06.09.3013: A Moment of Calm
Summary: Densoric, Lucretia, and Taryn seek all bit of serenity in the park.
Date: 09 June 2013
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Menagerie and Terrace Park - Landing, Imperius
This park is most aptly named due to the various tiers and terraces that are neatly stacked with one another to create a rather pleasing aethestic. It is accessed through a series of pathways leading from the Statuary Forum. It encompasses about two square kilometers of space that, when combined with the various ups and downs of the tiers, means for quite a harch for those trying to explore every inch of it. Built within the parks architecture is a stream that burbles along and cascades over the tiers. Each tier varies in its ratio to lawn, trees, and flower beds. Some have stone bench seating, while others encourage sprawls across the plush grasses.

Tucked in the center of the park is a modest zoo and aquarium that is always open to the public and contains a wide range of animal life from all over Haven.

June 9th, 3013

The day is beginning to lose its battle to the coming of night, but has yet to begin to dim in its glory. With the news of the approach of the Hostiles, public panic has begun to spread through Landing like wild fire across the plains. It is because of this that Taryn has found this particular spot of calm. Okay, there is a small possibility that he heard that there might have been a fitting planned for him to as Soleil would put it proper clothes for someone working the Sauveur stables. What is wrong with his clothes? They are perfectly fine. Though in truth, they are rustic and more of a Leonnida fashion than the pointless and impractical styles of clothing here. But regardless of the reason, Taryn finds himself for one of the first times since his arrival in Landing truly relaxing as he is stretched out on the grass next to a stream that trinkles a soft watery song.

Dressed in the mildly formal style one might expect of a noble in a general public or a casual public appearance is a tall young man dressed in dark turquoise and cyan, revealing his House to any who pays attention to such things. Densoric seems to just be idly strolling through Terrace Park, his ice-blue eyes which could be an exact match to his cousin Ariana's, scans the area with interest as though simply enjoying the sights of the grand gardens. In light of the threat of the Hostiles no doubt, an arming sword hangs at his left hip with a hilt of electrum and braided leather.

Wearing a black dress, her tall hat and carrying her dark staff topped with a giant aquamarine Lucretia wanders through the park. She pauses at the edge of the stream a short distance from where Taryn lays, looking off into the distance as she carries on a rather loud conversation (via comm, one would assume). "Really? Of all the times, you want to start charging more now? Do you want your reputation to plummet like a rock? You already have a contract with House Cindravale, just because you're a greedy fool with no morals who thinks he can get more now is no reason to ignore that. Goodbye." Sniffing sharply, the Witch turns her head to glance around, eyes settling on Taryn for a moment.

The conversation does in fact draw the blond's attention. Now the Witch of the Vale is a noble that Taryn recognizes on sight. When her eyes settle on him, he is already scrambling to find his feet. He offers a low and deeply respectful bow to the Valen noblewoman. He does not address her, but merely waits, glancing at her through a veil of dark blond curls, for her to acknowledge him or walk away before rising.

Turning his head to glance back at the source of the commotion, Densoric brings the rest of his body around and casually walks towards the witch passively. Glancing briefly to the stable boy Densoric gives no response to him, for the moment this is call of his fellow noble, who is the one being greeted directly. At least some have a degree of etiquette, a bit shameful at times it comes from the help more then the younger nobles.

Lucretia inclines her head to Taryn as the young man rises, a hand lifting to rub at her temple. A smile curves her lips as he bows and the woman greets, "Good afternoon, friend. Do forgive me if I interrupted your peaceful reverie, hm? It grows annoying dealing with people who view the war as just a way for them to make more money." Lu shakies her head slowly and glances back to the spring for a brief moment, "Pleasant little spot here, isn't it." Turning her head back towards Taryn, she notes the approach of Densoric and offers a smile and nod, "And good day to you as well, Lord. Forgive me, if we've met, I've misplaced your name." Looking between both of the young men, she introduces herself, "Lucretia Cindravale."

Taryn stands up, subconsciously wiping the palm of his hands on his pants. He smiles, though the smile is slightly forced, "It is quite alright, m'lady. I was just trying to find a place that was not quite so suffocating as the rest of the city. And yes, it's a very pleasant little spot… " As the Larent lord approaches, he offers a bow, one not as deep as the one that he had given to the Lady Lucretia. "M'lord… " He offers a more relaxed smile than the slightly intimidated one that he gave Lucretia.

Densoric nods politely to Lu and says, "Forgive me on intruding on your personal matters, though it was difficult not to overhear. Once more my apologies for that." After a brief pause he adds, "I do not believe I've had the pleasure myself, so I believe you are forgiven for misplacing my face MiLady. I am Lord Densoric Larent, though I wuld not be offended if you were not aware of my name either. Though you may know one of my cousins."
Looking to Taryn once more he says, "I see you are enjoying a respite after your battle with the grand steed then. Good to enjoy such things when you can, especially with the war. ANd I would agree it is a good spot, I spent many hours here when I attended Academ." He then looks back to Lu and says, "Forgive my intrusion into your private affairs but I feel the need to say that the greedy are prone to doing so, whether noble or citizen. Though I'll admit to being pleased to find a woman with like mind on the matter."

"Oh, yes, I am somewhat familiar with House Larent, though I've had little personaly contact with your House I fear," Lucretia answers Donsoric with a nod before looking back to the other man, "And here I am, reminding you of how loud and intruding the city can be!" Lu lifts her free hand to settle over her heart, "Do forgive me, Mister..?" She trails off, clearly waiting for his name to be offered. At Densoric's remark about a steed, the Valen's brows arch upwards a bit, "Fighting horses now, are?"

Taryn chuckles, with a slight trail of laughter in his voice. "Well, my backside is still a little sore… but Nebulus and I are still on good terms… and she hasn't tried to bite me since that day." He swallows softly, "My apologies, Lady Lucretia… I am Taryn Wystrel… and I have been trying to re-educate Lady Soleil's horse that has never really been ridden too much… Or at all, it seems…" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "And one voice is not close to the hundreds that go on endlessly… or the sterile streets… or the rain that never gets to fall to the ground… This place is like a city sealed away in a bottle…."

Densoric looks between the two as they speak and waves dismissively to Lu saying, "We are a small House, I am not surprised, besides we tend to be seen more in the outer worlds anyway." As the talk moves to the streets, rain, and the like he adds, "I prefer seeing the clouds myself, but then I suppose I am a bit biased. Though being surrounded by clouds is another matter." chuckling softly at some form of inside joke.

"And you my friend must be Arborenin," Lucretia remarks to Taryn with a smile, then adds, "I can only assume you aren't fond of the Fortress of Phylon, either. Are you a horsetrainer?" Looking back to Densoric, Lu nods, "I'm quite fond of the weather myself." Her smile turns mischievous for a moment, "I've even a bit of a hobby for playing with it, one might say. Thunderstorms can be quite relaxing. And out of season snow is always entertaining." The Valen laughs lightly.

Taryn chuckles, "No, m'lady. I am from one of the small satellite villages in the Southern Wilds… and as much as I'd like to call myself a trainer… I'm just a groom." He grins impishly, "A very good groom, but just a groom." He cants his head slightly as he turns to regard Densoric, "I have heard that the Cloud Moon is a sight to behold… I hope to see it one day."

Densoric nods to Lu and says, "It can at that. Though I am more of an admirer of beauty myself." He doesn't seem to elaborate further however as he continues to look at Lucretia seemingly due to a lack of anything further to add to the stablehand for the time being. However as he is addressed he turns his blue gaze to Taryn and says, "Perhaps. The easiest way to explain it would be to imagine an ocean of cloud, and dotting it like islands are mountain peaks. Though I am among the few to have seen it a few meters from below the top layer of the clouds."

"Ahh, I see, well it is a pleasure to meet you both of couse. You work for the royal family, Mister Wystrel?" Lucretia inquires, eyes on the groom before Densoric's remark draws a laugh, "I am an admirer of beauty myself, though I imagine a Valen and a Larent might have varying opinions on what constitutes beauty, hm? Though perhaps not so different as a Valen and a Khourni. Those people.." She trails off into a mock overly dramatic sigh, before falling silent to listen to the description. "I really do not get out there enough. I should make more of a point to do so."

Taryn didn't think anyone ever went below the clouds of Nubilus. But before he questions Densoric on that matter, he looks to Lucretia, and with a slight shrug, "I have not decided whether or not to accept the offer." Why would he not? Surely there could be no better or desirable placement for someone like him. He looks between the two and allows the two nobles to chat, while he hushes up for now.

Densoric says, "Possible yes. But then I find beauty in both natural and artistic forms, why I enjoy these gardens so much. Landscapes, sunsets, portraits of the beautiful, sculpture, those sorts of things." He doesn't regard Taryn at this time as the question wasn't vocalized.

"No? Perhaps you'd be interested in visiting Phylon, then. With the war here, we need all the horse-capable hands we can get. Most of our men are cavalry," Lucretia comments to Taryn with an amused smile. Densoric gets a bigger smile, "Ah, delightful to here! It sounds like we might have more similar tastes, then. We Valen are of course renowned for our patronage and appreciation of the arts. I look forward to seeing what the talented artist of Haven can make to help uplift spirits during the war."

Taryn replies rather crypticly, "Perhaps, m'lady, once I am finished with Landing, or it is with me…" He looks over at Densoric, "So, then you prefer things that are more controlled then, m'lord?" He muses, "I have always found greater beauty in moments more than things… I think that a painter painting is often more beautiful than the masterpiece once it is hung on the wall, but that is just me… I don't really know much about things like art and such… " His gaze turns to Lucretia, "Though I do understand, speaking of painting and the war effort, that the King's niece, Lady Sophie is planning on grand art thing…"

Densoric nods to Lu and says, "Perhaps so. Though I'll admit not all mediums fit my tastes, but one never knows what surprises are in store. What are your own preferences in beauty and art if I may inquire?" He then looks to taryn and says, "I find beauty in more lasting forms." simply.

"There is certainly beauty to be found in doing things," Lu remarks after Taryn's comment about the painter. "Oh, is she? Lady Sophie seemed a pleasant sort, I shall have to get in touch with her to see if she'd like any assistance." She mmm's at the Larent's queston, then grins a bit, "My first love is first and foremost for the art of showmanship. The joust, concerts, entertainment, sorcery duels. I enjoy a good show. Beyond that, I'm quite fond of fashion, paintings, many things. Art comes in many forms, doesn't it?"

Taryn nods, "Of course, m'lady… " There are clouds in his eyes, as he offers a polite bow. "With your permission, I will leave and not distract your conversation any further." He takes a step back, but waits with courtesy before leaving.

Densoric nods to Lu and says, "I simply favor the lasting examples as it endures. It creates a legacy and is remembered through the ages. The chance to own depictions of the greatest beauties throughout history for example would certainly be of value to me. To be able to collect all beauty in one place to endure, so that future generations could look back and see where they come from. Though with that said natural beauty also endures. As long as the corrupt don't bring destruction to it, it endures as well and nothing matches the beauty nature can create." Glancing to Taryn, Densoric makes no move to dismiss or request he stay, Lucretia was asked not he, and for now she may have the right to company or not with citizens.

Lucretia inclines her head to Taryn, "Of course, Mister Wystrel, have a good evening." She looks after him for a moment, then glances back to Densoric, "Oh, I can understand that, and I certainly promote collecting and displaying fine works." Smiling, she nods, "I am quite fond of the gardens here. The beauty in nature, in life, is on an entirely different level than a painting. A rose is beautiful, but we all know it is going to wilt." Shaking her head a bit, Lucretia says, "But, if you will forgive me, Lord Densoric, I really should be off to tend to some other business. Perhaps we can get together again sometime? There's this art event to discuss with Lady Sophie."

Taryn offers a slight bow to both nobles before slipping away, whistling an old Valen tune as he heads off.

Densoric nods politely to Lu saying, "Of course I wouldn't keep you from important affairs for my own pleasure. I have met Lady Sophie a few times as well, I have heard she has quite the skill with a brush herself, though I have not yet had the opportunity to witness first-hand."

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