09.01.3013: A Little Help From My Friends
Summary: Some of House Lucian have a meeting with Gentleman Johnny.
Date: 1 September 2013
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Blue Nirvana, The Blue District of The Ring
Entering through the heavy wooden doors decorated with relief sculptures of flirtatious cherubs, visitors find themselves in the tiny waiting room. Only a single, plush red velvet bench sits in the small area, and the walls are covered with a darker, more rich red velvet. Opposite the wooden entry doors is the floor to ceiling black velvet curtain visitors must pass through to reach the main sanctum.

Once inside, light piano music fills the dimly lit air of The Blue Nirvana main sanctum. Unlike the cold steel found in so many other places on the Ring, the walls of the sanctum are covered in plush red velvet curtains and Arborenin cherry oak trim. Larger than the entryway would make outsiders believe, this main area is actually two stories tall, the lofted ceiling covered in similar Arborenin oak planks and golden trimmings that flow into several ornate crystal chandeliers that outstretch almost a dozen feet each. A grand piano sits at the far corner of the room, and various love seats and couches made of the same wood and crushed red velvet cushions rest in various positions for privacy or presentation. Across the back wall is a long bar, again fashioned from the Arborenin wood, where a bartender serves drinks from thousands of bottles, vials and containers lining the wall behind him. The space above the bar is a balcony stretching the entire length of the room, the upstairs wall lined with more heavy, fancy wooden doors that lead to the private chambers of business. The red carpeted staircase gently descends and curves towards the center of the room from the wall to the far right.

September 1, 3013

The Blue Nirvana has been closed for the evening for a private event. A large group of well dressed, young and rowdy citizens made their way into the club a few hours ago for a wild private bachelor party. Once inside, of course, all of those struggling actor-friends that Lincoln recruited were paid for their performances and quietly ushered out through the maintenance corridor in the back, leaving the lounge empty and secured. Local muscle was provided by the Underboss to make sure the place remained secure and without incident as the Nirvana staff then set the place up for House Lucian's meeting. The normally dim lights have been raised just slightly, and a long table of fancy finger-foods has been laid out along one wall.

The manager of the Nirvana, Ren Allegore, sits at the bar where his trusted employee Lincoln serves drinks. Ren is dressed quite fine, with very tight shiny, black slacks with a single matte black stripe down the outside of each leg. His pristine white, fluffy dress shirt is tucked in and tight across his toned chest, though left unbuttoned at the neck to show the divot between his pecs. He smiles, taking a drink of his whiskey, watching as everyone arrives.

Nora does not look like she should be at a bachelor party, but what is one to do? The click of her leather heels sound as she enters into the main room, giving a look towards the upper level before finally letting her dark blue shadowed eyes rest on the two waiting. Nothing is said as she walks forward, the fitted black dress in its satin material with its layered ridges to give her a sort of imposing presence is brushed at with a manicured hand.

"I trust I am not late?" Her hand lifts, turning her wrist over to look at the black lacquered watch that hugs her skin. Blue eyes lift then to the two men as she remains standing.

Jonathon Lucian is always prompt — it is the gentlemanly thing to do. He strides in through a predetermined entrance, his polished shoes making not a sound against the floor. He is dressed in a fine suit of grey silk that includes a pair of loose breeches and double-breasted jacket over a neatly tailored vest and tunic. His black hair is combed back in a sleek arrangement, and his cool mint-colored eyes maintain their normal alertness. He smiles a rather fatherly smile toward Nora, and his rich voice has a carefree sort of air, "You are never late. We are all merely early." He reaches out to take her hand to deposit a kiss on its back and then he offers nods to Ren and Lincoln.

Lincoln is dressed , in a mix of business casual and sexy.His pants are just the right about of tight, and his bangs are flopping in his eyes just enough to be cute, but not obnoxious. He's messing with a few bottles behind the bar, and will look up as the two enter. A small, but confident smile graces his face and he'll nod to both, before placing two napkins on the bar, "What can I get for you, madame?" The tonic and lime is already being poured for Johnny.

Ren offers Nora a smile, though before he can answer her question about punctuality, Johnny already has. He bows his head just slightly to Johnny, "An honor to have you here, as always, Lord Lucian." He glances at Lincoln, to make sure that tonic and lime is already being made, and he smiles at the young man when he sees it is. Looking back to Nora and Johnny, he offers, "Make yourselves at home. Please."

Her icy expression begins to ease with Lucian's greeting, her lips parting some before drawing into a wry smile at his display. Nora retrieves her hand after the kiss to it and nods her head, "Time is wasted if not used properly, I just attempt to squeeze as much as I can from it." The napkin is looked at before she moves closer to the bar and considers, "Gin and tonic…please." The Miss is drinking. Lincoln's motion causes her to nod, "Thank you, though the last time I was here it was by accident and I had a Senator to keep as company. It is a beautiful establishment," she intones with a certain affected air.

"Thank you, Renfield," the Lucian Lord says, not one to prefer diminutives. Johnny takes his drink from the bar, stepping away to claim a seat on something comfortable. He doesn't even glance around as he pulls out his slim cigarette case, and from within it, a black cigarette. He places the coffin nail between his lips, lights it with a miniature lighter, and then tucks both the case and lighter away into his interior jacket pocket. "I trust that the building has been secured," Johnny says without really asking for confirmation. "When everyone is ready, we will begin."

Ren smiles at Nora. "Renfield Allegore. Ren is fine, if you like." He tilts his head just slightly, "Senator Hartcliffe?" he asks of her. Looking to Johnny, he nods concerning the security, even though no answer was needed. He taps his own glass for Lincoln to refill before heading to join the others at the table.

Lincoln nods, his smile growing some at Nora's order. Pouring to quickly and efficiently, he'll offer it over to Nora, "Enjoy." Another wiskey for Ren, then Linc'll move to lean against the bar. Glancing to Ren to make sure he's supposed to stay, he lets his dark eyes roam the room. Just making sure everything stays as it's supposed to.

"Nora Istre," she offers in return to Ren, dipping her head but turning quickly to extend a slender hand to gather her glass to her. "I am certain will," she comments, a grin spreading to her lips before she sips at the mixture. Slipping away from the bar, she carries her tumbler towards the table and settles into the seat at Lucian's right, the satin dress growing tight around her form as she adjusts and finds a perch at the edge of her chair. Meeting Ren's gaze again, she finally answers, "Yes, Alistair Hartcliffe."

Johnny allows the others to socialize and get introduced to one another while he nurses his black cigarette. It is perhaps his only known vice — something from a life long ago he's never been able to shake. He waits until the other three have had a seat before he looks up toward them each in turn. He pulls from his jacket a miniaturized holoprojector, sliding it across a table between them. It stops at about center and immediately activates, flickering to life various holographic images. "We have a few items to discuss," he states simply, his left hand gesturing through the various images until one of a warehouse building in what appears to be the Crescent of Khournas, perhaps the Veldt based on the grasslands. "It has taken some time, but finally the Third System War is beginning to impact the Syndicate's business," Johnny remarks dryly. "We have lost three warehouse facilities in the Crescent, including six smaller caches. This one — " He gestures to the warehouse. "Is the most recent, and the most valuable. It was our closed system data storage." Which is a bad, bad thing to lose.

Lincoln keeps looking around, but will raise an eyebrow and glance to see what Johnny's pointing out.

Ren nods at Nora, about Hartcliffe, "He's on our client list here." He then watches the projection, taking it in, nodding. When Lucian reveals it's been lost, he furrows his brow just slightly, displaying his own displeasure at that news. He's a businessman and a forger, however, so this is a bit outside his league so far, so simply nods his attention, but doesn't add anything.

As the projector is brought forth, Nora is already seated in a position to admire what is being presented. Her eyes narrow, focusing on the picture now flickering before them all. Eyes slip from it to Lucian before sipping her drink. Fingers drum silently on the table, one manicured nail after the other as they scale down along the surface. Her head tilts, dark hair shifting to catch at her neck and throat before she lifts her voice. "And how do you intend to protect it? If I may…I would advise moving it as soon as possible."

"That is precisely my intentions, Nora," Johnny says as he glances toward the Orellean woman. He looks at the holographic image once more. "The Hostiles attacked the facility two days ago, and with the attack, killed everyone inside. Last scouting attempts have reported that the structure is now empty." He takes another draw from his cigarette, leaning back in his seat. "I will require a team to get inside, retrieve our data cubes, and get out… hopefully before the Ibrahm start poking around the wreckage."

Lincoln frowns, already knowing how this is going to go. And already piecing together how uncomfortable this is going to be if he's correct. He'll shift slightly, letting the freon drop from his face and looks to Ren. a small nod if Ren looks, indicating he'll go, if needed.

Ren does glance at Lincoln, and he then returns his attention to Nora and Johnny. "Do you have a team, my Lord?" he asks, a little concerned.

A nod is given in return to the Lord's idea, her fingers continuing to trace a path on the table. Light ticking of her nails as she falls back to studying the image as Renfield asks his question. Brows furrow still, digging into her forehead. She waits for the question to be answered before offering up her own. "How many, Johnny? We will need some crates or are there few enough to be able to be carried out? I have some hoversleds I could appropriate for the task given the right amount of warning." She glances to the other two, even Lincoln who has chosen to keep some distance.

"Much of the data has been compressed in such a way that it is easy to transport," Lucian says as he takes another pull from his cigarette. He glances over toward Ren and Lincoln. "I'm assembling one as we speak," he says, casting a ghost of a smile toward to the pair. "Sending in too much muscle will be obvious… an Assistant Castellan of House Orelle and two businessmen visiting Obsidia is less so." He folds his fingers together, cigarette neatly pinched between them.

Lincoln moves forward to stand next to Ren, he's clearly in this, and it sound like it'snot heading in the direction he'd feared, so… He'll nod, hooking a thumb in the loop of his pants.

Ren lifts his brow a bit and he sighs. He glances to his side at Lincoln, brow still raised, then back at the others at the table. "Happy to volunteer, sir," he says with a smirk. "Lincoln Dunne," he introduces his cohort to Nora, before looking at Johnny. "When do we leave?"

A nod of her head to Lincoln is given at the introduction, but its the knowledge she is going. An obvious tension draws through her frame that causes her to straighten up. "I will have to clear my schedule and be certain there are no questions to my taking this trip. I am certain I can explain it away." There is a cold sharp set to her gaze before she sweeps over to the two. "I could be appropriating property for you two, easily enough you could offer to pay House Orelle for my time away." Though the last is for Lucian.

Johnny nods a bit toward Lincoln, though it is Ren he speaks to. "Not as soon as I would hope. A vital member of the team — an InfoSphere analyst — has gone M.I.A., and she will need to be tracked down. I require her expertise before you go in." He nods to Nora. "And of course. I wouldn't dare assume to tear you away so abruptly from your work with the Orelles." There is a certain degree of slyness to his voice, his mint-colored eyes holding a wonderful secret. "How is old Esiah?"

An InfoSphere analyst…what does that even mean? Lincoln gives Nora another smile and nod , leaning towards Ren some. He doesn't say anything, letting the wigged wigs than he handle this.

"If we can help find this woman, we will," Ren offers about the InfoSphere analyst. To Nora, he nods, "I can forge the papers necessary to support a real estate investment cover, if that's what we decide to do."

"I wish I could say, Johnny dear," Nora's voice holds its own wealth of wry humor but a dark dire emotion settling deep within her icy depths that gives an odd sort of intensity to her. "Perhaps one day I will be able to say for certain how he /is/, but he lives at the moment." Nostrils flare and she reaches for her drink, going quiet to take a long pull of the gin and tonic, swallowing quickly as her eyes slip away, leaving the icy intensity that no one might want centered upon them. "Who is this Analyst?" she asks without glancing up from her study of her drink before she looks up at Renfield, finally offering a tight smile and a gaze he likely will not enjoy, "Good, I will look for them to come across my desk in a few days."

"In our circles she is known as Rook," Lucian says idly, almost disinterestedly, though his green eyes are sharp and alert. He glances toward Ren and Lincoln now, his gaze linger on them for a moment before he glances back toward Nora. "She has not checked in, in several days. I have another Analyst tracking her." There is a certain level of disappointment in his voice — like the father of a rebellious teenager that has let him down. It isn't good when someone lets Gentleman Johnny down.

Lincoln's jaw tightens just a touch, glancing to Ren before taking a deep breath, "I can find her. Give me a day." So much for cutting ties….He'll give another small, but confident smile towards Jonny, "Do you need her to contact you, sir?"

Ren stiffens at the name Johnny gives, and he opens his mouth to speak. Before he does, Lincoln is already talking, and he purses his lips a moment, listening. When Lincoln is finished, he looks at Johnny, "Lincoln and Rook have very recently become acquaintances, though nothing close." He glances at Lincoln once more, then back at Johnny, "What would you like us to do? Bring her in? Rough her up a bit? Both?"

As Lincoln offers to find Rook, Nora falls to silence, saying nothing. Her sharp eyes flicker over to to their shared boss and she lets out a heavy breath. Her drink is sought again and she pulls deeply from it, letting the sharp liquid slip down her throat. "When a limb becomes ineffective, it needs to be removed." It is said idly, her gaze distant, her eyes finally registering the table at large.
From afar, Nora loves the way you play Johnny. "Going to love getting a scene with him one on one at some point. :)"

That has Johnny's brows lofting, and he turns much of his attention toward Lincoln now. "Fascinating," he says in an idle tone. "It would benefit both parties if she re-established contact. I am most curious to know where she has been hiding. Her Warden reports her apartment has been empty for several days." He places his cigarette back between his lips, taking another pull before he breathes out the latticework over his shoulder. "Do tell her that it is in her best interest to come back to LucCorp." He glances toward Ren and then to Nora. "If Rook has become ineffectual, she will be handled… but for now, let us all assume that she has merely allowed her personal life to interfere with her business life." It is the gentlemanly thing to do.

Lincoln nods, "I will do that, sir." Linc keeps his face passive, " She'll be in contact within the next 24 hours."

Ren quickly tosses a glare at Lincoln, and says, "Don't make promises for others." He then looks back to Johnny. "We'll make sure she understands she has 24 hours to contact you, Lord Lucian. If she chooses to not return, then of course, you should escalate the matter." Another quick glance at Lincoln, before he takes a drink of his whiskey.

Nora does not argue, merely gives a nod of her head before she finishes her drink and sets it down to let the remnants of the liquid to catch at the sides of the glass and begin to slip their way back down. Her hand falls to her lap once more, tapping fingers along her leg. She pushes herself forward, leaning into the table to look at the image once more as this is her focus. Blue eyes briefly lift to the others before she speaks, "Do you have more for us?"

Johnny casts an idle glance between Lincoln and Renfield, though he does not say anything to whatever it is. He instead looks toward Nora, and he nods his head a bit. "One more thing," he says as he swipes through the holo images once more, this time pulling up an image of a Hostile female with brilliant blue cybernetic eyes. It is a surveillance shot from what looks to be the interior of a Watch House cell, perhaps from Landing. It shows the Hostile seated in the middle of the room in a chair, looking almost nonchalant. "I want House Lucian to become involved with the interrogation and investigation of the Hostile known as Sarah 113 of 158." This should be fairly new news to Lincoln and Renfield, who do not have the needed clearance to know about the Hostile captive. He glances toward Renfield. "When any Nobles or those of the House Militaries come to your establishment, I want their conversations closely monitored. If you are aware of those who might have loose lips, I want to know what they know." He looks to Nora. "You are resourceful. You should be able to give me some information."

Lincoln just looks to Ren, just blinking. Turning to look at the image of the hostile, he'll tilt his head slightly. He'll nod slowly, eyebrows drawing together slightly.

Ren stares at the image, his mouth closing as he studies it. He nods, "Of course, Lord Lucian."

Whether Nora already knows of the Hostile or not is unclear, but she pays close attention with the new task at hand. Trailing her teeth to her lips, she nods and glances up to Johnny, "I will I do have some information for you already, but as a safety precaution, it is not here for the moment. I will deliver it to you when it is safest." Simple reply, her fingers trailing to the table.

Johnny nods firmly to the various answers. He reaches out for his holo projector. He shuts it down, and then smothers out the filter of his cigarette. He stretches up to his feet, finishing off his tonic and lime with a smooth gesture. "Enjoy the rest of the night… Renfield, please send me the bill for the faux party and I will be sure that you are compensated for the ruse." He smiles gracefully to the man before he acknowledges Nora with a small nod. "Nora… tell Esiah that I accept his invitation for dinner next week." Again there is a sly hint of a smile, and then nods to the other two. "Gentlemen."

Lincoln will just stay silent and nod to Johnny as he leaves, looking at the remaining people. He's start making his way over to the bar, to finally get himself a drink.

Ren pushes to his feet. "Thank you, sir. It's good to see you again, my Lord." He smiles, and moves to see them to the door.

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