few degrees, and a dull red glow has been added with recessed lighting. The walls are fashioned out of grey volcanic stone, and the floor is brushed and warmed metal. All of the furniture here is made of similar brushed steel, warmed by imbedded heating elements, and shaped so that they enfold frames comfortably despite their minimal padding. On one wall are a selection of weapons, centered on a double-headed battle axe, but including another axe, two swords, and a warhammer. Another wall is decorated by the olive green scales of a drake skin, stretching from floor to ceiling and nearly fifteen feet along the wall.

The sitting room itself takes up about a third of the embassy's floor with a corridor branching off to the sleeping wing. The bedchambers are fairly standard to the expected comforts of a noble house, although they too boast the ruddy light and slightly warmer temperatures of Volkan.

29 August 3013

The Khourni Embassy is very much like stepping into the Crescent itself. Lady Reena Khournas sits on one of the steel chairs, wearing a modest gown in red and gold, the colors of her family. Her hair is down loose, save for the sides which are drawn back and fastened with a jeweled clip. There is a pot of fresh brewed tea on a table, with china cups, and small cucumber sandwiches for her and her expected guest to gnosh on while they chat.

Drucilla arrives before the expected time, but not overly so. She is prompt and courteous to the servant who leads the way to the Lady Reena, smiling at the young lad and thanking him in a quiet voice. She is dressed simply, yet elegantly in a pristinely white tunic with belled sleeves over dark pants and boots, her hair down, falling about her shoulders in a charming disarray. Stepping forward, she offers both a hand and a tentative smile. "You must be the Lady Reena. A pleasure to meet you and thank you for seeing me. I'm Drucilla Sauveur."

"The pleasure is mine, Lady Drucilla," Reena says as she rises with a smile and squeezes the offered hand. "I have been friends with your sisters Lyrienne and Ellinor for some time now, and I think we may have passed one another in the halls of the Academ from time to time, although I graduated last term. Please, have a seat." She gestures at the chair near hers and pours them both some tea. "You were interested in the Notice Project?" she asks.

Drucilla smiles warmly and nods. "I know I have seen you in passing, my Lady, It is hard to miss a woman as lovely as yourself." She takes the offered seat with a grateful nod. "I am glad to hear that you know my sisters. I will give them your best when next I see them." She takes the cup of tea then and takes a sip, nodding to the question Reena poses.."I have recently returned to Landing after an Academ sponsored archaeological dig wrapped up and I'm not one to stay idle long. I've read the notices about the project and hoped that maybe I could help out in some capacity."

"What areas do you feel confident in, Lady Drucilla?" Reena asks, curling her hands around her cup of tea. The metal seats are warmed by electronics, making them more comfortable than they look. "We are in very dire need of teachers to help with basic education for the children and adults both. Since you're in the Academ, I imagine your studies are still fresh in mind?"

Drucilla smiles as she listens with interest, nodding with enthusiasm. "Indeed, Lady Reena, that sounds cery much like something I would love to do. Now my major is Archaeology but my minor is in Literature." She laughs softly "Both courses of study are sure to lead to a teaching job someday, I surmise, so teaching…" she muses, her smile widening. "I think it is an excellent idea."

"Perfect!" Reena exclaims. "One of the most important things that require teaching is literacy, reading and writing. It's the main reason many of the poor are never able to rise above. This would be a wonderful addition to the project." She seems truly pleased as she sips her tea. "Once we have a Director of Education appointed, we will get to work building the teaching facilities in the Black Sector of Volkan. After it's secured, classes can begin. They will be done on the basis of your availability, so they should not interfere with your Academ classes."

Drucilla seems excited by the prospect, her natural shyness overcome by her enthusiasm. She nods as she listens, sitting with a straight back on the edge of her seat. "It will be some time before the Academ can draw up the funding for the next dig, so until that time, I am at your disposal. As long as my teaching days dont interfere with my day to day classes, I see no problem starting as soon as possible. Is there anything I can do to make the process go more smoothly? A donation perhaps from my family?"

"A donation would help greatly, money, or equipment," Reena agrees. "I want to do this correctly, so I don't want to rush blindly into anything. We have a very good group of people on board already, so my hopes are very high that we'll be underway and then expanding to other cities in short order." She nibbles at a cucumber sandwich. "How are you sisters doing, and your brother? I heard he had an injury?"

Drucilla nods as she sips her tea. "It is quite a project that you have taken on, my Lady, I could never imagine taking up such an effort, even if I could get all the resources and help together." She leans back a bit as her gaze turns curious "What made you take it all on? It is easy to see the need of course, but was there something that happened to spur you into action?"

"A friend made me aware of the situation in their city. Then showed the same to me in mine. I'd had no idea and I was horrified by what I saw," Reena says quietly. "My siblings are all soldiers or knights of some flavor, even my brother Nitrim is a squire, and I was feeling helpless in the midst of the war. This showed me helping doesn't require swords and armor."

Drucilla nods slowly, her brow furrowing a bit. "I know of many that would just toss some money to a charitable organization and feel they had done enough though. You are to be commended, my Lady, for taking on such an immense project, but I agree wholeheartedly. For those of us who aren't on the front lines of this war, it gives us a way to make things better for our people. We have a duty to them and they are the ones who suffer because of the war. What other areas are you branching out into…medical?"

"Medical, Agriculture and Veterinary for a Community garden, orchard, fishery, and small animal husbandry for food. Those living there can get food from those sources in exchange for labor at them. Also job training, security, and infrastructure updates," Reena explains.

Drucilla arches a brow. "That is quite a list." she smiles a bit, the corners of her lips quirking upwards. "I was sorry to have missed your initial meeting, but I missed its announcement. I must have missed it out on the dig." She looks at her watch and notes the time. "I really should be going though, Will you keep me informed and lest me know if I can be of further help before I start teaching?"

"Of course, and thank you again for your help, Lady Drucilla. I will be in touch," Reena says, and walks the woman to the door.

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