07.14.3013: A Moment
Summary: Michael and Nimara leave the bar, and the Khourni and Peake chaos therein, and on their walk they have a moment.
Date: 14 June 2013
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Michael Nimara 

A street just outside the bar, but not quite the main road of the Commercial District
This street (while off grid, and totally an RP room) is thinner than the main one, and also leads to the main one. It has the side doors of a couple shops, bars, or whatever happens to be there.
14 June 3013

Nimara walks out of the bar — with wondering if she'll ever frequent it again — and when they do, she slips her hand in his without even asking. Much like the last time they walked together, her head goes to his arm. "I was wondering if you'd teach me," she says, "how to dance, I mean." She looks up to him and her eyes are wholly different — soft, gentle with a swirl of affection now that she can just be her.

Michael smiles softly, glad to see the mask removed. Okay, now he gets it… and all of a sudden he remembers something he'd said to her. He looks down to her eyes, "Of course I'll teach you, just depends on what you'd like to learn. Some of the clubs, like the Violet Siren, don't require much dancing to be done… just jumping up and down and practically grinding on each other." he takes a moment, to mentally attempt to delete the time he and Anabethe danced together there. If it was hard to see her in that bikini, it was even harder to see her in what she was wearing, while dancing like that with her.

"Oh," Nimara says and a playful grin erupts on her face. "That's not dancing. That's sex standing up. I mean, -dancing.- Going to a place where I could dance with you in front of others." She looks forward again, as they walk. "I'm sorry I was angry with you," she says, "and you handled that perfectly. But don't be afraid to let loose now and again." She pauses and sighs. "So many godsdamned rules."

Michael grins slightly at her, "Well, the times that I've danced there… I was fully clothed, like most of the others." then his grin becomes a wonderful smile, "Go with me to the wedding of Lord and Lady Sirs Nikomachos and Ellinor? I suspect we will have a dance there… and I can teach you a little now if you'd like." he offers.

Nimara's eyelashes flutter a moment. He just asked her to a wedding… and her lips peel back to show her bright, white smile. She stops a moment to look at his eyes. "You want to take me to a wedding?" She pauses and her eyes brighten as a morning sky. "I have to go shopping!" When he offers to teach her to dance, she smiles a pure beam, excitement sparkling over her face. "We'd have to practice all week, don't you think? Two left feet." She points down to her boots.

"Of course I do, I know I will be invited… as both Sirs know me personally. I've fought beside them, and also hung out with them in the Palace Towers." he pauses, "We will both need to go shopping, perhaps we can set up a time to go together… so we sort of match?" he doesn't mention that he also is terrible at picking out his own outfits. Then Michael nods to her, "Yes, all week long we will need to practice… I was afforded my own bunk room in Obsidia, we could go there. So we don't embarrass ourselves somewhere people might catch us."

Nimara looks less like a Senator, and more like a lovestruck teenager at the idea. "I'm great at ensembles. I will help you decide. You have to promise to not laugh at me when I fall over, okay?" She pauses for a moment, still stopped as she watches him. Suddenly, she steps forward, saying nothing, and she does not kiss him. Instead, her arms go around him, the cloth of cover her cybernetic falling back, and she clings both arms around his neck. Wordlessly, she presses her face against his shoulder.

Michael wraps his arms around her, and holds her close. Gently his head rests on hers as he smiles softly, content to just hold her like this. "Wonderful, and I promise not to laugh, though I may lovingly chuckle from time to time." essentially, he'll find her mistakes adorable and make that known. "So, do you hear that music?" of course, there is no music but he's begun to him softly already. He gently, without asking, picks her up and sets her feet down on his own. Then he begins to move his feet in slow rhythm to the humming of his. Feet moving in a simple one-two-three, half turn, one-two-three, full turn.

Nimara's eyes fluttered open when she hugged him. She wanted to tell him a thousand things as her heart began to burst — and for the first time in her life, she allowed it to — but he pulled back and set her down. When his voice came out, soft and rumbling in his tenor, she smiles again a little dreamily. She takes his hand and tries to move gently with him. The one-two-threes are taken hesitantly and almost instantly, she trips up before the turn. "Oh, dammit," she says, laughing gently at herself.

Michael just smiles, and continues on. The humming is soft and gentle, but he picks up a slow counting too. "One, two, three, half turn, two two three, full turn… good." he says, he isn't babying her but she is doing well for someone with two left feet. He looks into her eyes for a moment, knowing full well she's about to mess up, and smiles at her "What's on your mind?"

"Am I supposed to count this whole time?" Nimara asks as she completes the turn, but shuffles her feet to get to the next step. She watches her boots most of the time, and when she looks up to find his eyes watching her, she smiles, her cheeks coloring. "I—" she says, the words catching in her throat. "You make me so happy that I feel like I might burst at the seams." She stops dancing to watch him. "Would you sew me back up if I did?"

Michael lets the dance stop, and almost chuckles. "Yes, of course I would… but I don't want you to burst apart." he grins and pulls her into a hug, "You have no idea how happy you make me, and how happy it is to hear that." then softly he adds, "Shall we continue dancing? Or shall we do something else?"

Perhaps she's of no mind to learn at that moment. Study takes focus, and she simply doesn't have it. When he wraps his arms around her again, hers slink around his neck again. Slowly, she pulls back and she shakes her head. Softly, she whispers, "Kiss me."

Michael does as she commands, though it will never be a command he'd argue with. Even is hostiles were bearing down on them, and his was the only working arm in Haven to stop them. His kiss might pass the message along too, full lipped and passioned.

Nimara's eyes fall shut and she presses her mouth against his fully, her head dipping back as she does so. Such a different woman, when it is just him and her, and no others to remark her, judge her. She's of youthful heart, yearning for all that he's willing to give her. Eagerly, her lips part to taste him, to find joy in the choice she made. There, like before, the world vanished around her until there was just him, his mouth and arms.

As the world around them comes to a standstill for Michael, his lip part with hers. Something about this, about her, just seems to feel right to him… and he enjoys the taste of the choice he made. She, the one person he hasn't found words of poem for, cut through his storm and broke into his life like cavalry into a shield wall. In this moment, their kiss, the world vanishing to just the two spots they stand on, Michael finds words… a poem in his heart. A poem he will hold onto, as it gives him a reason to fight to win, to come back.

It was perhaps good they were in the open air, or else she might have yearned for more. But she doesn't; would Ivy cheer for her from a distance? She had never kissed a man like this before, like it mattered. Her head tilts as she intoxicates herself on him, her lips swooning in his softness. And after a long moment, her fingers of her right hand begin to tremble. She slowly pulls back, but not without filling his mouth with a few, soft pecks. When she stops, she looks to him, smiling. "Walk me back to the Ways," she says, "and come tomorrow, teach me to dance." And perhaps keep dancing this time.

Michael pauses a moment, as the kiss breaks. His eyes still closed, remembering the moment a little longer. Her words bring reality back to him, and he realizes that he actually wanted more… but held back, granted since he's rather inexperienced in that field he has no idea how they would have proceeded further out here in the open. He takes a moment to respond, "Alright, and absolutely. Shall I go to you in the Vale? Or would you like to come to Obsidia?"

"I will come to Obsidia," Nimara says. When releases him slowly and they begin their walk again, except this time, she keeps an arm around his back, her head leaning to his shoulder again. Her eyes closed a moment, her mouth a little swollen. "I don't even remember the last time I was there." Enjoying his warmth as they walked, she fell silent, a small, girlish smile on her face. Distantly, she began to wonder if this is what Ivy was talking about… and if this is what falling in love felt like.

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