A Letter to Mother Grantham
Summary: Beden writes Marah about All Hallow's Eve festivities
Date: 18 September. 2013
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Beden Grantham 

October 6, 3013 — Ignis

Dear Mother,

I realize you are very busy and might not have time to consider, but Ash and I are planning on throwing an open ceremony in honor of All Hallow's Eve. She and I are making a guest list of nobles, though we obviously are leaving the events open to all on Ignis. The Crone calls us all. We simply wanted to invite you, time permitting, and, of course, seek your counsel in this matter. If there's anyone we should or shouldn't invite, let us know. Ash is trying very hard to do what's right for our House; I think you should tell her more often. Fire can forge and scald, but the support of the steel is necessary to achieve a balanced mix.

Your Son,

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