03.29.3014: A New Stubborn Knight
Summary: Canis brings some information and proposals to Ines, and makes clear the paths he will stick to.
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Canis Ines 

Ines's lesson bungalow
A small room on stilts over the ocean, open to the views.
29 March, 3014

The sound of hooves returning to stable might be the first indication that the hastily formed group has returned home. The sound of dismounting troops would likely be the next and a familure voice. "Take my horse to the stables please, I must see my sister." Canis says and there is a little time passing before the young man reaches the door to where he can usualy find her at the studio. He will reach out and knock unless she's already moved out at the sound of approach.

On their way back to their bungalow from the lagoon, Ines wasn't close enough to hear the return of the group, but she does see Canis headed across to her smaller, private work space. Handing Nigel over to Marie, she shoos them home, giving them instructions on having a treat and doing their reading until she arrives.
She mounts the stairs to the boardwalk lightly, and is arriving at her dock spur as he's knocking. "Canis?" she asks, her eyebrows raising curiously since she noted his haste.

Canis perhaps forgetting his still armord and armed which might get a few looks raises the hood to his helm as he turns at his sisters voice he takes a moment to catch his breath after the fight and ride back home even with the gates. He speaks and it's a lowered tone not to be overheard. "I heard a request for reinforcements on the plains, gathered up who I could of our troops and rode on. It seems the activity is increasing."

Ines nods once as he speaks, and motions, "come in and take off your armor." Leading the way in, she raises the walls and a flick of the switch uses artificial cooling now that the natural breezes are being cut off. Though her motions appear unhurried, it takes very little time to accomplish these things, as well as raise the table and pour a cup of ice water for her breathless brother. Regarding him calmly, she lets him speak his mind.

The knight nods his head and moves in and begins the process of removing his armor stepping behind something he'll finish stepping out in his usual dress down state. Canis looks over to his sister "It might have just been a scouting party but a few soldiers with them, many of the main line knights were there fighting. I made it in time to help this time, but I wish I was quicker could have spared some of the injuries. He will move over and take a drink from the water which helps. "Do you think we should form an attachment in case we can assist again like that?" he pauses looking across to her "Also by the way how are you?"

Settling onto a cushion that she pulled over to the table, Ines watces her brother. There's a quirk at the corner of her mouth at the finish of his account, and she gives a slow nod. "I'm fine," she lies, and it's actually convincing, considering that she's always unruffled, and the dead look has at least left her eyes. "To what kind of attachment are you referring?"

Canis looks over to her and he gives a warm smile "You know i'm your brother right? I've known you quite literally my whole life." He will move over and reach out to squeeze her shoulder lightly before he settles down on the floor lightly though his legs out in front of him now. "Well I know we have troops on the ready, but maybe something specifically for quick responses. I rallied who I could but if i'd not found anyone i'd have rode out on my own."

Ines raises one eyebrow curiously. "I have been aware that you are my brother for nearly 28 years, now," she replies with a touch of humor to her tone. There is a bit of smile at the squeeze to her shoulder, but she waits and listens to him. "So, you are saying that you would like to be sure that there is always a troop on hand to ride out for emergency calls from our Paramount or Liege?"

The young man looks over to his sisters words grinning now it's nice when they can be themselves and not overly formal. "Always good to be noticed." he says teasing back about her knowing they are family but her other words gets a nod "Yes something like that, I know we cant spare many but i'd be willing to organize this group if you'd like." Canis offers over to her "I'd like to help more take some stress of you." he says smiling though it fades looking curious "I should tell you something else. I met with Young Lord Declan Arboren." he looks at her for a reaction.

There's a little chuckle for Canis's observation, and she rises to her feet to pour a pitcher of water and take a glass for herself. "No, we can't really. Not after what has happened at Amran and Lazarus," she agrees lightly, managing to say the former house's name without faltering. "We have a roster of soldiers always on duty and ready. I can ask Father if we can add a small roster of half a dozen, at most. /If/," and she looks to her brother as she sets the pitcher down, then retakes her seat. "If the soldiers volunteer. We cannot demand they take on more than their full time share of work guarding the Keep. We will also have to keep careful watch of their hours."

Her eyebrows raise at the last of his revelations. "What did you hope to accomplish?"

Canis nods to her words "I agree with that, otherwise i'll just have to show up every where myself." he says like this is completely possible. He is waiting for the response at his speaking of the other heir. "I wished to set the record straight, if one only hears the rumors then it can lead to confusion." the knight says taking another drink from his water. "I also asked him to pass a message on to Brie for me. It may take time for things to settle down but we're still like best friends. He suggested that I send something to her directly to her which I did and she responded." he knows this may seem like to much. "I'll be careful."

Since the subject of the troops seems to be concluded, Ines focuses more on the other. Sitting cross-legged on the cushion she rests her hands in her lap. "Such records are rarely ever 'set straight', Canis," she says gently. "You going to talk to him probably fueled more rumors of some kind. As far as Lady Sir Brienne Arboern is concerned," she quite consciously uses the woman's title and full name. "She doesn't sound like the kind of person who can really just be best friends with a man. There will always be something… more… between you. It may not ever cross entirely over into love, but, from what I hear and understand, she seems to be a physically affectionate person, without regard as to how these attentions will not only be seen by her peers, but by the person upon whom she bestows these attentions."

"I'm not sure Ines, he seemed understand once I spoke to him. I know that a match isn't possible now." Canis says with a sigh looking to his sister once more and pondering what to say next. "I am not angry with Brie for all that happened and Ines there is nothing left to 'cross' using the word to confirm it's to late to cross into love without speaking to much. "But it's not like it was only friends now. I promised i'd be her friend no matter what happened."

Ines's gaze falls to the table. "Some promises are better not being made," she says softly. "And some just can't be kept." Her eyes smooth, become steady stones, opaque and giving nothing. Drawing a breath, she seems to return to life, except for her eyes. "I do not think you could be angry with anyone, at least not for long, brother," she tells him with a little smile. "You are much too giving for that, and I cannot help trying to protect you. I cannot hide that I think any continued contact with Lady Sir Brienne will bring you anything but further pain at some point. But…" she raises her hand with a sigh. "You are also a grown man, and will make your own decisions. I will always be here for you, and always love you."

Canis smiles softly at first listening it fades at the first part though "You are probably right there, it seems only hostiles hold my anger for any amount of time. I do appreciate your care and of course I love you too. You are likely right and Lord Declan pointed this out that watching her at some point be paired to another might hurt, but I promised to be a friend and i'll be that since it's all I can offer." he says simply.

Ines nods, and lets her brother go and see to his armor and horse.

Once his footsteps leave the ramp of her bungalow, she sighs, letting her weariness and a solemn resignation carve her features. “You have so much more to offer, little brother. And you should be finding someone who will return measure for measure what you give, not sticking with someone who takes all she can when she knows she can’t give you all.”

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