A Leonnidan Missive
Summary: Garus sends request information from the Senator to High Lord Leonnida
Date: 09/10/2013
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09-18-13 — Castle Leonnida

TO: Peter.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
FROM: Garus.Leonnida@CastleLeonnida
SUBJECT: Senator's Requests


Senator Alistair Hartcliffe and his aid, Miss Glenna Blair have brought to my attention a request which I have signed approval over to bring to your office. They have marked a sector of our lands (see attached file) that they hope could be used as refugee shelter from the war. I made specific to the Senator that the main concern, above all, would be that law and order, the training of new lawmen, and a census to draw skilled labor from the refugees would be of the utmost concern. I also expressed concern that it would be necessary that any refugees understood that they would, if accepted, be here to participate as our own citizens do, with hard work and proper effort. With that in mind, we run a high degree of likelihood that refugees incoming will draw skilled labor, farmers, additional troops, and lawmen for the war effort. In turn, we've an abundance of food at the moment, and would ingratiate us to the people. Provided we do not attract a criminal element in the refugees and the refugees were contained to this area of camp, I feel we would benefit from it. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, you may have heard rumors that I have been spending time speaking with Miss Jane Wyre. I have contained my behavior and have acted with decorum, though I would like your blessing in hosting Miss Wyre, Miss Letha Vallas, and her paramour Daniel "Drake" Danger at our home. They have shown an interest in a private performance, and if I am not back out at the war-front at the time would fund this performance with my own accounts.

Lastly, Miss Glenna Blair has also submitted an idea to me that is based on a conversation we had during the Gala. I have marked it for approval to bring to your office as well. It is for promoting morale among the troops and their families back at their homes, which should remind them just what they are fighting for:

The purpose of the project is to establish a form of communication between Havenites with those members of the military erving far off, so that each can appreciate the sacrifices BOTH sides are making. Some Havenites could sign up simply to show their moral and emotional support, to provide additional support to a family members unit or because they are honoring the memory of a past military member (or because they were a former member themselves and have no family, yet wish to show their support)

Military members can sign up themselves to provide additional emotional support to their unit or perhaps because they dont have family waiting for them at home - to maintain that tenuous, ineffable tendril of connectivity with some of the most important of things: home, family, the knowledge that no matter the sacrifice, no matter the cost, that one is honored, appreciated, respected - regardless of social station, etc; to know that, that if in the event that their ultimate sacrifice of service involves offering the last full measure of devotion, it will be remembered.

At no time, during any communications between involved parties will there be any mention of specific troop movements. All communications are subject to random monitoring and scanning, to the serving members as well as to the Havenites at home.

Anonymously, at the commencement of the procedure, a care package/cards/letters, whatever the extent of their chosen gift/correspondence is, will be labeled AnyHavenite/BRANCH/Central Receiving. At this time, a random choosing will assign that package to a random member of the Havenite Armed services, and the item will be forwarded. When the correspondence is opened, then the receiver will be aware of who the package is from and said correspondence can continue between the interested parties, forwarded to each other by way of the code number previously assigned.

Operational security MUST be maintained at all times.

What say you, Father?

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