A Letter Home
Summary: Llacheu sends a letter home to his mother, father and siblings.
Date: 08.07.2013
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July 8th, 3013 — Arboren Barracks, the Spine, Imperius

Today was mostly like any other day. Had morning exercises, then pulled guard duty in the city. I got the gardens, which can be boring but at least it's pretty there. However I had a surprise.

You'll probably think me daft but I met the most beautiful woman I think I've ever seen in my whole life. She walked right up and was staring up into the peach trees. They look a lot nicer when they are in bloom of course. She whispered something about wishing she could have one .. the fruit is about ripe. I could only stare at her, dressed in fine cloth and leathers and until I could get my thoughts and mouth to work to not say something completely idiotic, I reached up and picked the ripest peach I could locate. Then I offered it to her, which she accepted.

I'm sure you are laughing at me. Well, maybe not mom and dad, but the rest of you. I don't care. She turned out to be real nice, too. Alas, she's also a Lady of House Peake and a Knight. You'd never guess she was a knight.

Anyway, she is and she'd been away so she didn't know the tree city too well. I offered to show her around and Lord Tristan, who'd come up to join us by then, accompanied us. I took her to see the Heartwood so she could shop, which seemed to please her. I won't tell you her name. Doesn't matter. Gal like that will marry some fine lord. It was a far more pleasant afternoon than usual.

Doing a transfer today to send some money home. Don't tell me you don't need it, I'm sending it anyway. I pile it up into savings, drink some of it, but I don't really have anything to spend my pay on. Got a sister to put through school, right? So no argument and I'll send more next month as I always do. Keep me abreast of any rumors you hear out there of anything strange. Still scouting for Hostiles, so keep safe.

- LLacheu

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