A New Life
Summary: Cassia comes to join Lord Kadmus' staff after the passing of her mother.
Date: July 8, 2013
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Cassia Kadmus 

IC Date — Location

(This takes place roughly ten months before the current IC date)

It has only been a few days since Cassia's mother passed away. In those few days she arranged for her mother's funeral and burial, packed up what belongings she had and closed the small shop they ran together ever since she was a little girl.

Putting that chapter of her life behind her, Cassia is now standing before Lord Kadmus, awaiting for him to tell her just what is to be expected from her and what her duties as part of his household will entail.

"My Condolences for your loss, Miss Cassia." Kadmus says with a bow of his head to the woman, "And if there is anything I can do to ease your mourning, do not hesitate to ask. When you are ready to resume work, I am more then happy to have you, I suppose however, you do have some questions yes?"

Cassia looks into Kadmus' eyes for a moment before letting her gaze lower to just about chest level on the nobleman. "Thank you, Lord Kadmus. I would rather not wait though. Please put me to work as soon as you need me." There's a pause and then she nods, causing her blonde braid to bounce against her back. "I do have one. I can't imagine that you will need me to sew for you often so I was wondering if there might be other ways I can serve you?"

"Well, I am certain I can find other things for you to do, I would value your fashion advice as well as any minor tailoring and adjustments that need doing when I am required to travel." Kadmus replies, "If you prove capable, which I suspect is so, I might even put you in charge of my wardrobe." He adds, "Were there any specific duties you wished?"

"Sewing is what I primarily do," Cassia says slowly, her nerves getting the better of her, "but if needed I can also help in the kitchen. Mother taught me how to cook and I am fairly good at it. And I can also help with whatever daily tasks are to be found." After she says that she takes a steady breath in to try and calm down. "Forgive me, Lord Kadmus. I don't mean to sound so scared…"

"Then, why do I not keep you in my personal retinue for the time, and we can see exactly where you can fit in for me?" Kadmus suggests, "I am certain there will be little tasks here, and there that you can do, you should not find yourself bored after all, and we shall settle you into something specific once you have had some time."

Kadmus' suggestion seems to put the young woman at ease and the nerves subside immediately. Overcome by emotion, she goes to give him a hug only to stop herself short when she realizes that might be a grave error to make. Cassie instead dips into a fluid curtsey, her left foot placed behind her right and dipping from the knees while her back is kept straight. "That sounds perfect. Thank you!"

"Then I shall let you have the rest of the day, and you can come report to me in the morning and we can begin getting you settled in." Kadmus says, "It shall be a pleasure having you, Miss Cassia." he adds.

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