A Letter of Condolence
Summary: Upon hearing of King Symion's condition, Agnes pens another letter to Emund.
Date: 12/06/2013
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Agnes Emund 

12.06.3013 — Agnes' quarters on The Ring

Agnes lies in bed in her temporary room on the Ring. Thanks to the careful ministrations of Ariana Larent she is well on her way to recovery, but still not able to travel far. On her lap is a clipboard and in her hand a pen, as she carefully words a letter. There are many moments where she pauses to reflect before she resumes, dancing around terms and phrases. When she is finished, she puts it in an envelope with her seal, and sends a servant to deliver it immediate. It is handwritten, which Agnes does for only the most important of her correspondence.

Your Highness and Most Dear Prince Emund,

I apologize that this letter finds me unable to travel just yet. I have gotten word of your father's condition and, although I wish I could do so in person, am limited in my means to convey my deepest sympathies to you and your family at this difficult time. Please know I will try to do so face to face when I am able. I wish your father a quick recovery, and I wish you to have peace of mind knowing that I, and the rest of your people, will keep Haven safe while you handle matters of family.

The initial battle with the Hostiles went in our favor. Your people are brave beyond all others, Your Highness, and fought with honor and incredible skill to stop a large wave of enemies reaching our worlds. We took casualties, but those who were wounded are receiving the finest treatment on the Ring. I wish to commend Lady Ariana Larent for her fine work in patching up my own wounds. There is a veritable sea of volunteers offering their aid to the military forces, and this is very heartening.

I also must speak with highest regard of the leadership of your cousin, Sir Alexis, and Knight Lieutenant Thalo Khorax, who commanded our troops with brilliant strategy and stood as a model of true Knighthood for all. As well, Captain Cedric Orelle fought beside the Marines in defense of his ship. There are far too many Knights and Soldiers for me to name here, but they all made me proud to be a noblewoman of Haven.

In closing, I wish I could be there to be an ear or a shoulder to you, should you need one. I do not know that such would be welcome, but it is nevertheless offered, and shall always be waiting for you.

With Deepest Regard,
Lady Sir Agnes Peake

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