A Note to the Young Lord
Summary: Senator Hartcliffe thanks the Young Lord Solom
Date: 08.31.2013
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Solon Alistair 

08.30.3013 — Sent from the Roar

TO: Solon.Cindravale@Phylon
FROM: Alistair.Hartcliffe@Senate_SouthernWilds
SUBJECT: My Thanks

Young Lord Solon Cindravale,

Your attendance at the Banquet came as a welcome surprise, though I do hope you find yourself able to rest towards a speedy recovery. The people need the heir to their liege at his fighting and thinking best for the days ahead. My office remains ever at your disposal, may Six guide us and ease your pain.

Ever in service to the people, to the vassal, and to the Paramount,
Alistair Hartcliffe
Senator of Leonnida

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