07.17.3013: A Lion Among Fish
Summary: Lord Garus pays a visit to Lady Elodie to show he has recovered quite well, and she gives him a tour of the Northern Lights. Cameo's by Kaedin and Odette.
Date: 17 July, 2013
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Underwater Aquarium, Shelter, Niveus
The underwater aquarium, known as the Northern Lights, is the most popular attraction on Niveus. An entrance in the lowest level of Shelter leads the way down through hard-packed ice, which in some places has been chipped away to reveal the skeletons of whales and other creatures long extinct on the moon. Large staircases carved of ice and elaborate lifts of bronze and glass lead the way down under the ice.

The aquariums themselves are mainly formed of twisting labyrinths of tunnels deep under the water. pathways lead through the tunnels, and benches provide space for those who wish to sit and watch for hours on end. In the center of the aquarium is a large open space covered by an enormous dome. This space is filled with a garden made of carved ice flowers and trees, and filled with yet more benches and a few tables. Two restaurants (one specializing in local cuisine and one serving classic dishes from all over Haven) as well as an upscale hotel can also be found here, attached to the aquarium, for those wishing to stay long periods of time.

17 July, 3013

Tucking her waving hair back behind one ear, Elodie exits one of the bakery shops in the market, her skirt swirling around her feet as she sidesteps her way into the foot traffic. She has a small shopping bag clutched lightly in one hand, and she glances around deciding where to go, next. It's not often that she finds herself with enough free time to be showered, clean, and wearing something other than working and training clothes, and she seems prepared to take full advantage of this fact by.. deciding which 'nothing' to do next. She pauses to smile at one of the citizens who bobs their head and raises a hand to request a moment of her time with a question.

From the direction of the ways comes a small retinue of knights, merely three of them, with Lord Garus Leonnidas at the head of them. Strolling along the streets of Shelter in the direction of the Iah's major residence, the blue and gold of House Leonnida sticks out like a sort thumb. Cleanly shaven and wearing a recently cleaned collection of clothes himself, Garus has taken his time to appear presentable and friendly to both their people and the noble family. As he walks, he almost misses Elodie's presence, but catches himself and comes to a stop with a friendly grin on his face. "My Lady?" He greets with a nod of his head. "I know this is rather unannounced but you're the one I'm looking for, actually."

Elodie answers the question asked of her, and smiles as the citizen takes their leave. The sound of her name draws her attention, as does the yellow and gold. However, as the man addressing her is upright, and in much better health, it does take her a moment to put face to name. "Lord Garus," she greets, turning her steps in his direction so that he doesn't have to cover the entire distance himself. "It is a pleasure to see you looking so well. Lady Eiristra must have taken good care of you." She holds out her hand to him, "and you have found me. Is there something I can do for you?"

Kaedin comes walking through the upper levels after having a check on his Bear Cub, which he is currently in the proccess of teaching to forage. Yawning slightly, he finds an out of the way spot and lights up a cigarette, it's been a long week, with ramship and hunting going on, that he has rarely had a moment to unwoind, usualy his cigarette breaks are quick drags and that's it, not time to really unwind.

As custom with tradition, Garus takes Lady Elodie's offered hand into his and leans down to press a soft kiss to the back of her knuckles. Giving her hand a soft squeeze, he lowers it and takes a step back, resting his arms in a fold across the front of his chest. "Yes, I am alive and well and infection-free due to your care and assistance at the Caravan that day. I wanted to see you out personally and give you my regards and thanks, and any apologies if I wasn't a good patient." A bit of rare humor from the knight's voice. "Is all well, My Lady?"

Elodie's eyebrows raise. "You are making a joke, right?" she asks as she lets her hand return to her side. His appreciation brings a fleeting, self-conscious pink to her cheeks, but it passes soon enough. "You were a dream, as far as patients go. Most are more stubborn about not needing any help that I'm tempted to hit them on the head with a frying pan to knock them out so I can tend to them." She smiles at her teasing, and reaches up to tuck the hair behind her ear again. "All is well, thank you, My Lord. This is your first visit to Niveus?"

Odette comes back up to the cold shelter, wearing her coat and thick pants this time. Her eyes scan to find Kaedin with a smoke. She knows he knows better. The woman walks towards him and takes his cigarette out of his hand and frowns at him. Her eyes narrowed and he gets the look. Her hands move to her hips and she kicks him lightly in the shin, another little stare down from the silent Knight.

Kaedin grumbles as he is kicked… the one relaxing thing he has and people don't want him to have it, he can't very much drink because a druynk knight is no good. "Don't look at me like that, I cut down and you know it." he says as he crosses his arms and looks back at her.

Odette shakes her head and breaks the cig then flicks the pieces at him. She does not seem happy but not her typical I'm grumpy mood, this is a deeper I hate everything mood. She looks over his face and the slap across his face is lightning quick. She turns and moves for the door. He would have seen the rage rise seconds before but for the first time, that rage was directed right at him. It's never happened before.

A wolfish smile comes to Garus' features as he laughs, casting a curious glance over to Odette and Kaedin. Eyelid twitching as the poor man's shins are kicked, he levels his quiet stare to the two before directing it towards Elodie. Casually, he clasps his arms behind his back and gives her a shake of his head, which bares the strange, straight scar that runs the side of his neck. "I make it a point of pride to never complain or fuss about anything to the point of needed to be hit to be quiet about it. You'll find I don't spend much time mourning myself. Wounds are what they are." He nods his head sharply. "And yes, this is my first time in Shelter. I'll admit I should have probably dressed warmer, shouldn't I have?"

Kaedin turns his head with a snap as he is slapped. The kick was for a Cigarette, so what was the slap for? As the read slap mark forms on his face, so does his anger, a usualy controled thing. He walks over and turns to block her way, his own anger showing his in eyes. "The hell was that for? if you are going to be pissed off at me, and smack me around, then fucking tell me why at least!" He says, his voice only slightly raised.

Elodie smiles as Lord Garus shares in her humor. Her eyes rest briefly on the scar, but she moves on, her gaze slipping past Odette and Kaedin, then back as she slaps him, her eyes widening briefly before she returns her attention to Garus, perhaps concentrating on him a little more than necessary to keep from looking over to the two as Kaedin chases her down. His question brings a smile and a quick shake of her head. "Only if you are planning on going out onto the surface. It's a common misconception… Shelter is climate controlled, and really not a lot colder than most other places." She turns her head towards the entrance to the gardens that can be seen ahead of them. "I was on my way to visit the atrium, but I could give you a tour of our aquarium… if you have time to look around?"

Odette lifts her angry blue eyes and then her face goes absolutely calm. The only thing she cannot fix or change, is her eyes. They still show the anger on her face. She's the silent knight so really, Poe isn't going to just explain to him what he did. He should /know/. She pushes at his chest to move around him. The force she uses is pretty much her body weight. The woman is tense and ready to snap again.

Catching the slap out of the corner of his eye, Garus' eyebrow lifts and he turns so that he can keep a better eye on the two while speaking with Lady Elodie. After all, they appear to be armed, and he's unfamiliar with Shelter or its customs. "An Aquarium? I think it's been years since I've seen a fish that wasn't on my plate, My Lady. If that is what you wish then I'll gladly accompany you." Garus replies, motioning towards the direction she seemed to be heading with another fleeting glance towards Odette and Kaedin. This time a smirk forms on his face. Kaedin wears handprints well. "Though, I'll have to admit for such an icy planet this is far nicer than I'd imagined, Lady Elodie…"

Kaedin doesn;t know anything at this point, he has been too busy fighting Hostiles and dealing with things that need his attention. "If you arent going to tell me, then How can I fix what I apparently did wrong?" he says, not moving, and she could feel, and porobibly see that his own body has snaped into a reflexive state, most people wouldent hit a lady, kaedin is one of those people, but odette is a knight, and kaedin would fight another knight if he was provoked, a fine line, but it is there.

God damn mountain! Why won't it move? The tiny knight keeps shoving at the much larger man. She decides on a foot stomp since of course that should give her just enough time to deak under him. Her heel jams into the top of his boot, while her body twists around and attempts to get under the mountain. Her eyes show that clearly right here is not the place to verbally hash it out since she's already tired from her long talk with her cousin.

Elodie smiles. "That's because you are inside," she tells Garus conspiratorially. "If you step outside, you will undoubtedly change your mind." Her brows furrow as she turns towards the lift to the Northern Lights, and she catches more of the struggle between Odette and Kaedin. There's an internal conflict that shows in her eyes as she bites at her lip, and tries to decide whether or not to try and diffuse the situation, or leave it as a private matter between them.

"Well then if I do remind me to bring my furs, or Six abide my armor which is temperature controlled." Garus replies to Elodie at his side. Nearing the lift, he slows at the sight of Elodie's concern and turns to look over his shoulder to Kaedin and Odette's struggle. His eyes flit to his men, who turn as well to watch the display. Knights of Leonnida they are, they're peace-tied at their weapons, but start to take attention as well…just in case. "My Lady?" Garus asks with a lowered voice. "Is there a problem or is this normal behavior for these two? You seem to know them."

Kaedin grumbles, and against his better judgement. he grows nand lifts her up and over his shoulder, so infuriated with her that any fighting on her part doesnt register as he walks off twoards a private spot. "If you are going to act like a princess, then I'm going to cart you around like one." he states, the anger, confusion, and wearyness in his voice. Odette can tell that her being upset is the last thing he needs to deal with, as they bothhave hostiles to kill, and people to protect. Finding an out of the way alley way, he sets her down. "Now WHAT in the hands of the holy six is the matter?"

Elodie nods at the mention of being prepared, "your armor is probably a better idea," she tells him, almost absently. But then Kaedin decides to take things into his own hands, literally, and she relaxes some. "No, I am not sure. I don't know them very well, yet. Lord Kaedin is fostering a cub he found oprhaned at our rehabilitation facility. I am not sure what is happening…" She turns and offers a smile, confident that nothing truly violent will happen, but more of a concern for something being wrong with her friends. "We should continue on, Lord Garus," and she leads the way into the lift as it opens.

When the lift doors open, Garus moves to stand near the entrance to allow Elodie to exit first, but already his blue eyes have directed towards the area outside. Silently curious, the sword at his side jingles lightly against the metal of his belt as the sash on his hip sways. "So, please, Lady Elodie, what can you tell me about Shelter? I figure it took a long time and a lot of hard work to get the dome up to protect the people. There's a story to this place, and I'd love to be told it. I see a lot of care by your people."

Her hands clasping her shopping bag lightly in front of her, Elodie leads the way along the metal floors, her footsteps soft and quiet. "Well, people on Niveus, and in Shelter /are/ caring, and… quite close in many ways." A shadow passes over her eyes as she looks up and forward, before turning a smile to Garus. "It happens when people need to depend on each other in order to survive, as the early Niveuns did until Shelter, and other climate controlled outposts could be completely. By the time that happened, it was second nature. That's just the way we were, and are."

"Admirable." Garus comments, turning to watch a group of Citizens walk down the street. "I imagine a great deal of trust goes into people with knowing how to take care of Shelter and keep each other safe from the cold. It's a bit different at the Roar, we're a temperate climate. We depend on each other for strength and work ethic to make sure that ends are met with growing crop and protection from outside. We're all eyes for each other, and everyone contributes. But this…" He motions to the encased world around them. "…to depend on others to simply withstand the elements is something to have pride in as well. I'm not once to mince words, Lady Elodie. I'm a soldier, not a politician, but this is impressive to me."

Elodie's head turns slightly to watch Garus, and she smiles slightly to herself as he watches the citizens walking by. "It does," she agrees. "I think I prefer the soldier's way of talking to a politician's," she confides, the smile directed more for and she's silent for a bit as they walk. "Shelter was completed long before I was born. These days, the need to work together survive only happens on occasion, when there's an avalanche or a break in the ice. Search and rescue teams are well trained, and many of them have worked together for years. It becomes helpful when you don't have to talk as much, when everyone knows what the other person does and when to do it. Things can go faster, since time is often a factor in these instances." She pauses near the entrance to the aquarium.

"I remember hearing something about rumored rescue on the ice here not so long ago. Is it true that you and your sister were invovled?" Garus asks as he comes to a stop near the door, motioning for her to lead them in at her leisure. "If true, then like you and the nobles of your house I prefer to take a more active role in the safety and well being of my people. If they don't see me riding and patroling with the men, then they have reason to believe that I see them as help and not an honored part of Leonnidan society. It's my duty to protect them, and I can't do that from a chair. It's important that I sweat for my people. It's important that they see this. It's important that it's true."

Elodie ducks her head, and nods. "When I was ten, I saw a rescue party come back with some people, and I decided I wanted to be a medic. I started helping with search and rescue teams when I was sixteen. I lead one of the teams that are based here in Shelter." As she approaches, the aquarium doors are opened for them, and the lady ushers her guests within. As they start down one of the tunnels, it is dark until the glass comes out from under an overhang, and then the blues of the ocean surround them. "I think it isn't just admirable for a man to ride and work with his people, I think it is necessary," she agrees, her sideways glance bestowing Garus with another smile. "Especially when we are entering a time of war. People need to trust each other now, more than ever, rather than play games."

Though the tall, proud knight would never let his mouth fall agape, his eyes widen at the sight of the aquarium before him. The jingle of his spurs and his swordbelt never pause, nor slow in pace, but the man is clearly getting an eyeful as he scans over the waving glow of the light cast by the water. A smile comes to his lip. He likes it. "Perhaps you're the more right of us two, saving lives instead of taking them." Garus replies, looking over to her with his smile, for just a moment before it fades. "But, unfortunately, men and Hostile will be men and Hostile, and the world needs saving from itself sometimes. It's a hard profession deciding to risk for the safety of others, one can only hope that the men with the swords don't relish in using them, only to make sure that those that play games are well aware that good men have them."

There's a mischievous cast to the lady's features in the subtly shifting light as she watches Garus from the corners of her eyes. When he looks over, she straightens a little, and shifts, lacing her fingers on the straps of her bag behind her, now. "I am not thinking that either of us is 'more right', Lord Garus," she replies softly. "As I have told another friend of mine who is a knight, we are both doing what we do to protect our fellow men. Hostiles do not seem to have the qualities of mercy or compassion, and it is impossible for us to show them these qualities if we are to survive. Those are things we must restrict to showing each other. And must not forget to show them to each other." Her mouth closes, and she falls silent, her gaze lifting to the waters around them, and she releases a hand from behind her back to point to two large, dark shapes, far off in the water. "It looks like a pod of Deep Singers are coming to feed."

"My father once told me that there is no trick to warfare. It's a simple affair, as you have to kill the others before they kill you. If you need something to survive so that you can eventually kill the others, you protect it. All the while, you don't stop subtracting until it's safe to start adding once again. If you start thinking in terms of never losing anything, you'll lose everything." Garus replies, turning to look to Elodie as she points out the dark shapes. Stepping forward to get a better view of them, he places his hand to the railing and leans out a little, looking out. "What is a Deep Singer, My Lady? I'm assuming a pod is a grouping of them, like a pride of lions?"

Elodie leans against the railing, the metal resting across her hips. "I hope you don't have to risk too much to not lose everything," she says quietly, but her eyes follow the shadows in the water as they become more distinct, and their size begins to become apparent. "They are one of the species of Singers found here in Niveus's oceans. They get their name because their communications sounds like they are singing to each other. They look like gigantic fish, but they are actually mammals." She rests there, letting her guests have some time to watch the animals, and actually have an idea of their true size before she moves along.
Elodie can easily fill a couple more hours for Lord Garus, showing him around the aquarium, and resting in the ice gardens to share the pastries she purchased earlier. Morrigan will join them when his training for the day is finished, falling in step with the two Leonnidas guards as the tour is completed, and the small party returns to the Ways.

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