A Long Awaited Knighting
Summary: Michael is knighted after several grueling months of harsh training under Sir Kaedin. He then swears into House Sauveur.
Date: 11/7/2013
Related: Memoir stands alone, there will be memoirs from Michael after this.
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14th January 3014 18:00 — Orelle Chantry, Primus

The Chantry has been cleaned and readied for the ceremony, a priest stands off to the side watching as people filter in. First comes Kaedin's family, his wife Odette, his mother Bevelle, and cousins. Next is Michael's family, his mother Stella and father Achaeus move to the front. Stella taking her spot as the friend of honor next to Michael's sword and soon to be his spurs. After his parents comes his wife and her family, Avalyn moving to take a seat right at the front with an added pillow for comfort. Avan sits next to his daughter, beaming proudly for his son in-law as his wife just sits there in cold silence. Valeryn and the twins take up seats in the next row back and look misty eyed at the enormity of what's happening for their brother in-law.

Johana's portion:
It had finally come, the long awaited day her former squire had been looking forward to. An obviously pregnant Johana Ibrahm had made a point to come, despite her husbands hesitations or trepidation, assuring him she would be fine out of the home he had tried to cocoon her in for the duration of her state. She takes a moment to look around, at those already assembled, noticing how proud and tall Michael stood this day and how many had come to support him.

Lorelei and Ephraim's portions:

Odette's always been there. She's there in full armor and standing at attention. The Ash Knight turns her eyes to wait for her husband to come out of the side of the Chantry. Her arms are at her sides and her helmet is held in her hand. Her hair is back in an intricate braid that hangs down her back. She offers Michael a small look and bow her of her before going quiet again and waiting.

Kaedin walks out of a door to the side of the chantry, taking up Michael's sword and holding it in salute to each of the six altars along the walls. After his opening of the ceremony another door opens and Michael walks out in his armor with the helmet off entirely, held instead under his arm. As he enters he goes to each of the altars and offers the Six individual prayers before setting his helm before the Crone with a prayer for wisdom and guidance in his new life.

Michael then turns once more and salutes his knight, the salute returned he is called by name to the center where he stands at attention.
"Michael Xavier Athyros, you have spent the knight in silent vigil before the Six. Do you, after your contemplation, still wish to for knighthood?"
"Yes sir, I do." Michael is then instructed to kneel which he does, head down in humility before Kaedin who steps forward and places the sword point down before Michael.

"Will you be as brave as the Knight?" The blade lifted in anticipation.
"Yes sir, I swear to be so sir." Michael answers without hesitation.
"Then I charge you to be so." The flat rings softly as it taps his shoulder. Then lifts once more as the next oath is asked.
"Will you be as true as the Maid?"
"Yes sir, I swear to be so sir."
"Then I charge you to be so." And the flat rings once more on his opposite shoulder.
"Will you be as just as the Father?"
"Yes sir, I swear to be so sir."
"Then I charge you to be so."
"Will you be as compassionate as the Mother?"
"Yes sir, I swear to be so sir."
"Then I charge you to be so."
"Will you be as attentive as the Sage?"
"Yes sir, I swear to be so sir."
"Then I charge you to be so."
"Will you be as wise as the Crone?"
"Yes sir, I swear to be so sir."
"Then I charge you to be so."

Each time the charge is given the flat of Michael's sword is tapped on the opposite shoulder from the last. After he's pledges his oaths, Michael rises and his mother steps forth to set his spurs on his boots then strap his sword belt around his waist. Kaedin salutes Michael with his, Michael's, sword then offers the hilt to him.
"Then, by the merrit of your actions in battle and in training, I Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle knight you Sir Michael Athyros." The newly knighted Michael raises his blade in salute to his former knight then smiles. Avalyn, already having moved to pick up his helmet from the Crone's altar, walks up next to Michael and offers it to him. One hand is placed on her stomach just barely showing a small roundness of her pregnancy, as he leans in to kiss her briefly.
Helmet tucked under his arm, he moves to salute a Knight Captain from House Sauveur who'd come in attendance after a letter Michael had sent about his wish to swear his loyalties to that house. The Knight Captain, Lues Mandik, looks Michael over for a moment then nods sternly. He lists off another set of oaths, all of which Michael gives his affirmative sworn word to and he places his hand on Michael's shoulder.
"Welcome then, to House Sauveur. Sir Michael."

Johana's portion:
Johana had been surprised to see Jor there, remembering one time in Obsidia when he had confronted her about how unbecoming her Squire had been and she had reacted so strongly to his words, she is glad to see he had come today to offer his support. That is why she had come also, he had earned this and now the time had come.

Ana had sat as stoically as the ceremony had required, watching as Kaedin asked all of the questions and Michael had answered in the affirmative, unable to keep the pride out of her eyes for the man he had become. As he is sworn into House Sauveur, a smile flits across her lips. It had gone full circle, he was back where he had started, only this time he took a Knighthood with him. When it was all said and done, and his family had gone to offer him congratulations, she had turned to slip quietly out, not wanting to interfere on his happy moment with his loved ones.

Lorelei and Ephraim's portion:

Jor's portion:
The ceremony was not a new occasion for Jor; he had been through it once himself, after all. He wasn't entirely sure why he had chosen to hover at this particular anointing, but the feeling of being a ghost from the past haunting the present would not leave his mind. Maybe it was the fact that he had some small acquaintance with the squire and Sir in question — and it was small, barely more than knowing names, if that. Rather than sit, though, he'd taken up lurking near the back, almost as if standing guard against intrusion. It didn't feel appropriate to join everyone else.

When everything was said and done, and Sir Lues Mandik had given his benediction, he had waited all the way through the well-wishing and other congratulatory matters. Jor, too, did have something to offer, though not until he'd actually been approached.

"There's only one thing I think I should say to you, Athyros: everything before this was easy. Now you've reached the hard parts. Good night, and best of luck." With something that might be an enigmatic, if hard smile, he'd taken his leave shortly thereafter. He wasn't going to stay for refreshments.

The tiny knight watches the whole ceremony with a solemn expression. When it's done, Michael gets a more pronounced bow before she takes a step back and heads out of the area, patting her husband on the shoulder. "I'm proud of what you did with him." Odette whispers quietly to her hubby.

The ceremony ends with Avan Draekerys inviting the gathered to his home in Landing for a feast in celebration.

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