05.31.3013: A Matter of Hospitality
Summary: A visit to Inculta to discuss war preparations turns sour due to a disagreement over guestright.
Date: 31 May 2013
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Audience Hall, Detritus
In spite of its name, the city of Detritus is /beautiful/ this time of day. As the sun fades away over the horizon, the domes, pyramids and other graceful structures of the settlement veritably glow in the evening light, and a stiff breeze kicks up clouds of dust over the expanse of the desert beyond. Inside, one would never know that there is a war going on - the audience hall is laid out in the full colors of House Dalton, four Servants of the Light stand guard over the area, and a dozen servants scurry about to prepare for the arrival of a party of dignitaries.
May 31, 3013

In spite of its name, the city of Detritus is /beautiful/ this time of day. As the sun fades away over the horizon, the domes, pyramids and other graceful structures of the settlement veritably glow in the evening light, and a stiff breeze kicks up clouds of dust over the expanse of the desert beyond. Inside, one would never know that there is a war going on - the audience hall is laid out in the full colors of House Dalton, four Servants of the Light stand guard over the area, and a dozen servants scurry about to prepare for the arrival of a party of dignitaries.

Outside, of course, circumstances are entirely different. Sentries and men-at-arms are on high alert about the walls, gazing out over the distance for any sign of Hostile incursion. The tension veritably pulses in the air, and the silence is interrupted only by the footfalls of Sir Cynan Dalton and the two guards flanking him on either side. There the occasional curt command or tilt of the head as he walks along.

Finally, the party comes to a stop in front of the main doors leading back into the castle, and the Knight pauses to check his timepiece. They're almost here, it seems. He gives a final whispered command before disappearing inside, and a moment later he's in the audience hall, prepared to receive guests on behalf of the House.

Having lived her life in the cool, heavenly beauty of Sky Palace at Summit, Inculta truly would be one of the last places where Ariana would want to step foot in. Obviously, like anywhere else in the world, every place has its own version of beauty, but Inculta is known for its heat and desert sands, something which the Larent lady is unused to. Draped in a long flowing gown, dyed in a cool turquoise and cyan hue, the colors of House Larent, Ariana steps forward, through and into the grand hall, followed by many of her young peers of various noble and even royal Houses. When her ice blue eyes take notice of the figure representing House Dalton off in the near distance, Ariana lowers herself into a formal curtsey before she speaks, "My Lord Sir Cynan Dalton, I do appreciate that you have taken this time to meet with us so that we may discuss and share ideas on each of our Houses' preparations for this upcoming invasion."

The Ring is definitely not quite as warm as here. Talayla doesn't seem to mind the heat. And detritus is vital to life on the whole. Talayla's educated enough to know this. She happily takes in the sighs, as many as she can, perhaps trying to preserve them now as they are. She seems to like travel, though social is - she's poking her head out of her metaphorical shell more these days, but she's still a far cry from a socially adept and experienced noble. She looks around her, more interested in this, that and - oh! There's Sir Cynan, and Talayla lowers her head respectfully.

Soleil has gotten around, and seen her share of deserts. She knew what to expect, and she also knew that if they spent 5 minutes in the sun she'd probably lose her outer-space glow, so she's dressed for the occasion. She wears a skirted robe and a cowl, along with mirrored shades for her eyes, black leather boots that begin just above where her robe ends, and black leather gloves. the whole thing occasionally glitters with shots of electric-violet thread, and although stylish, it's a bit more in keeping with her old way of dressing than the new.

In company with her cousin, old friend, and an ever-present bodyguard who is, in general, disgruntled with his assignment, she inclines her head to Cynan, which, though he can't likely tell who or what she is, might indicate she's someone lofty enough.

Keanen jogs into the hall. He's wearing soft linen pants that are baggy on his narrow frame, colored in a deep, rich and dark green. A sleeveless doublet of the same material is draped over his broad shoulders, left unbuttoned a bit either in preparation for the heat or to simply show the world the divot between his pecs. His arms are lithe and muscular, though his right one is cybernetic from the shoulder down. He glances around as he bounces in, his long, dark hair billowing in the wind as he hurries in. "Hey HEY!" he calls, as if he owns the place, looking around for his old friends.

Cynan is dressed, as befits the desert, in a dun-covered robe that covers everything from neck to ankles, against which the sun symbol of House Dalton shines forth just over his heart. Given that he just came in from overseeing the defenses, there's still a blade hanging at his side, but he's not visibly armored. Skinsuit, if anything. "Lady Ariana," he greets the Larent first, and then her companion, "And Lady Talayla. Allow me to bid you welcome to Detritus." His head dips in a polite nod, and then he spies the third young lady who is with them. There's a little quirk of a brow, and perhaps in response to the manner of her greeting, he spreads his arms wide and drops in a very short bow. And then Keanen barges into the hall, and that quirked eyebrow jumps an inch or two higher on his forehead. "And allow me to bid the rest of you welcome as well," he continues, "though I am afraid we have not been properly introduced. Sir Cynan, nephew to the Lady Dalton." His voice is cool and clear, carrying throughout the audience hall as he speaks. "We are honored to receive so many dignified visitors this evening."

Talayla smiles faintly, seeing Cynan. She lowers her head respectfully in greeting to the older gentleman. "Salutations, Sir Cynan," She offers quietly. There's a hesitation, as if words were mines and she was trying to set one without blowing up. She looks over her shoulder at Keanen's entrance. She seems a bit surprised, perhaps curious. She does smile a little and wave. "Hello!" She glances between them, but settles quiet after a moment.

Soleil has slipped off her eye-shades and lowered the lower portion of her cowl to reveal features that are somewhat familiar to any who know certain members of the Sauveur family. her expression is far more aloof than inviting, and she inclines her head again to Cynan when properly introduced. "I have come on behalf of Princess Janelle," she says, then glancing around with the air of an inspector. "My cousin is also interested in the preparations of the various houses and how everyone is getting along in these dire times." Ah. Anyone who is a little familiar with the offspring and family of the current ruling line might recognize Soleil's name, but she's not one of the family members who has been in the news or spotlight much.

When Keanen makes his own entrance, the pale lady glances over her shoulder and seems to take a deep breath, though what her slight postural change means is anyone's guess.

Keanen looks first to Ariana, and he smiles widely, "Air," he greets her, happily. He glances at Cynan as he's introduced, and then his eyes catch Soleil, and they linger on her for a long moment. He bites his lip, looks downward, and then quickly returns his attention to Cynan. He bows, mostly proper-like. "Sir Cynan. Forgive me. I thought we were… well…" He chuckles, and shrugs, "Nevermind. I shouldn't have thought." He smiles, "Thank you for the hospitality." And then he turns to his old friends. First to Ariana, he offers a smile of greeting, but he moves to Soleil, outstretching his hands in offering to take hers. His smile fades a bit, more serious, and he gazes rather direct at her eyes. "Lady Sol…" He inhales, and seems to relax a little. "Hi."

Soleil once went more frequently by her middle name, especially amongst friends. Foxxe. And it's always a little awkward running into people from the 'old crowd'. Not that it's been a terribly long time, but kids can grow up a lot in a year, and from the looks of her, Soleil has. For one, the whisps of her that touch her cheek beneath the black cowl are not ridiculously purple. At most, the ends are a little violet in tint in honour of her house.

She extends a hand to Keanen, and he might be surprised to see it's done in the graceful, traditional manner which high ladies use to offer hands to men. Yes, you can kiss it if it'd make your day, the gesture says. "Lord Keanen," she greets. Her eyes flit to the arm which has undergone as much of a transformation as she has, or more, but she says nothing about it. It seems she's been infected with good breeding at last.

"Ah. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Soleil. I had the distinct honor of speaking with your royal cousin just a few weeks hence." Cynan's final bow is a low one, and respectful. Apart from the Lady Dalton's husband, it's not at all often that a Sauveur visits this place, after all. "And it is no trouble at all, Lord Keanen. Thank you, as well, for gracing us with your presence." Blue eyes flicker between Ariana and Soleil, primarily, as he addresses the matter at hand. "Our preparations are proceeding quite smoothly, I should say. If they come within a mile with this fortress, we will have a host assembled to meet them within minutes. And as preparations are likewise under way to secure the Temples of the Light, we can rest assured that the power supply to the Ring will not be interrupted." Lips quirk upward as he adds, "My cousin, Lady Helena, is making certain that our medical facilities are adequate as well."

Her wave and greeting ignore, Talayla shrugs and turns back to listen. She doesn't seem to show much emotion about it one way or another, simply becoming more distant and seeming peacefully far away. She looks to Sir Cynan, glancing around her.

Despite the abrupt interuption, Ariana doesn't seem overly vexed by Keanen's sudden and rather loud arrival. A very tiny smile remains on her lips all the same, especially now as she watches old friends reunite, her piercing gaze lingering on both Keanen and Soleil for a long moment, before she returns to speak to Cynan. "My Lord Father has been preparing our naval forces and our scouting gliders have been working overtime these past few days. We may be obtaining some assistance from House Khournas, that their members and their people may help us onboard our naval vessels in case we do come across Hostile ships." A slight pause, "I am assisting in the research of the recently obtained Hostile pod from the Arborenin forest, but I'll be offering medical assistance as well. I believe that I will be working with Lady Helena at some point." Turning to look upon the ever quiet Talayla, she ponders aloud, "I know that House Dalton have a large pool of Awakened. I was curious as to what the members of your House have come to believe happened or is happening with the Awakened since the Festival Feast."

There! that wasn't awkward at all right?

yeah it was totally awkward. Soleil turns from Keanen, putting her full attention back on Cynan, thinking to herself, maybe, that Keanen has more tact than she remembered. She never was terribly generous of spirit. She's trying not to let talk of preparations make her eyes glaze. It's important stuff, but really, she assumes they're all pretty much doing what they should be doing.

"Very good," she notes. "Do you have any requests for the royal household, have all your pressing needs been met, or are there any concerns you would wish to pass on…?"

"I am sure that the nature of Nubilus makes the act of defending especially… challenging. But of course, the honorable Lord Larent is, I am sure, /more/ than capable of dealing with such challenges." There's a little upward quirk of Cynan's lips as he addresses Ariana. "And I am equally sure that you will be of great help with the research upon the Hostile specimen. Anything that can be uncovered regarding their capabilities will be a true gift to those of us who will be… on the front lines." His composure falters for just the briefest of moments, but the smile never quite leaves his lips. To the last question, he shakes his head. "You would do better asking the Lady Dalton or Lady Helena that question than myself."

To Soleil, he replies, simply, "The royal household can be informed, of course, that Inculta will be ready to stand in defense of Haven." He stands at the back of the audience hall, conversing with the four young nobles arranged, one presumes, in something akin to a half-circle.

There's a nod at Ariana. Talayla ponders this. She looks to Ariana at the mention of the Awakened and shifts a little. She smiles and nods, though. She blinks owlishly at Keanen's glance and smirk and wink and waitwhat. She manages a faint smile and nod. Yup! Her clock's a little off, but she seems friendly enough. A little curious and surprised, but hey. "Our Awakened community is fairly active and social at least, and I am glad to help, though maybe that's rude…" Hmm. Sometimes an offer to help can be seen as offensive, right?

"It is quite the trial." Ariana says in agreement to Cynan regarding her home moon. "Our scouts had reported that a hostile pod was found in one of our mountain peaks, but the area is hospitable and the air dangerous in that section, so it would be very difficult to try and locate the intruder any further, but we are still patrolling that particular region as well as the moon as a whole." Turning to Keanen now, she openly wonders, "I know that your brother, Young Lord Declan Arboren offered his assistance to Larent in the form of scouts, but with how our mountain ranges are arranged, sending out scouts may be close to futile in this situation." She then arches a brow in the direction of Talayla now when she clearly states, "Nonsense, My Lady. Why would it be rude to offer anyone any sort of assistance?"

Helena hasn't slept for a night now. Rather than looking disheveled from two straight days of work, she seems relatively chipper and put-togther. It could be the result of half a dozen cups of coffee or it could be that she is thoroughly wired from lack of sleep. Her destination lies beyond the audience hall, but she pauses as she passes through; the sound of her cousin's voice calls her attention to the group gathered near the back.

Curiosity kill the doctor, maybe, but Helena is interested in eavesdropping at the very least. Her steps are quiet - albeit not stealthy - as she strolls casually toward the group of strangers, circling around silently to find a space near Cynan's side. There is talk of Hostiles and Awakened both that has her arching her eyebrows and eyeballing her cousin. "Detritus is hardly The Vale," she interjects dryly. "We Daltons are stalwart but not above welcoming help if it is needed."

"Good to see you tonight as well, cousin," Cynan says as he turns to face the approaching Helena, lips parting and pulling upward in a toothy grin. "I mean no disrepsect, of course," he adds, the smile diminishing slightly but not vanishing as he turns back to face the quartet of youngsters. "From my own perspective, however, our efforts are not in need of immediate assistance. Inculta is prepared." Tilting his head in Helena's direction, he adds, "Of course, mine is only one set of eyes."

With the appearance of Helena, Ariana immediately lowers herself into a sweeping curtsey in greeting to the other woman. "Lady Helena, someone whom I was needing to speak with. I am currently working on efforts to preparing our medical stations on Nubilus, but I know that my help will be needed on the Ring as well. If there is anything that I can assist you with, do let me know." Knowing that an Awakened topic was brought up earlier and being the only non-Awakened 'youngster' in the group, the Larent maiden looks to the others to see if any of them will speak up or ask a question for Helena, now that she is present.

Helena's neutral expression softens into amusement, and she offers Cynan a sly smile before turning her attention to the group. She clasps her hands behind her back and listens intently, blinking at Ariana fore a moment before offering a half-bow at the waist. She is in pants, after all, and curtseys in pants just look so goofy. "Ah, are you one of the medics recruited to The Ring recently? I requested more bodies before I was transferred moon-side. Lady Dalton requires my assistance down here, and as it is my home, I could hardly deny her." She purses her lips and studies the young Larent thoughtfully before offering a small shake of her head. "Things are well in hand down here, my lady. Do not stretch yourself too thin." She, too, glances back to the others before looking to Cynan with an arched eyebrow. "I must have missed something."

"It's okay, no one is that cynical or prideful," Talayla offers quietly. She smiles at Helena and Cynan. She bows neatly to Helena in greeting, too. She blinks and looks to Cynan. "I am sure they are sharp eyes. No one can prepare for every possibility," She offers. She's weird, but she seems to have a good idea now and then. For her part, she's catching up and keeping an eye out. She smiles as talk of Ariana helping as a medic comes up. Then a pause at the misssed something comment. Talayla looks baffled herself. "Um, they were talking about preparations. That was about it," She considers. She looks to the others. "I am unsure what I will be able to help with just yet," She admits.

Keanen continues to simply wait. He's here for the company, not the politics. He folds his hands behind his back, and he rolls from his heels to his toes and back, kind of board.

"That is true, Lady Talayla. But that does not stop us from trying, does it?" Cynan's response to the young Lady is surprisingly warm, even though his expression is rather muted. His attention goes back to his cousin, and he replies, "There was mention of the Awakened earlier. I replied, of course, that they would do better to ask you their questions than myself." Being an un-Awakened Dalton /does/ have its benefits, in that it makes things rather less complicated.

"That is good to hear." Ariana says in response to Helena, noting that everything is covered. To what Cynan brings up, the Larent decides to add further to it, for the question was hers… even if it was for the benefit of the other Awakened in her party, "I had inquired earlier about what the Awakened of House Dalton thought of the most recent event that occurred at the Festival Feast, where all of the Awakened woke up at once. It was surprising to many, but I can only imagine how frightening it must have been for all of the Awakened to lose control so." She now turns to Keanen once she has spoken, knowing that he was at the event.

There's an apologetic look, noting the muted expression. "Oh, aye, it was not intended to alarm you or belittle your efforts. I apologize," She frowns. She goes quiet for now.

Keanen shrugs a little, returning Ariana's look, "Lose control is probably a little strong…" is all he adds.

"Ah, the Awakened," Helena murmurs, nodding once to Cynan before turning her attention to Ariana. "I had heard about the Awakened at the feast, although I was not aware that their abilities were out of their control. The way it was reported to me was that it was more a — natural response, of sorts, as opposed to something more compulsive. 'Instinctive' was the word I heard applied to their situation. Unfortunately, I have no more information about it than is common knowledge. I was not present to experience it myself." Thank the Light.

Helena pauses, offering Ariana a ghost of a smile. "As for the Awakened here, I cannot say. Or, rather, I shouldn't say. That is a question left best for Lady Dalton who can safely speak for the majority." Reaching up, the doctor coils her ponytail about a finger and glances sidelong to Cynan. "It is fortunate for you, perhaps, that I was passing by, coz. I had no idea we were to be graced with a party of visitors." Her attention slides back to the group. "Are the four of you staying on Inculta long, or do you have another stop on your itinerary for the morrow?"

"I only heard myself a few hours ago, cousin. Fortunately the military preparations are going well enough that I can afford to take a brief respite to see to our guests." The talk of the Awakened, of course, is more or less over Cynan's head, training and family aside. He just gives a little frown at the mention of loss of control, brow furrowing somewhat. Unfamiliarity, in this case, breeds anxiety. "It is further fortunate," he adds, his expression brightening somewhat, "that we are well-arranged to receive guests. I am certain the staff will be able to find four available rooms without any trouble at all."

Catching both Keanen's look and his words, Ariana nods slowly in his direction, though she turns to shoot a glance at the oh so silent Soleil, having remembered something she had seen regarding this one at that very event, perhaps. Still, she says nothing more of it and simply returns her attention to Helena so that she may listen to her explanation. "That is good to know, I suppose. I was curious as to whether the Awakened outside of those in attendence of the festival were able to feel.. it or not. Madame Blessed had some insight regarding what had happened or perhaps, what was happening, but I believe it's something that only the Awakened will fully understand."

When an invitation is offered on whether the group wished to remain in Inculta overnight, Ariana turns her bright gaze in the direction of her companions and friends, before looking back towards the Daltons, "Your hospitality is greatly appreciated, but I do not wish to burden you and I also believe that each of us have things to do, preparations of our own to make." A light pause here, she then adds in, "Of course, if any of you do wish to stay and enjoy the beauty of the Inculta night sky, do not let me discourage you." This is said to the other three noble youths in her party.

Hmm. "I've never stayed here before, but I would hate to be a burden," Talayla finally pipes up. She does seem forever curious. There's a faint smile for the others, though. "Actually, I spoke with Lord Nitrim and he mentioned having the dream, though, he came in late to the Feast," She offers quietly. "Everyone I'd really asked had the dream, if nothing else," She seems to space out when she's thinking.

Keanen nods, "Yeah. I'm needed back with the family this evening. Mostly, I was just interested in getting a bit of a report and seeing my old friends." He smiles, and then looks at Talayla, "And making new ones." He gives her a smile.

"I haven't seen such a young group of envoys here on Inculta in — well, ever. I guess it is true we are asking so much more of our youth these days, " Helena observes mildly, although her expression remains as absolutely neutral as she can manage. She gazes about at the four visitors, focusing upon Soleil for just a moment, but as the girl seems intent only upon lingering in the background in utter silence, she returns her attention to Ariana and Keanen. When their offer is declined, her lips purse together in a thin line that borders on absolute disapproval.

Still, the doctor's tone is airy and polite as she waves a hand in dismissal. "There is hardly a need for modesty here among friends. I am sure you will stay the night and leave tomorrow despite protest. Your families can be contacted about your stay, and I am sure they will understand. I cannot speak for Lady Augusta, but I am sure she would be very put out to hear that guests under her roof failed to follow proper ambassadorial protocol." Without waiting for a response, Helena half-turns toward Cynan and lifts her chin. The gesture is not for his benefit, but rather summons a servant to her side. "I know for certain that we have yet to fill our entire guest wing. Please see to it that rooms are made ready for our visitors. Put a maid at the ladies' disposal and a footman for my lord."

Bowing, the servant retreats to see to the orders. Helena turns a smile upon the group and gestures toward the door that leads out into the great hall — the central hub of the large, domed complex. "When we are finished here, there will be a servant ready to lead you to your rooms. Lady Augusta will most assuredly make room in her schedule to receive you in the morning."

"Oh, indeed. I am certain your schedules are all /quite/ busy." Once Helena's speech is done, Cynan shakes his head from side to side. "Among the great downsides of wartime, after all, is that even the very /young/ must be pressed into service as the need arises. Surely your Houses have burdened you with endless responsibilities, which pale in comparison to our own duties seeing to the entire defense of Inculta."

The Knight shakes his head again. "Accordingly, it will be our distinct pleasure to lighten your burdens by hosting you here tonight." There's a quirk of an eyebrow and a tilt of the head as a servant scurries off to make the arrangements. "I must personally insist upon it."

Soleil seems a touch bemused, and at last breaks her silence to say, "I cannot speak for my companions, but as an arm of Princess Janelle and a representative of the Saveur, it is no single house which concerns me. I daresay I haven't even managed to fully encompass all the duties falling upon my poor soldiers." As she speaks, she's taken an electric cigarette from her robe and ignited it. The glow at the end is violet. "But really, it means so much to you to keep us here?" she asks before she puts it to her lips in a casual gesture.

Keanen furrows his brow a bit, and he stands up a little straighter. He watches Helena depart, and then looks at Cynan as he speaks. When he's finished, his human fingers twitch. "Excuse me?" He glances at Ariana, then back at Cynan. "I hardly anticipate the Arboren family approving of this." He looks at Soleil, then at Ariana once more. "Are they serious?"

Ariana's response wasn't going to be anything near how Soleil put her own and instead offers a polite smile to the extreme graciousness of their hosts. "I see. Well in that case, how can we refuse." A passing glance is quickly given to her companions, though at Keanen's words, she simply states, "It is usually quite courteous to accept such invitations, My Lord. But if your family would truly object?" And now she slowly returns her gaze back to the Dalton's to see what they say about this.

"It's just some hardcore hospitality," Soleil says across her shoulder to Keanen, through the curling vapor (it's the future, vapor can /totally/ curl) of her e-cig. "That, or some light and friendly hostage play." She shifts her attention back to Cynan, piercing eyes..piercing.

"As the very arm of Princess Janelle, then you are well acquainted with the basics of guestright. I doubt the Princess - or her brother, or the King himself - would have outright rejected an offer of hospitality." Helena watches Soleil behind a guarded expression, but offers the girl a dip of her head in understanding. "Of course, if you insist that it is absolutely imperative you depart our home in the middle of the night, Lady Dalton will be informed. It is not as if we will order guards to bar your exit. We are not the heathens here."

Helena falls silent for a moment, clasping her hands behind her back. The servant returns to announce that the rooms are ready just as Ariana relents. The Dalton woman's eyes glint with something that nearly borders on approval, and she inclines her head toward the medic. "You put it mildly, my lady, but eloquently enough. I doubt that any of the Paramounts - or even the Royal House - would expect anything less of their envoys."

Blink. Blink blink. Talayla seems surprised. "I suppose I am lucky in that regard, though the feeling of slacking or uselessness does compensate," She offers. "Still… I'll find some way to chip in," Nod. She glances between them. Guestright. She seems a little familiar with it. "I am sure my plants and fish will be okay for a little while," Nod. She inclines her head. "I am sure tea with people here will be just fine." Talayla is /weird/ but she's far from stupid and at least knows basic manners. Though she's - not so much with the social. But she's trying.

Keanen just sighs, and shoves his hands into his pockets.

She does smile at Keanen's mention of new friends. Tal's at least pretty friendly. If somewhat derpified at times.

Soleil's eyes may be piercing, but Cynan meets her gaze unflinchingly. He stares at her for as long as could possibly be construed as polite, then tilts his head back to his cousin. "I am certain that you will find our hospitality suitable for even your taste, Lady Soleil." His voice is very low, toneless, just above a whisper. "However… hardcore you may consider it to be."

Eventually his expression softens somewhat, and he gives Talayla a little approving nod. "You have my thanks, Lady Talayla. It will be our honor to host you tonight."

Watching Keanen's reaction does bring a touch of amusement to Ariana, seeing how crestfallen or such her old friend seems to be. "Now, now, My Lord. Like I did mention, the Inculta night sky is quite lovely and just think of this as a new experience for you. I mean, you've never actually been here now have you?" A quick look is then given to Soleil to note her expression, but she soon turns towards their Dalton hosts as she then asks, "I would not mind a brief tour before we turn in. It has been quite a while since I was last here." She seems to be taking their hospitable captivity graciously enough!

"I guess we're staying. I will have to send someone for my teddy bear though," Soleil says with farcical resignation. The last year hasn't entirely cured the prince's daughter of her 'independence', and it may gall her just a touch to be pressed into performing the subtle political dance orchestrated by the rules of etiquette. She finishes the little staring contest with Cynan, which may conclude before either of their heads can explode thanks to the thickening vapor around her face.

Keanen looks like he's about to be a little shit, and then Soleil jokes about her teddy bear. He tilts his head, looking her way, and then he laughs. As it settles to a smile, he reaches out with his cybernetic hand and gently touches her shoulder, "I've missed you, Sol." He inhales, exhales and then looks around. "Well. If we're trapped here, we may as well find a nightclub that doesn't suck drake dong, eh?"

Helena's smile is frosty at best, but it is a smile nonetheless. She offers the four a more welcoming bow than before, and as she straightens she gestures once more toward the exit. This time, it is obvious that it is time for the group to disperse before tensions mount over some other gross faux pas. "Of course, my lady. Our servants will see to any of your needs," she directs toward Soleil before turning to face Ariana. "And a tour is a lovely idea, my lady. The night sky is, in fact, quite a marvel. The Ring makes for a bright and fascinating satellite with the stars as its backdrop." She is absolutely silent on the topic of nightclubs. "If any of your companions wish to join us, they are most welcome to. Detritus is open to you tonight, my ladies, my lord. House Dalton hopes you enjoy your stay."

Talayla was pretty okay with the guestright thing. Most social mannerisms /just are/ to her. She reads people well enough, although she seems to get bogged down and lost in the details. Still, she's friendly and isn't hitting anyone with shoes. It's good enough for her. Although, she IS free of the obligations that fall to the others. She smiles to Cynan, not having bothered to refuse the first time. "Sure. I'd love to see any plants or gardens or - um," Yeah, she's odd. She smiles to Helena, though, she looks distinctly apologetic. There's a faint smile at Keanan and a pause. "Night… club. Like, where people flail around?" Clearly, Talayla is not the most worldly of people. Nightclubs seem to have as much appeal as flicking the light switch on and off and flailing around. Yeah, she never got out much. "Thank you for having us," She smiles to Cynan and Helena. "Tea and a tour sound awesome." Yeah. She's exciting. "I would love to see the night sky."

The fact that what she said makes Keanen realize he's missed her, clues Soleil into the idea that she may have said a bit too much. She lets just the corner of her mouth effect a grin for Keanen before she turns and sighs just a little. being a good girl is so very hard. She turns to their hosts. "Nightclub? I don't know. What do you do around here when you're bored with dancing?"

Cynan, too, is smiling, and his expression is even a bit warmer than it's been. Granted, that may be because he's deliberately /not/ focusing on Soleil, his attention instead divided between the other three young nobles. "It pleases me greatly that you have chosen to see reason," the Knight says with a little nod. "The Lady Dalton will be made aware of your decision to partake of our hospitality, of course. And it is my sincerest hope that you will have the opportunity to experience all that our fair city has to offer." Taking a step back, he dips in a short bow, his lips pressed together in a /very/ polite smile. "If you will be so good as to excuse me. I should return to the walls." His cousin gets a somewhat longer look before Cynan whirls about and makes his way back out of the audience hall.

Talayla looks surprised. "I thought it was polite to offer not to be a burden at first," She seems a little crestfallen now. "I would be glad to. Thank you," Talayla murmurs. "It was a pleasure. And I apologize if I caused offense…" She seems startled, realizing that she apparently somehow contributed to the tension without realizing. Either way, she looks startled and apologetic. Likely, she's going to go somewhere quiet a bit unless the tour is starting.

Keanen sighs once more, and he shrugs, looking at Ariana, "You made me come. You decide what we do." He glances at Soleil, "Unless you'd rather just find someplace to catch up?"

Soleil remains bemused, not used to whatever has taken place here. She turns to Keanen. "I guess our insistent hosts are leaving us to our own devices," she says. "Nightclubs though? Aren't you sick of that scene yet?"

Either way, Talayla will accept a tour or go hide quietly until she feels less guilty. Regardless, it's hermit time.

"Splendid!" Ariana says lightly when her request for a tour gets the green light. However, she cannot help but shoot Keanen just a little glance of disapproval when the first thing he wants to do is hit up a nightclub. "I'm sure there are other things we could see first before it gets too late, My Lord. And then if you still wish, we could enjoy some music and the like at whatever venue will have us." She believes that this seems acceptable, "Once we are freshened up and our rooms settled, we should meet for that tour first. It should be entertaining at the very least."

Ariana also adds in to their hosts, "Thank you once again for your hospitality. We shall see you both in the morrow, for certain." Hopefully, none of them end up with a hangover during the night.

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