A Last Hope
Summary: Agnes pens a letter to Emund while injured from the Arboren battle.
Date: 12 July 2013
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Agnes Emund 

12 July 3013 — An Arboren Hospital

Agnes is in yet another hospital. She is once more bored to tears by being fussed over by medical personnel, especially as her beloved nephew, Brigham, has threatened to shoot her up with a paralytic if she tries to go back into the field injured. She has seen the news and the unpleasantness happening. As such, she sits in her bed with pen in hand and paper on the small tray table, to write once more to the King.

Your Majesty Emund,

I am, at current, once more in a hospital with injuries from the battles against the Hostiles. I apologize for not being able to convey this in person. I wish to let you know of my relief at your being named true Heir by your father, and I offer my condolences at your loss of both he, and your Knight Commander. I am confused as to why Sir Alexandros did not have the permission of the Council to move forward with these operations, as they were clearly needed before the next wave lands, but I do agree he overstepped his authority in acting without the government's approval.

I also have news of a more personal nature, one I am not sure is good or bad news to deliver. I have given my brother, Lord Trentin, leave to find me a husband. It is well past time I do my duty as a noble in that respect. I must ask you, even though I realize the question is probably completely laughable. Would you have any such interest in my hand? I know of no other men that I have ever been comfortable with on a dance floor at the very least, so I have to place these cards upon the table. If the answer is no, as I suspect it would be, then I will trust in my good brother's judgment in finding someone who will at least be kind.

Thank you, as always, for your time, and what you do for all of Haven.

Lady Sir Agnes Peake

17 July 3013 — Royal Tower, Landing

Sir Agnes,

I must apologize to you for the length of time it has taken me to respond to your kind missive. I cannot speak of Council business, but suffice it to say that while we will miss Sir Alexandros' dash and verve in Council meetings, what was done was necessary. As to your more personal query, I have spoken to my advisers on the subject of my own marriage, and much to my relief, they have confirmed my belief that there are more important duties before me at the moment. Your gesture is kind and, I believe, heartfelt, but when I am forced to marry once more, it will undoubtedly be to tie one of the Paramount Houses more closely to House Sauveur. Besides, as I recall, you are far more comfortable on a battlefield than a ballroom floor, and being Queen of Haven would involve a great deal of time on the latter, and none at all on the former. I am certain that your brother will find you a good match and more agreeable to your wishes in life.


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