06.21.3013: A Maze of Emotions
Summary: Talayla and Densoric try their luck at House Orelle's hedge maze and find out there are things more challenging then a maze.
Date: June 21, 2013
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Talayla Densoric 

TP Room 5
None used, just a generic hedge maze that is part of the gardens of the fortress of House Orelle.
June 21, 3013

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Blink. Talayla smiles. "I see. What would you look for in a good match? I guess people are concerned about getting good partners since well, war…" Means folks will need to have kids and stuff. She looks thoughtful. "And that's interesting. I'm bad at most of those," She admits.

As they round the corner into a dead end, Densoric nods and says, "War requires such things, not only to continue our people and culture, but also because children bring joy and hopes for the future, things in dire need during war time. It is as much a practical need as a social one. As to what I look for, I favor those with a kind heart, who aren't cruel, practical, intelligent. And of course the typical beauty, someone I like to spend time with and the like. However One is not always fortunate enough to get all the options they want so they must settle for those they can get…" Trailing off a bit he finally asks, "Do I have My Lady's permission to be direct?"

Hmm. Dead end. Talayla peers at it. "And yeah, I see," She considers. She looks to Densoric, and nods. "Of course. Though, honestly, I don't know about having kids for awhile, personally. It seems so big."
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Densoric nods and says, "Even weddings can still provide joy and hope for the future, whether noble or otherwise…" As she gives permission to be direct he nods and reaches up to place his hands gently on her shoulders as though to get her attention, but is in no way restricting her movement, and asks, "You mentioned before to Sir Michael about my example concerning myself and having limits to who I could be betrothed to. Why did you mention me specifically? Not that I mind it, you were correct in what you said, though it struck me odd you'd choose me specifically as an option. Why me as opposed to another?" in a curious tone. His hands remain in place, at least if she permits him to touch her shoulders. If she doesn't then his hands simply drop to his sides and remain there.

"True," Talayla nods. She looks to him. "Um. Because he knows you, and I know you?" She tilts her head. She doesn't seem to mind too much, really. She freezes in place for a moment. "I don't think Sir Michael grasps his position very well," She peers up to Densoric. "That's all. Like… even among nobility there are rules on who you can and cannot marry. It's kind of a bummer sometimes, and it's a bit sad to know that it's a social tool, but…" She goes quiet. "Why you specificially? I guess we spend a lot of time together."

Densoric nods and says, "Pardon me, but it seemed a bit astute given how much you normally express on your knowledge of such things. I thought if you were to make such a reference it would have been Lord Barton or the like. Though I suppose he wouldn't have served as a good example as he is closer to your station then I am. But true he doesn't seem to grasp it very well at all…" Trailing off a bit he asks, "If its not too personal, you said it was kind of a 'bummer', how you already set your sights on someone yourself? I can understand not wishing for children at such a young age, but having a desire to marry a specific person isn't out of the ordinary for any age. At least once you take an interest in others romantically."

Talayla is quiet. She looks thoughtful. She blinks. She seems a little surprised, is all. She blushes at the talk of it. "Well, he is a bit closer to my station, but…" She peers at Densoric. "Kind of? I'm not sure. I try not to rush things," She smiles. "I've already had to deal with SO much drama from it I might as well have had a boyfriend and given up," She holds up her hands. "For all I know, my parents may have plans for me." She is, after all, a useful political tool. "I think I'd rather spend time as friends first. If I can't stand someone… it'll be tough."

Densoric nods and says, "I would agree there. And from that I would assume it is Lord Barton you are interested in. He seems the one you spend the most time with, alone or otherwise. Whatever the case good luck in ending up with a match you can at least tolerate if not love My Lady." with a soft smile. His hands remain on her shoulders for the time being, but there is almost no weight to them, as though his hands were just barely touching in how lightly he was holding her shoulders.

Aw, Densoric. She closes her eyes a minute. "Maybe. We'll see. There seem to be more women than men," She smiles up to Desnoric. Talayla pauses. "I wish the same for you, my Lord," Since he's her dad's vassal and all. She doesn't move away from him. "I'd like to see you happy and politicking away, I think. I have to keep my parents' preferences in mind, too. But… you are very kind and I hope for the best for you." Whether it is with or without her, Tal does seem to care.

Densoric looks at Talayla for a few moments and says, "If I am wrong then my apologies." His hands then move up to gently cup Talayla's face, and if she doesn't move to stop him she'll find his lips pressed to her's firmly. His lips don't part, it is purely a lip-lock but there is about an equal mix of passion and restraint in the kiss. The kiss doesn't end till Talayla pulls away. Though obviously if she does stop him the kiss never takes place.

That escalated quickly. Talayla looks confused by Densoric's words, then her eyes widen as he's moving in to kiss her. On one hand… On the other… then… She will gently put a finger to Densoric's lips. "Lord Densoric. You are very sweet. But I would not wish to visit the wrath of my parents upon you, for one. For two, I will confess that I am catching up and making friends, still. I'm sorry. I have a lot to do." She loosk ready to just bolt out of the maze. "But your feelings…"

Densoric drops his hands and returns to his more formal stance and bows apologetically, "My apologies My Lady. I meant no offense, I simply misinterpreted your words. I shall dismiss myself and not pursue further time together, at least privately if that is your wish." He then stands to his full height once more and says, "Once again my apologies, I suppose it was only a youthful hope over-riding reason. Though I thank you for not wishing the wrath of house Orelle brought down upon House Larent for my indiscretion." And seemingly like that the one time Densoric tosses etiquette and proper behavior to the wind seems to just fade into nothingness as he returns to his typical uptight self.

Talayla bows back. "Hey. You didn't offend me. If you did, I'd've glaciated you," She states simply. She smiles to Densoric. "You are a kind person, and I will see. But - if you meet an awesome woman for you, I want to see you go for it," She nods. "Okay?" She does seem to want the happy ending for Densoric. Talayla looks stunned, and unsure now. "I'm sorry."

Densoric quirks a brow and says, "My apologies but it almost sounds as though you might care for me as more then a friend, but your actions say otherwise." He then shifts out of his 'problem-solving' monologue and says, "My apologies, it isn't my place to say how you feel."

((To be continued))

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